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Portuguese flag Consulate-General of Portugal in Toronto

Address438 University Avenue
Suite 1400, Box 41
Toronto ON M5G 2K8
Phonelocal: (416) 217.0966
international: +1.416.217.0966
Faxlocal: (416) 217.0973
international: +1.416.217.0973
Web sitehttp://www.secomunidades.pt/toronto
Hours9h00 - 15h30

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Mon, 30 May 2016 10:01 EDT
Canadian Passport office comments
Comments re the Canadian Passport office for efficiency, respect and politeness.

Mon, 30 May 2016 09:35 EDT
Corrective criticism on staff behaviour.
I hope the following comments will be taken as corrective criticism towards the Portuguese consulate staff. I do not want to isolate any one staff member but think the administration needs to have a staff review and enforce some much needed changes in appropriate respectful conduct and procedures of business. The following actions actually put the consulate office at a lower level of sophistication than perhaps the people they are dealing with. All world citizens deserve basic respect.

My Daughter who was born in Canada to me, a Canadian mother and to a Portuguese "born" father applied for EU Citizenship through her father's Portuguese Citizenship (which she is perfectly entitled to). However upon the initial telephone conversation and following interview was berated by a consulate staff member because she could not speak fluent Portuguese, although I might add, she holds a Breve Certificate for 100% fluency in Canada's other OFFICIAL language, French and obviously speaks perfect Canadian English.

It is unbelievable the rudeness and disrespect they showed my young daughter and I felt the hurt she experienced as though she somehow had disrespected the country of her grandparents simply because she was born a Canadian. Reading comments above, of other Portuguese/Canadian citizens I can see this is a purveying problem with the staff; lack of respect happening on a continual basis. Being proud of your nationality is one thing, thinking you are better than everyone else or better than those who choose to emigrate elsewhere is unacceptable.. We are all equal. In fact maybe the consulate staff should consider themselves lucky to work in Canada, as I checked today, the unemployment rate in Portugal right now is a good old high of 13%. Canada sits at 7%.

My daughter embraced the Portuguese culture from an early age but didn't have a father who lived at home from the young age of 8 months, obviously could not learn the language from me. Maybe there is a reason that you just have not been patient enough to understand. Besides, it is not my fault Portugal offers Citizenship to children of one Portuguese parent. No where did it say the children had to speak Portuguese. My daughter has also inherited property in Portugal so will likely learn the language eventually.

By the way, it didn't stop at just the language, the continued snobbery and the "holier than thou" attitude purveyed through out the whole extremely lengthy procedure.

If this is how you treat your own Portuguese citizens living in Canada, how would you ever interact with other Canadians or people from other parts of the world? You should have welcomed a young girl wanting to have better access to her ancestor’s homeland. With the property she now owns, she will likely spend some time there and learn much more of her ancestral homeland and culture.

Every Portuguese/Canadian has a right to be respected, no matter their age, level of education or social status. Canadians have a reputation for being polite worldwide. Perhaps the administration just needs an overhaul at the consulate. I would say your mode of business does not meet Canadian standards.
Anita Oliveira
Wed, 18 May 2016 22:47 EDT
What do we require?
When at the Canadian Consulate in Sao Miguel we were told that my marriage to my Portuguese husband was not in their records and that we needed to go to the Portuguese Consulate in Toronto. What exactly do they require?
Wed, 11 May 2016 12:28 EDT
Address of the office to Renew passport? It expires in 10 days.
I need the Address of the office to renew my passport? it expires in 10 days and I am going on a trip.
Tue, 10 May 2016 18:28 EDT
portuguese birth certificate
this message is for Helena, honey at the consulate they will give you the run around and only make you frustrated and they won't help you. the best thing for you to do which is what I had to do is if you have someone back home contact them and have them go the registry office and ask for a certified copy of your birth certificate, keep in mind this certified copy is only good for six months if you don't act within the 6mos you will have to start all over. good luck
Fri, 29 Apr 2016 20:57 EDT
One year to clear up a mistake that wasn't mine!!!
I'm very disappointed in how they run this office, it took me one year to try to change a mistake that was made when my parents came from Portugal in 1975, and now my passport expired and they still didn't fix their mistake.. Now, I have to start all over again, I'm so frustrated!! I feel like they play with their own people and send us on a merry go round just so they can take our money and have their so called jobs, because I'm not even sure what it is that they do there, when it takes them a full year to do a name ( 2letters ) change back to what it should've been in the first place if my parents had help translate when they came to Canada , I wouldn't be in this mess. Been paying for everyone else's mistakes since I was five, how pathetic. Canada should just give me my citisenship I wouldn't even bother with these people, lazy every last one of them!!!They don't communicate with us and make everyone sit and wait all morning just to close the office at noon and ask you to come back another day by three your out the door and nothing was done, didn't even see anyone to fill out any paperwork it's so pathetic that these people actually represent my birth country, I'm embarrassed!!!! For them not for myself.. My only wish was to get my mistake corrected so I can finally apply for my Canadian citizenship and travel to see my native land and visit relatives I've never met, but that's not going to happen and I'm proud to stay in Canada and get to know it better, we'll always have the Internet my family & I .. Best of luck to anyone needing this agency, IT SUCKS!!! Portugal should be ashamed of who they have to represent them here and in different countries, I'm sure Canada isn't the only one with these lazy unethical people..
Sat, 16 Apr 2016 20:16 EDT
You should be ashamed of yourselves!
I am disgusted that we as a Portugese Community have such ungrateful and unprofessional people representing us. Instead of helping our culture, they hinder us every step of the way. They are rude, disrespectful and think they are better then the average portugese person that goes there for help. Newsflash people...you are a joke to the portugese communities in Ontario/Canada. Get off your high horses and actually do something to help your own culture out. Stop chatting, wasting time, walking around and doing nothing. You should try working for a change. On a side note, have a little more respect and empathy for the older portugese generation that goes there. You treat them like crap and they paved the way for many who are here. My two cents worth! Not that anything will change. They have been like this for years. Too bad.
Wed, 30 Mar 2016 07:15 EDT
Horrible service
I was there 3 weeks ago there are horrible , rude and have no friken morals I drove 5 hours to get there and they didn't give a hoot these people are awful and they need to hurry the lines up staff is garbage
Tue, 22 Mar 2016 19:55 EDT
Need Portuguese Birth Certificate
I moved to Ontario when I was 4 years old. I have my Portugal Passport and permanent resident card for Canada, but I need to get my birth certificate from when I was born in Portugal. Does anyone have any information on where I go to get this or how I can get it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
family member
Tue, 22 Mar 2016 14:32 EDT
leaving family behind-get the facts straight

I know exactly who you are referring too. Before you make up b.s. stories about a man leaving behind his family behind -sure.... but his kids. Are you mentioning the three girls he never gave child support for or gave two shiats about. And P.s. your friend gotndwported for being a dealer, a woman beater and a dead beat father ... so get your facts straight. But then again... your propably ome of his Dumas girlfriends amongst the many more henpropably has. No one want a Casper Avila Back!!!! His asa can stay there. And pass this msg to him. He doesn't belong to the U.S. air force. He should change his status on facebook.

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