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Address29th Floor, Yuchengco Tower, RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Avenue
Makati City
Metro Manila, 1227
Phonelocal: (02) 889.9383
international: +63.2.889.9383
Faxlocal: (02) 889.9337
international: +63.2.889.9337

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Fri, 18 Jul 2014 04:46 EDT
The most disrespectfull embassy staff I have encountered
This is what happened to a friend that applied for a mere transit visa to a job neighboring South Africa. My friend flew from Mindanao to apply for one and submitted all the documents and was asked to return on a date to pick up his passport. He requested his daughter to pick up the passport for him as he had to return back to their place. Behold, the powerful Ms.Custodio informed her the application was denied. So naturally, the daughter asked for her dad's passport back but was told arrogantly to return another day. The daughter asked for the claim stub that was given to Ms.Custodio but she told the daughter that she lost the stub and does not have the time to look for it. When the daughter started to argue, Ms.Custodio dismissed her arrogantly saying that she remembers her face already. It is unfortunate that South Africa employs people of this character on their front desk. I have worked with a lot of South Africans and the attitude shown by this Filipino staff in their embassy does not project the friendliness of South Africans. I don't consider Ms.Custodio now a true Filipino and if the South African ambassador has the sense of protecting the image of his/her country, they should get rid of Ms.Custodio. Hard to think but she might be getting commission from the different travel agencies that is why she is acting this way to force people to use the agencies instead.Just read all the posting and the true ones only tells the bad experience they had dealing with Leila Custodio.
Jo-ann Viernes
Fri, 18 Jul 2014 04:32 EDT
Happy Birthday To The Late, Great Nelson Mendela
On this day july 18th may i celebrate with the south african embassy and our spiritual south african brothers and sisters worldwide this incredible day to commemorate
the birthdate of the great nelson mendela. Noble Peace
Prize Winner, Freedom Fighter, Man with strong principles visualised, spoken about and acctuated. I salute the south african embassy and Nelson Mendela on the commemoration of a gentleman with a life well lived. A man whose life will be forever be immortalised in the hearts and minds of people today and in the future. Happy Birthday Nelson Mendela I salute you!!- P.s Please tell Agnes Nyaminde Pitsu that she did not forward me an invitation to the Nelson Mendela cocktail party this year which i was much looking forward to. I had the honor of meeting
her the first time at the UPFI when invictus was shown
during the nelson mendela celebration a few years back. Please don't leave me out of the south african events in the future. Yours Sincerely Jo-ann Viernes, Businesswoman, writer, journalist,media and friend. email
Mon, 14 Jul 2014 11:03 EDT
Rudy and Sherwin
Since you both are saying you are not Leila nor Leila's dogs defending her and the embassy's credibility, why dont you prove it???

in ANY possible way...

coz that's the only way you can prove to people here that you are NOT FAKE!

company name? company number of your job? your facebook pages? anything close to that where we can confirm that you are real... and IF you ARE, then you can assure nobody will question your identities anymore..


if you cant do that, well, "DO ONE"!! coz im not gonna waste my time on FAKE people who cant even comprehend to what im saying.. I HATE IDIOTS!!!
Mon, 14 Jul 2014 10:48 EDT
is there anybody SMART enough here to understand what i keep on saying???? my gosh... why does some people have to be this idiot???

im happy here in South Africa. no worries, no guilt, no anger, no nothing... JUST SAYING the embassy service is bad.. i mean, worsT..!!! and people with negative comments here are RIGHT.

1 word should be enough for wise people.

if that isnt clear enough, i wouldnt want to argue with you Rudy and Sherwin anymore because you dont even have at least COMMON SENSE. you talk NONE SENSE and you both are not smart enough for this kind of talk..

God.... pls. help these idiots.
Sun, 13 Jul 2014 06:02 EDT
Shelby, you are the one suffering and do take of that......... feel sorry for you.
Sun, 13 Jul 2014 04:10 EDT
that's right! "what's goes around, come around"... KARMA! you should tell Leila that so that (maybe somehow) she will undertand why this is happenning to her.. in that way as well, you can help her and more people. there's no need to argue with us.. this is our problem, not yours. why dont you shut up? it just shows how defensive you are, how concern you are, how desperate you are to clean their dirt, which in this case also showcase how FAKE you are in this site.

the more you talk, the more obvious it is that you are not just a normal citizen... or at least the common one... you are more likely to be compaired as one of them.. or "maybe", just maybe, a "knight in shining armour" which in this age is a DOG..

Sat, 12 Jul 2014 22:29 EDT
Shelby, Rudy is on the spot just like you other buddy lamented, you need therapy. Your anger is really eating you and you alone. I repeat as well what goes around comes around. You don't respect yourself, and you will get nothing from anyone, not even a tiny bit respect.
Sat, 12 Jul 2014 20:03 EDT
you're right! this is soo boring now, so why wont you just shut up? if you dont have any complaints with the embassy and Leila and if you are not too CONCERN about her (them), why so DEFENSIVE then???

if you think we are being unfair to her in this website, well, we think SHE and her buddies are unfair to us in that embassy!! look, i will tell you what your best buddy Sherwin told me:
if she gave it to me and to other people here who had and is having the same experience i had, i dont think the embassy will have these complainants, i dont think she'll get this from lots of people and i dont think you will need to defend her.

but i pity her.... i pity people who knew lots of people hate them but still have the face to do more people wrong... why? because they ARE pitiful. imagine LIFE with too many haters from around the world? from black, to white, to brown, to yellow!! from almost all the continents!! it's a SHAME. pity...
Sat, 12 Jul 2014 19:49 EDT
i'm just so glad to know that even though im not checking this website regularly, there are still people aside from me who notice this ridiculousness.. can you imagine how CRAZY, DESPERATE, and LUNATIC this person is for talking to HERSELF/himself here just to defend the embassy and "MS LEILA CUSTODIO"???!!!! bit funny now to me...

and YOU...yes, you, idiot, i was granted with the visa after 3months of sacrifice and patience, but it DOESN'T mean i cant complain about their service! it NEVER meant that "just because i got my visa now" i shouldn't complain anymore because this isnt just about their job and my pupose, it is also about RESPECT and PROFESSIONALISM..

i wouldnt get my visa if i didnt respect them.... but look! i still complain.. because im not just an applicant, im also a human being, with human rights, who will NATURALLY demand for humanly respect back which i have given them.. simple as that!

Sherwin, amazing how you suddenly came back up we with "your new buddy Rudy" to have a "team" for the side of the embassy!!! im quite... surprised... thrilled but at the same time, sick of you now so please (Sherwin/Rudy), DON'T PLAY DUMB. you're TOO obvious with your simple "if im Leila" this, "im not Leila" that...

not angry with these clowns anymore though... they are too pathetic now.. too funny to take seriously! just sooo.... useless.
Sat, 12 Jul 2014 05:48 EDT
i think people are being unfair to Leila for being firm and refusing to give in to people who want to bend rules to suit them. I have dealt with Leila and she has done nothing degrading or idiotic like you people claim.
It is obvious that if you were unsuccessful in getting your visa this forum will be your outlet to voice your anger. It is acceptable, but disrespecting her on the net proves to how immature you are. Maybe find yourself constructive ways to keep busy instead of posting messages that directionless. Level headed people will not do this, so grow up guys, this is boring now.

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