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Dr Muyango Emile Karama(Inc.)
Mon, 5 Nov 2018 06:21 EST
Reference:Some in the leadership are having their ranks lowered:Mr Major Paul Kagame and Mr Captain Joseph Nzabamwita.Conspiracy continues with Racketeering by Mr Captain Joseph Nzabamwita.

The Consul,South African Embassy in Rwanda.
Government of Rwanda/Commandant of the Gendarmerie de Kacyiru and Head of Republican Guards/Office of the state Attorney in Rwanda,Office of the state Attorney in South Africa,Nearest police station in South Africa.

To the Consul,To all;
The above refers.
I am refering you Ms Mayungani with her son and the Family of Ms Bakambala to Pretoria prison for a last contact /consultation with the elder brother to Rukunyu Emile Nzabamwita who are responsible as they agree of the presence of the son of Ms Mayungani:Losenzo.
They must not involve me in their matters with the presence to my name always of Losenzo.
Urgency requires that they consult Dr Joseph Nzabamwita for their issues but not me or my family.My name is known as Emile but I am not a Nzabamwita.Losenzo must consult also a psychiatrist for treatment with his mother.
Dr Joseph Nzabamwita is advised also to contact the UNHCR South Africa/UNHCR Zimbabwe for an error to be eluded and cleared.I am not reponsible for such an error and I nver invited Ms Mayungani/Losenzo or the family of Mr Bakambala.the error can`t be permanent with the Zimbabwe UNHCR,this must be corrected as soon as Joseph nzabamwita is informed as a claimant of Losenzo.I am not related to the Nzabamwita also.

I hope that Ms Mayungani/Losenzo or the Bakambala must contact Joseph nzbamwita who is imprisoned in Pretoria prison as soon as this messgae arrives to all of them.

Kind regards,

Dr Muyango Emile Karama(Inc.)


My family/extended fanily in Rwanda

Mr (Dr) Joseph Nzabamwita/Family

Government of Rwanda

Rwandan Patriotic front(RPF)

UNHCR Zimbabwe/UNHCR South Africa

Commune Masango,MININTER
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Wed, 10 Oct 2018 07:44 EDT
REF:Sex scam to commission about Mr Colonel James Kabarebe in Rwand with the first lady:Jeanette Kagame(they got even a child!).
Rwandan Government,South African consul in Rwanda.

Dear to all;
The above refers.
As a cadre of the RPF,I am denying the presence of Mr James Kabarebe within the duties ,in the Government of Rwanda in general due to his many repeated sex scams.
The most notorious reported had been between him and the wife to Mr "President Paul Kagame(Colonel).
Anyone must investigate the matter and charge Mr Colonel James Kabarebe.I do doubt about his citizenship also.
Act accordingly please.May be the gendarmerie de kacyiru might do something soon!

Kind regards,

Dr Muyango Emile Karama(Inc).
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Sun, 30 Sep 2018 07:29 EDT
REFERENCE:The Rwandan Patriotic front (executive committee) must forward the review report about the findings concernng Ms Mayungani/Losenzo in connection with Mr Rukunyu Emile Nzabamwita in Kigali Rwanda to those concerned.
The Consul,South African Embassy in Kigali,Rwanda/Rwandan Patriotic Front(Committee)

Dear Honourable Consul/Committee;
The above refers.
I would like you to send copies appropriately to those who participated in your scam after your meeting in the RPF some years ago.I am aware that ,this had been reviewed or even amended.It had been found that there had been a conspirancy by your committee at that time ,before graduating in Medicine(at medical School in Rwanda) where I never obtained my Degree but instead I received the Degree certificate from Lubumbashi University.I am no longer in interest with the Degree with the national University of Rwanda due to your cheap racketeering.
The Consul of the RSA Embassy must read this message only for this information to be made known.

In conclusion,I would like for a copy of the report most recently complied or the amendment done to be sent to the UNHCR Zimbabwe,UNHCR South Africa then Lawyers for Human Rights/Office of the state Attorney in South Africa and the Office of the state Attorney in Rwanda and DR Congo/SDA Church in Rwanda/General Conference of the SDA Church in USA/Central and East African Division also for their information .This must be monitored to avoid to temper the order in general any where the information about Ms Mayungani &Mr Rukunyu Emile Nzabamwita might be altered by General de Brigade Bakambala.
Ms Mayungani&Losenzo had been a burden for the SASSA(Social Development in South Africa) due to their use of forged identity documents(South African) while they are from DR Congo(Bas-Congo Province).
I finally asked this fund to be inhibited until further investigations are well done on how she came to the RSA or for what reasons she mentioned my names instead of her former lover Mr Rukunyu Emile Nzabamwita,the son to Pastor Assiel Nzabamwita and Young brother to Colonel Joseph Nzabamwita(degraded rank due to misbehaviour).
Ms Mayungani had been a source of confusion in South Africa especially.

I hope and I would like that report to be sent in good hands to all those involved or concerned by the matter including my father(Emeritus Pastor M Eliezer Munyakarama) in Rwanda.

Kind regards,

Dr Muyango Emile Karama(Inc).

CC: Commandant-Gendarmerie de Kacyiru and Chief Commandant of the Republican Guards:General Dukomeze Gasore.
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Sun, 26 Aug 2018 07:32 EDT
REF:Defamation of character done by Ms Mayungani&his son Losenzo/Brigadier General Bakambala.
The Consul,South African Embassy in Rwanda

Dear Honourable Consul,
The above refers.
I am recalling you about the names of the above people who are defamating me and they trying to do raketeering from time to time.I am denying them access and I am unrelated to them.They must rather contact the family of the Assiel Nzabamwita in Rwanda.In case,this message is sent while someone else is imitating such voice prompts,even though I need them to go out of SASSA as soon as they are controlled by you or anyone police station nearest for morphotype fingerprints.Then can be consulted by a psychiatrist due to persistent thoughts and ideas.
I regret for the inconvenience it might have caused my family but ,I might sort them out at any time.

PS:I am not owing any amount(lobola or bride money) to Ms Mayungani or Brigadier General Bakambala(DR Congo) since I have never got such relationship with Congolese(Zairean).

With kind regards,

Dr Muyango Emile Karama,Inc.

CC:General Dukomeze Gasore
Pastor M Eliezer Munyakarama&Family
Office of the state Attorney in Rwanda&RSA/DR Congo
Civil Court in South Africa&Rwanda&DR Congo
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Fri, 24 Aug 2018 07:27 EDT
REF:Defamation of character by Tembe,Kanayandekwe,Mado ,children to Mr Nyakarundi(from Rwanda).
The Consul,RSA embassy in Rwanda

Dear Honourable Consul;
The above refers.
I am complaining about children from the Family of Mr Nyakarundi who are racketeering my family with many times defamations as to be owing the family of Adv. Karemangingo.For true,We are related to the Karemangingo and I am confirming that my family in general does not owe anyone whom we met in Lubumbashi.
The family of Nyakarundi has a poor background and you need to understand their problem.I even confirm that they are owing much money to the family of Adv. Karemangingo.I would like them to pay back the money they got from our relate who is Adv. Karemangingo
They must stop to interfere in my family matters again.
I am not allowing the use of my details also by anyone.
PS:The real relates to the "Jean Kambanda" are the Nyakarundi.The Jean Kambanda family did participate into crimes against humanity,wae crimes and genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, in Rwanda.
You must ignore such people like Nyakarundi and Jean Kambanda.A warrant is required against them.

Kind regards,

Dr Muyango Emile Karama,Inc.

CC:-Gendarmerie de Kacyiru:Commandant and Chief -Commander of Republican Guards.

-Office of the state Attorney in Rwanda
-SDA church in Rwanda
-Pastor M E Munyakarama
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Mon, 20 Aug 2018 07:15 EDT
REF:Case to monitor:Ms Horst Nzabamwita with Mr Kayitare Rwibasira,and many more others due to fraud and forgeries.
The Consul,South African Embassy in Kigali

Dear Honourable Consul;
The above refers.
I would like a control(also with Home Affairs-immigration) to be done about those who entered legally South Africa and then decide upon to forge South African identity documents,while like Ms Nzabamwita is on a study permit in Creative Arts college,Durban,KwaZulu Natal.
Most do pretend to be mentally ill(psychiatric cases) for purposes of fraud done of SASSA grants(disability grants) equivalent to R1600,00 only.
Further investigations are required against those contravening in doing fraud and forgeries.
A warrant is also required against them.

PS:There had been a false allegation/case against me stating that I am also possessing such fake document,but in truth I am not aware about such a matter and it`s about racketeering with a defamationn of my character.

I am a refugee,Rwandan of origin legally residing in South Africa.
Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

Kind regards,

Dr Muyango Emile Karama,Inc.

CC:Office of the state Attorney in Kigali,Gendarmerie de Kacyiru.
Government of Rwanda
SDA church in Rwanda
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Tue, 7 Aug 2018 07:24 EDT
REF:Credentials of my father Emeritus Pastor M Eliezer Munyakarama to be referred in Rwanda,Kigali as well where he might need to place them personally.
Companies tribunal in Kigali, Rwanda,Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Rwanda,Gendarmerie de Kacyiru

Dear Honourable Court;
The above refers.
I would like to ask the SDA church in Rwanda for what reasons such credentials of my father may not be existant in Kigali,Rwanda and if there is any inconvenience you may let me know now.But ,according to my knowledge,you must contact the person in question who did omit such my father`s name or then be reflected in Kenya(Nairobi).
I am allowed to impose the SDA church to remit the name in order to avoid any trouble as soon as they can be well informed.
The name must be based first at the origin then movements may be accepted in a good mood.

PS:Many of your Pastors are beleived to have faked my father`s Degree certificate and it might be one of reasons for such a conflict, with Mr Hesron R Byilingiro possessing a fake Degree from the University of Guelph in Canada.An investigation(shortly) is required.Those found with a fake Degree in Theology from Bugema Adventist University(Previously College) must be also summoned.
Many more might be told to you by the owner of the credential(Munyakarama).Mr H R byilingiro is a racist and further notifications about him to have participated into crime of Genocide must be mentioned.

Anyone in charge of the IT system must correct what is supposed or rewrite it in a year book (for each and every year).No corruption is required.
Do mention those also deceased on the website(SDA church) or in the year book.

Kind regards,

Dr Muyango Emile Karama,Inc.

CC:SDA Church in Rwanda-Rwanda Union Mission/Gitwe Mission
Central and East African Division of the SDA church,Nairobi in Kenya.
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Tue, 7 Aug 2018 07:05 EDT
REF:Matters concerning false allegations from Ms Mayungani/Mr Losenzo and Mr Rukunyu Nzabamwita in Connection with the Rwandan patriotic Front(RPF) opposed by Dr Muyango Emile Karama,Inc.
Companies tribunal in Kigali,Rwanda and Companies tribunal in Pretoria, South Africa,The Consul of the RSA Embassy in Rwanda,Gendarmerie de Kacyiru

Dear Honourable Courts;
The above refers.
The RPF(Committee) once again must be summoned and clarify in a court of Law for companies,and explain or motivate what I do consider simply racketeering by the leadership in Rwanda in connection with Mr Joseph Nzabamwita( with his accomplices or Rukunyu nzabamwita,Losenzo with Ms Mayungani).Ms Mayungani is surely in Rwanda for some reasons,but I do expect about the presence of Mr Losenzo as well being in Kigali in detention.

Paternity tests with DNA tests must be perfomed or were performed,and I reassure you all that nothing corresponding to my name/family in retsraint as I know and according to the history I never lived in Kinshasa where Losenzo was born.
the committee in question concluded the matter on their own without the presence of my family.Their conclusion was found subtribal based:Abega.
I had been subject of many erasures from my work place due to such a racketeerings but as I would warn you all,the presence of Losenzo/Mayungani will cause a violent crime against them.
They must refrain to disturb with the Nzabamwita.
I sent a message electronically by whatsapp to my family.

Dr Muyango Emile Karama,Inc.
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Mon, 6 Aug 2018 07:44 EDT
REF:Interference by an Military officer of the name of Jeannot in my vehicle finance matters ,while unrelated to him
The Consul,Embassy of South Africa in Kigali

Dear Honorable Consul;

The above refers.
I am denying any interference by a certain officer -military known by some of my relates.He is not anymore familiar to me and I do not need his presence in my refund.I am not owing him or a young man of the name of Juma Rama from Burundi.
This matter must be sent to the Commandant of the kacyiru Gendarmerie and Head of Republican Guards(General Dukomeze gasore) who is my uncle.He may investigate and find someone else also to access any information from such a scam guy like Jeannot.A warrant is required against them.
I have referred the matter to the companies tribunal in Pretoria and this may be sent to the companies tribunal in Kigali also to refrain stupid officers like Jeannot to do money laundering and there is a contravention of Vienna in the RSA/Rwanda to mention.
I hope to hear from you all.

Dr Muyango Emile Karama,Inc.

CC:Gendarmerie de Kacyiru and Head Republican Guards.
Dr Muyango Emile Karama,Inc.
Mon, 30 Jul 2018 07:42 EDT
REF:Request for my CID about my confirmation of nationality to be sent to the Labour centre in Pretoria,UIF:Department of Labour.
The Consul,Embassy of South Africa in Rwanda,Kigali.

Dear Honourable Consul,to all;

The above refers.

I have just confirmed that I am Rwandan of origin and a CID for reconfirmation must be sent through your offices in Rwanda and the Gendarmerie de Kacyiru with morphotype fingerprints attached (if possible) or DNA tests(paternity tests) with my parents residing in Rwanda.
This will facilitate my application and as soon as you send such an information;my application will pass through.


Dr Muyango Emile Karama,Inc.

CC:1.MININTER,Republic of Rwanda
2.Commandant Gendarmerie de Kacyiru and Head of Republican Guards:general Dukomeze Gasore.
3.UIF,Labour centre in Pretoria.

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