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AddressLaurenzerberg 2 (3rd floor)
A-1010 Wien (Vienna)
Phonelocal: (01) 531.383.000
international: +43.1.531.383.000
Faxlocal: (01) 531.383.321
international: +43.1.531.383.321
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Milaim Hajdini
Thu, 10 Dec 2015 04:54 EST
Comments on this Embassy

Milaim HajdiniThu, 10 Dec 2015 04:40 EST
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From: Milaim Hajdini milaim hajdini(ET)yahoo ca
To: Newsroom(ET)independentri com newsroom(ET)independentri com
Sent: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 10:27 AM
Subject: Original of S.O.S Letter,corrected.05.november.2015

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From: Milaim Hajdini milaim hajdini(ET)yahoo ca
To: editorial(ET)independentri com editorial(ET)independentri com
Sent: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 10:25 AM
Subject: Fw: Original of S.O.S Letter,corrected.05.november.2015

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Sent: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 10:10 AM
Subject: Fw: Original of S.O.S Letter,corrected.05.november.2015

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From: Milaim Hajdini milaim hajdini(ET)yahoo ca
To: gregoire derubiana(ET)euronews com gregoirederubiana(ET)euronews com
Sent: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 9:46 AM
Subject: Original of S.O.S Letter,corrected.05.november.2015

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From: Milaim Hajdini milaim hajdini(ET)yahoo ca
To: HaveYourSay(ET)bbc co uk HaveYourSay(ET)bbc co uk
Sent: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 9:39 AM
Subject: Original of S.O.S Letter,corrected.05.november.2015

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From: Milaim Hajdini milaim hajdini(ET)yahoo ca
To: userhelp(ET)theguardian com userhelp(ET)theguardian com
Sent: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 9:11 AM
Subject: Original of S.O.S Letter,corrected.05.november.2015

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From: Milaim Hajdini milaim.hajdini(ET)yahoo ca
To: publicidad(ET)larepublica net publicidad(ET)larepublica net
Sent: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 9:04 AM
Subject: Original of S.O.S Letter,corrected.05.november.2015

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From: Milaim Hajdini milaim.hajdini(ET)yahoo ca
To: webmaster(ET)larepublica net webmaster(ET)larepublica net
Sent: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 9:00 AM
Subject: Original of S.O.S Letter,corrected.05.november.2015

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From: Milaim Hajdini milaim.hajdini(ET)yahoo ca
To: DieZeit(ET)zeit de DieZeit(ET)zeit de
Sent: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 8:54 AM
Subject: Original of S.O.S Letter,corrected.05.november.2015

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Milaim Hajdini milaim.hajdini(ET)yahoo ca
To: leserbriefe(ET)diepresse com leserbriefe(ET)diepresse com
Sent: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 8:49 AM
Subject: Original of S.O.S Letter,corrected.05.november.2015

-- S.O.S LETTER --

I am Milaim Hajdini 26.12.1968 from Pristina.High.1.70 cm,weight.71 kg.Brown eyes,brown hair.My home addresse is:Ilaz Kodra,Dardania BL.9.B/4.NR.1

I am unfortunately resident of Kosovo of this country which this government with all their criminals,corruptions institutions,held me in the secret prison(at my home),as a slave,m- e and my family.
The government of Kosovo and their legal and illegal Secret Intelligence Services connected with party in opposition AAK(Aleanca per Ardhmerin e Kosoves),followed me since 2010,and they follow me even now(present time),even through thinking(head),over my thinking (if you know what i mean...).
I am Milaim Hajdini,who has been followed through TV,TV programs,channels local and internationals,by helicopter,they followed me in the city's,through my family,in every place everywhere and my family keeps as a slaves,or better to say''modern slaves'',as i called.They installed ''chip'' to them since in 2010,and now,are not anymore my family even looks as them.
My family cant talks,if you will ask everyone of them for this problem (which i write to you now)
everyone of them have a same story:''He is sick'',''He is ill'',all in my family,and in my some relatives,will say this same to you,Do you now why?Because since three years (2010) the government(Secret Intelligence Services)cared for this.
If you will ask someone in the officially institutions of Kosovo,you must be very carefully because they are involved everywhere,and in some kind nobody is not allowed to speak the truth for this problem,even everyone of them knows the truth.They will say to you a different story at all,they will say to you as they feel sorry for what's happened,but they can't help me,because he is sick,and he don't ask for help in the Police (of Kosovo)or(in last months)in Eulex.They will say to you and this,as he have a private problems,conflicts(which is not a true at all,because they created ,invented these problems,conflicts,to can have a motive as this for holding me here,and to can hide the really motives as this so),to cover themself guilty,behind this,in which they are involved deeply since the start.
Unfortunately in this problem are involved and others states,countries(diplomacies),and therefore when i ask for help in all their Embassies,they told to me,that they can't help me.They just wants from me to i tell the all story here(and then to tell me the same,as they can't help me).They like to i tell hare all story and to go in the Police or Eulex(therefore i say,that the problem is international also),and hare to give the different direction to the all story(Which in fact happened after,now in 2015 i say this when i correct this original letter) ,and all this to can hold in control here,because the scratch,happens here and they want to can keep here,and with this step others countries,their diplomacies to stays in shadow,as they don't knows,didn't ever knew it nothing for this.
In every letters which i wrote to the Embassies,and sent to them personally, submit in hand so,because i walked to the all Embassies(with some of them,i could had appointment,or talking with them personally)and was written in every letter sent to them,no one of them didn't asked me never:''How they follow you over thinking,through thoughts?''Even this has been notice,written in the all letters sent to them.If somebody would wrote to me the same letter as this mine,the first thing which would taken my attention would be exactly this:''How they follow you over thinking?!!!''But not.No one of them didn't said to me nothing about this.They followed me in the past through TV channels.Also tested me NASA,CSA(Which i called in the original as GESA)didn't told nothing for this...So why ...NASA,why CSA(Canadian Space Agency)?(This questions i made then,but now...i have some answers for some of this questions).
Let me ask to you one directly question to you,the journalists.''Who talked to me,with me,over thinking?(Then was this question also,now i know)'',made interviews,who was they,that mades a questions(and i gives a answers,in some cases( when i wasn't very clearly in some my answers they repeated the questions,for the second time).Who made a security questions,tests questions,highest levels questions?Who tortured me physically and psychologically(Which unfortunately still continue)?Everything of this i have written in my notebooks(diary) since the start,because from my head they tried deleting,to delete my brain.They said,asked to me since in 2011''Put ''chip,or you'll gonna die'',or this''Do you want high security ''chip''?''(and more of like this which i have in my diary).Everyone of foreign diplomacies knows this and keeps even nova days in secret.Does this stays somewhere in the human rights?!!!One person with all his family to be holding as in a prison(worst of this,because i had,have still tortures in this prison,and moreover for the other public,i shows as a free),as a slave,to being tortured and all other countries to knows this and to keep this in secret?For example the ambassador of Austria in Embassy in Pristina,have reads this letter personally and didn't said nothing;?I don't know if he spoken with somebody after that or not,but if he spoken with government,he made mistake,because in the letter i was very clear that the government it is actually who doing all this to me.Or... i should came to the definition that they are all together in all this!This comes to me as the only logic definition! I'am afraid... that i say all of this for the government,and i know that i have right but,having in considerations that they are all involved in this,and more deeply things....that they may to do next:To changes the government(Damn it!This happens now in 2015,and i wrote this then!''Milaim Hajdini,05.november.2015,this i correct,rest now,in this moment) in the elections,and for this my problem who will comes in the government,however from which party,or politically sided,will have the same opinion...,(unfortunately and this also shows as truth.Milaim Hajdini correction,05.november.2015,Pristina)So i need your help in some indirectly way...somehow... to go out of this country,where i gonna a have possibility to talk,speak for neutrals media.It is that,that i ask too much?To be free to speak,to tell the truth.
I was to the KFOR in Bondsteel and speaks with them for this problem,they mades a interview witj me,and said to me that they will call me after five days,After eight days i must to go again there.The soldier of KFOR says in english this to me:''The person which spoken with you in the interview,(he is not anymore!).Here.He vent in America''(Exactly as this said).I had in my mind one question for KFOR to ask them:Is this next your moto of KFOR?''People forget for what we are here''(for what?)So KFOR is here and some idiot,didn't forgot that.
I know that you, the journalists of all over the world,you are in knowledge for all this story,but also i am sure that they didn't told to you the truth.The true story.They shoot off yours mouths with a lies.Told to you the shinning story,cleaned,one of this that all likes so,what's they liked,to can cover behind this their criminal acts.
Now,you just imagine.(Now in 2015 has become true,because in 2012 they mad a copy of me in the world and of some one else also...Milaim Hajdini correction,now in ,05.november2015.Pristina)One other me.As me.Other Milaim Hajdini,somewhere in sunshine,with a...famous story,prepared,cleaned,shinning,ecxepted to everybody,hows everybody likes.
I hate copies. Always i hated.I am the original Milaim Hajdini from Pristina,who was,and continue being keep as a slave,as in a prison,worst,as in a prison,follow me over my thinking even i didn't done nothing wrong to anybody,but all the world(looks like that so!)has become against me?!Unfortunately this is true.
I f(with double'' if'' so),because this letter i sent before a month ago or more,(and also was with this double ''if'' so)That this letter will come.arrive to you(in which i honestly suspect,for many reasons having in consideration),you as a journalists, if somebody of you still didn't forgot,why you chose this occupation,which was the the reason?What's mean actually the free medias,journalism in general meaning right meaning?Then(You have actually one of your ''colleague'',in the prison here.(Correction of Milaim Hajdini,05.november.2015,Pristina).This is the only way, to contact me in my phone(it's validy,that they may gonna a'' told '' to you this),or to come in my home address(Or in theeeir addresse(this is better....).Correction of Milaim Hajdini.05.november.2015)) personally somebody of you, the neutral,without politics.And to talk with me how gonna a find the way to help me,than the story.My addresse is:str Ilaz Kodra,Dardanija bl(blloku).9.b/ i have changed) +386 049 707 395.(before was:049 829 031)
I cant tell nothing more in this letter,just i have(still...)written everything what's hapened since 2010,until now.

(I can't do this better,because the governments interrupted the ''Google'',internet network,since i started write this,and as this i write without of help of Google translate.Moreover gives to me the signs with specially driving style of the vehicles in the street,and in the entrance with elevator,where i live,so i can't write more better,and also i am tired of all this years.Correction of Milaim Hajdini.05.november.2015,Pristina)

This next it is not corrected,because i feel tired.
Milaim Hajdini 05.november,2015,Pristina,kosovo

I worked before at Canadian Liasion Office as a supervisor of security guards(2002-2006),and some other places(for this you may(do it),contact to Rozelita Marku-Roza(was immigration officer in the Canadian office,and worked also in Vienna Austria,she is Canadian resident).
I should been transfered from this criminals,corruptions country,since 2011 as a specific case,with specifics diplomaties procedure,but this criminals(and than conected with other criminals,in the world),stopped this with any price,and stop and today.
I sent this letter to every Embassys in Pristina,and some of them in Belgrade,where i was personaly.
I'll gonna a write now the Ambassys,whichs recived the letters.

U.S.A-ambassy(didn't sent the letter,but spoken to thems staf(work staf));Austria's Ambassy,Germany, Swiss,Norway,Croatia,Italy'Greece,Turkey,Finland,Belgie,France, Sweden, Slovakia,Rumanija,Bulgaria,British Ambassy,China,and British Ambassy in Belgrade and Mexico Ambassy.I sent this letters personaly,and gives to the hands of thems work staf.
In last days,i sent this same letter(identicly as this),to four of my old friends in Austria,in the four diferents addresses that they live.this in the date 06.october2013,gonna a be fully a month,that i must to go in the post office,to check,did they goes or not,in which cais i suspect to much,that they(the letters),didn't goes at all,or in some indirectly way they care to feld this.I just ask from them to help me in this situation,or at last to send this letter to every newspapers in the world,axept albanians medias,at all.In the four letters to them was and this letter.
This letter even comes to your addresse,this is for every tv-home as:bbc,euronews,ccn,skynews and newspapers as:Dailytelegraf,Independence,The Guardian,Times and others.But you are NOT ALLOWED,to show this letter in the public,without speak to me as first personaly.
Please you just confirm to me,did you recive this letter becose i dont knows properly the procedures in the computer,internet,and have company also,Thank you.

I sent,as well,now this letter to:CNN Christiane Amanpour,''independence'',The Guardian'',Daily telegraph'',''New York Times''Margaret Sullivan,''Vecernije Novosti'',''Vecerniji List'''Marko Lopusina,serbijan journalist,''Global Agences of Human Rights'',and some others addresses ,noone didn't contact with me. '' Asoshiated press'',''ABC,news...

(The original of ''s.o.s letter'')
Corrected in some places from:
Milaim Hajdini.05.november.2015.Pristina
Wed, 11 Nov 2015 11:35 EST
With election of wonderful person, human being and genuine new era politician, Justin Trudeau, Canadians have come back to the fold of international community as a country that is fair, decent and loved and respected by all.
The darkest decade in this country's history is over, by stopping and rejecting the ideology introduced by former PM, some call harperism. Apparently the same think it was the worse form of neo-conservatism, practiced only by him, anywhere in the world.
Those around him were so afraid of him, that no one ever questioned him about this brutal approach in politics, both domestic and international.
Thank you Canadians.
To "visitor"
Thu, 17 Sep 2015 10:46 EDT
So you want to "visit" or visit Canada? There are at least 2 Billion people around the overpopulated and poor world who want to visit countries like Canada, for "better" life. Now imagine if everyone who "wants to visit" Canada were to get the OK? What would happen to this country, that is large but has very little livable space, 2 Million unemployed and perhaps another 3-4 Million underemployed.
The govts of this country have been importing so many immigrants under the false claim "that wee need" immigrants, that this sriously bad situation evolved.
And now you want to visit too?
No country "needs" immigrants any longer, but west must help the rest of the world to look after their own population. After plundering that world for centuries it is time to do this or that 2-3 billion will get up and start marching towards Europe as they are already doing from Middle east as you read this.
When this happen, who is going to stop them and how?
Humair riaz
Sun, 6 Sep 2015 22:54 EDT
I want to visit Canada
Yes I have
Ain't it
Fri, 3 Jul 2015 10:29 EDT
"WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED"!!! This is what your current, fear mongering prime minister says in his speeches to incite even more fear in your bones, so you will elect him again, out of fear as you did last time. He is W.G. Bush lite, in every way but especially in fear-mongering and demonizing those who are the ones you must be "afraid" of.
Who the hell is intimidating Canada? You are still nobody on the international scene, but we have to admit you are getting to be "somebody" to dislike even hate, thanks to do doings of this PM and his govt. So he is anticipating "intimidation" by someone, thus he is warning them not to intimidate, for " WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED". For you, the citizen it means, you'll be scared so much that you will vote for him, as the only one who can "save" you from this non-existing threat, at this time.
This is laughable, of course. But what is still more laughable, for someone who "WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED", from non-existing intimidation, he himself, a complete nobody, as world leaders, dictators, usurpers, etc go, is in fact trying to intimidate RUSSIA of all countries. Yes, folks he with his foul mouthing, vitriolic demonizing of Russia, thinks they will be intimidated by him and his newly "discovered" belligerence he thinks he is projecting on the World's scene. Now that is laughable, absolutely.
Luckily, the good people of Canada have had it with him and his psychopathic behavior (completely not noticed by his supporters, in spite of morbid level of psychosis he displays in his actions, domestically and internationally) and it is more than certain, they will throw the bum(s) out come next election, this fall.
Remember, people of EVERY country are decent and good and can be BSed only so much. Mind you, for the dis-benefit of Canada, her population is, sadly so docile that it takes a decade on the average to wake up and stand up for themselves. That decade is up and Canada will return to the decency it has had for century and a half, before this nasty person managed to usurp the power on the basis of hardly 1/3 of vote, "thanks" to your undemocratic electoral system. This will also be changed, once the freedom comes back to this, formerly best and loved country, by all.
So good luck to good Canadians in their quest to free themselves from the worse of the worse PM and govt they ever had.
Sat, 13 Jun 2015 15:26 EDT
ANY BODY HELP ME......Please, give me a job to work.
To the

Sub: Prayer for Please, give me a job to work to.i need a job for save my family.plz give me a one job..

Dear Sir/Madam,

I beg most respectfully that I am Mizanur Raman from Bangladesh. I need a job to your country for………
I am cordially agreed to come to your country for this job. I am prepared for this work and ready to come to your country.
. Please, give me a chance to serve to your country. I am mentally ready to come to your country. Please, give me a job to work.
2…passport number,
BE 0195492
3…e-mail address,
4… phone number,
Mob: +8801712842236
I therefore pray and hope that you will give me a work and obliged there by.

Sincerely yours
Mizanur Rahman
Mon, 1 Jun 2015 18:26 EDT
millions of other victims
Poor Mizanhur should get a job. After all there are exceptions and he seems to be someone who would do better in Canada than where he comes from. So how but it, you formerly "best" country. Give this one a job or at least make an empty promise you usually do for all those with misguided intention to move there.
"You are a doctor? No problem you will work like on". In reality you'd be lucky to deliver pizzas, once you have your own car. And so on.
Seriously, this is a perfect case for what we suggested on other sites: Help the poor countries to dig themselves out from poverty that YOU the mainly English speaking countries put there in the first place. Via America and Americanization of the world (American hegemony over the whole world) you continue to destroy whole countries and create desperate people like this poor man, who would do anything to feed his family. Little does he know that both in USA and Canada the minimum wage he would work for, would not even put food on his family's table let alone other stuff.
Yes, folks all over the world, by idealizing America and her ways, you managed to encourage them to run you over and destroy the very life you had and loved. Canada joined them in earnest recently with the nasty PM they elected by insane mistake, thus the country has become America Lite. Things will get far worse as time passes, but there is a light at the end of tunnel. There are forces powerful and determined enough that will fight back big time and stop Americanization. All those who have hitched their wagon to America's train, will pay the same price. Once this is over, the new and far better world will emerge and people like Misanur will not have to go bagging for lousy jobs in heartless English speaking world.
Remember: Good people of the World unite in the quest for better world. It'll happen. Believe it.
Mon, 1 Jun 2015 01:47 EDT
Sub: Prayer for Please, give me a job to work to..i need a job for save my family.plz give me a one job..
To the

Sub: Prayer for Please, give me a job to work to..i need a job for save my family.plz give me a one job..

Dear Sir/Madam,

I beg most respectfully that I am Mizanur Raman from Bangladesh. I need a job to your country for………
I am cordially agreed to come to your country for this job. I am prepared for this work and ready to come to your country.
I want to come to your country because I need a job about House ,keeper, Cleaner, Still worker, Hotelboy, Restaurant work, Drycleaning, Wash man, Field farmer, Store Keeper, car Cleaner, Shop
keeping and marketing etc. Please, give me a chance to serve to your country. I am mentally ready to come to your country. Please, give me a job to work.
Good written and oral communication ability in both English and Bengali.

…e-mail address,
… phone number,
Mob: +8801712842236
Work Experience………..10 years…… Skilled worker…..
Skilled worker ...Shop keeping and marketing….
…House keeper, Cleaner….
…Hotel boy, Restaurant work,
…Dry cleaning, Wash man,
...Field farmer, Store Keeper
…car Cleaner, Shop keeping

I therefore pray and hope that you will give me a work and obliged there by.

Sincerely yours
Mizanur Rahman
More bad news
Mon, 11 May 2015 09:41 EDT
4 potential emigrants
We apready warned you with few realities about this, some call "best" country. Read and learn, before you decide.
Today, the major newspaper reports;
"Cheap wage strategy deprives the most vulnerable of benefits, pensions, fair pay and job security."
"IF HELL EXISTS, THAT IS HELL" says a worker who has had such temporary job for few years at reclining plant.
What this means for any immigrant, who is not modern age Einstein, that you too will likely end up working in these so called "precarious" jobs that offer nothing but minimum wage you can not survive on. Both the govt and employers are responsible for this situation and it is getting worse by the day. Over 2 million workers are already victims of this brutal capitalist ploy and there is no relief on site. You as a new immigrant are needed, in fact. Not because there is a good job waiting for you, but they want you to join the huge army of unemployed, so the wages can be kept low or even lower, while you may only get one of these precarious jobs. Some "best country" waiting for you.
Now if you are one of the Einsteins they would like you to come, you'll be more than OK. The so called "Knowledge" class is doing very well, thank you. This is about 10-15% of population that has usurped so much of wealth, that they control most likely 60- 80% of this country's wealth,. How can you expect that some of it goes your way, if you are not Einstein?
Sat, 2 May 2015 17:38 EDT
It seems Canadian police brutality is becoming the standard of operation of this militarized police force. Yesterday in Montreal, the young students (Students have been the bastion of progressive movement everywhere in the World for centuries) went out to demonstrate peacefully, on the occasion of the International Workers Day, May 1, against increasing suppression taking place EVEN in this once considered the most democratic and just and peace-loving country. No more. In the last few years almost every demonstration was met with police brutality. Those who remember the G20 meeting in Toronto, can testify as to the brutality, especially if they were on the ground.
Good thing though that it seems the docile population of this country is waking up. The demonstrations are more frequent and more massive in numbers. Finally even the students are waking up after a prolonged sleep walking along with the rest of population, while their govt has been dismantling the country to suite the elite, they represent and nurture.
Yes this is more active in Quebec, as a traditionally advanced and socially progressive population. Unlike the rest of the country that is mainly populated by neo-cons/rednecks (33% of population) who cling to there medieval ways.
They are the ones who support the brutality of policing, but the progressives are waking up and they will prevail. The people ALWAYS prevail.
How sad for the country that once was the example of good country for the whole world. The current neo-con govt saw to it to destroy everything decent built up by good Canadians over 150 years of country's existence.
It seems the destitute of the world are running fast out of good places to emigrate to. Hopefully, come next election those Canadians who do not buy into destruction of their own country, will elect a good govt AGAIN to save and rebuilt Canada.

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