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U still wait...
Sat, 9 Dec 2017 10:42 EST
Violence & crime in Sweden
We already commented re this and asked ylou to please do something to save your previously pristine country.What are you waiting for? Do you want to become like America and their decaying cities and country. You must stop influx of migrants, and clap down on those who do the crime, send them back wherever they came from. Those born there must be rehabilitated or imprisoned. If you do nothing, you will have been finished as many countries already are, It is simply not fair to you and your good people. The migrants do not appreciate or deserve what you are doing for them.
The world has changed. The problem countries have to be helped there not in your country. There are simply too many who want to come to the west, likely 2-3 billion from all over the world. What impact your generosity does in the big picture. NOTHING, but is destroying your country and costs you far more than if you spent that money on helping them in theoir own countries.
Please do it and show the world the better way to handle this crisis of OVERPOPULATION.
No GO areas
Wed, 30 Aug 2017 15:20 EDT
We see it in the news that you are having more and more problems with those you were so generous to, so called migrants and refugees.Without going into who these people are, they seem to have taken over an increasing number of neighborhoods, to the extent that your own population or security forces can enter without serious consequences.
This can not go on, without endangering your own population and the very country you have built over centuries. You simply have to do something to reverse this ominous trend or you may reach the critical point that can turn into the of no return. Your own population may take matters into their hands, for they have EVERY RIGHT TO DEFEND AND SAVE their own country, if you as their elected government do not act in time.
The tide/tsunami of mass movement of entire segments of populations from countries in crisis (this is what this is, mass movement of populations looking for "better" life that Europe can not give them, not only refugee escaping and opportunist taking advantages of situation) MUST be stopped and reversed by sending majority of them home or near home where they would be looked after by European union. This is THE only solution for your and every country in Europe. STOP the masses, send them back and do your utmost to help theme properly in camps near their home countries till crisis over.
Any OTHER solution that does not include stopping them and returning them, will fail and in the end undermine and even destroy the whole European continent.
It is the RIGHT thing to do. NO ONE in the world has the right to ask/demand this from Europeans or any other western country, for this will certainly lead to ultimate demise of your country and continent. There are simply too many, in billions of those who think they can have the better life in Europe/west and they are on the move.
If European union does not realize this to be the fact and the biggest danger since two wars you fought, it'll be at your feet the catastrophe you will experience in the end.
Before that happens, it is for sure that local population all over Europe, in every land affected, will rise up and defend their homes. Then all bets will be off and the newcomers will experience the anger and desperation of the local defending their homes they built over generations for thousands of years. They will not allow some strangers coming in by hundreds of millions (that is what will happen in the end, millions marching from Asia, Africa and beyond) taking over their ancestral lands.
So get some balls and act, before it is too late, It is the right thing to do, for both sides.
Tomorrow can be too late. Do it NOW!!!!
The insanity
Thu, 28 Jan 2016 10:22 EST
must be stopped.
Now that a true tragedy struck your country, you simply must stop your generosity towards migrants/refugees (with who knows how many opportunists, criminals, terrorists etc. etc. along them), if you are to save your wonderful country for those who built it and are entitled to that good life, till the end of time.
The whole business of letting them reach European continent was a HUGE MISTAKE.
In the name of humanity, good will etc they were allowed to cross Mediterranean sea and Bosporus, even though they were coming as smuggled humans by criminals making huge profits on their misery. Now we know majority were and still are,single men of fighting age, that boy who killed that wonderful young Swed, likely one of them.
Of course many citizens warned you abut this danger and insanity of such policy of generosity. Not that it is wrong, but it is abused by those you are helping, thus you see what has happened and that may only be the beginning. You still have huge numbers that are out there like a bomb with fuse already lit.
We hear you'll deport unapproved ones. OK this is a good start, but the FLOW OF THEM MUST BE STOPPED, TODAY if not yesterday.
Someone suggested THE RING OF STEEL around Europe. That would work if it is done seriously. Once you stop them from coming to continent, those in transit can be looked after properly.The key is to STOP them at continent's borders.
Once this is done, help must be extended to all in camps on African continent, where they must remain till the crisis is over. Even if it takes decades, but they must not reach Europe at any cost of effort.
Also the UN refugee declaration must be changed, so the refugees have no right to travel over many safe countries to seek refuge. They must be stopped in first and nearest safe country to be looked after.
The days of refugees moving wherever they want, for "better" life is over. Europe can not take in any more, PERIOD. But must help them "over there" to the maximum of their ability.
Also, what is going on with resolving the crisis in middle east? America is the biggest culprit for it, does not do anything serious to solve it. Now that Russia is saving a country targeted by America for destruction, Europe must help them by uniting in fight against ISIS. Only that way the crisis is going to end and refugee will be able to go back. Most would rather live in their own countries, with climate they like, instead of in some northern climate foreign to them.
So let's move on this and stop the American march towards world hegemony, for that can only lead to catastrophe for all, including the very homeland of America.
Frankly, the American leadership and elite ave gone insane, completely. Let's cure them by working together with those who want the peace worldwide. They certainly don't.
Bravo to
Sun, 10 Jan 2016 16:51 EST
We see you started ID checks for anyone coming in from Denmark, over that fantastic bridge two countries built. Another right thing to do, but we see many interviewed are upset about this.Let them. Soon they will realize how important this is in the goal of Europe and the western world in general, to stop the mass population movement that has started in earnest with the American orchestrated crisis in middle east and beyond.
If this massive population movement (not migrant, some refugees, but mainly opportunists moving for "better life" that does not exist any longer, anywhere in western world)is not stopped now, you will be facing the devastation of Europe, that would put WWII in the child's play category. Europe will be overrun, infiltrated and frankly infested with kind of population that will spell end of Europe, for ever. You will never recover and those who would overrun you would prevail and possibly eliminate your native population to take over for their kind that they have in almost unlimited numbers, billions.
This is no joke for it is a real possibility and you have seen it last year. Mrs. Merkel made a monumental mistake by encouraging both refugees and opportunists to literally invade and conquer Europe without any weapon but cell phones and babies as cover up.
This must be stopped and you are doing your share. Yes you are a generous country but your generosity is being abused and take advantage of by too many. It is likely only 10-20% are the true refugees any country should have accepted. The rest are opportunists. You saw them on your TV screens. They are single men of 18-40 years of age we all saw pushing their way over borders, into trains, buses, automobiles etc. Now they are spread across Europe and we have witnessed their early actions in Germany this New Years eve. This may be only the beginning and all countries must do their utmost to apprehend these dangerous opportunists, maybe even terrorists and evict them from Euro continent ASAP. Others must be stopped at Bosporus and Mediterranean sea.
This is doable with Euro military and other agencies. At the same time the migrants/refuges must be helped in camps close to their own countries in crisis. Of course the cause, the crisis must be resolved and the best way is to unite all the forces with Russia that seems to be the only true fighter of ISIS. America is not and if they do not want to join, Europe must join with those who do the heavy lifting already and ISIS will be defeated in no time.
Another good outcome may be that you,Europe may find this a way to eliminate America from your Continent and assert your sovereignty once more.
You must become truly united Europe from Atlantic to mount Ural, for this is what constitutes Europe.
For that to happen Europe must break the chains of Americanization of Europe and become independent finally.
Please do this before it is too late. Sweden as the most fair and cultured country can lead the way.
The right thing
Mon, 4 Jan 2016 10:39 EST
to do!!!
We see your wonderful country has started border control in order to stem the tide of migrants and other opportunists for "better life" in Europe. It is the right thing to do, and you should feel no shame or regret of any kind.
Other countries like Hungary (first to come to realization the tide must be stopped), Croatia, Slovenia and others have done this by erecting fences and other controls that did slow down and eventually will stop this insanity, driven by American caused catastrophes in the middle east, this time.
Someone said this is against human rights declaration, that states everyone has the right to ask for asylum. Maybe so, but that means the declaration is no longer valid in such conditions we have today.
Millions upon millions are on the move. No longer as refugees but whole populations. They have no right to ask for asylum in these numbers. Thus the declaration must be updated. One can ask for asylum in the nearest country to their own that is not in crisis. Period. You can not ask for asylum from China in Europe, since there are numerous countries between, that are not in crisis. This is what the declaration must be changed into. Even so, when you have millions on the move it should be null and void. You must do something about your situation at home but can not move on to other countries in millions and destroy them too.
Yes, they have to be helped with everything they need in camps close to their homes, but they can not be allowed to move towards other stable countries and undermine their stability.
This is exactly what happened in 2011-15 to Europe and this is why it must be stopped. You still modest contribution is welcomed in the whole picture of Euro security.
The days of Europe, N. America or any other "immigrant" destination are over, for ever. The world must resolve the crisis and the first thing to do is; STOP AMERICAN MARCH TOWARDS WORLD HEGEMONY.
Russia has done her share, and now Europe must evict America from their continent, by asking them to stop meddling into their affairs by imposing their will and turning you into their puppet/vassal sates.
This is so vital as to be the deciding factor in saving the only planet we have. Otherwise they, the Americans and other English speaking countries, will lead us to the abyss of WWIII which will end the life on Mother Earth for humans.
Worse, even other forms of life will be ended, save the cockroaches and rats, we are told.
So, please start the initiative of making this a reality, for you are the only country that has no nasty baggage to carry when it comes to dealing with the rest of the world.
You owe it to all of us who are hoping to stop the madness of American insanity.
This is what is
Tue, 11 Aug 2015 09:40 EDT
..to Europe to eventually take it for themselves as their own. This statement may not be politically correct etc. but it is truth in the long run. Europe does not deserve to be sacrificed on the altar of American orchestrated catastrophes around the World.
Plus those who are seeking "better life" in Europe, forget about it. Europe needs no immigrants for their economic activity (that is over for ever) thus you must stay where you lived since birth. Ask for help but do not move for you'll be stopped or you'll live in worse poverty than at home.
Remember it is better to be poor in own country among your own, than in foreign country among staggers that do not like you.
Also stop giving out the "standard" lies for making your case. They heard it all before.
Europe people, wake up and do something about the biggest crisis since WWII or you will not survive as Continent or individual countries. This is already WWIII on you, by the masses of the overpopulated countries.
Wed, 19 Feb 2014 06:08 EST
live and work
Hallo .

I am indian. I have permanent residence in Greece. And my my wife too. I have 2 child
Under 18 year residence. Can I move to sweden. Please reply me
jad alhalabi
Thu, 24 Oct 2013 07:32 EDT
in Austria
Hauptstr 28
A-5202 Neumarkt am Wallersee

Dear Sir

Fristsetzungsantrag in der Sache Jad ALHALABI, Zl. E6 423.307-1/2011
Good day to you. this my case and evidence .
My name is Jad Alhalabi, I am currently seeking asylum in Austria, but the Austria government is following the human rights and justice and they are correct but I can prove it through my documents that they are not.
And I am not safe here in Austria ?
I got troubles in here by a Tunisian man that he even told me that he will kill me and attacked on me with a knife in his hand. I complained for Austrian police in St.Johann im pongau, but they have denied it and told me that when I see blood in my body then I can come to police even though I had medical report from the hospital then the police accept my complain and give me a copy of my complain letter but told me if I show it to anybody then the police makes problems for me and the name of that police man is Roman RAINER .I am not safe here in Austria.
In 06.09.12 I had a roommate. He is from Chechens country and his name is Hassan we were living in one room and without any reason he argued with me and tried to beat me. But that time it didn’t happen and after one day he tried to beat another person in the pension and I complained to the chaifeen of this pension and the chaifeen told him to change the room then in 11,09,2012 I came to my room and saw him in my room and told him to leave my room but he didn’t listen to me and started beating me after that I called the police, police came just took our names and told me that always you make these problems and they were tow police men then at the same night when the police left this person ( Hassan) started fighting with all the people in the pension and said that I will beat all the people in this pension and went out of pension, then in the next day he came with another person, that person was also from Chechens and his name is Adam and both of them said that they will come with other Chechens people to beat or kill all of us then at the same date at night they came with four vehicles and they were around 20 people with the knifes in their hands to beat or kill us, at the same time we tried to defense and called the police, when the police came they escaped and police couldn’t arrest them, and in the morning we went to police station and complained about them because they can come any time to fight us.
We are not safe in here and when ever I face with any problem and I go to police they always tell me that I am making problems the ID number of the police man is 4711.
but if I make problem then why should I go to police and ask for help.

I want to make formal complaint against Ms Steiner from the Bundesasylamt in Innsbruck (Austrian Government ) with Office of the Treaty of Dublin or UN in USA ?

And how can I get protection from the United Nations and the private papers to get them and I will be refugee under the UN?

Please check the attachments for my case and evidence.
Thank you very much and sorry for taking your time
And for you all respect and thanks

Jad alhalabi
E-mail: jad.alhalabi@hotmail.com or jad.alhalabi@yahoo.com

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