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Address18 (Old 24), 3rd floor YAFA Tower
Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam
Chennai 600 006
Phonelocal: (044) 2833.0888
international: +91.44.2833.0888
Faxlocal: (044) 4215.9393
international: +91.44.4215.9393
Listing updatedNovember 17, 2016

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Mon, 26 Sep 2016 21:42 EDT
Job offers from HOMEWOOD SUITES and GTE Groups are obvious scams!
If you are not interviewed in person, face to face, this job is always a scam! Read www.scam-job-emails.tk
Mon, 26 Sep 2016 06:59 EDT
“GE Groups Ltd,
2300 Meadowvale Blvd, 
Mississauga L5N 5P9 Ontario.
GE Groups Ltd is the principal Canadian subsidiary of the multinational engineering and electronics company General Electric’s, It is active in many fields, ranging from oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation and distribution to information and communications, and health care. The GE Groups Ltd has grown to be one of the largest and most successful transportation companies in the world we provide quality, pride and excellent service standards and provide you with a well-rounded selection of top quality carriers. Our name will represent quality to our customers and to ourselves.

Our breadth of expertise covers trading and hedging funds management, asset finance, financing, research and retail financial services. The diversity of our operations, combined with a strong capital position and robust risk management framework, has contributed to our year’s record of unbroken profitability. We have offices in many countries and locations across the World.

Our operations represent a diversified business with leading expertise in construction, infrastructure, transport, resources, commodities and energy with rich expertise in adjacent business areas.

After carefully reviewing your Resume/ CV we would like to consider you for a position that will best suit your qualification and experience, for an immediate appointment, which will be conditioned on your performance, for the continued growth of our company. We are currently recruiting candidates to join our Commodities and Financial Markets division. This is a varied role which involves supporting a team of various levels.


You are however expected to find the attached file in this email and give your brief, concise and intelligent answers to our preliminary application/ interview questions; this is an important criterion in our overall final selection. All answers are to be typewritten and re-attached and forwarded back to us. Please adhere strictly to instructions


Full time with the following essentials.

A) A private accommodation with a furnished sitting room and bedroom.

B) A Fixed land phone and an Internet ready computer.

C) Free Lunch Feeding

D) Free medical care

E) A day off every week and all fully paid six weeks’ vacation in a year.


You will be working from 8am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays. And weekends overtime (optional) from 9am to 3pm




1). You will undertake a training course, during this period you will receive your full salary it is to help orientate you on the moralities and modalities of service at our facilities. This is to enable us bring you up to speed with your work schedule and company bureaucracy.


2). The board and management of GE Groups Ltd has set up  a strategic visa acquisition process that guarantees all our foreign applicant's Visa/ Work permit approval for all expatriates 100% success. 

3). All our selected foreign applicants will be prioritized and given a diplomatic preference for the speedy issuance of their Visa/ Work permit. This is so because the management board has provided all the necessary documents to authenticate the verification of your Visa/ Work permit application Status.

If all conditions as stated here above is satisfactory to the intending employee, please kindly respond to us with an email with the following documents

1)  Indicate the post applied for or interested in

2)  Soft copy of your international passport and your credentials copies.

3)  Soft copy of recent passport photograph

4)  Your attached answers to the preliminary Application/ interview questions

So that we can proceed further and make the contract agreement letter through our immigration lawyer, if you make it to our final selection. Hence, you will be officially contacted directly by the head of our HR department acknowledging your acceptance of our offer.


Kindly return your filled form along with your certificates copies with your international passport data page to our Management Email below, (International passport data page copy required from all foreigners applying from outside). All the qualified Applicants shall be contacted directly from the company with an offer letter with immediate effect.
Yours Sincerely, 
Frank Leonardis,
Senior Human Resources Coordinator,
GE Groups Ltd.
Tel: +16472438280
Fax: +1301492577
Sat, 24 Sep 2016 06:38 EDT
Canada Visa
Hello sir/madam,

I need some enquiry of Canada visa and immigration.

Fri, 23 Sep 2016 01:21 EDT
Want to know real or SPAM
Terms &Conditions of Contract Agreement letter
{Employee must write all Data with capital Letter}
Wed, 21 Sep 2016 10:56 EDT
D&R Canadian International Trade Corp. Job offer is fake!
The persons commenting it is not fake are scammers who want you to fall for the scam and waste your hard earned money on a fake job. Read http://www.canadianimmigration.net/work/labor-market-impact-assessment/ the fee is paid by employers not employees! And even if the employee were supposed to pay it he or she would not send the fee to an individual's bank account in India! The job offer is a scam. Read www.scam-job-emails.tk
Wed, 21 Sep 2016 02:28 EDT
D&R Canadian International Trade Corp. Is obviously fake.
No genuine company would ask you to pay any kind of fee to get a job and certainly wouldn't ask you to send money to some individual account for a supposed government fee! Don't be stupid and pay attention to the scammer David. Use your head and read www.scam-job-emails.tk
Tue, 20 Sep 2016 17:36 EDT
D&R Canadian International Trade Corp and HOMEWOOD SUITES job offers are obvious scams!
Read www.scam-job-emails.tk before you give your money to a scammer!
Tue, 20 Sep 2016 15:48 EDT
Clarification whether real or fake
Dear Applicant,

Congratulates, and Best Wishes personally to you from my part as your name confirmed in our Lmia Letter so now you are eligible to apply for a work permit as stated in our previous mail Para B of instructions and need to follow the below instruction properly.

Now you need to send the required scans as stated below.

1.Kindly get your photograph as specified in the attached mail (send the scan of your photograph).

2.Send the last page of LMIA letter scan copy with your signature and date.

3.Send the scan copy of deposit slip of 27000/-INR as mentioned in the employment agreement letter para 10 already.

Authorized Accountant's Details as mentioned in LMIA for Indian applicants only to deposit the above said amount.


Note: You may also transfer via online and send the confirmation message to us generated just after net transaction.

Lmia Document Opening Code:9350


Peter Moris

HR-Overseas Manager
D&R Canadian International Trade Corp.
Mohammed Sameem
Tue, 20 Sep 2016 12:41 EDT
sir pls check wheather its real or fake job
Address: Homewood Suites No: 2095 Winston Park Drive Oakville, OntarioL6H 6P5, Canada
Tel:+16042007752 Terms &Conditions of Contract Agreement letter {Employee must write all Data with capital Letter}
Hereinafter known as ‘the Company employer The Regulations and Conditions of Employment as set out herein will be deemed to constitute a “Contract of Employment”, in fulfillment of current employment legislation. All Employees will be required to sign at the space provided at the end of these conditions, agreeing to adhere to the Company’s Conditions of employment. We request you to fill details below
(i) Your job location will be Ontario, Canada.
(ii) Basic monthly salary will be sum of 8,150 CAD
(iii) Feeding allowance per month 2,250 CAD. (75 CAD PER DAY)
(iv) Free medical till period of employment expire
. vi Probationary Period: A probationary period of 3 months will apply. A letter, notifying the employee of his/her appointment to permanent staff, will be issued at the end of a successfully completed Probationary Period.
(vii) Hours of Work: The hours of work shall be 9a.m. to 5 p.m., or a total number of 8 hours per day, as shall be set out by the employer from time to time but in any event shall at all times be in compliance with the provisions of the Organization of Working Time Act, 1997.
(viii) Salary: The employee’s monthly salary shall be $8,150 CAD Salary will be
paid directly into the employee’s bank account, the account details to be provided
by the employee to the employer on the execution of the contract.
(ix) Annual Leave: In addition to nine Public Holidays, twenty working days
holiday is allowed during a full calendar year, 1st January to 31st December in
accordance with the provisions of the Organization of Working Time Act, 1997.
Also is permissible for employee to travel to his country in case of emergency, and
employer will bear the cost of travel for him/her.
(x) Absence through Illness: The management must be notified as soon as
possible after 9.00 am in all cases where staff is unable to be at the place of work,
a medical Proof is required, if absence extends beyond three consecutive days
and should cover the period until the staff member is declared fit for work. Dental
appointments, visits to the doctors, etc, all hospital bills will be paid by employer
during the time of employee contract validity.
(xi) Annual & Emergency Leave: Will be at the discretion of the management,
but in the case of near relatives death or important ceremony/ important festival
etc that involve travelling, it will be allow without any problem
(xii) Compensation: After approver of all leave by the management, employee
will be entitled to sum of 3,200 CAD including one month salary for any
emergency ceremony or any travelling approved by management, that may
need urgent attention by employee
(xiii) Grievance Procedure: The Company is most anxious that legitimate
grievances raised by an Employee are expeditiously and fairly resolved. Any
member of staff who has a grievance relating to his/her employment should
discuss it with the Employer
(xiv) Dismissal: The employer hopes that it will not become necessary to
dismiss an Employee, however, it must be understood that there are certain
breaches of employment rules for which, after the facts have been ascertained,
an Employee may be summarily dismissed or suspended, without pay, pending
further investigations. In such an event, an employee will be afforded a full right
of representation of his/her case to the employer before a final decision is made. Continued failure to adhere to normal Company requirements, including timekeeping, attendance, job performance, confidentiality in relation to all the employer affairs and general conduct will result in an employee being subject to following procedure: The employee will receive a verbal warning. The employee will receive a first formal written warning advising that continued failure to improve on the specific aspect of performance will lead to disciplinary action. The employee will receive a final formal written warning. The employee will be suspended for a fixed period, only salary will be paid without feeding & allowances. Employee will be dismissed in the event of it becoming absolutely clear that no, or insufficient, improvement on the aspect of performance is forthcoming. At all times the employer will abide by procedural fairness under current employment legislation when dealing with dismissals from the Company. (xv)Notice Periods: Staff who wishes to terminate their employment with the employer is expected to give the following notice: All employees on Probation – 1 week Notice Employees appointed to Permanent Staff – 1 month Senior/Management Staff – 2 months or in times of conflict in accordance with provision of the law under the labor union by Government of the state Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Act, 1973. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the employer, may at its discretion, waive its right to notice. (xvi) Standard of Dress: All employees are expected to conform to an acceptable standard of dress to ensure that the image as presented to customers, colleagues and associates is in keeping with the proper professional approach of the Company. Where uniform is required, no personal additions will be made to the uniform, and it shall be cleaned by the Employee for the duration of their contract.
Female Instructions: All female workers must dress properly without wearing indecencies dresses, we mean in any form of transparency that show half body nakedness during official work period, code of conduct and dresses must be accurate in respectable manner. (xvii) Confidentiality: The employee will not, during or at any time after the termination of your employment, disclose to any person or persons (except to senior employees of the Company) nor use for your own benefit any confidential information that you may receive or obtain in relation to the affairs of the Company or its Clients. (xvi) Alteration to Terms of Employment: Any alterations in the Regulations of employment affecting staff individually will be notified by a letter or memorandum, but any general alteration will be communicated in a Circular to be seen by all members of staff. (Xviii} Air Ticket & visa employer will bear cost of air ticket for employee, during visa processing , while employee will responsible for visa fees in his home country, after he/she resume work at employer office he/she will present receipt for visa fees to enable employer refund any expenses he/she incurred on his travelling, reason for requesting employee to pay for visa fees is because employer lost huge amount of amount for previous unserious candidate, for employer to know candidate who are really serious for employment, he/she must proof his /herself as a serious candidate. They have to bear their visa expenses, once employee handover receipt of visa to employer after he/she arrived officially also sign an agreement base on job acceptance, employee visa expenses will be paid along with first month salary. (XIX) Accommodation & Work Location: You are to work at Homewood Suites
2095 Winston Park Drive Oakville, Ontario L6H 6P5, Canada You will be entitle to a well furnished and comfortable accommodation in accordance to Canada government plan for international workers, also company will responsible for electricity bill and phone call bill also accommodation will be furnish
according to family standard with all cooking utensils, well furnished & well equipped, your employment will be tax free since you are not citizens of the country, company will bear responsibilities of your insurance till your contract expire, contract can be renew after two years to enable you entitle to permanent staff. Also your visa will be working visa and multiple entries into Canada and extendable visa. CANDIDATE INTERNATIONAL PASPORT NO: .................. CANDIDATE TEL:........................................................................ CANDIDATE COUNTRY:............................................................ COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE........................................................ CANDIDATE DATE OF BIRTH:.................................................. CANDIDATE MARITAL STATUS:.............................................. TEL:....................................... Signed:......................................................... DATE........................................................... I agree to be bound by the Regulations and Conditions of employment as contained in Contract agreement All what is written in this agreement will remain valid till period of contract expiring date Signature:.................................................... Brown William. Hr Manager
Tue, 13 Sep 2016 13:21 EDT
about canada work permit
dear sir,
i am looking for canada work permit. do i need ielts exam for canada work permit? please reply me

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