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Sat, 2 May 2015 17:38 EDT
It seems Canadian police brutality is becoming the standard of operation of this militarized police force. Yesterday in Montreal, the young students (Students have been the bastion of progressive movement everywhere in the World for centuries) went out to demonstrate peacefully, on the occasion of the International Workers Day, May 1, against increasing suppression taking place EVEN in this once considered the most democratic and just and peace-loving country. No more. In the last few years almost every demonstration was met with police brutality. Those who remember the G20 meeting in Toronto, can testify as to the brutality, especially if they were on the ground.
Good thing though that it seems the docile population of this country is waking up. The demonstrations are more frequent and more massive in numbers. Finally even the students are waking up after a prolonged sleep walking along with the rest of population, while their govt has been dismantling the country to suite the elite, they represent and nurture.
Yes this is more active in Quebec, as a traditionally advanced and socially progressive population. Unlike the rest of the country that is mainly populated by neo-cons/rednecks (33% of population) who cling to there medieval ways.
They are the ones who support the brutality of policing, but the progressives are waking up and they will prevail. The people ALWAYS prevail.
How sad for the country that once was the example of good country for the whole world. The current neo-con govt saw to it to destroy everything decent built up by good Canadians over 150 years of country's existence.
It seems the destitute of the world are running fast out of good places to emigrate to. Hopefully, come next election those Canadians who do not buy into destruction of their own country, will elect a good govt AGAIN to save and rebuilt Canada.
Mon, 27 Apr 2015 10:39 EDT
in "best" country
Do you know that the destination you are thinking of to emigrate to has a serious poverty and homelessness issues? Yes, there are thousands upon thousands of poor people who don't even have a home to go to, to shelter themselves from one of the harshest and brutal climates on this Planet. Where do they live? On streets of the cities and towns of this often called "best" country in the world.
Yes they get some help, but they are still left to fend for themselves and continue to live on the streets. This in the country where there are unimaginable riches, but only in the hands of 1-15% of "lucky" population. Under the current neo-con brutal conservative prime minister and his govt. the inequality and poverty continues to rise, with majority living the life known in third world countries. Every budget they bring in, furthers the benefits for the rich and deprives the majority of decent living.
These policies have also hardened the general population, making them mean,mad and hard. Thus it is even harder for those who are out of luck, like homeless.
Latest example of this reality: Two homeless men in a city called Winnipeg, in western province of Manitoba, were brutally killed in one night, just recently. Sometime who has been indoctrinated and hardened and maddened by the climate the current govt created and perpetuates, decided to take it out on the most vulnerable in their society, the homeless. Just as the govt of this PM does with their policies and measures designed to be anti-everything progressive and decent in this once truly good if not the best country.
To go or not to go this is the question, one can easily answer on what has been written up here so far.
Classic case of
Wed, 8 Apr 2015 10:47 EDT
non-free speech!!
Are you a classic music lover. In case you live in Toronto, and had a ticket for a concert at Toronto Symphony Orchestra recently, you'd be deprived of piano performance of one of the great talents. Her name is Valentina Lisitsa. Ukrainian of Russian ethnicity. Her performance was cancelled by TSO because of her "views on Ukraine" that do not correspond to the official govt's view, including the numerous Ukraine Canadians, whose votes the govt needs in next election. Thus the so called free speech in this, once truly democratic and free country, become a total non-free. What it means that the current neo-con govt and those who follow their regime's instructions, would accept only that "free speech" that is in line with their regime's standards. Kind of what Soviet Union and other Communist countries had during their regimes. Now they have the free speech and we have what they had.
If this were not so tragic it would be laughable. In stead, it is enough to cry over steady downfall of this once, great country.
If you still plan to move there, wait till this year's general federal election. If the good people of Canada manage to save their country from current neo-con regime and elect their traditional good govt, then buy that one way ticket soon after. Then then there would still be hope this nasty trend can be reversed and we as world's community will have the good old Canada back.
Let's hope this will happen.
Police brutality
Fri, 27 Mar 2015 10:25 EDT
in "best" country.
You have to watch RT Tv to see it completely and honestly reported from Montreal. The regular people, victims of Canadian style austerity, hit the streets in peaceful protest. Yet the military style police quickly attacked them, using gas, pepper-spray, billy clubs and all other brutality purpose tools on mainly young Canadians. The local and national media did not show the brutality and violence inflicted on protesters, and if you saw it on RT with no sound, you'd think it was happening in Ferguson or some other brutalized city in America.
Yes, if you intend to emigrate to this,once considered best country, be prepared for same or worse you experience you had in country you are about to flee.
Advice: if you do go ahead, please purchase return flight ticket. It is wise to have an option if you must flee again.
Is this the
Sun, 15 Mar 2015 11:02 EDT
Did you see it? A rare demonstration in Canada took place this weekend. It really takes a lot and we mean a LOT for peaceful, docile and trusting Canadian population to demonstrate against something.
While other countries like France for instance, would rise in revolution against their govt's abuse, Canadians usually take the abuse and keep quiet. Not this time.
Your current govt that is lead by the most right wing ideologue (some leading journalist have described some of his measures as fascist, unbelievable for this once "best" country in the world), has done one measure too many. They are about to introduce a draconian anti-terrorist law that threatens to deprive the good citizens of Canada of their liberty and civil rights, if it becomes law. The chances are it will for this govt has "majority" they usurped with only 39% of popular vote, which is actually minority vote. Currently 66% of population is AGAINST almost everything he and his govt do. Yet he is not afraid to forge forward with the most retraction laws in the history of this country.
So finally thousands upon thousands hit the streets in protest in cities from cost to coast to coast. Some carried placards with prime ministers image with TERRORIST printed across it. And war slogans everywhere and other progressive demands from tired and frightened people. Yes the people are frightened, but not from outsiders (as he and his propaganda machine is spewing lies about) but fear from the very government they did NOT elect but have it as result of Canadians bizarre and wrong electoral system.
They finally are seeing that they are the true VICTIMS of abuse this govt has enforced upon them for the last 9 years.
Hopefully come next electing this year, the good people(that 66%) of this country will unite in one cause: STOP HARPER.
We wish them luck, for we can not afford as a world community to lose such wonderful country to Americanization. Enough is enough.
Scare them
Sun, 1 Mar 2015 10:22 EST
And rule them.
This is the scheme the current prime minister of this country is using to keep the power and re-gain it again, after nine years of WG Bush-like fear mongering terror over American people, that got him elected for the second time. You know the horror story of that regime. Now in Canada we are witnissing the same agony for good people of this country (at least 66% that are truly good and decent, the rest are rednecks, neocons and other kind of medievil types, of which their PM is the top dog), who have gone trough 9 years of fear-mongering with wormongering added for extra fear and submission. With two cases of near trrorism in Ottawa, the Pm has taken this as a wonderfull excuse to put the fear of god into Canadians and introduced draconian law to fight "terrorism". What is the goal of this law in fact, to scare the people so much that majority will see no other leader as possible "protector" but current strong man, just as his ideal GW did.
Moral of this story is that even a country as stable, peaceful and democratic as Canada was, when he usurped the power with only 39% of vote, can be destroyed very quickly even by "democratic" means as he calls them. For once in power, ruthless politicians become dictators for their term and, as in this case they can even get re-elced if they know how to scare the hell out of their people. Happened many times in history. Remember Germany in 1936, perhaps as the worse case, with many other examples GW's admin being one of the "good" ones?
Poor Canadians, they don't even know what hit them or what is really going on?
Finally the
Tue, 24 Feb 2015 19:11 EST
Right thing
" Even a blind chicken will find a seed sometimes". Thus Obama has found his seed, finally. By veto of this dirtiest oil carrying pipeline, the Keystone XL, he has done one of very few things that can be considered the right thing.
Poor PM of this once great country, his dream of turning Canada into Petrostate, no matter the cost, may be over.
Next stop: the coming up election and removing him and his kind, preferably for ever and take the Country and everything else bac. Then the good people of Canada can start to rebuilt what was almost destroyed, in the name of profit for 1% and oilmongerers.
There is a light at the end of this nightmare Canada went trough for the last 9 years.
ps: do you know what some define oilsands are: Ground up coal. Try to refine that without turning the whole area into primorial soup and pollute the whole world
What is wrong
Fri, 13 Feb 2015 15:53 EST
with Prime Mnisters??
Yes, it is plural of PM. First the British PM, yesterday, likely few minutes after the peace deal was reached in Ukr. (thanks to Germany, France, Russia)stood up on his soap box, and with angry voice and even angrier expression on his face, AGAIN threatened Russia with "grave consequences" if "they do not change their behavior." This before the ink on the agreement even dried. Does he think anyone on Russian side is even listening to him let alone scared??? They were never scared of anyone, even in the darkest moments of their history, when they took the brunt of nazi onslaught, that no Britan or any western country, including America, could survive at the time. So now that their scheme of using Kiev to move on Russian border is a failure, he has the nerve to threaten them with more acts of war. Does he not know or pretends he doesn't, as to what would happen if he did attack or participate in an attack on Russia proper?
Then you have another Pm, still hiding in his closet. But he braved the cold weather of Ottawa and came out, just long enough to make his own threat, saying that any violation of the ceasefire, will be Russian fault and theirs alone. This after he supported the violent takedown of legit prez of Ukr. and never said a ward against Kiev nazis using WMD's against Russian ethnic group, killing thusands and ethnicly cleansing over 1 million. Be they men, women or children and babies, of course. Yes Balistic rockets and cluster bombs. If those are not lethal WMD's what is?
So now you can imagine what would happen if America et al, decided they are not happy with the peace arranged by Europeans. All they need to do what they did in Kiev, arrange some violation of ceasefire, and the Russians will be blamed. How convenient for these PMs of once great empire now under American boot, and of once peaceful country everyone loved, now the main talking head for their bosses as warmongerers extra-ordinaire.
Europe does not need North Americans of any kind.The future will prove this to be so, for this is a turning pont where European cultured population will realize that sticking with Americanization of the world, will only lead to end of the world.
And that for what? Walmart, McDonals, Holywood,Lewis Jeans... you know the culture they brought you.
Thanks but no thanks.
From safety of
Fri, 6 Feb 2015 15:03 EST
his closet....
...on Parliement Hill, HE is telling Russian president, the president of biggest country in the world, with enough of fire power to take the whole world down with them, if attacked by HIS side, to "back off Ukraine". This after HE and his handlers and masters south of the border of HIS country, caused the crisis in Ukr. and want to move onto the border of this biggest country with all kinds of "new-clear" weapons (as that idiotic vice-prez candidate of HIS masters country, Sarah Palen calls them, as she can see Russia from her porch)and threaten it with even further advance, across its borders. Pure insanity.
HIS message to Mother Russia may have some weight amongs his redneck powerbase, but in Moscow and across this vaster land than HIS, they are lughing without end. One thing one must admitt, is the fact HE is brave when hiding in that closet, behind heavy doors of now completely HIS parliament. In the meantime those who HE supports and agrees they need "lethal" weapons (to be sent by his handlers), for what they have is not "lethal" or not lehal enough. This after they destroyed whole cities and towns, killed over 5000, men, women and children as young as in their months of life. Plus over 1Million civilians of Russian ethnicity, ethnicly cleansed and now in care of Mother Russia. Only today the story reported on alternative media goes like this: Family of 4 had their house completely destroyed by Kiev nazi's heavy weapons, one boy was killed, another lost his eye or eyes and in critical state, while mother lost her leg, Father survived somehow and all now in Mother Russian embrace. Yet HE continues to claim it is East Russians who are agressors and wants Mother Russia to "back off" so his nazi friends can finish the job, by overruning the East, kill everyone or expel from their ancestoral lands, that have always beed RUSSIA.Ukraina is an invention not a real country, almost as HIS is.
Well this ain't going to happen. It already happened in Kraina Serb's land, where croatian nazis with the help of HIS handlers, expelled 300.000 Serbs at the point of gun, this after a peace was brokered by HIS friends, croatians and Kraina Serbs. Mother Serbia failed to protect her children and thus lives with that shame for ever. Those who think Mother Russia will do the same, think again. Under no circumstances they will abandon their own flesh and blood to nazis to have their way with them. This even if the whole might of HIS military alliance is employed, at the risk of that #3, HIS handlers think they can win. Another pure insanity.
Hopefully the current attempt to come up with peaceful solution will work, for Mother Russia has bent backwared many times to resolve it that way. Now that the nazis from Kiev are losing big time, perhaps HIS side will realize the game is over, just as it was over in Georgia not far form Kiev, when with doing the right thing Mother Russia resolved it in no time.
Smarten up, get out of that closet and stop spewing your venom on those who are on the right side of issue, morality and history. That you or anyone else can not change, especially not you representing an insignifican country as countries go.
No more
Sun, 18 Jan 2015 18:58 EST
Canada has been one of the most loved and admired countries in the World, for literally EVER. Till the current Prime Minister named harper, took over and implemented his american-like foreign policy. In fact many claim that this PM is just an American talking head and lapdog. This has resulted in change of international public opinion of this country, manifesting itself in number of incidents that can be considered blow-back for that kind of foreign policy.
Then this happened In Palestine: The convoy of visiting Canadian foreign minister was pelted by eggs by Palestinians. A sure sign you are not welcomed or liked by those you are visiting. He (John Baird) represents the country that was egg-pelted by those you claim you are friendly toward (why would otherwise a visit take place) but the local population does not thik so. Remember the people are always right. One could say, "well you are dealing with Palestinians..."and so on. Are they not real and good people deserving such treatment by more powerful and richer countries, like Canada, that they would respect you and even love you, as they used to , by the way.
Will this become a trend and spread around the world as is the case of America?? With the policies by their current govt headed by most disagreed with PM in history of Canada, it is likely to happen and become really bad. The only hope for this once beloved country is the next election coming this year, where the majority (66%) of progressive citizens will do their utmost to relieve this pain brought upon them by govt elected by minority noe-con vote. By the way, if you look at the picture of their PM harper and this foreign minister, you'll see the nasty expression of their faces, typical for most neo-con politicians anywhere in the world. They simpy are nasty by their personalities, thus they are noe-cons. If you are a brave person then go and look at pics of American neo-cons like Bill Kristol, the new leader of their neo-cons and others. You'll be scared plenty.

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