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Address7/8 Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
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Phonelocal: (011) 4178.2000
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international: +91.11.4178.2020
Web sitehttp://india.gc.ca

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Mon, 20 Nov 2017 14:42 EST
Job Offer from Seaboard Marine Recruitment Crew is an obvious scam!
Read www.scam-job-emails.tk to learn how to tell when a job offer is a scam.
Mohammed Aleemulla Shareef
Mon, 20 Nov 2017 04:49 EST
Please let me know is this fake or real
Seaboard Marine Recruitment Crew ausccareesatseabscusa@gmail.com

Dear Aleemulla Shareef Mohammed

This is to notify you that Seaboard Shipping Company have selected you to work
in our company please find on the attachment of our working terms and

Reference to your forwarded application for job, we are please to
secure you as our employee to serve in our company.

If our terms and conditions suits your please write a job acceptance
mail to us we will be sending your letter of appointment to you shortly

Reference to your forwarded application for job, we are pleased to secure you as our employee to server in our company

Every appointed applicant are requested to respect other workers and regards them as brothers or sister in regards to race or religion and must desist from any unlawful practice.

Working days are 5 days a week. With monthly salaries of 3200 US dollars
ALLOWANCES; Hazard/Inconveniences allowance, 5% of basic salary. Entertainment allowance 5% of basic salary. All allowances are paid weekly and locally in Us Dollars

PAID HOME LEAVE; All expatriates are entitled to a one (1) month paid home leave yearly, which can be taken once at a time. All expatriates shall be entitle to a leave allowance of an additional 100% percent of their basic salary and free tickets to cover their home leave

Job profile: you are expected to firstly join our team and start your job and will undergo a 14 days training with our company after joining which after that you will be posted to the position as you have applied for, or have mentioned on your interview
All accepted applicants are required to do their best in order to serve the company better.
Applicants must have at least a 2 years valid passport and other travelling documents as directed to then by the managements before boarding the vessel from India

SAFETY AND SECURITY; Safety and security of personnel local/foreign) and facilities on job location and communities have been seriously considered to ensure and assure hitch free operations. All operations on job locations on job location are designed to adhere strictly to the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) policy as applicable in the job location. All expatriates are entitling to a free and mandatory safety courses on job locations to be delivered by qualified safety and environment experts. All safety wears shall be provided by the Company at Job Location e.g. Gloves, Shoes etc. applicable in the job location

MEDICAL/HEALTH SERVICE FACILITIES AND INSURANCE PLAN FOR FAMILY; All expatriates shall be entitle to a comprehensive health care service, In a case of emergency situation, an expatriate will be fly to his home country or any country suitable for the best medical Attention.

This decision can be influence by the findings of the company's medical experts, unless the expatriate states otherwise. After three (3) months of service all expatriates will be entitled to a Health Service Insurance Plan (HSIP) for family. The Health Service Insurance Plan is designed to cover

FEEDING AND ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation and feeding shall be provided for expatriates by company, with maximum security, all cuisine (intercontinental/continental) will also be provided.

TELECOMMUNICATION/INTERNET FACILITIES: There are free standard telecommunication facilities and internet services at the disposal of all expatriates, but must be used in accordance with the safety regulations on job locations.

If the above criteria suit you please send your job acceptance mail to us. We will be sending your letter of appointment to you shortly after receiving your letter of job acceptance.

Luis Tan
Human Resource
Seaboard Shipping line
Asia Recruitment
Sun, 19 Nov 2017 01:20 EST
Job Offer from Stantec Group is a fake job scam!
No real employer ever asks you to pay a fee for anything to get a job. No real employer offers you a job without interviewing you in person, face to face. Read www.scam-job-emails.tk to learn how to tell when a job offer is a scam.
Lalit kumar
Sat, 18 Nov 2017 23:27 EST
Please confirm
Stantec Group,
220 4 St S, Lethbridge,
AB T1J 4J7,

Dear: Lalit kumar,

How are you doing over there? I would like to say it’s a wonderful day here in Canada, hope it’s also with you and your family over there in your country as well?

First of all, the entire management is really happy with good news received from our immigration lawyer after the completion of your job file approval by authorities in charges, which permitted you to work with us as part of Stantec Group Company here in Canada. Also with an Appointed Immigration Attorney who has been appointed to defend and guide your visa and work permit file in our embassy.

We are really glad to write this message to you with my good impression over this good news, which gave 100% (percent) hope to start experiencing continuity the dawn of a new era in our Facility through your positive role you are coming over to play in your duty with us.

This is to notify you that our company has forwarded all the necessary required supporting documents to our immigration lawyer (Barr. Sarah N. Goodman) to contact our embassy in your country through the appointed immigration Attorney assigned from our home office here in Canada, to defend your file at our Consulate Office, High Commission of Canada in your Country. Part of the documents will be handed over to you by the Appointed Immigration Attorney on your appointment date with the embassy, for your entry visa and work permit.

Your file has been grouped in diplomatic preference through our company efforts by providing all the necessary required documents to our Canadian Citizenship and immigration Center which concern about foreign workers through our company immigration lawyer (Barrister Sarah N. Goodman), that's why you will not experience any difficulties on getting your visa and your work permit, all the necessary approval has been done, an appointed Immigration Attorney has been assigned from our immigration home office here in Canada to guide you through and get your visa and work permit without any delay or get denies on your entry visa and work permit .

Your visa and work permit is 100% percent guaranteed through the appointed immigration Attorney in charge, all you need to do, is to make sure you follow all the instructions of the embassy and the immigration Attorney over there in your country, in other to meet up with appropriate time of our expectation of your resumption’s date with us here in Canada.

We urge you to contact your Appointed Immigration Attorney in our embassy in your country, through the contact details sent to you from Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Center, which was also copied to our company as well.
Here's the contact details which is also stated in the Canadian Immigration Authorization:

Name: Mr. David Scott
Secretary Name: Priyanka Chavan
Email: ca.visaandworkpermitdepartment % diplomats.com [WARNING: SCAM EMAIL]
Tel: +91-8750729686
New Delhi, India. Immigration Officer..

Make sure you contact the Immigration Attorney with immediate action over your visa and work permit process.
Keep us inform with every progress on your visa and work permit over there, in order to confirm your flight ticket without any delay. Find the attached file to download our job offer letter, LAIM and Authorization Letter to contact your Appointed Immigration Attorney in your country. Once again, we are really happy to welcome you here to start experiencing your positive impart in our Facility.
Note: You must notify us if the resumption date stated is not suitable with your current work place schedule, so that we can review it and extend your resumption date.

Yours sincerely,
Frank T.J ,
Employment Director,
Stantec Group Company.
Tel: +16475581230
Fax: +1301492577.
Fri, 17 Nov 2017 19:00 EST
Job Offfer from Canadian natural resources limited is obviously fake!
Read www.scam-job-emails.tk to learn how to tell when a job offer is fake so you don’t send your documents and money to a scammer.
Athar Aleem
Fri, 17 Nov 2017 09:14 EST
Job offer received
I have received a Job Offer from Canadian natural resources limited
Dear candidate,

I am pleased to confirm our verbal offer of employment to you for a regular full-time position with Company , As Reviewed, this offer is conditional upon completion of satisfactory references that could include, but is not necessarily limited to, a review of past employment and education records.Please Kindly Sign The Agreement Letter of Engagement and return to us. We shall proceed to your Appointment letter once we receive the Signed copy.
They have given the number of Mr Tim Fisher who will be in charge of Visa process.
Please confirm if it is fake or real.
Thu, 16 Nov 2017 14:20 EST
Job offer from paul richmann recruiting firm is fake!
Read www.scam-job-emails.tk before you waste your time and money on a scam job!
Jessie Merilles
Thu, 16 Nov 2017 07:25 EST
contract agreement in canada recruiting firm
paul richmann recruiting firm is this real he offer me an contract and my working permit rocess is in india i have a doubt that maybe this recruitment firm was a fake / Scam please kindly help if this is real
Thu, 16 Nov 2017 01:42 EST
Attn: Dogga Teja Rama Naidu and Awadhesh kumar
I need to know what company is offering you the job. Attn: Awadhesh kumar Post the letter and name of the company. If you are not interviewed in person, face to face, the job offer is a scam. Read www.scam-job-emails.tk to learn how to tell when a job offer is a scam.
Dogga Teja Rama Naidu
Wed, 15 Nov 2017 04:55 EST
Please let me know whether i got a real one or fake
A. The Employer is of the opinion that the Employee has the necessary qualifications,
experience and abilities to assist benefit the Employer in its business.
B. The Employer desires to employ the Employee and the Employee has agreed to accept
and enter such employment upon the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.
IN CONSIDERATION Of the matters described above and of the mutual benefits and
obligations set forth in this Agreement, the receipt and sufficiency of which consideration is
hereby acknowledged, the parties to this Agreement as follows:
1. Job Assignment and Wages:
The Employer hereby engages the Employee and the Employee agrees to work for the
Employer in the capacity of Position Applied for at the rate of $10,500 CAD dollars monthly.

2. Contract Duration:
The duration of the contract is subject to renewal after 4 year(s) starting from the day of
arrival into Canada.
The Extension of the contract shall be mutually agreed upon between the Employer and the
3. Contract Period:
The Employee shall work on probation for a period of 3 months (according to Local labor law)
with full salary, starting from the first working day. If the Employer should find during the
probation period that the Employee is not Qualified for the job assignment, the Employer
may either offer the Employee other appropriate Job or position with the consent of the
Employee, or cancel the contract and Repatriate the Employee to his home country according
to Canadian Government Employee must be given $12,000 Canadian dollars while deporting
him out of Canada.
4. Working hours:
The working hours shall not exceed 6 to 8 hours a day, 6 days per week.
5. Holiday and leave:
Annual leave of 30 days shall be allowed by the Employer for the Employee when completed
one year employment with regular pay sum of $10,500 Canadian dollars
6. Overtime:
If the Employee works more than the 8 normal working hours or on weekend the Regular
work day, the Employee shall be paid extra for overtime by the Employer at the rate Of $50
Canadian dollars per hour (not less than the minimum rate set by the local labor law).
If the Employee works on holidays, the Employee shall be paid extra for Overtime by the
Employer at the rate of $50 Canada Dollars per day (not less than the minimum Rate set by
the local labor law).
7. Food, Holiday and leave:
The Employer shall arrange for the Employee 30days off per year on local Official holidays
with regular pay. Annual leave of 30 days shall be allowed by the Employer for the Employee
when completed one year employment with regular pay.
8. Accommodation:
The Employer shall provide the Employee safe and hygienic accommodation free of Charge
during the term of contract.
9. Medical Treatment:

In the event of the Employee’s illness or accident caused by work during the period of the
contract, the Employer shall both provide all necessary medical treatment free of charge to
the employee.
10. Travel and Transportation:
The Employer shall pay for Air ticket on behalf of the Employee from his home country to
Canada, as soon as he resume work in Canada the employer shall refund all his expenses not
less than 6 hrs he/she arrive at employer’s resident or office in Canada.
Employer shall also pay for the cost of the return travel to employee whenever he or she
intends to travel to his or her home country in all cases, except that the Employee is at fault
or terminates the contract.
11. Obligation:
11. The Employee shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Employer’s stipulated in
conformity with the local labor law, and shall respect the local traditions and customs.
11.2 The Employee shall work only for the Employer’s House or Office base on where he or
she is allocated to work.
11.3 The Employee shall not engage in any unlawful activities such as protest or
12. Termination of the contract:
12.1 In case the Employer terminates the contract, the Employer shall give one Month notice
to the Employee, or pay one month wage in lieu of giving notice, or otherwise act In
conformity with the local labor law. The Employer shall thereby pay for the cost of the Return
travel of the Employee to his or her home country.
12.2 In case the Employee terminates the contract, the Employee shall give a one
Month notice to the Employer and shall pay for his own expenses in the return travel.
13. Others:
13.1. In the event of natural disaster, riot, fighting or war the Employer shall evacuate the
Employee to the safe area, and if the situation is no longer conducive for the continuity of
work, the Employer shall repatriate the Employee and shall pay for all the expenses of the
13.2. Other conditions not mentioned in the contract shall be in accordance with the
Stipulations of the local labor law.
13.3. In case the Employer fails to implement any of the conditions agreed in this contract in
full or in part, the Employer shall be responsible for all the losses incurred to the Employee,
done in duplicate, in English, each being equally authentic.

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