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AmbassadorM. Gilles GAUTHIER
AddressOff Khartoum street, corner streets 2/21
PostalPO Box 1286
Phonelocal: (01) 268.882
international: +967.1.268.882
Faxlocal: (01) 269.060
international: +967.1.269.060
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Tue, 27 Dec 2011 02:08 EST
Faisal Al-Gohaly
Thu, 15 Sep 2011 05:43 EDT
I have to attend a confernce in Parias in 6-7 oct 2011
I was being invited by the world bank and the OECD to attend a confernce in the Instituationalization of National Health Account on Oct. 6-7 2011. Please advice me how to get the visa. Best regards.
Faisal Al-Gohaly
Director General of the Office of minister of health
Sana'a Republic of Yemen
Munasar Bahafedh
Fri, 12 Aug 2011 04:51 EDT
To Get Visa for Visit
Cher monsieur

Je voudrais visiter la france pendant mon prochain conger prevu debut mois octobre 2011
Je suis de nationnalite yemenite habitant governorat de shabwah Roudhom et travaillant actuellement avec compagnie espagnole (CEMESA) dans le Terminal gazier (YLNG) de Balhaf.
Jobless youth
Mon, 25 Jul 2011 07:52 EDT
Date: July 25th
Sub: Yemeni Regime

Dear The Ambassador of the French Republic, the country which we all love.
Your excellency. kindly Please grant me 20 minutes from your valuable time to read my complaint letter.

I am one of the Yemeni youths who loves his country and always dreaming to see Yemen free, developed, successful. Dreaming of Yemen free of corruption and free of corrupted officials as well . believing that the France Republic is now playing a major role in the Yemeni issue. I hereby would like to remind your excellency , in brief, with some important points to keep in mind when attending the discussion between the Yemeni political parties.
As everybody knows that, through 33 years Saleh ruled Yemen in a very unprofessional way. He dedicated the power in his suns and nephews only. He did not build Yemen but built his own family . During his rule , he encouraged corruption , illiteracy , oppression , suppression, illnesses and inflation.
He also used the constitution as an umbrella to protect him and his interests. Therefore, sometimes adds and deletes as per his convenience.. more than that , He never stopped wasting the national wealth like oil, liquidized gas , fish and strategic port. For your information, Yemen is a rich country but Saleh deliberately made it poor to stay in power . All these resulted in more and more poverty which deprived the Yemeni people from any single human rights.
Surely you know how he burnt the youth and handicapped old people in Taiz city in May 29th 2011. All these and the United States and European Union still silent !. I don’t know why they are very aware when it in Syria or Libya and very deaf and blind when it is in Yemen.
One thing I would like you to know by heart is that , Saleh regime is not fighting Al Qaeda. on the contrary, he is cultivating , watering and sponsoring it in order to keep sucking money. This was several times clearly proven and the United States and European Union met this fact with negligence.

Saleh's official media is trying to mislead the world saying that Saleh has the majority of the Yemeni people. this is not true. Saleh doesn't have the majority. Saleh has the minority of the Yemeni people. He is using all national elements (economic ,military and financial) to gather 30000 to 50000 people every Friday for 30 minutes in the Sabeen squire. With due respect ( naïve people, illiterate men and women, mercenaries , solders , beggars, corrupted officials , and those with illegal big interests . While there were and still millions of people for seven months in 18 governorates drawing the New Yemen.
Through 21 years ago , we tried hard to change through the democratic process but in vain. Salehs' regime is there to play with the elections and cook the results. Yes cook the results. Saleh is still drawling with democracy and constitutional legitimacy !!! I am asking him this question? What constitutional legitimacy he is speaking about? Is it democratic to stay in power 33 years ? Is it democratic to play with constitution as per his wish ? Is it democratic to suppress the peaceful protestants ?is it democratic to confiscate liberties and rights? is there any democratic country in this world with 33 years or open presidential period ? will the American people agree Mr. Obama to stay in power 10 years?

In spite of all these, we were patient enough till things became worst . worse than Tunisia ,Egypt, Libya and Syria. Worse than any oppressed country in this world. But enough is enough. We revolted and drew a very beautiful picture telling the world that we are conducting a white and peaceful revolution in Feb 2011. But Saleh regime was there to use all means and all kinds of weapons to suppress us . (regret, most of the weapons are American given to use against terrorism.)

Finally, after six months of peaceful sit-ins we came up with a conclusion that whenever Saleh is about to fall, unfortunately American and Saudi Arabia support him. I am asking why. Aren’t we people and have rights? Do we have a right to change? How many victims does Mr. Obama need to speak. 556 victims aren’t enough? Do not we have the right to change like any oppressed people in this world.
Kindly please have a close look and support the Yemeni people the everlasting side not a single person or a family. Kindly take an action to help Yemen to see the light of freedom and civilian life. Kindly take an action to save children, peaceful youths, old people and Yemen future .

Thank you and best regards,
Sincerely yours

Jobless youth
Fri, 24 Jun 2011 10:56 EDT
hallo , am ibrahim ihab i hear there is cores of france language for free so i want to know how can i regest in this cores befour that i want to know the cores is real

E-mail :

Mobile no :00967 735491676
ibrahim ihab
Wed, 22 Jun 2011 14:37 EDT
hallo , am ibrahim ihab i hear there is cores of france language for free so i want to know how can i regest in this cores befour that i want to know the cores is real
Yemeni Youth
Mon, 6 Jun 2011 14:58 EDT
Urgent appeal
Dear Ambassador of the French Republic: The country we all love .
Your Excellency , please grant me five minutes of your valuable time.
As you know, our peaceful revolution now is in its four months with a lot of sacrifices. Hundreds of youth scarified their souls for Yemen's freedom , dignity and civilian modern state ,free of terrorism corruption and poverty….etc Millions of Yemeni people (youth ,men ,woman, and children ) all said NO to Saleh's regime.
Now, He is in Saudi Arabia for medical treatment . kindly have all your pressure on him not to return to Yemen. Your Excellency may have noticed that soonest his departure, everything became normal and better than before . for example : electricity, water, war has stopped and people are calm and smiling again .
For your information , He was collectively punishing us by electricity , water , petrol , diesel and cooking gas. Also , I am sure that your Excellency is aware of Saleh's crimes against humanity. ( please revert to
Kindly, look at the photo albums and videos.
Don't forget to look at this video as an example:
12 years Yemeni child fired by Yemeni Dictator Private Forces!

As your Excellency know , Saleh has lost all his important buttresses to rule Yemen again He lost 80% of the army , tribes , economy and security even in his presidential palace.
We are appealing your Excellency again to do your best to pressure on him not come back to the country. His return means violence ,corruption , civil war and unfair collective punishments.
Finally , please help us to fulfill our dreams to build the new Yemen . The Yemen that will be free from corruption , terrorism , poverty and family rule
Thank you your patience and best regards.

Sincerely yours,
Yemeni Youth
Yemeni Anger
Tue, 17 May 2011 20:27 EDT
Peaceful Youth Yemeni Revolution & Yemeni Dictator Crimes Against Humanity
Dear Ambassador of French Republic; the country we all LOVE,

Kindly, give your attention to the crimes against humanity of the Yemeni Dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Please, give me 5 minutes of your valuable time to visit my page about these crimes in Yemen on the Facebook at this address:

Kindly, look at the photo albums and videos.

Don't forget to look at this video as an example:

12 years Yemeni child fired by Yemeni Dictator Private Forces!

Thank you very much,
Sincerely yours,
Yemeni Youth
Gamal A. S
Sat, 14 May 2011 09:30 EDT
Umbrella of corruption
Dear the EMbassador ,
Your Excellency

I am one of the Yemeni people who cares greatly about the current situation in the YEMEN... In this respect and after having been informed that you are personally trying to intermediate between the parties involve on this issue together with the European Ambassadors in order to find a workable plan to solve the current problems, I would like to inform your Excellency that Saleh followers are trying to mislead the European commissioners. For example, What Dr. Abdulaziz ALMEKHLAFI mentioned is wrong . he talked about violence and there is no violence at all. As you may have noticed , we are conducting a peaceful revolution against corruption. The youth are protesting with white flowers in their hands. With due respect to Dr ALMEKHLAFI , I know him well . he is under the umbrella of corruption in Yemen along with his illegal business. Such people don’t care about the noble benefit of Yemen but they are seeking their won small benefits. Also , please note the Dr ALMEKHLAFI became a family member of Saleh ( after the Marriage of his daughter to Mr. Tawfeek Saleh nephew of the president)
These are his supporters
Thank you
Gamal A. S
Sat, 14 May 2011 08:50 EDT
Call for Immediate Action to Rescue Peaceful Protesters in Yemen - ACT NOW
The Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution of Change

The Coordination Council of the Youth Revolution of Change (CCYRC) calls upon the entire international community, United Nations, European Commission, Arab League, GCC countries, and world human rights and public freedom organizations to stop the irresponsible and barbaric massacres conducted by security and army troops of President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The CCYRC, a coordinating council consisting of the largest youth movements at all Change and Freedom Squares nationwide, is deeply and outrageously concerned about the safety and security of peaceful youth protesters, whose aspire for a better tomorrow in a new Yemen free of terrorism and dictatorship. We simply seek freedom, democracy, equity and a better life.

We urge all freedom and democracy advocates worldwide and also the free citizens of the world to stand by us – the peaceful and freedom-lovers, the youth of Yemen. We request all and each of you to strongly condemn the massacres and bloodshed by President Saleh’s troops.

Saleh, who is in power for 33 years, is looking for any excuse whatsoever to violently attack peaceful protesters, both at sit-in squares and during peaceful demonstrations. The aggressive attacks by central security forces and republic guard troops today on peaceful protesters in Sana’a, Hodeidah, Taiz, and Ibb cities are only examples of how destructive this regime is.

Saleh’s troops’ aggressive assaults on peaceful protesters today in Sana’a and their attempt to disperse the sit-ins at Sana’a and Taiz cities and earlier in Aden by forces brought us examples of bloodthirsty rulers who would kill as many as they can to remain in power. Live ammunitions and poisonous nerve gas are excessively fired at peaceful youth who carried roses instead. Protesters, calling for Saleh’s immediate departure, announced a peaceful march today to the Cabinet Building to stage a sit-in, but the silence of international community makes him launch a war against his own people.

UNICEF announced that more than 37 children were killed between February and April during the civil unrest. Hundreds of children are injured by gunfire and suffocated by chemical and tear gas. Is this acceptable by you, Human Rights guardians?! Hundreds of peaceful and life-lovers are killed and injured during the past three months. The world remains silent. How much blood the world wants to see in Yemen, before it steps in and takes responsible actions?

Aggression seen today in Sana’a and everyday in Yemen nationwide is a clear evidence that Saleh has an agenda to shed blood; create chaos; and drive our country into what he many times refers to as civil war. Your silence allows him to pursue his plans.

The CCYRC calls upon every single human being and institution to stand by the Yemeni youth, rather than supporting the ailing and already falling regime. Your silence grants dictator a green light to kill more people on daily basis.

Please act now and immediately.
Please save the Yemeni children and peaceful youth

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