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Sat, 30 Jan 2016 17:48 EST
For you
Sweden is still a neutral country and as such plays an important part in world peace and dealings amongst nations. Your politician by the name Allan Widman,has put out some kind of report or commentary making the case for future wars and who is the most dangerous for this to happen. He names Russia of all possible choices as the most dangerous of them all. Is he OK? What is wrong with him? Does he not follow what is going on in the world and around him?
Of course there is an evil empire and most dangerous country that will be responsible for the WWIII (if it ever happens) and that is NOT Russia or any other nation, except one AMERICA.
Yes, Mr. Widman it is your favorite Evil Empire that is taking the world to the abyss of the #3 (some including the Pope think the American caused WWIII is already in progress) with its march towards world hegemony and it is just a matter of time till they trigger world wide violence and fighting. So far they lit the fire in middle east, Iraq, Afghanistan..destroying 7 countries so far. On the other hand, Russia is engaged in actual SAVING of an independent/sovereign country named Syria, whose refugees/migrants your noble country is looking after. This as a result of American and other NATO forces bombing the hell out of their cities, villages etc. Thus they had no alternative but to head out and some reached Sweden.Can you blame.
This is just a tiny example of Americas doing, so how can Russia represent a danger to your or any other country in the world. It is AMERICA STUPID, that is destroying and killing and maiming and...so it is them that represent the danger for all of the world and will cause the biggest war in history of this Planet, if we as world community do not stop them somehow.
Comments like yours do not help, for they target the wrong power by demonizing Russia.
This must stop for it is only pouring oil on the fires already started by America et al.
Here is scenario that could happen with Russia as part of it; America and NATO, demonize Russia (which is already being done with Allan as one of contributors) and then do what they did to every country they demonized so far; ATTACK.
Russia responds as per their military doctrine that calls for immediate and absolute defense of Mother Russia (no one will ever cross her borders or walk on her sacred soil with enemy boots, ever again) using their nuclear arsenal, both on the battle filed and on each and every motherland of attackers. You know what that means? End of the life on this only planet we have. It is that simple.
If with his misguided report Mr. Widman labels Russia as the most dangerous country in this contest, he is right. Russia will respond to any attack on her in such a way that those who dared to attack her will suffer consequences unimaginable by any means. From that point of view, Russia is the most dangerous country, but only to those who attack her, even with a bow and arrow, let alone with something more serious and destructive.
Hopefully misguided reports or opinion of this kind will not induce Sweden to become a member of NATO, thus put herself into the danger every member is exposed to, because of violent and aggressive policies of their master in Washington.
Absolutely no one has any reason to fear Russia, the hero nation, that has saved Europe and the world from Nazism, not single-handedly but did the heavies lifting of all participants.
It is still the biggest country in the world and has no claims on any lands. All they want to live in peace with all and stop the further destruction of independent countries by America and her vassals.
That has already happened, just watch them.
Nobel Prize for
Tue, 15 Sep 2015 10:01 EDT
We learn you have 130.000 registered asylum seekers? The highest per capita in Europe thus the World. Is this something your population agrees with, or your govt has gone insane in their application of generosity and humanity? If there were a Nobel Prize for this, you could award yourselves with it, no doubt by anyone.
Yours is a small country by population, but if you continue like this your own population will have disappeared in no time. No one can ask you to do this nor you are right to impose this on your population. Your generous and wonderful country CAN NOT RESOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD. Especially when you did not contribute anything to this problem. It is America and no one else, save few of her puppet states like Britain, Canada etc.
Just look at them now. America is keeping quiet abut this catastrophe, just like a cat that eat the canary. nYet they are behind all this and more to come.
Europe must unite against American Imperial Grand Strategy they are implementing on the backs of the world's people. Not only those they attack are the victims, but countries like yours that has nothing to do with it or would ever do it.
Sooner or later, they will make a mistake of attacking someone who can fight back and fight big, thus you and everyone like you will disappear in the dist of nuclear war, that America will cause and trigger sooner or later, if she is not brought back into civilized behaving society of the world. No wonder countries that want to be independent are arming themselves including with nuclear weapons. They must do this if they are to stay independent of American hegemony.
Please, as a country with so much respect, change and stop this insanity and if anyone is qualified for Nobel Prize for Insanity, it is USA.
Stop ruin of
Fri, 7 Aug 2015 10:31 EDT
We had to watch RT TV to see what is going on in Malmo and likely in other places (western MSM hides these issues). You have been overrun by immigrants and refugees to the extent that no country of any, especially your size should let happen. This is a prescription to ruin your wonderful and fair country for you population and beyond. No one can or has the right to ask your country, govt and people to carry such a huge burden of crisis orchestrated by America and her closest puppet states, like Britain, Canada, Australia (all English speaking countries, no coincidence)as most willing and some others like France, Germany as most unwilling, culprits in this current worldwide catastrophe.
You simply have too many who do not belong there at all, for they will never integrate into your society and in the end, they would be far better off in their own countries. So please stop the huge influx and use your law that ask to return the refuges once their country gets better and calmer.
If you do not do that, your native population will have become minority and underclass in their OWN country, their ancestors lived and built up for thousands of years.
No one can let this happen, even in the most extreme case of humanity and political correctness.
After all it was not your or any Euro country's fault this is happening and , those now escaping are citizens of countries that have ruined themselves on their own one way or the other with the "help" of America in recent years.
No country can be expected to sacrifice itself for them. Least of all a country like Sweden.
Yes, you and all other western countries must help them, but where they are, not in your countries, where they are becoming a burden you simply can not bear, without sacrificing your own country and people.
Wake up, resolve this in civilized manner, send them home and except only the bare minimum you can help without endangering your own people.
ps: look at America, they have caused the current crisis. yet they took in fewer refuges then your country in total not even relatively speaking. What does tell you? You are being sacrificed, along other Euro countries for the world hegemony of a countrey that will cause destruction of this planet if not stopped.
Please do the right thing, others will follow and the world and your country will be better for it.
Mon, 15 Jun 2015 10:32 EDT
We wrote about your country's need for De-Americanization as well as Europe's and the rest of the World.
Saab's and Volvo's story is an absolute case and proof for it. Poor Saab was purchased by GM the notorious American Co. Where is it now. You and I know the sad story and Saab is nit the only victim of Americanization, bay far. Then there is Volvo. Purchased by Ford, another Americanski that almost ruined it, but was saved by China and is thriving better than ever, except when it was truly Swedish.
Moral of the story: If you come under the boot of American corporation or Govt you will be exploited and ruined in the end. This is what America does. They don't "help" you they exploit you, either financial or politically.
On the other hand, countries like China, will come to help you. They will not exploit you but help you and themselves, equally.
If you don't the message in this example you'll never see it till it is too late, as was for beloved SAAB.
Still drive one and compared to American cars it is a true car not transport appliance as their cars are.
New warning from
Thu, 28 May 2015 16:41 EDT
Re losing your country and continent to refugees and illegal, unwanted and unneeded immigrants. The prospect for this is as real as Wasa style bread you made for centuries. It will happen if the trend continues. This time due to American destruction of many middle eastern countries. That crisis my continue for decades along with general economic and political crisis on African continent that is permanent, and will continue till they are helped to resolve their issues, thus their people can live there in relative peace and prosperity.
The mass exodus is on and you the Euro countries must do something to slow it down and stop it eventually. This both for your and their benefit, for any other way it'll spell disaster for both.
Now you had the warning from one of the leaders still alive and doing something to save that country, Libya.
He said, that if this crisis of mass population movement (it is not "simple" emigration or refugees any longer) is not resolved EUROPE WILL BECOME AFRICAN. It is that simple and it is that serious. No amount of political corrections and humanitarian behavior can justify you, the Euro countries allowing this to happen. Your population will rise and eat you alive if you do nothing or the right thing.
So Sweden, move forward on this issue. You are the most trusted member of Europe and if you say Europe must be saved as you help the African people where they live, it'll be done.
ps: China is the only country that is helping African nations build and rebuild, with no exploitation and excessive profits,unlike America and many other western countries. If you join them, that may be one of the ways to help them there and stop the Exodus.
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED BY THE MOST INFORMED!!! Do not count on America to help you, for they want weak and destroyed Europe. Believe it.
You do not have to
Mon, 11 May 2015 17:11 EDT
sacrifice your own country/continent
We just heard today, your wonderful and generous country, takes in a lion share of refuges from middle east and Africa, coming in via Italy. Also that your govt prefers to take in all these desperate people and distribute them over all Euro countries. You believe this is a better alternative to using Euro military to destroy smugger' ships and their ability to do their evil job.
This is a noble position BUT and it is a super big BUT, you may in the process undermine and destroy your own, livable and exemplary country, for you very own people. This is true and any other claim or opinion of opposite nature, is a pure lie and propaganda.
Yes these are desperate people (many are not but are riding on the waves of exodus as pure criminals and terrorists) but their numbers are simply too huge for Europe (especially your country's lion share) to absorb without dire consequences for the continent in short and long terms. Sweden and any other Euro country can not be asked to do such heroic thing, for if they do their own countries will be undermined and ruined beyond repair.
Better way is to help them right there where they live or close to their own countries where is safe to organize camps and other means of help. That will cost a lot of money but far cheaper than the mass overrunning of Europe with people who can not contribute to Europe and frankly who can not live or be truly happy or integrated in Euro ways of life. And that is the worse case scenario for Europe. We already see it in many countries with populations that simply can not or want to become Europeans. But want to take advantage of "better" life they claim they seek. This is nonsense and it has to stop. Europe as well any other Western Euro countries and even USA and Canada DO NOT NEED ANY MORE IMMIGRANTS FOR WHATEVER REASON. That is over. All those countries have massive unemployment and underemployment, thus they need no more workers to integrate into their economies. As to other reasons like humane, compassion etc. that too is over. Why would even few million be let in, while billions are left out? Yes there are billions of desperate who want to come to Euro for "better" life. Now can you continue to do what you are doing? You can't without destroying your own continent and for what? In the end you will become as bad as they (the temperate countries) while they will not become any better for you will only make a tiny dent on there desperation while destroying a perfectly good way of life for your own population.
Having said this, we can also say that it is the western countries duty and absolute obligation to HELP THEM IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY to improve their lives, politically, socially, economically and any other way to at least get out of situations that bring them to your shores.
Save yourselves and the world. To do this properly you must address the issue of Americanization by America that is behind creating all these crisis that bring the destitute to your doors.
We hope Europe will do this for your centuries and millennial long culture will overcome the American lack of it, thus their understanding of the world.
Let's do it.
Even more obvious
Thu, 19 Feb 2015 14:50 EST
No American prez could possibly deserve Nobel Peace Prize
How many wars have been started since Obama, the NPP recepient got that prize? Several and counting. These wars are not only to stop some evil power or movement, but often they are directed against countries that may not be angelic (many "friends" of USA are not but supported unconditionally) but they finction as stable states. Lybia was one of those. No threat to anyone, but America got them in their crosshair. Now that the country is collapsed and in total turmoil and mayhem, turns out that Obama and Hillary Cliton had their fingers in it from the very begining. In fact they started it and finished it. BUt in the process of destroying this country, there was a moment when the regime change could be had by peaceful transition. Gaddafi, the long term dicator and keeper of peace and stability in that country, agreed to tallk to America about peaceful transition. But no, Hillary (and Obama as her boss) would have none of it. They refused to talk, covered up truth and ordered that country bombed. They even informed the rebels (today's ISIS in LYbia)where Gaddafi was as he was trying to leave the country with his life. You know what happened to him and to LYbia afterwards, and today. Hillary, as a woman, when giving an interview in America, had a good laugh saying with complete glee and hilarity:" We came, we saw, he died".
Now that is a peaceful Americsn secretary of state acting under orders of Nobel Peace Prize recepient.
You must be still pulling your collective hairs. Just take the prize back even if it will be the rirst and last time in history.
Please do it. It is the right thing to do.
Log in
Sun, 28 Dec 2014 17:48 EST
to Duch embassy in Paris
You'll see some comments that will enlighten you on many serious issues the world faces. It seem America and their way of "life" (means death and suffering for others)may be heading us to final solution. Scary stuff, especially for somene so nice and decent as your country and people.
"Americanization" of the world must stop and De-Americanization of America itself, along with de-americanization of every other country that has become its victim, MUST begun. Otherwise we'll be facing grave tragedy triggered by the very country that claims to want to bring freedom and democracy to the whole world, America.
Just look at the revival of their neocons, in the body of, what they call Foreign olicu Initiative. Scary.
Sun, 14 Dec 2014 17:04 EST
Freedom fighter
Our apology. We ment Julian Assauge not Edward Snowden. They are both great young men who stood up for all of us, around the world currently and permanently endagered by Americanization of the world and all its nasty consequances.
Edward has been looked after Russia well, while Julian has been in Ecu. embassy in London for over two years. He is willing to go to Sweden. He trusts Sweden in every way but can not take a chance with Americans who can reach everywhere with their tentacles. They are NEVER to be trusted. Especially now with that revelation of their practice of nazi-style torture and crimes against humanity.
If you repeal your extradition agreement with torturing countries, Julian will come to Sweden with no reservation and face the Swedish justice what ever it is. But not American in-justice, as we all see it on our Tvs, internet and old fashion papers on daily basis. SCARY beyond human endurance.
Please do the right thing. The world will thank you.
Next step
Thu, 11 Dec 2014 17:20 EST
Free him..
In the light of dreadful but expected revelations, about the American torture, human rights abuse and war crimes, completely know and approved by GW Bush and his neocon crew like Channy, Rumsfeld et al, there is no other thing for you to do, but free Edward Snowden from his London prison.
Your agreement for mutual extradition with this dreadful country is null and void in the light of these fact that may result in a break down of civilized behaviour amongs the nations if something meaningful is not done about it.
You, as the most just and decent country in the world, can start the process by canceling the extradition agreement with USA on the grounds that anyone (Edward presently included) could be and would be tortured if they fall in these new era butchers' hands.
Considering other terrible things going on in America; Ferguson, NYC, etc etc, the rest of the civilized world can clearly see America has been breaking down at an eccelerated pace. It has reached a critical level that is endagering the whole world's security and we who still want to save this planet must act now. Your step to assure Edward, he would not be extradited to America from Sweden, could be the first one in the fight against this evil entity that has endagered us all. American people as such are not bad as a whole. But very high percentage of them have gone the way their political, military and economic leadership did with their violent way of life, both domestically and internationally. Their whole country has to be DE-AMERICANIZED somehow, as Nazi Germany was de-nazisized after WWII. Look at Germany today. It is a wonderful country with some problems that have been imported from America via the Americanization that has taken place over decades since that war. Other Euro countries have suffered similar fate, but this can be reversed by deliberately introducing measures and policies to DE-AMERICINIZE Europe before it becomes a carbon copy of America. No one in Europe wants or needs that. Can you imagine Stockholm, Oslo, Paris, Vienna etc turning into the image of NYC, LA, Chicago,Ferguson, etc.
Please take this moment of truth what america is about and act as you did in many cases independantly of the pressures from Washington. This evil empire is crumbling fast so the world must start the process of saving itself before it is too late.

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