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Address7/8 Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi 110 021
Phonelocal: (011) 4178.2000
international: +91.11.4178.2000
Faxlocal: (011) 4178.2020
international: +91.11.4178.2020
Web sitehttp://india.gc.ca

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Thu, 1 Feb 2018 23:51 EST
Job Offer from Courtyard hotel is a fake job scam!
Read www.scam-job-emails.tk to learn how to tell when a job offer is fake!
akshay kothiya
Thu, 1 Feb 2018 07:31 EST
Is that real or fake Canada embancy
Dear Staff,

  This is to inform you, that you have been appointed as a staff of this company. Our Human Resource has finally select you for this season recruitment because your Experience and Qualifications were found qualified. As regard this, the Courtyard hotel Canada Management has contacted the Home Office here for your visa application and they have appointed immigration personnel in your country over there for the easy acquisition of your visa. Moreover, diplomatic personnel have been appointed in the us consulate affairs to be in charge of your visa processing. We request you to comply with him and do as directed by him. He is the one that will let you know all the visa processing procedures.

Be informed that you have to bear your traveling documents expenses (visa fee) upfront to prove your commitment and readiness to work with our organization. All your expenses spent on the visa processing shall be refunded back to you immediately on joining. As soon as you submit your expenses report.
We shall book your flight ticket and arrange for a free accommodation at the company estate immediately we confirm from the diplomat that your visa is ready. Get in contact with the appointed diplomat as soon as you receive this letter because you have a limited time to get your traveling documents ready as you are expected to resume here in office on or before 05/03/2018.

Make sure you send him email and contact the diplomat immediately by calling him on phone.
His Name: Mike Brown.
Phone No: +917840021311
Email ID:canadaembassyhighcommission@ diplomats.com [WARNING: SCAM EMAIL]


HR Manager.

Dr. David Williams

Thu, 1 Feb 2018 03:54 EST
Job Offer From GE, Lufa Farms, Dufferin constructions are fake job scams!
Read www.scam-job-emails.tk to learn how to tell when a job offer is a scam.
Thu, 1 Feb 2018 02:17 EST
Scam / Jacob Maxwell
Attention: XXXXXX

I am pleased to inform you that your application has been considered and granted, your eligibility to work in house of MR.JACOB MAXWELL has been confirmed by the management board.

Attached is a soft copy of your job offer letter for your perusal and digest, on your satisfaction and agreement with our terms and conditions,you are to sign and submit via e-mail and also forward a signed copy to the senior consular at the Canada Embassy in India with the contact information below to assist you in obtaining an urgent visa to the Canada.

ADDRESS:Canadian High Commission in New Delhi, India
7/8 Shantipath


New Delhi 110 021



EMAIL: immigration-visadept-gc % consultant.com [WARNING: SCAM EMAIL]

OFFICE HOURS:08.30-16.45

Senior CONSULATE: Mrs S. Wilshaw (Senior Consulate )

All official documents have been sent to the office of Mrs S. Wilshaw​,make sure you follow her Instructions as she will be using her influence in processing your VISA due to the urgency and strict policies of the Canada immigration Service.

You can bring your family along but not more than four (4) members will be allowed.

Please note that your appointment was given on special and urgent consideration, you must be in the Canada before the specified joining date as stated on your offer letter.

You are to bear the cost of your visa and travelling documents to prove your seriousness and commitment to work with my reputable company and i shall refunded all expenses incurred as you submit your expenses report.

After your travel documents are ready, I shall secure your accommodation and air ticket for you and Four members of your family.

You are therefore required to follow these procedures IMMEDIATELY so as to begin duty as soon as possible.

Do get back to me with developments and updates regarding the procurement of your visa.

Anil Jadav
Wed, 31 Jan 2018 23:17 EST
Spectra Immigration & International Tour / Sandip Kapadia
Dear All Friends,

Spectra Immigration & International Tour is a Fraudulent Consultancy. Its consultancy name was Raj Consultancy before few times.

His Proprietor Sandip Kapadia and his wife Avani Kapadia both are involve in fraud works and make fool to all candidates.

He take payment of Rs. 1,00,000/- in advance for consultancy or work process but then after he provide all LMIA / Service Canada Document / HRSDC / Employement Letters / Visa totally Hand Made ( Fraud / Duplicate ) and ask more payment from applicant.

after they provide all fraudulent legal documents to candidate , he can do mail or fake call to all applicant for appointment in visa office.

in past or present , Sandip Kapadia is doing fraud in all over gujarat. like ( Amhedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Bhuj etc....)

Also he make e-mail with UCI and Application Number which is fake to all guys..

Please , i request all dear friends to stop working with Spectra Immigration & International Tour / Sandip Kapadia.

who applied throw him, please ask him for return back your payment.

So, Please carefully... or don't apply any type of visa throw him.

I have All type of Proof against Spectra Immigration & International Tour / Sandip Kapadia.

Also My 4,80,000/- payment is stoped by Sandip kapadia and i am doing legally court case against Sandip Kapadia / Avani kapadia.

If any regarding query,
please contact me on my

E-Mail :- anilnjadav@yahoo.com or
Call on :- +91- 99 98 97 8031. ( Anil Jadav, Vadodara )
Wed, 31 Jan 2018 22:58 EST
JOB OFFER IN GE General Electric Company
Dear sir,
I have received a job offer from'GE General Electric Company 2300 Meadowvale Blvd, Mississauga L5N 5P9 Ontario.'can you know me whether it is fake or genuine Please let me know the details Please reply soon or mail me at subinmenakudiyil@gmail.com.
youru's faithfully
Prabakaran. G
Tue, 30 Jan 2018 20:31 EST
The letter fake r real
Lufa Farms Inc.
201-1400, Rue Antonio-Bar beau, Montreal,
QC H4N 1H5 Montreal Canada,

Dear Applicant,

With reference to the copy of your documents and detail received. I called to inform you that we are well satisfied with your qualifications and have decided to employ you. Find the attached copy of the Contract Agreement, Employment Application Online Interview Questions And Identification Details from our Legal Adviser. You are advice to read the Contract Agreement, Employment Application Online Interview Questions And Identification Details carefully, sign and send a copy of the Agreement to us for official documentation.

We are making arrangement on how to facilitate your Work/ Resident Visa and all the traveling documents that will enable you come to Canada to resume work. The details will be revealed to you when we send you your Appointment Letter which is the next stage of your recruitment process. Your designation will be disclosed in your Appointment Letter.

Sign this Agreement since you are eligible to come to Canada. We urge you to hurry up the process because we want you to resume work immediately. You have to get all your required documents for the visa process ready. We will send you an Appointment Letter after you accept and sign the Agreement we will send you all the necessary documents that you will need from us to obtain your visa and traveling documents.

Yours sincerely,
Engr. Yahya Badran,
Director of Engineering & Human Resources.
Lufa Farms Inc.
Phone: +16479468349, +17806663735.
Fax: +15121492577.
Prabakaran. G
Tue, 30 Jan 2018 11:14 EST
The letter fake r real
Dear: Prbakaran Ganesan,


How are you doing over there? I would like to say it’s a wonderful day here in Canada, hope it’s also with you and your family over there in your country?



The entire management is happy with the good news we received from our immigration lawyer after the completion of your job file approval by The Canadian Labour Authority in charge of foreign workers, that permits you to be Lufa Farms Inc's employee here in Canada. An Appointed Immigration Attorney have been appointed to defend and guide your visa and work permit file in our embassy over there in your country.


This is to notify you that our company has forward all the necessary documents through our immigration lawyer the to your Appointed Immigration Attorney to contact our Consulate Office,  High Commission of Canada in your Country. Part of the documents will be handed over to you by the Appointed Immigration Attorney on your appointment date with the embassy, for your entry visa and work permit. 


Your file has been grouped in diplomatic  preference through our company efforts by providing all the necessary required documents to our Canadian Citizenship and immigration Center which concern about foreign workers through our company immigration lawyer (Barrister Sarah N. Goodman), that's why you will not experience any difficulties on getting your visa and your work permit, all the necessary approval has been done, an appointed Immigration Attorney has been assigned from our immigration home office here in Canada to guide you through and get your visa and work permit without any delay or get denies  on your entry visa and work permit .


Your visa and work permit is 100% percent guaranteed through the Appointed Immigration Attorney in charge of your file, all you need to do is to follow the instructions of the embassy and the Appointed Immigration Attorney over there in your country so as to meet up with the time of our expectation of your resumption date with us here in Canada.


We urge you to contact your Appointed Immigration Attorney in our embassy in your country, Here's the contact details below:



Name:   Mr. David Jonathan

Name:   Mrs. Maria Freeman Personal Assistant to Mr.  David Jonathan

Email:    ca.visaworkpermit.embassy.in@ diplomats.com [WARNING: SCAM EMAIL]

Phones:  +91-8743950753


You are to contact your Appointed Immigration Attorney via email with the documents stated below:


*Your international passport data page copy.

*Our Job offer letter (Appointment Letter).

*Canadian Immigration Authorization letter.

*LMIA Certificate copy.



Ensure to contact the Appointed Immigration Attorney immediate for your visa and work permit process. Keep us inform with every progress on your visa and work permit over there for us to provide your flight ticket in time. Find the attached file of your appointment/ job offer letter, LAIM and Authorization Letter to contact your Appointed Immigration Attorney in your country. Once again, we are really happy to welcome you here to start experiencing your positive impart in our Facility. 




Yours sincerely,

Engr. Yahya Badran,

Director of Engineering & Human Resources.

Lufa Farms Inc.

Phone: +16479468349, +17806663735.

Fax: +15121492577.
Mon, 29 Jan 2018 13:35 EST
Hi friends they send family pictures ur salary details and they said everything is free don't trust them...here I attached wat I received from

Dear Applicant

In response to the resume and educational certificate received ,it has been verified and the family has decided to give you a chance to proof your fidelity to work with our family.


You will be responsible to Manage and Supervise farm the activities of the Farm employees as the Head of farm staff.Also to inform and give instructions in work methods and routines to other employees i.e: Cleaners,Driver and Gardeners.Office Assistant.Supervisor.Farm Engineer

As the head of Farm ,you will be ordering foodstuffs for all and cleaning supplies and keeps record of expenditures.Most importantly you will take proper care of the children and monitoring the other staffs activities.

The above are the job responsibilities which you have to take in charge.


You will be paid 8,800 CAD Monthly and also 300 CAD as your weekly allowance. Free accommodation and food as well.

Kindly be informed that you must have a valid international passport before you could apply for Canada visa and work permit in your country. If you are ok with the salary package and the job responsibilities.i will instruct my lawyer to prepare a contract agreement document and a sponsorship certificate from my side that will enable the embassy in your country to issue a work permit visa.

For your prompt awareness, you will be taken responsibility to pay for your visa fees once it's require by the embassy in your country. the family will only provide all necessary documents to the embassy and once your visa is issue, immediately i would send you a flight ticket.

If the terms and conditions are satisfied by you.kindly send scan copy of your international passport and passport photograph for the contract agreement document.

Upon confirmation of your passport, my lawyer will prepare the contract agreement document and send you a copy.I hereby attached the pictures of my Family.

Warm Regards
varun +919781616745
Mon, 29 Jan 2018 10:16 EST
this news is real or fake tell me

The email we received from (Dufferin constructions Canada), notified clearly that you have been offered a job as SITE SUPERVISOR in there organization in Canada and we should help to make sure that your traveling documents are ready on time because, you have a limited time to resume work in there organization there in Canada. We can make it possible if only you submit the Requirement/Documents needed by us ( HIGH COMMISSION NEW DELHI) at the right time.

Any applicant that is applying for a work visa/Residence Permit is entitled to pay the

Application/Registration Fee of 320 CAD, which in equivalent to your National currency, it is a sum total of 18999.621 INR. This reason is to prove the seriousness/readiness of the applicant for the contract. Also, you are to know that (Dufferin constructions Canada)will be responsible for your “AIR TICKET FEE”

This payment has to be made immediately so that the High Commissioner will approve your visa Application form to enable us process your traveling documents to Canada, we are going to give you the information of our cashier where you will deposit the amount immediately, after which the High Commissioner can approve your documents.

Kindly note down the following details:-

(1)Canada-EMBASSY-DELHI is a firm, working in partnership with the Canada Border Agency at the Canada High Commission and Deputy High Commissions here in India providing services to help people apply for Canada VISA.

(2) Kindly note that your traveling document will be processed as non-appearance candidate, the Canada embassy has advised that; any applicant that is applying for (work visa/Residence Permit) will report in our office on his/her day of appointment.

(3) Processing of your four years’ work visa will take 7-14 working days from the date in which your application fee is confirmed.

(4)there is "NO" interview needed from you because, (Dufferin constructions Canada) has signed your invitation and you have been found qualify 95% grantee for 4 years Canada working visa endorsement.

(5) As soon as your visa processing is completed we will inform you to come over to our office along with a hard copy of your international passport for final visa stamping.

(6) Your air ticket will be send directly to The Canada Embassy as soon as your visa is ready. If you meet up with the requirement of the office your visa will be issue in 7-14 work days from the date of application.

(7) You will come to the office after your visa processing is completed. Kindly download the attached file to see the visa application form, fill it as directed. "Important information" No charges will be paid hand to hand to any officer all charges have to be paid into the Head Of Visa Department Correspondent account which will be given to you and a payment receipt from the bank is needful for official record.

Finally, kindly scan and send to me the following documents via this e-mail address:





Appear in cooled.

All these information's will enable me to proceed with your documentation and they will prove that you are the right candidate whose traveling documents (work visa/Residence Permit) will be secured.


The Consular name is Mrs S. Wilshaw​ Contact number is +91-7834968825
: Emailvisadept-canadainembassyindia % consultant.com [WARNING: SCAM EMAIL]

VISA/PERMIT DEPARTMENT: Work Visa, Family Visa, Travel Visa Business Visa, Study & Holiday Visa.

High Commission 7/8 Shantipath, Chanakyapuri New Delhi 110 021 -India.




ACCOUNT NUMBER: 20184029430



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