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Tue, 13 Nov 2018 13:19 EST
I am Youssef from Moroccan nationality. I study in Ukraine here in Kharkov. There is a close friend of mine in France. I want to spend the New Year holiday. What documents are required to apply for Visa? And this is my email: This is the number of Wattasab:. +380 0958013528. Wait for reply and thank you very much
Adu Richmond
Sun, 7 Oct 2018 15:31 EDT
Please I school at Ukraine banking university in kharhiv and my uncle is France and he want to give me invitation .please what required documents will I need to go send massage at my email
Tue, 2 Sep 2014 17:16 EDT
It' s f letter to my friend "French traveller". Unfortunately, I've lost his e-adress.
>Hi, Bruno! I understand Your interest to our life now. It is naturally, and You aren’t alone. For example, my friends from Berlin and New York call me very often to ask: how we are doing?
It’s true: now we live different way than You saw. Our main interest is the everyday news. A lot of this news is not good. When Putin’s special “green humanoids” with armement invaded Crimean peninsula in March 2014, I fall in serious desease – almost mortal during 1 month. But I’m still living though lost my work.
Now we try to help our army and national guard by everything we can. We are very upset for every death of our soldiers - the best boys of our country… Also a lot of deaths and wounds of civil people – women, children, old men. Every day they lose hands, legs, lives…
The people and countries of almost whole world help us, Ukraine. I think that most of people and politicians understand the danger of Putin’s Russia. But a European country named FRANCE makes the very strong ships for helicopters “MISTRALES” for russian agressor. It’s business, we understand. But it is strange and sadly.
Of course, You can’t do anything. But ALL French people may do something together. We, people of the whole world believe in you, French people.
Marina & Oxana & all ukrainians & ALL HOMO SAPIENS.
Mon, 5 May 2014 20:24 EDT
inquiry about transit visa
I have a query: I am a Palestinian nationality. resident in Ukraine Visa student and I want to travel to Malaysia on a French airline will be transit Paris do I need a visa to cross or not .... Thank you very much

my email:
Costica Ganga
Thu, 6 Mar 2014 07:57 EST

PLEASE DON’T IGNORE. IT IS VERY SERIOUS, IMPORTANT AND URGENT. Please also, talk to your colleagues and spread as much as you can this material.



ELABORATE IMMEDIATELY LEGISLATION: “Death punishment to be applied to any adult which touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions”, as suggested before.


Dear brothers Ukrainians


Now, after you paid a huge unnecessary tribute, I hope you are wise enough to create a proper way to the Ukrainian People which is brave and deserve a life in Peace and Dignity. Now, clean the Country and show that Ukraine is not a any other Country’s Colony. Ukraine is a Country with old roots, civilization, education, friendliness. Please do not promote in any form of Leadership traitors of the Nation, the most the ones that asked for more Sanctions for Ukraine. These kinds of people are unaware that with any sanctions and embargoes, the ones that suffer are the Ordinary People. Who has any bad intention against his own Country and People, is not worthy even to live in that Country. Please stay united because only so you’ll be a braver and stronger Nation. Look around; everything is divided and destroyed. Extermination. God help you.

What I’m watching on TV regarding your turbulence make me very sad, to cry even. I thought people learn from other’s people mistakes, and from your own in the last 3 or 4 months, but in vain. You are witnesses of what happened in other ex-communist European Countries 25 years ago and where they are, in the Arabic Countries for more than one decade and these days in your Country and other Countries around targeted.

What you are looking for is destroying your Country, not Democracy. It is about losing any rights, dignity, abusing sexual children. Abusing Children sexually is the most notorious crime ever and will never go to progress. Please reestablish Peace and make your own Democracy with respect for human beings. What is trying is a policy of Extermination. Don’t let it happen. These monsters will be punished sooner rather that latter. I enclose some documents that I sent to you before, read them again, might they inspire you. I wish the PEACE and God will be in every Ukrainians people hearts. Thanks.

Dear Belgium and all Countries Governments

My name is Costica Ganga and live in Dublin, Ireland. I’m a Rumanian National, born in Romania on this Continent; Europe. I use to be proud of being European since I opened my eyes and understood who and where I was. But for a good while I am more than embarrassed, even disgusted of being (even now), European Citizen.

I watched last night Euronews where between others it was revealed the passing Legislation of Child Euthanasia by your Lawmakers (to use your expression). The subject was not totally unknown, I thought that it was just a hypothesis, but suddenly became a brutal reality. In my old, stupid, sclerosised brain, are born questions. Why now? Why now in 2014 after Jesus Christ? Why now when we know everything about everything? We know everything about genetics, about different methods of conceiving life, methods of contraceiving it, about family planning, about all kind of diseases, about technologies and medicines in order to produce and cure any kind of diseases and ways of preventing them. Why were not killed people along of thousands and thousands of years since it is known about life on this Planet?

I’m telling you why. Because for a while there is a category of people on this Planet which thinks that everything belongs to them. They get jobs, money, banks,….everything, and the vulnerable ones must disappear without traces according to them. This is just in their diabolic brains.

This European Union became a tool; the cancer of this Planet and I sustain my affirmation. The Leadership of this Union??? {(if exists; because I addressed a lot of correspondence and none; (as you will see), answers, none takes any responsibility)} gives tasks to different Countries (as the one in case, to you; of killing youngsters, the ones in Ireland, and so on) to promote these enormities, becoming Legislations and generalized. In the Country where I have been; Ireland, in November 2012 have taken place a Referendum regarding Children; as they could be taken from their families by Social Services and adopted to (who?) for a better life without ex-family’s accord. The Referendum passed in conditions of a kind; behind closed doors because the attendance to vote was very, very low (more information on line). Children???!!! Parents???!!! Jocks!

Also in Ireland there was a case of Ms Marie Fleming that died on 20/12/2013. This Lady suffered by multiple sclerosis but although in wheelchair she use to look well enough. For a number of years her partner, probable part of High Orchestra claimed that she wanted to die decently, in his arms, because there was such an intense love, but he never wanted to die as well (as a Romeo, devoted lover). In this way the case went in Court at all levels, but by lack of Legislation the Courts did not grant it. Minutes after her death one of the politicians (the Orchestra) promised to draft immediately Legislation for the right to die (I reacted; see letter to Oireachtas from 23/12/2013, enclosed, and see also on line). The partner even had the nerve to promote a book today on Valentine’s Day ‘An act of Love’. As could be seen the action takes place on multiple plans as I affirmed before.

In this Country, in Europe, in US, and allover the World, Children are abused sexually (prostitute – for money), but in a very brutal and visible way from the beginning of July 2013, at least when I found out {(the DIRTH took place always for sure, in Schools, and Churches (see Louise O’Keeffe case in ECHR on line and letter sent by me to ECHR from 31/01/2014, enclosed)}. I, as a mere mortal, disgusted by the fact that I was born, I tried and trying everything in order to convince the ones mentioned above to stop this baseness. But despite my efforts, noting changed.

What I want to say and the reason I’m writing this letter to your Institution, is to affirm that the Legislation passed by your Lawmakers is linked with this lowest of the low action; prostitution of Children. Following Children’s sexual abuse, diseases are unavoidable (not official, but I heard here from the dirtiest world about; black eye, some as; labia, I have no clue if are spelt correctly, and the gravity of them because couldn’t find information, they speak in a codified language), and it is just the beginning, if not stopped immediately, others and others disease will appear. The solution? The right to die. Child Euthanasia. Many children died and die daily, none cares, but they want to make it officially. Is not that correct? I use to be a son, I am a father and grand-father, and affirm from the last cell of my body that I wouldn’t allow whatsoever to someone from my family to die in these conditions.

If none has the courage to tell you the truth, I will. As I related before, children are taken from different environments as: irresponsible families, areas where Wars and other dirty movements (created) kill parents in order to make children available (4 years ago Syria had stability, everyone had a roof and a piece of bread on table, and where it is today?, only the last visible example), and natural disasters which also create children in need (as the last one in Philippines). All these children are taken in exploitation by a very sophisticated MAFIA, deployed to those guardians, mentioned by you in that Legislation, for sexual exploitation. When the children are not efficient any more, the guardians give their accord of being sacrificed, because there is not any feeling, except the stomachic one. Even if they are not very sick, they have not future, are useless for Society, none needs them. In a similar situation are vulnerable children manipulated in Schools and even pre-schools, children without protection, as the case of Ms O’Keeffe mentioned above, 40 years ago when I think the action has taken place covered, in secret, not at a such intensity and aggressivity as today, and the notion of common sense still existed at that time, I suppose. At the moment this cruelty is taken as a normal thing, and is acting in the most obvious way.

For this reason, you as the Capital of Europe and as successful in passing Legislations, have the obligation first, to pass the following Legislation: Death punishment to be applied to any adult which touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions. When you will pass this little text as Legislation, which is a MUST, the Legislation of Child Euthanasia will be unnecessary, as wasn’t necessary for thousands of years.

As you will see from the material enclosed I proposed this little text to many Important People and Institutions, even to your Government, but none has taken position. Please do it yourself, now, in order to be a truly good example for others Countries of the Planet and will remain in Children’s hearts and in History forever. Please don’t take it as a jock or an idiot’s idea. Thanks.

Yours faithfully
Costica Ganga


Hi, please direct this material to people in measure to sort out this case because I tried to contact them on their email address, but does not accept more than 2000 characters. This is a very important matter. Thanks.


Dear European Court of Human Rights

My name is Costica Ganga and live in Dublin, Ireland. On last Tuesday 28/01/2014 Irish Media exploded; regarding Mrs Louise O’Keeffe of Irish Nationality victory in her case of sexual abuse during her attendance of Primary School in 70’s period. I was a bit surprise but satisfied that there is still somewhere Justice in this Universe, reason for, I appreciate and thank to your Institution.

This case was in Media’s attention very evasive few years ago, but nothing about, since. In the same evening last Tuesday in the Prime Time Program of the central Irish TV Station has been debated the case as; it is the last one accepted and compensated, like what is happening now (sex abuse on an industrial scale and with children from new born to sex consent and over), is kind of legal matter, encouraged permanently by everyone from Media and the ones in contact with them by body language and by a codified language in non visual part of it.

This lady seems to be a very modest one and did not ask too much, but apologizes from the Leadership of the Country. On Tuesday they hesitated, motivating that they need to reflect about, but today 30/01/2014 finally they did it, but their body language as I said before indicate that this cruelty should go on. As could be seen, with the same language is acting in Europe and very aggressively across the Atlantic.

Dear European Institutions of Justice (because can’t find on line a responsible name), since I discovered what is happening with our Children just July the previous year, I feel more than uncomfortable and even since, I started to fight and will fight until I will die in order to be extirpated this cruelty. Why should be judged cases that happened 40 years ago and we accept the occurrence of the cruelty Today, on a huge dimension not in Primary or Secondary School, but to babes of even the age of weeks?

Because this very grave problem must be sorted out in a positive way and I, personal, have not any power, since I found out, I sent letters and emails to the most Powerful and Important People and Institutions on the Planet and to every single email address found on line, in order to inform and to implore to be stopped once and for ever this action of Extermination of Children (because they are first; without voice and defense, and obviously follows all vulnerable people that constitute liability, and seems that nobody is safe, even yourself), and I even came with the optimal and the only solution: Death punishment to be applied to any adult which touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions. This is a phrase proposed to everyone mentioned before and for more inspiration I enclose part of letters sent. Please mobilize all your Forces and other Institutions and all together let stop this cruelty, does not matter who initiated it. These individuals are unaware (not to call them sick) of the gravity of this crime, unaware that this action is totally inhuman and can’t succeed. By the way, it is mentioned very frequently the expression ‘to show transparency’, what is this about? What means transparency in this context? Is not somehow this Continent Europe and this Planet Earth conquered by some monsters and we can’t do anything just to be witnesses or forced to abuse sexually our own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, to be humiliated and destroyed and we just stay with our crossed hands? If is so, let us, let people know, this Planet is populated by almost 7 billions of people, we do not let intimidated by few monsters that want to destroy our young generation and in few years they will came here as; to an abandoned land and will meet only uneducated and disabled people. We will fight in order to be destroyed the monsters, not innocent and vulnerable people, people born and legititimated to live in peace and dignity on this Planet.

I believe in your Institution because you have demonstrated in the case above mentioned that you have Power and Good Intentions. If you will read all the material enclosed, will see that in the few answers received, they have not desire of involvement, despite the fact that we all must put our shoulders to stop this monstrosity. Going further and killing more and more innocent people will be a heavier burden and terrible punishments, because as I said this evil action has not any justification and is not going to succeed whatsoever. Please, please, help in the name of God and these Angels. Thanks.

Yours faithfully

Costica Ganga


European Parliament London
To Me
Jan 31 at 4:48 PM
Dear Ms Ganga

The European Court of Human Rights' is a separate organisation from the European Parliament. It's contact details can be found at the following link:

Best wishes

European Parliament
Directorate General for Communication
European Parliament Information Office in the UK

Michelle FLOOD
Phone: 0207 227 4339


Dear Geneva Conference

My name is Costica Ganga and live in Dublin, Ireland. I write this message first of all to wish you success in reestablishing Peace in Syria and stopping the other possible focars where from, could flows more and more blood as: the Ukraine, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Iran and others, because is not in anyone’s benefit; just loosing innocent lives and material goods in a time when the crises of energy is just an incipient stage.

The main reason of writing this message is to propose the measure of protecting Children by sexual abuse and killing them, by installing the capital punishment as: Death punishment to be applied to any adult which touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions. In this way will not be reasons for catastrophes as the one in Syria where died 100 000 and dislocated m
Eva sabrina reza
Mon, 22 Apr 2013 19:54 EDT
for tourist visa
i am the student of ukraine ....i am studing here for 2 years in crimea state medical university in uncle living in france with his family for about 15 years. in this summer i want to visit france. can france embassy get me tha opportunity to visit France.Can they will give me france visa....?
Sun, 14 Oct 2012 12:28 EDT
about visa or Nationality
Can I get French citizenship or residence in Franca if I had been born in Franca in 1990 and lived there for three years of my childhood with my family and I have identification papers that I created there from the hospital and from the city where he created
norman campbell
Wed, 22 Aug 2012 05:26 EDT
re: Norry Hughes
I am trying to contact Norry Hughes.
Do you have an email or telephone contact?
cassignol christian
Sun, 22 Jul 2012 10:21 EDT
regarding business visa or tourist
What is the cost and what documents you need to apply a business visa or tourist visa.?
Thank you for your reply
mohammed syrian
Mon, 23 Apr 2012 10:02 EDT
Im a Syrian visitor in Ukraine and because of the events in Syria, I can not refer to my country because I am required to power the Syrian for my political and sign me for the army compulsory that will compel me to kill children, women and elderly innocent and if I do not, including the dictates of the army officers loyal to our system which allows to kill any person who has thought of a political opposition to them and their party going to be killed by this tyrannical regime.
I surprised by the bad conditions! where I could not work in any field, even though I carry a certificate of Pharmacy and holds a Magister in pharmacy too. But in spite of my Decision to work with any kind of job help me to get the principl needs in my life,but the goverment don't allow the Visitors to work in it's country .
So this is my story. My stay in this country will end in the last of May from this year 25\05\2012,
I wish you help me by the best way you see it.
I hope that you help and consideration of the applications in earnest to get to resort with you because I do not have any other option for saving my life and the lives of innocent in syria help me pless. and thank you very much.

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