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AddressPlot No. 1018, Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road
Dar es Salaam
Phonelocal: (022) 211.5827
international: +
Faxlocal: (022) 211.5830
international: +
Web sitehttp://www.tz.emb-japan.go.jp/

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Tue, 12 Sep 2017 12:59 EDT
I am a Tanzanian graduate of bachelor of arts with education from the university of dar es salaam(udsm) in 2015.I request for scholarship of studying japanese language in your country.I real like one day to be able to speak and write japanese language.I hope my request will be considered for the positive results.
Thanks for your concern.
PHONE:0717 238 236
0752 238 236
0620 113 106
Madaga Fadhili
Mon, 14 Aug 2017 08:40 EDT
I am a Tanzanian aged 37 yrs old expecting to graduate a Masters degree in educational Management and Administration at the University of Dar es salaam this November.

I am humble requesting to kindly consider for the possibility of getting scholarship to enable me pursue a PhD in related field (Education preferably)for the academic year 2018/2019 at any reputable university in your country or beyond


E.mail: madagafadhili871@gmail.com or madagafadhili@yahoo.com
Sun, 30 Apr 2017 09:19 EDT
seeking grant/partnership
kindly iam a director of ikemefuna company seeking a partner/grant from Japan to partner,/grant us $88000 so as to invest in food production industry in Tanzania. our email is phabianmbenani@yahoo.com
John Jestus
Wed, 13 Jul 2016 06:31 EDT
my name is John Jestus. A Tanzanian boy an advanced level graduate taking chemistry,Biology and Agriculture. I need your help to make me have a scholarship to study in Japan for bachelor degree level in medicine at any university in Japan. surely I love Japan .it's my wish that this application will be granted.
Thank you
Email : Johnjestus@gmail.com
phone number 0744081067
Jackson Paul
Sat, 9 Jul 2016 19:11 EDT
Name's Jackson paul, Tanzanian by nationality,23yrs old, seeking for a scholarship to pursue my studies in Japan in 2016 or 2017...molecular biology and genetic engineering are my best options that i would love to study..i'll be fine if i have to work there for 3 years...above all,I have a considerable expertise in Biology...hope i'll be considered positively.
Email; jackpaulmd90@gmail.com......Tel; 0692590120
Best regards,
Jackson P
Mon, 29 Feb 2016 12:50 EST
My name is Daniel, 18 years old. I have finished my o-level education at Lutheran junior seminary. May you please provide me a scholarship in computer networking. I got division one in national examination of 2015. i am hardworking, polite and kind and i fear God. Please think of my request. Loooking forward to your answer.
Alexander Simon
Wed, 25 Nov 2015 08:24 EST
Our New Home Planet
@lifrolova45447 Hi Ms Lifrolova from Russia. My interest is 'poetry' too. Here is one as a pen pal; you may like and if ok, sail me one to "pretty miss." Dreaming: As night was burning blue; I found you. The moon was burning white; and we met together alone as stars sparkled more when we kissed and made love, my girl; and we laughed later and studied the celestrial bodies as we made love,
again and melted the moments alone on a rare planet we call Our Home!
Alexander Simon
Wed, 4 Nov 2015 03:50 EST
ダグラス l. 若者
取締役副社長、代表取締役社長・最高執行責任者 LII 住宅用暖房機・冷却
作家アレキサンダー炭素 MONIXIDE サイモン
一酸化炭素中毒とは何ですか。Web の回答として「軽度の急性中毒の症状、ふらつき、混乱、頭痛、めまい、およびインフルエンザのような効果。大きなエクスポー ジャーは、中枢神経系、心臓と死の重要な毒性に します。以下の急性中毒では、長期的な後遺症はしばしば発生します。一酸化炭素にすることも妊娠中の女性の胎児に深刻な影響."まだ正しければ"しばしば生産国内または産業設定で実行ツールやガスヒーター、調理器具からもガソリン、ディーゼル、メタン、または他の炭素ベースの燃料でプロパン、ブタン、炭などの炭素ベースの燃料によって動力を与えられるモーター車によって。"1 つのレンタル '問題' は、非熱強制換気が私を含めすべてのマンションで標準ではないこと:「NFPA 規格は必ずしも適用されません法律。2006 年 4 月現在米国マサチューセッツ州が必要築年数と持家か賃貸かどうかに関係なく、潜在的な CO のソースをすべての住宅に存在する検出器です。」測定値とボイラーは理由し、梅毒とクラミジアの家で強制暖房システムとは違って蒸気を燃焼水を開催![7] 一酸化炭素ヘモグロビンやチトクロム酸化酵素 [95] から通常の酸素よりも大きい程度に CO の解離を早めるということにも、高気圧酸素、一酸化炭素中毒の治療に使用されます。3 回大気圧高圧酸素は、通常の酸素の 80 分と比較して 23 (~80/3 分) 分、一酸化炭素の半減期を低減します。かどうかは、右する https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_monoxide_poisoning#Legal_requirements;ボイラーは、パイプと汚れた空気を削除する新しい革命が必要これらの病気とのそれらを含む既知の転送から汚れた粒子をそのだるさ!セントラル ・ ヒーティングの利点は、家があからさまな細菌を燃やすです!中央暖房としてシステムは、複数の部屋に一点から建物 (または建物の一部分) の全体のインテリアに暖かさを提供します。建物の気候を制御するために他のシステムと組み合わせると、システム全体が https://en あたりの HVAC (暖房、換気および空調) システムにあります。wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_heatingエンジニアは、冷たいガス空調機コイルを通してポンプでくまれることを発見しました。コイル銅管アルミフィンと成っています。冷たいガスは、今冷やしているアルミのフィンには、低温度を送信銅コイルを通過します。彼の問題は、フィルター処理された、そうではない多くの場合、フィルターが戻るとき空気預金カビ胞子や細菌湿ったコイル表面をプレーしています。(ほとんどのエアコン フィルターないカビ胞子や細菌をフィルター、実際にカビや細菌の繁殖地として機能します。)オンとオフのサイクルはエアコン システム、エアコン取得湿った、冷たいと暖かい。この湿った、暗い環境は、カビや細菌の最適な繁殖地です。金型の多くの形態は、リステリア菌、氷箱とエアコン システムを愛している細菌を含むこの雰囲気大好きです。リステリア菌は、その能力のレストランで食中毒の集団発生を引き起こすことで知られていますhttp://www.achrnews.com/articles/106240-mold-bacteria-protection-of-a-c-coil の研究。私はこの暖房のボイラーからの病状に苦しみます。申立てにそれは今すべてのアパートメントに熱を強制大事!安い政府提供していますが、致命的な蒸気を覚えて強制空気タイプは、最も一般的な冷暖房ジャーマンタウン、MD、ウィートン、MD、ハーンドン, バージニア、アーリントン、バージニア州アレクサンドリア、バージニア州を含む、メリーランド州とバージニア州北部のコミュニティの数にシステムと見なされますその多くの人々 に人気のある選択肢であることに主な要因は、その高速熱配信、信頼性、汎用性、設置費用が安価です。ここでの汎用性から離れて家を暖房や建物を冷却するために使用するシステムの能力を指します。彼らはしようとすると、次の選挙の味の細菌のアパートに住んでいる必要があります!として、近代的なマンション強制空気加熱装置が炉や熱交換器に最後に、フィルターに冷たい空気の戻り管にお部屋から空気を引くに送風機を使用して動作を組み込むことが。その後それは部屋で暖かい空気ダクトとレジスタに戻る吹き飛ばされる空気を加熱炉です。中炉、サーモスタットが通常オンになって気温が設定レベルを下回るとき。これは、規制し、バーナーまたはパイロット ライトに燃料を提供するガス弁をように求められます。これが起こるとき、バーナーの燃焼室の内部の熱をそれにより作成はそれから発火します。炉の古いタイプ、加熱された空気は送風機の代わりに自然対流によってお部屋に戻されます。このが http://www.harveyh
Thu, 29 Oct 2015 02:43 EDT
I'm gay in Tanzania seeking friends in japan and Sponsorship
Hellow am young gay living in Arusha Tanzania aged 22 years am looking for sponsorship and friendship In japanies its real hard being homosexual In Tanzania homosexuality is illegal and punishable with a sentence of ten years or more. people are still homophobic Neither same sex couples should hold hands in public not even in the privacy will always be intolerance and hatred I'll be so grateful if someone read this and contact me through.
Alexander Simon
Tue, 27 Oct 2015 02:43 EDT
And smile on great friends their too!!
Insight by writer Mr. Alexander Simon

Jimmy Carter served as the 39th President of the United States from 1977 to 1981. He was awarded the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize for work to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development. Per https://www.whitehouse.gov/1600/presidents/jimm. One Pentagon Official rated the former President on a careful Plan: “Carter could point to a number of achievements in domestic affairs. He dealt with the energy shortage by establishing a national energy policy and by decontrolling domestic petroleum prices to stimulate production.” While the famous President was mislead by reports near; NASA originally intended Challenger to be a test vehicle. Rockwell began building the shuttle in November 1975 and then sent it to Lockheed for structural testing starting on April 2, 1978. According to NASA, computer models at the time were not according to the President James Carter per http://www.space.com/18084-space-shuttle-challenger.html. The inauguration of Jimmy Carter as the 39th President of the United States was held on January 20, 1977.
What occurred to kill American Lives??
“NASA planned to refit the prototype orbiter Enterprise (OV-101), used for flight testing, as the second operational orbiter, but design changes made during construction of the first orbiter, Columbia (OV-102), would have required extensive work. Because STA-099's qualification testing prevented damage,” as per start on the Bicentennial on June 14; a start was assembling. Although a former President “The general election in 1976 was a close contest, but most historians agree that the three televised debates between Carter and incumbent President Gerald Ford helped put Carter over the top;” one raison is not release yet; if a America can fund a rare space ship to locate needed medical invention why the death of famous astronauts?
Let me ask you as a friend to Canada; why was this deploy that lead to murder following Resignation of Mr. Carter with a new exciting President lead to lost American lives? The former President lead Star Wars: Mr. President Ronald Reagan.
America loves a hero too! ” The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) was a proposed missile defense system intended to protect the United States from attack by ballistic strategic nuclear weapons (Intercontinental ballistic missiles and Submarine-launched ballistic missiles). The system, which was to combine ground-based units and orbital deployment platforms, was first publicly announced by President Ronald Reagan on March 23, 1983.” A next President who held the care for US Deployment “ President Bill Clinton in 1993, its name was changed to the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization; held only for the Pentagon as today!! As a great President “In a televised speech of March 23rd, 1983, President Reagan asked the American public for its support of the defence budget he had submitted to Congress. To gain this, he explained the key principle of military strategy in the nuclear age - See more at: http://www.historytoday.com/peter-kramer/ronald-reagan-and-star-wars#sthash.Mhkc1sYP.dpuf
The space shuttle Challenger was one of NASA's greatest triumphs. It was the second shuttle to reach space, in April 1983. It successfully completed nine milestone missions. But Challenger was also NASA's darkest tragedy. On its 10th launch, on Jan. 28, 1986, the shuttle exploded 73 seconds after liftoff, killing the seven crewmembers.”
Yet one American question is why were ‘O’-Rings the suspect with brilliant scientists and with major American minds that are clearly not communist?
Challenger is mated with the NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft for initial delivery to the Kennedy Space Center. All of the shuttles were assembled at Rockwell International (later The Boeing Co.) facilities at Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, Calif. Except for the final shuttle built, Endeavour, the orbiters were then transported overland by truck to Dryden for mating with the 747 for delivery to Florida. This is today from Alberta satellite! The ride is clear and well as Alberta Supports the USA!!
What occurred to murder one is strong as Texas State Lone Star!! “The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred on January 28, 1986, when the NASA Space Shuttle orbiter Challenger (OV-099) (mission STS-51-L) broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, leading to the deaths of its seven crew members, which included five NASA astronauts and two Payload Specialists. If Rockwell Corporation well American known for great delivery and design would allow Americans of top mind; and “Disintegration of the vehicle began after an O-ring seal in its right solid rocket booster (SRB) failed at liftoff. The O-ring failure caused a breach in the SRB joint it sealed, allowing pressurized burning gas from within the solid rocket motor to reach the outside and impinge upon the adjacent SRB aft field joint attachment hardware and external fuel tank;” then the design is and was the Federal Bureau of Investigation invited on this last mission for the best of American is this Bureau that holds the seal for American protection!!
What was lost is security for no American will die young for dirt that is trash and I hold as a Canadian this mission will raise a great flight again as sure as Ms Betsy Ross created the Flag Red-White- and Blue!!
Best of health;
And smile on great friends their too!!

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