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Sat, 10 Mar 2018 21:50 EST
Chechnya - Unjust Imprisonment and Torture
Please Withdraw your FIFA affiliation with this oppressive regime.
Thu, 2 Nov 2017 11:01 EDT
Olympic Principle 6
Your efforts to rescind protections for LGBT Olympians are vile.
Sat, 21 Oct 2017 06:53 EDT
Please stop the reprehensible oppression and persecution of LGBT citizens.

Cassandra Wimbs
Fri, 13 Jan 2017 12:16 EST
it was an adventure, UNA thought I could do it and I did. I was surprised how much I knew about Egypt. Know it was the US first smf SUC was second.
Cassandra Wimbs
Fri, 3 Jun 2016 14:07 EDT

I have the mark of Egypt where I was operated on. I
do not dance anymore do to my care accident I would like to get my aeas of donation once more.
Cassamdra Marymount/,eroe wimbs
Cassandra M. Wimbs
Thu, 31 Mar 2016 15:23 EDT
MUNGLO - Global Leadership Developement Grant.

I lived in Egypt and I loved it. I want the Mission to visit So that Egyptian
Mission officers might avail themselves of UN.Assn programs. I believe you have the audio cassette of
The Egyptian Woman, Cairo Women's Club and the FRienship Voice.

Cassandra M. Wimbs
Cassandra M(Mardwah Wimbs
Tue, 15 Mar 2016 13:49 EDT
The Egyptian Chamber of Commerce activities
WAs the Title of the Keynote Black Graduation Speech,

May 1990 at UC Davis. Please avail yourself of the

Speech. I also wrote a Munglo Development GRant for
the UN (NYC chapter) to benefit projects in Egypt as administered by the American University there.
Shirlie Marlene Slater
Mon, 23 Jun 2014 18:27 EDT
The kidnapped al Jazeera journalists
The state-sponsored kidnapping of three al Jazeera journalists and their wrongful sentences proves that the Egyptian people have much work ahead of them in their quest for freedom from repression. The hearts and minds of the free people of the world will be with the stolen journalists and we will back efforts of the people of Egypt whose freedom has been stolen from them once again.
Fri, 13 Jun 2014 15:17 EDT
May 2014

The Honorable Nabil Fahmy
Foreign Minister

Here in Lima on May 2nd I had the pleasure of watching your interview with Charlie Rose. Your sincerity and democratic idealism impressed me so much that I watched you again on the May3 rd rerun of the program.

Your message to the American public was loud and clear.

Egypt’s leadership was determined to imitate the American Revolutionary attempt to democratize, and had already adopted a Constitution similar in scope and hope as the one that was finally approved, after four years of analysis and debate, in 1791.

However, your youthful idealism seems to have disabled your reality sensors.

The current internecine battle in the US between Democrats and Republicans should be a warning to you. Our founding fathers were more humble than their descendants.

The Constitution was not proposed to replace the Biblical 10 Commandments. It was presented as a means To form a more perfect union. Yet, after 221 years of political trial and error, American “political leaders” appear not to have learned.

The message for you and your fellow Egyptian idealists might be: We should not try to democratize 85 million Egyptians without previously field testing our tools and methods on a smaller focus-Test group.


Like my adopted country, Peru, Egypt is a pluricultural nation.

Remember too that Egyptians, like Peruvians, Chinese, or Indians, are each biologically, a unique specimen of Homo sapiens.

Anthropologically speaking, each has acquired his/her languages, belief systems and habits and world outlook and social traits, i. e their culture-- through association with other members of our species, commencing with the parents and close family members and their friends. Diversity is nature’s key to survival of the species.

With these thoughts in mind, a bountiful FOCUS-TEST GROUP might be composed of the 300,000 Egyptian teachers of primary and secondary school. A broad spectrum of easily identifiable opinion makers in daily touch with 10,000 000 children and their parents at every level of society, everywhere in Egypt.

You confided to Charlie Rose that you wanted your children to enjoy the advantages of a democratic society in which- among other things- the citizens had respect and consideration for each other. I agree with this and have successfully applied Constructive Coexistence in Community Relations for many years.

However I am convinced that this trait cannot be imposed or purchased, unless Constructive Coexistence is acquired by participation in the process by direct inheritance of a culture.

Because of its many meanings, “Democracy” is a dangerous word. I think you mean to say Responsible Democracy since it implies participation in the processes leading to success.

Serious consideration of 300 000 teachers for induction into Democracy which they in turn must retransmit to their pupils places an enormous responsibility on the Ministry of Education and would demand revamping of teaching tools, methodologies and updating curricula.

To my knowledge no country has ever undertaken a project of this magnitude, or significance. The required political audacity is of epochal proportions.

To bet on success, a 500 million dollar wager is realistic.

Imagine starting off by saying:

1. It is in the National interest that each active Primary and Secondary School teacher dominates the use of Egypt’s Smart Phone for teaching purposes.

2. Consequently each teacher will be issued his/her personal SMAATFONE, with a non erasable National Education Identity number that identifies the apparatus and its responsible user.

3. The SMAATFONE operates through the NILE Cloud with Skype like software permitting unlimited audiovisual conversations among the teachers. The online telephone directory. The SMAATFONE can transmit any image on its small screen to the schoolroom’s large screen Television for viewing and listening by students. I do not believe that a single one of the 193 members of the UN have as comprehensive, rapid, and utilitarian opinion polling tool as the one here proposed.

4. Any existing regional, grade level, Linguistic, rural-urban or geographical distinctions are easily eliminated through Customized syllabus and curriculum design, managed and transmitted through the cloud.

5. Test Group Surveys. The Test group can be surveyed for opinions, providing the Ministry and senior government functionaries with immediate opinion analysis. Since personal data are registered in the data base, tied to the MAAT number any survey can be immediately analyzed: automatically, numerically, by geographic location, grade level, sex and age among other parameters. This capability offers solid timely information for decision making by any Ministry. WHEN Fed back to the Test group, these results serve to teach Test Group members the importance of individual participation in the democratic educational process.

6. COURSE, REFERENCE MATERIAL and LIBRARIES. These are all in the Cloud including full texts of literary works classified as “ required reading”.

You take it from here.

Sent with my best wishes for Successful evolution.


A.Hamilton Mencher
A.Hamilton Mencher
Sun, 25 May 2014 07:24 EDT
I have a message for NABIL Fahmy,Born,like me, in NYC
To whaaaat address-street or email may i direct my friendly letter.

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