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New Delhi 110021
Phonelocal: (011) 2687.2161
international: +91.11.2687.2161
Faxlocal: (011) 2687.2882
international: +91.11.2687.2882
Web sitehttp://ukinindia.fco.gov.uk
NotesBeware of emailed job offers for childcare and other similar positions in the UK. These are all frauds.

• Since November 2008, no visas are granted for household workers from outside Europe. Work visas are only granted for highly-skilled positions, most of which require university degrees.

• No legitimate employment agency in the UK requires you to pay them any money. All fees would be paid by the employer.

• No legitimate employment agency in the UK uses a free email address from Yahoo, Gmail, or similar services.

• No legitimate employment agency in the UK uses a telephone number that begins with +4470 (070). These are non-geographic numbers available to anyone in the world.

• No legitimate business requests payment via Western Union.

» Can I visit the United Kingdom without a visa?

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Thu, 20 Apr 2017 02:10 EDT
Job Offer from Hilton Hotel is a a fake job scam!
Read www.scam-job-emails.tk Do a search on the internet for warning before wasting people's time on this forum with stupid questions!
Thu, 20 Apr 2017 02:03 EDT
Job Offer from himley hotel is an obvious fake!
Read www.scam-job-emails.tk already!!!
Wed, 19 Apr 2017 17:04 EDT
furnish us back with details
Based on the current reconstruction, expansion and refurbishment of our property called himley hotel, 1-10 school road, dudley, london, united kingdom, we do seek new staffs to work with us and be part of the hotel new initiatives and to satisfy our international and domestic clients.

your resume is being checked through the timesjobs and you are being shortlisted and i will be expecting you to answer the below questionnaire for consideration with us:

1. Full name
2. Address

3. Position Applied for

4. Nationality

5. Passport Number

6. Telephone Number

7. Age

8. Date of birth

9. Marital status

10. Gender ( male/female )

11. Physical challenge ( yes/no)

12. Email address
13. Academic details

14. Qualifications

15. Experience( past/present)

16. Last salary
17. Family background

18. Time ready to resume work with us/ if selected

19. Mobile telephone number for oral interview / time available

20. Reasons for joining with us

the above details are being require and also do send to us your scan documents like experience, qualifications certificates, passport copy and other documents and you can be shortlisted for good career job with us in london and with good benefits and salary ranges between 2850 - 7850 british pounds monthly.

reply to = himleycountryhotel@englandmail.com



mrs theresa phillips

himley hotel london

mathew george
Tue, 18 Apr 2017 10:35 EDT
fake offer letter from London
i got offer from airpac oilfield and asking 35000rs tranfer to unknown account for visa charge.its fake pls dont go behind it.
Mon, 17 Apr 2017 16:47 EDT
Job Offers from Hilton Hotel are fake job scams!
Scammers are impersonating the real Hilton Hotel. Read www.scam-job-emails.tk
Pooja chauhan
Mon, 17 Apr 2017 08:44 EDT
It's real or fake
Please help me this is fake or real!

Hilton Liverpool city centre hotel
3 Thomas Steers Way Liverpool,
L1 8LW United Kingdom.
Email: hiltonjoboffer88@outlook.com
Website: www.hilton.com
Telephone: +448719156902
Date: 14/04/2017.

Dear Candidate, (Mrs Pooja Chauhan).
Your name has been shortlisted/chosen among the lucky Candidates who successfully pass Hilton Hotel & Resorts Interview, We appreciate your interest and willingness to work in our Facility Located here in London. We have gone through your profile and qualifications, with reference to online/email interview you had with us, we are pleased to offer you Employment in our reputed organization as (Receptionist at the salary of 8,100 GBP per month) based on your Educational background and work experience. Your Job Descriptions shall be made known to you after the training period of 1 month.
In this mail there is an attached Document called the Membership Form which you have to print out fill and return it back to us immediately for other Official Endorsement. Remember that you have only few weeks of enrollment in (Hilton Hotel & Resorts U.K) with all the legal formalities being completed including the Visa/Resident Permit and Ticket processing period.

However, after receiving this membership form duly fill by you, we shall contact you for Appointment/Offer Letter, added the directions on how to obtain your visa from the United Kingdom officer whom will be processing your working Visa Documents.

Do have a wonderful day in anticipation of hearing from you as soon as possible.

With Warm Regards,
Mr. Stephen James
Tel: +448719156902
Human Resources Department
Hilton Hotels & Resorts U.K.
Rajat Tamuche
Mon, 17 Apr 2017 03:36 EDT
job offerd by Hilton hotel uk liverpool
Hilton Liverpool City Centre Hotel 

3 Thomas Steers Way Liverpool,

L1 8LW United Kingdom.

Email: vacantdepthiltonhoteluk@mit.tc

Website: www.hilton.com

Date: 17/04/2017

Dear Candidate, (Mr. Rajat Ravindra Tamuche).

We are in receipt of your mail and its contents have been acknowledged, at this point of time you are required to send your appointment letter which is attached on this mail to the U.K. Embassy in (India) New Delhi. You are therefore directed to contact the agent responsible for obtaining your visa with the following contact information stated below and make sure you call him on phone before sending your entire documents.


When you contact him, he shall assist you in timely obtaining of your necessary residence and work permit papers/VISA with the U.K. immigration services.












Mr. Benjamin Anderius

E-mail Id: benjaminvisadept@gmail.com

Mobile Number:- +91 8882738621

The above mentioned contact details is the direct and personal contact information of (Mr. Benjamin Anderius). You are directed to corporate and with maximum respect the consular needed from you because he will be using his personal influence to secure you a U.K. entry work permit visa which will be (2) years visa and it’s renewable after the said period of time. We shall send your air ticket to you immediately you confirm to us that visa have been issued to you. Also, we have instructed him to call you from New Delhi U.K. Embassy.

We will be expecting your visa confirmation within or before (6 days) and your arrival in U.K. will be not less than Three days after visa confirmation. Note that you are to take care of your visa fees there in your country and always keep me updated on the excise. The refunding excise of your visa fees will take place here in (Hilton Hotels & Resorts U.K.) after three days of your arrival alongside with 3 months additional salary to make yourself comfortable.

Do have a wonderful day in anticipation of hearing from you as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Mr. Stephen James

Recruitment Section, London UK.

Telephone:  +448713155173

Hilton Hotels & Resorts U.K.
Thu, 13 Apr 2017 04:42 EDT
house keeper
Employment Details, Get back to me
Barry Jackson Brown
10B Barry Jackson Tower
Estone Walk,
Birmingham B6 5BA
United Kingdom
I am Dr. Barry Jackson Brown, Native of Scotland. I work in Italy (Rome) for over Three
months now, but my family is based in London, I will love to hire a caring male or female
house keeper/manager directly who is willing to work in my house in London as a house
keeper/Manager. I will like you to know that I have 2 daughters 10 and 8 years old, I can
afford to be paying you 4,200 Great British Pounds Sterling's every four weeks and up
keeping money every week of 240 Great British Pounds Sterling's and this is outside
your 4,200 Great British Pounds Sterling's, your responsibility in my house is just to
take care of the house in monitoring the Driver, Gardner, and the Nani. Kindly get back to
me if you are interested in this offer.
Employment Status: Full time
Type of Remuneration: Salary plus incentives
Job Location: United Kingdom
Dear Applicant,
Good to hear from you, as stated in my first mail, I'm in urgent need of a house keeper or
manager to work for me in my house over here in Birmingham, as am always away on my
job.Your job is to supervise and manage all the workers working in my house like the chef,
nanny and security guard to make sure everything are going on well in the house as am not
always around to see how things are going in the house, I have two daughters 10 and 8
years old who will also be under your care because my wife is also working.
You will be working for me for 2 years and can be renewed if found trust worthy. You shall
have the following facilities throughout your service in my house.
A) A private accommodation with a furnished sitting room and bedrooms.
B) A Fixed land phone and an Internet ready computer.
You will be working from 7am to 11am in the morning and from 2:30pm to 5:30pm in the
Gmail - Employment Details, Get back to me https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=6cdf3c4a24&view=pt&searc...
1 of 2 4/5/2017 4:52 PM
evenings. Sunday free day.
Scan and send to me the following.
1. Your International passport
2. Your passport photograph
3. Send full address and Mobile phone number
On the receipt of the scanned copy of your valid International passport and photo passport.
1). I shall forward the documents to the UK-Embassy/immigration in London
2). Other documents to facilitate this visa as demanded by the UK-immigration/Embassy for
procurement shall be sent by me.
All these documents i shall send along with your attached documents to the UK-Embassy in
London and the same documents will be sent to your country Embassy with which the
Embassy will contact you for regarding your interview and stamping of your visa.
Arrangements for this travel which includes (Air ticket) and transit cost will be paid by me.
NOTE: You will be responsible for your visa fee of 520 pounds to the UK-immigration
department there in your country to enable them secure an appointment for your visa. All
these have to be in your names. This is the only cost you have to pay which will be
refunded back to you when you resume work in my house in London. Please do understand
that I am doing this due to my past experience whereby I paid for visa and ticket fees and my
employee turn me down, causing me to lose my money with no refund. Do not accept the
contract if you cannot afford to pay for your visa fee to the UK-Embassy when needed
during your working visa processing. Write back and send to me the scan copy of the
required document if you are interested.
Best Regards,
Dr. Barry Jackson Brown
Tell: +448445895508

mobile-917208215755 sms whatappas
i am deaf...
Wed, 12 Apr 2017 06:17 EDT
Appointment letter is fake or genuine
Dear Selected,

We are pleased to congratulate you and announce to you that you have successfully emerged as one of the selected candidates in our esteemed organization. However, the company would like to let you know the issue of traveling expenses, it is your responsibility to take care of your visa registration/processing fees in the British embassy in your country. While we shall bear official charges here in Home office UK and we shall reimburse all expenses which you may incurred during your visa processing.

The Company has to send you an Air ticket as soon as you get your visa done and provide you a free accommodation on joining. Your eligibility to work in our company has been confirmed here under our Company Management. So you are expected to get your entire traveling documents ready with you through our appointed Consulate who will be waiting for your call in your Country. His sectional email address and contact details is below;
Consulate. Sir Dominic Asquith
British High Commission, India.
Tel: - +917028218712
Email: (british.fco.gov.visaprocess % diplomats.com [WARNING: SCAM EMAIL])

Important Note: The entire traveling back up documents and formalities required by you should be provided to the British embassy in your country, According to the Company Management schedules through the help of the Asia coordinator Mr. Alexandra Evans, the appointed Asia coordinator is an officer working with the British Embassy India.
So due to his position there we have ask him to help in getting your visa due to strictness of issuing visa to Indian citizens and protocol for the British Government so we request the Asia coordinator to help in getting the travel documents as he is one of the patron of Airpac Bukom Company United Kingdom.
Now you have to sign and send a copy of this Appointment Letter to us and to our Appointed Consulate via above mail for recognition in the British Embassy That will prove and you're our candidate and all necessary help should be availed to you. Kindly find the attached Appointment Letter in this mail.

Make sure you contact the consulate in time and make your visa processing urgent, you are required to resume in your office one month from the date appointment. The Consulate will inform you the next step to procure your traveling documents.
You are highly welcome to United Kingdom.
Airpac Bukom Company

Dear Visa Applicant,

Congratulations to be part of Airpac Bukom Company London. United Kingdom.

I am the Appointed Diplomat associated with Airpac Bukom Company London United Kingdom in British Embassy India. The process takes 7-15 days of time period been an urgent visa. When you finish the process we will intimate you to come to British Embassy Office for your Visa stamping and along with your International Passport, all Original Documents and we will hand over the Work Permit Documents, Flight Ticket, Other related Documents to you. Any applicant whose we have gotten there recommendation from United Kingdom Organization or Company, such applicant visa processing do not require interview because the interview concept have been covered by the Company/Organization over there in United Kingdom.

The attached Visa Application Form which have to be duly filled and scan back along with the required documents mentioned and make the below payment in order to start your visa process within the next 24hours from now. If you don't know any of the information to be written in the Visa form kindly leave the page we can help you to complete the form to avoid error.
Scan Documents Required:

1. One Passport Size Photograph

2. Photo Page and Other Pages of International Passport (Issuing Authority Page)

3.Voter Id Card / Pan Card /Ration Card/ Driving License (any one of this document)

The Following are the details of your payment:

* Visa Registration Fee

* Documents Verification Fee

Total amount payable is (34,500 Indian Rupees).

The time period of Visa Processing is 7-15 days, we will intimate you once the visa is approved and all the new updates will be updated to you on time. The total processing charges will be 34,500 excluding the flight ticket that will be taking care by the management.

Note : If any of your family member is also traveling along with you then you need to send there documents (Scan Passport Copy and Passport Size photograph) and separate visa form have to be filled by them.
Look forward to hearing from you accordingly.
Best Regard.
Wed, 12 Apr 2017 03:31 EDT
Job offer from Staatsolie and Airpac bukom company are fake job scams!
Read www.scam-job-emails.tk already! There are so many gullible people in here.

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