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Sun, 1 Sep 2019 13:18 EDT
Wed, 27 Feb 2019 07:59 EST
human asylum
Dear German Embassy in turkey

Subject:human asylum

My name is Hussein S.H.Aljayyab and in this letter I represent my Father, Mother and sister, a refugee family residing together in corum/Turkey .
awaiting resettlement by the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

In this letter we humbly request that you aid us resettlement to Germany . I will list the humanitarian reasons for this and evidence that our case has been delayed and or ignored, in respect to our dire political, refugee and health situation compared to other refugees, for reasons beyond our knowledge

, and hence we hope with an open heart that you aid us in our endeavor.

Unlike most refugees we do not even have a legal home land as originally we are Palestinian refugees from the 1948 exodus who have lived all our lives in Iraq following the exodus. Annexed by Israel in 1948 there is currently no legal framework that even point to our right of return, except for history After the American invasion of Iraq most Palestinians fled the country to avoid sectarian persecution that followed the invasion. We immigrated to Turkey and are currently residing there as refugees awaiting resettlement. Most of the Palestinian refugees in Iraq, except for those that lived the 1948 exodus were born in Iraq and have lived all their lives there, however following the sectarian and political turmoil in Iraq due to the recent American invasion, Palestinian refugees who have lived all of their lives in Iraq are now barred from entering the country once they leave. Hence unlike most refugees, even if we wanted to go back to our home or what has been like our home for almost 70 years, we just legally can not. Turkey at the moment is also going through its own turmoil as the geopolitical view of the area is unstable
, and if we were to be expelled from Turkey due to this turmoil, where would we go? Attached to this letter is a report from the UN of the suffering our specific community has endured. We as a family have suffered from the sectarian turmoil in Iraq first hand, when our house was trespassed by a sectarian military militia who robbed our house in front of us at gunpoint, and threatened us with death if we dont leave
We are likely to be attacked because of my mother's spontaneous participation in demonstrations demanding the resettlement of Palestinians in Iraq to a third country. Most speakers in the demonstration have left Iraq and are likely to be attacked and threatened with liquidation like us.
To add to our suffering, my father is an elderly and very sick man with serious life threatening chronic health conditions. He has undergone several heart surgeries, an open heart surgery, heart valve replacement surgery and several artery surgeries. He however still has hope in humanity that once German know his situation,
We are registered UNHCR refugees, but surprisingly after 2 years and 10 months of being in turkey , no country, any other country, have accepted us for resettlement. Surprisingly, German takes thousands of refugees from across the world, through its generous refugee quota scheme, especially from Turkey. Furthermore our dire political, legal, health and humanitarian situation is worse than many refugee communities and worse than many people we personally know who have been resettled in Germany or other countries.

. We have great hope in the German people, and most importantly
and most importantly we also have hope in the German government, something people from our origins can not say about other governments. We hope that Germany lives up to its action and reputation in being a country that stands in the face of tyranny and protects freedom, humanitarian agendas and most importantly people who have been disprivileged as a result of injustice.
Attached to this letter are documents verifying the identity, refugee status and work experience of our family and Link to my participation in demonstrations

Thank you so much for your help and efforts and look forward to a favourable response from you.

Yours sincerely


On behalf of the family Of SELAH ALJAIAB

PHONE NUMBER /00905373044267

Amina Ali
Tue, 4 Dec 2018 05:18 EST
بعد التحية والاحترام انا مازلت قيد الأنتظار لردكم حيث تم اتصال بنا لإجراء المقابلة في 20 ,12 ,2018
ونحن نريد منك تنظروا الينا بعين العطف
نريد ان نعرف ماهي اوراق لازمة لإتمام كقابلتنا ولكم جزيل شكر
Amina ali
Mon, 3 Dec 2018 13:00 EST
مرحبا بكم اريد ان اتأكد كيف لي ان آتي الى مقابلة حيث قال لي أحد موظفي
سفارة لدي موعد بتاريخ 20_12_2018 كيف لنا ان نأتي اليكم وما هي اوراق لازمة لإجراء مقابلتنا
Amina ali
Mon, 3 Dec 2018 12:57 EST
مرحبا بكم اريد ان اتأكد كيف لي ان آتي الى مقابلة حيث قال لي أحد موظفي سفارة لدي موعد بتاريخ 20_12_2018
كيف لنا ان نأتي اليكم
Fatima Qays Fadil
Thu, 19 Jul 2018 11:56 EDT
Frage zum Terminnummer
Sehr geehrte Damen & Herren, Ich,Fatimah Qays Fadhil, war bei Ihnen am 09.03.2018 mit der Terminnr: 2011957,zum einreichen der geforderten Unterlagen. Leider fehlten noch ein paar Unterlagen. Papiere sind nun vollständig.Bitte um Rückmeldung ob die fehlenden Unterlagen, wie mir gesagt wurde mit der gleichen Terminnummer eingereicht werden können, oder ich ggf.einen neuen Termin brauche. Für Ihre Mühe bedanke ich mich schon im Voraus.
Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Fri, 5 Jan 2018 13:38 EST
Hello sir.

I am DAOUD El Hadj, with Algerian nationality, and I own real estate, and a residence in Istanbul as well as my family. I would like to know if this opens me right for obtaining a visa for

from Turkey?

And if that is possible, I would like to know how much are the visa application fees, what are the deadlines and what are the administrative documents requested for this file?

I thank you very much and wish you a good continuation.
Wed, 20 Dec 2017 07:28 EST
بدون زحمه ممكن احد يقول لي كم هو رقم السفارة الألمانية في انقرة
Mon, 4 Dec 2017 04:54 EST
مرحبا .انا اسمي سهرعملت مقابلة ب 2الشهر الاول بالسفارة الالمانية في اتقرة ..كان في خربطة باوراقي صلحتن واخر ورقة سلمتا كانت قبل 3 اغسطسباسبوعين والسفارة دقت ب3 اغسطس للاستفسار عن كم شغلة والتاكيد .ومن وقتا لهلا صرلي 4 شهور ودقيت للسفارةمرة من اقل من شهرين قال لازم زوجي يسال بالمانيا وسال كم مرة قال طولو بالكن ولهلا مافي رد ..كيف بقدر اعرف شو وضع اوراقي
Mon, 20 Nov 2017 13:38 EST
Sehr geehrte Dame,
Sehr geehrter Herr,

mein Name ist Ako Ismaeel Muhiaddin, ich bin am 1.12.1971 in Suleimanyah- Irak geboren. Zwischen 1997-1998 war ich bereits in Amberg und hatte dort einen Aufenthaltstitel der Bundesrepublik Deutschland gehabt. 

Ich bin 1996 mit dem Flugzeug über die Türkei (Attaturk Flughafen) nach Deutschland (Frankfurt Flughafen) gekommen. Ich bin ein paar Tage dort geblieben, anschließend bin ich in ein Asylbewerberheim (Würzburg) für drei Monate geschickt worden. Danach bin ich dauerhaft in einer anderen Einrichtung in Amberg geblieben.

Als ich die Aufenthaltsgenehmigung erhalten habe, haben Sie meine Dokumente, wie meinen irakischen Ausweisdokument, bei sich behalten. Ich bitte Sie mir Kopien der Dokumente per E- Mail zu kommen zu lassen, da ich das deutsche Konsulat in Erbil- Irak kontaktiert habe: Ich wollte dort abermals Asyl für Deutschland beantragen. Das deutsche Konsulat hat nach meinen Dokumenten gefragt, die ich leider nicht mehr habe.

Ich hoffe, dass Sie mir weiterhelfen können und freue mich auf Ihre Rückmeldung.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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