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Oliver Gurr
Sat, 26 Mar 2011 14:08 EDT
Hi again
Hey as much as I love winning lotteries I never entered, getting offers for insurence, and penis enlagrements I dont need(the last ones a joke, not not needing one but getting an email offering) pay no attencion I do not need anymore love letters either, it's tiny(that's a joke also it's not macro, I'm gonna stop now before this gets silly)

Could you please take down these messages!?

By the way you still have not replied either.

My prayers are with you as always

Oliver Gurr
oliver gurr
Thu, 24 Mar 2011 14:00 EDT
no reply still
I have still not had a reply from you and it's appears that these messages could be still public, even worse I am about to loose my internet connection.

I ask again that you take these messages down, and I hope to reconnect asap.
Oliver Gurr
Mon, 21 Mar 2011 05:04 EDT
no reply....
Look I have just had a few emails from people, so it means that these messages have been put out publically could you please take them down.

A final few thoughts,

some are suggesting burying the plants under concreat I dont think that's a goos opition, it didnt work at chenobyl apparently, you'll be letting all the buried Rods melt, and they will polute the areas under the plant if there are rivers radiation will spread, could it not be a better option to build a new storage facilaty? in a saver area and once the rods are stable enought move them? France has experience in moving material, I'm sure they could advise.

As for the credit for the rebuilding situation, I recommend you look for a muslim bank they do not charge interest. Or look for a county that has a stable ecconomy, Germany, China, or Russia, I say that because they are not desperate for money, will probably as they are cash rich at the moment be able to give to a better rate or a discount. Arab countries also are making lots of money from the high oil price, it's your call but I seriously think you should shop arround for a good deal, and ask for assitance due to the tragedy. A muslim or jewish or christian bank shouldnt charge interest under religious law and hopefully they'll also let you off some charges also.

But it's your call.

I don't know why anyone would attack you but some have been suggesting this was an attack on Japan the only technology I have heard of that could do that is H.A.R.R.P, but again I do not know why they would? or how you could even check if it was.

As for the plant apparently you have power back to reactor building 1,2, 5, and 6 so that's something.

Good luck with the rest of the clean up, and if you need any assistence I again am happy to come.

God bless and protect you all.

Oliver Gurr
oliver gurr
Sat, 19 Mar 2011 16:54 EDT
final point
Please do not mis-understand my last message I am 100% commited to comming and helping if you want me to. but as far as I can tell, the people in charge are not interested in fixing this really and have just lied and dragged their feet!

We gotta stop it getting any worse.

you all have prayers

Oliver Gurr
Oliver Gurr
Sat, 19 Mar 2011 16:29 EDT
What to say?
I think it's fairly clear Tepco intended for this to go bad, looking at it reator 4 it's probably on it's own worse than chenobyl. reactor 3 also could very well be worse than chenobyl and that's plutonium mox!

Japan has my prayers, I feel sorry that your people have to live and suffer under the powers of such incompentence!

My advice is get the military in ASAP to help the workers, fix what is left of these plants and arrest the TEPCO bourd for lying, and do nothing compared to what they could have.

This is a disgrace. and I bet the chair man is laughting away from his safe little bunker somewhere.

You need this fixed and now! Good luck dealing with the people responsible!
oliver gurr
Sat, 19 Mar 2011 04:23 EDT
add on to last idea
What if you used celophane?

Get one of the industrial size rolls and then go around and arround the base of the reactor buildings working upwards, I think it might be strong enought, provided it's wrapped tightly and you use a lot of it, then fill the whole reactor building with water, some water would be lost, but as long as you pump in the rigjt amount to compenstate it might work, the lower part of the building will take most of the strain, anyway, a just in case idea, last resort.
Oliver Gurr
Sat, 19 Mar 2011 04:12 EDT
another idea
If you cannot get into one of the reactors what about if you build and a water tank arround the outside of the building to a level slightly higher than the storage pools above the reactors then just fill it up. have an exturnal filter rotation sytem, pump water in and out from out side. the amount of water would be alot but that would also keep it from boiling over quickly, might work better for the reators with breatches.

not sure what the presures would be on the outside of the new tank structure, and it might take a while to put in place, maybe too much time. but it's an idea
Oliver Gurr
Sat, 19 Mar 2011 03:35 EDT
another idea
Could it be possible to spray paint melting rods?

With a metal mixture, if you could get the cool in the pool, they'll still be melting but, once there emerced potencially could you not pull out melting ones and spray paint a coating over them to stop the melting from continuing. Maybe not a lead paint maybe a zaconium paint of sorts, once cooling in the pool, you just pull out rods quickly spray them then straight back in the water, solvent based might be better than water based paint, it's an idea I dont know if it would work but others might.

Still we need to get the pools running properly first, that would be a later thing to do, if its even possible, but it must be.
Oliver gurr
Sat, 19 Mar 2011 03:19 EDT
An idea
I am totally stupid I should have placed this idea here instead I put it on the net.

Look if you used a light bed sheet material and sprayed it with lead paint it could surround the reactor buildings like a tea cosy, th lead paint should stop any more radiation escaping, put two or three over each reactor maybe four. Afterwards if you then spray the floors, walls in side the plant and inside the reactors I mean every where then the paint shoudl trap the radiation and make the site safe.
Workers could use a body paint and then spray themselves with a lead paint if used in conjunction with a radiation suit they should be quiet protected but probably hot, resporators for breathing could help cool them thou.
Also that would make it easier to carry out repairs, you need to both really at the same time. Get power back up start fixing the plants and reactors while you prepare the tents, I'm sure it would work other in the areas would have check the idea but I'm sure it would.
Other countries can assist with the production of paint and the tents, but if you just wrap lots of painted bed sheets arround the reactors they'll be very easy to put on, you'll just need to find bed sheets big enought or sow some together.

Thats my basic idea if I have anzmore I'll pass them on.
Oliver Gurr
Fri, 18 Mar 2011 23:42 EDT
Final point
I looked for your email adress but couldnt find it so I have posted here, it says above that they could be seen by members of the public. I ask that if you do not need my assistence that you do not release this to the public(even if you do I ask you do not either). I do not want the whole world knowing my email adress.

I reiterate that I am completly serious about helping out I know it's not very orthodox request and my situation not so great but, it is possible that you could use me there, I do not know how many people it's going to take or is going to be needed to fix this, so I assume the more the better.

If I had a better situation I could just travel out there but I cant so, if you could use my help you'll have to provide the means for me to get there, and also help me deal with the passport issue.

Not a hero I just wanna help.

Again you have my prayers and I await your responce.

Yours faithfully

Oliver Gurr

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