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One more...
Sat, 13 Dec 2014 16:59 EST
Nasty thing
Alberta Oil Sands. Do you know what this is? Of course not. If you are someone wanting to emmigrate to Canada, you would not care much about it, for you have other things to worry about and consider. If you heard of it and you think this is something you'd like to see and maybe enjoy the "oil sands" thinking this is some nice beach, like say on the coast of Adriatic sea, Croatian or Italian side, you could not be more wrong. The embassy staff will not tell you much if anything. Why? Likely they are ashamed of it and do not want to worry anyone about it, plus they have their orders from the govt to keep it secret.
Now if you are getting RT TV, that gives you the real news and truth, where you are now, you might have seen a documentary about Alberta Oilsands. Yest only on RT Tv you could possible see this for no Tv in Canada would EVER show the fact about the Alberta Oilsands. Why? Well this is the best kept secret of big business and current govt, for it is the biggest and the most polluting industrial activity on the face of the earth. It takes out the dirtiest, most dangerous and toxic oil in the world. While doing it, the OilSand project leaves such a devastation of the envirounment and native people's home lands tha it is made unlivable for hundreds of years if ever. The land simply looks like some kind of un-inhabited planet in its early development when there is nothing but chemical sludge.Scary!! Yet the govt and big business are determined to take out every drop of this oil, no matter that the pollution generated would speed up the climate warming many times, or even make life unlivable on this only planet we have. The current govt and PM, along the big oil business, do not care at all.In fact they promote this disaster as the best thing that ever happened to Canada, since its begining when the Euro newcomers stole the lands from the natives.Now they are destroying it for them and all peoples of the world. Isn't the "best country in the world" wonderful? You still want to come?
One more
Thu, 11 Dec 2014 19:14 EST
Canada too, was a part of American black interogation camps locations for the American torturers.
So far the PM who authorised this did not make any comments re the revealtions of this horrible episode of American way or the highway. But then their way is a permanent horrible episode, the whole world is victim of.
The only comment the govt's talking head made was, that they "will continue to use evidence obtained by torture if this is useful for the govt". They were not spcific if this torture obtained evidence will be obtained by Canadian torturers or American ones. Or even some third party source, contracted out to do the dirty work. Nice country to emmigrate to, don't you think?
G20 police/state brutality
Thu, 20 Nov 2014 10:21 EST
Still haunt this "best" place
If yu can look it up in Toronto Star today, you could see what the militatized police under the direct order from federal govt did to the peaceful citizens of that city, during the infamous G2o conf. few years ago. The neo-con govt. (still in power) spent 1B (yes that is billion) for security bringing in massive police forces that brutalized thousands. In one incident, featured today in this paper, hundreds of women, men and even children were boxed in by police on the street, for 17 hour without food or dring. At one time they had the worse downpore in decades, jet the citizens were not allowed to move on. Top police officer in charge is on trial but he claims he did it under orders. Have you head this before: "we just followed the orders". The picture of this brutality is just shocking, especially in 21st century in a country claiming to be THE BEST and true democracy. Well they proven they were the best in brutalizing peaceful citizens with right to peaceful protest. Not under this govt. and could be even worse should they win again in next year's election. Poore Canadians are facing a situation where they hae to save their country from despot who will again run for further implementation of his brand of tyrrany. Moral of this story: no matter how good you have it in your country,the democracy and freedom are very fragile and just a wrong vote away. Canada is a perfect example of this nasty phenomenon. Euro countries, please be careful for this can happen to you too.
"The best place to live"
Wed, 19 Nov 2014 09:49 EST
Woud hate to live it the worse
News headline in major Canadian paper;
"1.200.000 Canadian children go to school hungry every day". Yes that is 1.2 million children going hungry to school. Imagine how many more have just enough food to prevent hunger in this country of plenty. In the city of Toronto, the richest in Canada they have 118.000 millionaires and 150.000 poor children that belong to those going hungry to school.
The ineqality in this country is rampant and out of control. Their rich are gatting so rich that even a bank CEO (with some heart lkeft in him) is calling for the rich to "give back to society" to lessen the suffering of the poor. Can you possibly believe this for the country claiming to be "the best in the world". This you here over and over from politicians and those millionaires. Yes it is the best but for whom? You need not ask that for the answer is easy: FOR THEM. The reason they want you as an immigrant is so they continue to have hight unemployement that leads to low wages that leads to high exploitation that leads to high profits and fineally leads to rich getting richer and the rest, you know the answer, sending their children to school, hungry.
If you already have their immigration vise but did not buy airline ticket, don't. Stay with your own people and relatives/friends for once you come here, chances are you'll join the army of poor and your children will go to school hungry, unlike in your own country where this is not the case.
ps: this used to be the best country in the world, till the neo-liberal and neo-cons imposed their brand of pilitics on this once great country for all.
Sun, 16 Nov 2014 16:41 EST
I am A Pakistani and i have already student visa for Austria.I have one question is can possible i will travel to Canada only for visit? If yes please provide me what is the process?

Thanking you
ll.m student south east European law
Karl-Franz universtate GRAZ
Chicken bones
Mon, 10 Nov 2014 11:13 EST
4 U
News items the same week:
1. Canadian PM harper gets $3.5 B in business from China.
2.Russian President Putin signs another huge gas export deal with China, worth hundresds of billions over next 30 years. This on top of already $400B deal signed at the time harper was ranting about senction against Russia.
While harper went to China with hat-in-hand Putin did not have to.
So who plaid it better? One who got few chicken bones thrown at him or one who signed deals worth almost trillion dollars over 30 years. Who won the senctions? Country that will lose $1/2B in agricultural exports ( be sorry for their poor farmers) per year or the one that is going do quickly develop their enormous fields and switch to south American and other countries for food products Canadian farmers will get to keep.
So it goes with this PM and his unquestionable support of those who are bent on continuing the cold war and see Russia as enemy for ever. Worse any enemy of Russia, even Ukraine fascists, are friends of his.
Hopefully the good people of Canada will do everything possible to get their country back and once more make it the one everyone loves. As of now, hide your passport as you travel abord. It's a smart thing to do.
Still want to go?
Tue, 9 Sep 2014 10:34 EDT
More "good" news from this destination
Same paper reports today: There is a list of 160.000 poor families in the city of Toronto waiting for low cost housing. They may or may not be employed, but have so litle money thay can not pay for regularly priced (expensive) housing. Usually cheap, old, dirty, pest infected apartments. Homlesness is wide spread, with thousands living on the streets of this and all cities of this "best of the best" country. Also in Toronto there is daily murders by guns, but they would not tell you that at the embassy.
This is the last information you need to make up your mind. From now on you are on your own and at the mercy of so called "free market" they claim is solving all the ills of the world. Actually it creats all the ills of the world. For you, me and anyone who is not in that 1-15% living well in Canada and USA.
R U Potentian immigrant II?
Mon, 8 Sep 2014 21:11 EDT
Unemployement of young
In today's Torornto Star they report that only in Toronto there are 89.000 unemployed and uneducated young people.This on top of significan unemployement of adults. Imagine you come to the city with such tragic unemployement. What are your chances to get a good or even bad job? Most jobs are anyway part time with minimum wages ( about $11/h) or thereabouts. You'll need 2-5 jobs to just survive, let alone prosper. Canada is becoming a low wages country for the majority of population as America has been for decades, now. You see the so called NAFTA the free trade agreement between USA, Canada and Mixico is leading to a common denominator in wages and other things for the working. This means the trend is toward the wages preavailing in Mexico, a brutal country for the majority. The factories are being moved to Mexico if they have not gone to China already. VW cars for instance are made in Mexico with cheap labour but they charge German prices to N. American customers. Of course the models made there are of inferior quality and fall apart in no time. That is one of million examples of disintegration of N. American socio-economic system. The end of New age Roman empire is near and it is taking both Mexico and Canada with it. Hopefully Europe will survive if they are smart and stay away from this tragedy in the making and evolving. So be smart and stick with your own. Remember "NO PLACE LIKE HOME" is a good advice and principal to stick with.
R U potential immigrant?
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 09:55 EDT
Consider these dark facts in 21 centruy
Canada claim to be the best of the best. OK, for some up to 15% it is truly a paradise. For rest, depends if you are lucky enough not to be REALLY poor. Consider these facts from today's Toronto Star;
"City faces "epidemic" of child poverty"
Toronto the richest and biggest city, has 29%* child (and their parents) poverty. Over 140.000 fal into this category. Out of 140 naighbourhoods 40% have child poverty over 30%, some have as high as 60% poverty rate.Other major cities do not fair much better, for poverty is wide spread in this country and is increasing at alarming rate. Even the OECD has warned the current far right government that Canada is heading into wrong direction with highest rate of increase in inequality. What does it mean for you. If you go your chances are decrising that you will be better off than at home, where you family and friends are. Interestingly, in 1968 someone who was just about to move to Canada, picked up a copy if this same paper in this embassy and was shocked by the head line "POVERTY IN CANADA". This have changed thought, the richer become richer and the poor more poor and wigh higher numbers.
* generally the poverty rate is at least 30%. When you walk the streets of cities like Toronto, it is instantly obvious there are lot of poor, especially if you came from a city like Vienna, Stocholm, and others. Worse of all THIS IS THE OFFICAL POLICY OF GOVERMENTS ON ALL LEVELS.
Proud Canadian, not.
Sat, 23 Aug 2014 21:58 EDT
Russia delivers the ONLY aid/help
You saw what happened. After over 3 weeks of stalling with all kinds of lies, fabrications etc,(orders from Wa.) by Ukr. govt. Russian convoy of trucks, delivers the only aid the bombed out desperate, hungry, women young and old, children /babies, men young and old, would see in months of Kiev's brutal attacks on open cities and villages. Europe, america or canada would not even suggest a ceasefire or humanitarian aid, but delivered weapons and aid to their military, to kill more and more. Kiev obliged and thousands are dead and almost million driven out of homes. Now we have seen scenes of these poor survivers linig up for food, medicine, water, etc. This on RT TV not on any western media, that sanitize their news as they usually do in such conflicts.
What did the PM of country claiming to be the best of the best and the most decent of the decent and humanitarian etc etc. comment on this noble huamane, benovalent deed: he called it DISGRACEFUL.
Those who worked so hard and long to deliver the ONLY AID the desparate human beings received in months, behaved DISGRACEFULLY, according to his morals and outlook on human conditions. Are you still proud to be a citizen of such country. Many are not any longer and are looking to next election when they will take the country back for themselves and the world at large,

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