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Address7/8 Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi 110 021
Phonelocal: (011) 4178.2000
international: +91.11.4178.2000
Faxlocal: (011) 4178.2020
international: +91.11.4178.2020
Web sitehttp://india.gc.ca

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Gurpreet kumar
Mon, 15 Jul 2013 11:59 EDT
I Am gurpreet kumat chef cook helper job in one your exaperan hotel and mangmant 6 month course in nfci jalandher plese helpe me 9872495846 mobile number call me 8968188135 apply job ........ ok thanks you ????
Sun, 14 Jul 2013 09:58 EDT
confirmation for the job offer from canada
sir, i have received an job offer from the canadian fishing company its head office is in suite1800-1067west cordova ,street vancouver,bc v6c 1c7, canada, and now i want to know whether the company is running there or not is it believable? please reply me sir my mail id sathish4kho@gmail.com
Yogesh sharma
Fri, 12 Jul 2013 23:03 EDT
Need job
I need a welder/ driver/ worker job in canada.please help me if any requirmwnt over there.e

My mail id
Fri, 12 Jul 2013 13:08 EDT
Is Strike continuing in Delhi office of Canadian Embassy
Is Strike continuing in Delhi office of Canadian Embassy. What is the average time these days for processing of dependent visa.

Fri, 12 Jul 2013 12:12 EDT
Mceco medical group is fake
The website has been removed for scamming. A warning is posted here: http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/showthread.php?t=61292 Also read www.scam-job-emails.tk
Fri, 12 Jul 2013 11:32 EDT
Taggart Construction Limited Canada is a fake job scam
A warning is posted here: http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-58173.html If you had simply taken the time to Google you would see it is a scam as warnings are posted all over the internet and in this forum. Read: www.scam-job-emails.tk
Fri, 12 Jul 2013 01:16 EDT
regarding for conformation
i want detail like fake or original

TAGGART CONSTRUCTION LIMITED CANADA Taggart Construction Head Office 3187 Albion Road South Ottawa, ON, K1V 8Y3 Human Resource Department Office Tel: +13852591646 (Website: www.taggartconstruction.com) Approval: 10th July 2013 Start-Up Date: 24th July 2013 CONGRATULATION SOFT COPY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT LETTER EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Hence, Taggart Construction Company Canada, seek to employ your services as a Professional for the provision of professional services as stipulated in the following Acts in this Letter. This Letter embodies the approved terms for the purpose Of this job offer
JOB REF: CAN/ 0102Q/XY/O- D/CAN/ 2013
ASSIGNED A POST BASED ON YOUR QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE AS MENTIONED ABOVE. AND YOU ARE REQUIRED TO COME TO CANADA WITH YOUR ORIGINAL CREDENTIALS FOR ASSESSMENT AND VERIFICATION. Interview on arrival is designed to facilitate a cordial relationship between expatriates and firm as well as the organizational structure with respect to the project scope. Interviews are also designed to ascertain claims on working experiences and Academic/educational qualifications, such done in conformity with Canada LABOUR legal provision? Among reasons for interview on arrival is to establish expatriates area of interest considering the project scope in order to facilitate an efficient division of labor on Job Locations with respect to the organization structure. 1.0 CONSULTING PERSONNEL. You shall be expected to work with a prime experienced Taggart Construction Limited Canada team with the mandate to provide excellent services. 2.0 JOB COMMENCEMENT/ LOCATION The work Environment will be within the work metropolis of Taggart Construction Limited Canada. You are to report immediately to the Human Resource Manager (Mr. Robert Wallace) upon arrival to conclude prospects of orientation and other logistics. 3.0 SALARY INDICATION YOU WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE BASIC SALARY OF $7,450:00 USD (Seven thousand four hundred and fifty United States Dollar) Basic (after Tax) MONTHLY.
4.0 ALLOWANCES/ ENTITLEMENTS Hazard/Inconveniences: $650 .00 dollar (Monthly) Car Maintenance: $600.00 dollar (Monthly) House & Furnishings:$ 2,000 dollar (Yearly) Entertainment & Recreation: 450.00 dollar (Monthly) Travel & Events: $750.00 dollar (Monthly) 5.0 PAID LEAVE PERIOD/ TRAVEL * You are entitled to 2months Paid Leave which can be taken once at a time or 2weeks apart from one different period. *You will receive 4500.00 Dollar Take home for each leave Period. *Employer for each Inter-continental trip shall pay 950.00 Dollar flat rate travel/entertainment Allowance to employee. Travel shall be by
business class/first class. *Employer shall also take care of employees' travel ticket including that of employees' Family only on employee's early notification to employer and as shall be requested by Employee. 6.0 EXPENSES BEFORE TRAVEL BY EMPLOYEES Expenses made/incurred by the employee related to job before commencement of duties or Expenses made during Travel Plans, Processing of Travel Particulars (Visa) and Work Resident permit will be substantiated with receipts and Employer will reimburse the Employee not later than Five (5)working days after submission of Employee's expense Report and Receipts as proofs of such Expenses .(after one week of arrival to job location)We however reimburse fully all Travel costs and Expenses made by Employee. On no account will Employer accept to shoulder costs for Travel Expenses, Processing of Visa, and Work/Resident Permit Papers of Employee before Work sign-on. This is to possibly evade losses that may be accrued to Employer should Employee decide to decline Job offer after certain Expenses must have been made by Employer due to similar past experience. This agreement hereby binds Employer and Employee in that reimbursements will be made fully to Employees upon presentation of Expense Reports and Receipts of Expenses. The first one month benefit shall be paid in advance before a one month orientation Program i.e. before any employee of (Taggart Construction Limited Canada,) come down to his/her duty post officially, this is to enable Taggart Construction Limited Canada staff settle all domestic needs on arrival. As such no excuses will be entertained on assumption of duty relating to default. Payment of one month benefit is also geared towards making sure that all employees have enough money in his/her Bank account as the Canada Expatriates Financial Statutory Law would demand (CAEFSL). 7.0 SAFETY & SECURITY Safely and Security (Local / Foreign) and Facilities on Job Locations and communities are no small issues, and have been seriously considered to ensure and assure hitch free operations, all workers are entitled to security both at work locations & Residential Quarters All operations on Job Location are designed to adhere strictly to the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy. You are entitled to a free and mandatory safety course on Job Locations to be delivered by qualified safety and environment experts.
8.0 FEEDING & ACCOMMODATION. Newly recruited staff of Taggart Construction Limited Canada, (You) will reside at the company's Staff estate. There are Single Bed-room and Flat options to choose from. You shall eat at the staff canteen free of charge as there are dietary options for vegetarians and non vegetarians. 9.0 MEDICAL EXPENSES. We will provide you with comprehensive Health care and Medical checkup. During the one Month training program the employee will undergo series of medical test Such as HIV Test, Malaria test, Yellow Fever and Tuberculosis to reconfirm the medical report conducted to secure Visa approval. 10.0 OFFICE ASSETS TO BE PROVIDED BY EMPLOYER Computer resources: Laptop Computer, 1.6 GHz Processor, 256 MB RAM,24XCD-RW, 30GB Hard Drive, Floppy Drive, Integrated Network Adapter, Internal 56K Modem, Spare Battery and Necessary Software. Full time Internet access is also made available. Phones: Employer will provide each employee with one (1) land-line and one (1) mobile Telephone. This shall have a reasonable credit limit application per month. 11.0 PROCUREMENT OF YOUR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS Upon thorough review and acceptance of this Contract Package, You are to immediately contact The Canada Embassy in India Diplomat Adams Philip who will instruct and give you the requirements and cost details of processing your Visa and Work/Resident permits documents. (Free travel ticket to be provided by the Company) Taggart Construction Limited Canada, have mandated reliable Embassy senior officers to assure immediate visa processing for all appointed applicant coming from China, India, Pakistan and Meddle East Region to avoid delay causes by visa processing long protocol are cut short for this purpose. On this note you are requested to follow any instruction giving to you by the Respected Diplomat officer of the Embassy, when applying for visa. 12. SPORSORSHIP AND SCHOLARSHIP. The Company maintains a policy to give study scholarship to one child of our staffs. This study Scholarship is to assist our work staffs give quality education to one of their Children with the Prospect of working with our Company in the future or any other place of choice so decided by the Scholarship beneficiary as part of our social responsibility to our staffs in appreciation to quality service delivery for the progress of our Company over the years. 13. TERMINATION OF EMPLOYEMNT AGREEMENT.
*Termination of Resignation: The employee terminates this agreement by given the employer six months prior written notice of resignation. *Termination on Retirement: This Agreement shall be terminated by the employees Voluntary Retirement that retirement shall be effective on the last day of any fiscal year, provided that the effective date of retirement by the employee gives six months written notification to the Employer. * Termination on Disability (1) if during the period of employment, the employee becomes unable due to mental or physical illness or injury to perform his/her duties under this agreement in his / her normal regular manner, This agreement shall be terminated: (2) the employer has advised the employee that it currently maintains disability insurance for all it employees during the term of this agreement. The employer shall maintain disability Insurance covering the employee on terms and condition no less favorable than the terms and conditions in effect at the date of this agreement signing between employer and employee. *Termination upon death: If the employee dies during the period of employment, this agreement shall be terminated. You are responsible for Visa charges that are required for the process of your Visa in your Country, while Taggart Construction Limited is responsible for your air-ticket, as we cannot pay for Visa for applicant that are not actually ready to travel to avoid unwanted loss of company finance. If the details of this appointment is good for you, be serious to secure your Visa as soon as possible and let us know your date to travel, for us to book your flight ticket after you might have send us your Visa Number. Due to the sky-scraping number of applicant that we have on our database, all appointed applicants are given nine (10) days to comply with every requirement demanded by the Embassy to get their VISA. All employee that are unable to meet the ten (10) days deadline given will automatically be disqualified with all personal information deleted from our database for employment and replacement with more serious applicants on the waiting list for consideration. CONTACT DETAILS DIPLOMAT: CHESTER BROWN VISA PROCESSING AND APPROVAL DEPARTMENT CANADIAN EMBASSY NEWDELHI INDIA TEL: +919654624048
EMAI: visaprocessingoffice@caembassy.org
Be sure to submit the following: *Your Full Name; *Current Address; *Country of Residence and Nationality; *Your Mobile no;*Job Ref No; To the Canada Embassy Personnel, a copy of your Contract Documents has been forwarded to the Embassy for Visa Approval. 12.0 ADDITIONAL SERVICES Recreational/Sports Facilities shall also be made available at the disposal of all expatriates with no expenses to be incurred. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service will also be made Available to all Expatriates by the company's laundry and dry cleaning unit. PLEASE BE SURE YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE CONDITIONS ATTACHED TO THIS JOB OFFER BEFORE YOU CONTACT THE OFFICER IN CANADA HIGH COMMISSION FOR YOUR VISA PROCESSING AND TRAVEL DOCUMENTS. Regards
Dr. Moen Kelly
Employment Managing Director Officer Taggart Construction Limited www.taggartconstruction.com Warning; this soft copy has a master copy, do not change the details therein.
Savin varghese
Thu, 11 Jul 2013 12:55 EDT
hai, i got a job offer from Mceco medical group.they told me that visa and airticket will provide by them and also they told me to deposit 800 CAD .in that 575 is for my registration in nursing council in canada and 225 is for processing.they told me one mr.Ronald molsberry is doing all these work.he is the director general of canadian embassy in newdelhi.is it genuine or fake? Please clarify my doubts?
Thu, 11 Jul 2013 06:02 EDT
true or fake
Hello Venkat Ramanan,

Regarding your two years working visa processing for work in Canada with Canadian Fisheries Company,Make a print out of the attached Visa Application form,fill it with pen,scan and send it back by email attachment along with the application fee.By filling the application form,applicant is entitle to pay a total processing fee of Rs.16,000.00/- INR.

VISA FEE: 7,000.00/-INR

Find bellow the office correspondent account for deposit of your visa processing fee of Rs.16,000/- :-

Bank Name: Bank Of India
Account Name: Vinod Kumar Sharma
Account No: 604510110009057
Pan No: EEJPS4491J
Ifsc Code: BKID0006045

Deposit the visa processing fee of Rs.16,000/- ONLY and send a scan copy of the bank deposit receipt along with your international passport scan copy and the visa application form dully filled with two passport-size photographs via email attachment to enable process your 2 years working visa.

Kindly note down the following details:-

*The processing of your two years working visa will take 8 working days from the date of application.

*There is "NO" interview needed from you,Canadian Fisheries Company have signed your invitation with LMO" you are qualify grantee for 2 years Canadian working visa endorsement.

*As soon as your visa processing is completed,i will inform you to come over to the office along with a hard copy of your international passport for final visa stamp in your passport.

*Your air ticket will be send by the company as soon as your visa is ready.you will have to come to the office after your visa processing is completed.

Kindly download the attached file to see the visa application form,fill it as directed scan and send it back by email attachment.

If you have any question call me on: +91-9711527115

Barrister Fabian Grimandi, B.Sc.,LL.B
Canadian Immigration Legal Representative,
VISA/PERMIT DEPARTMENT Work Visa, Family Visa, Travel Visa Business Visa, Study & Holiday Visa.
Address: Indian/Canadian immigration legal representative, 7/8,Shanti Path,Chanakya Puri,New Delhi,Delhi 110021.

please reply v_ramanan@rocketmail.com
Thu, 11 Jul 2013 03:40 EDT
Fake or Real Offer Letter
Please confirm me that the below job offer is true or false to my email(raamgee@yahoo.co.in)

Canadian Fisheries Company

E - Mail your CV to (canadianfisheries@admin.in.th)

The Canadian Fisheries, Recruitment team has reviewed your CV / Resume posted, the management seek to your response on a Job opportunity, we are looking for new members to fill the available positions in our company.

Post of Fish Packers, Cleaners and Labourers. And below are the details

1.Type of Job- Fish Picking & Packaging 2.Cleaners and Labourers.


1. Accommodation - Provided by company.
2. Ticket to Canada - Provided by company (Including during Vacation).
3. Medical - Provided by company.
4. Transportation - Provided by company.
5. Working hours - 8a.m - 5p.m [Mon--Fri]
6. Vacation - 28.5 days every year
7. Salary - US$15 per hour
8. Contract - 2 years.
9. Over time - US$20 per hour
10.Insurance & Pension - According to Canadian Labour laws.

And other related disciplines. Condition /Salary Indication:
(A) 10,000.00 – 15,000.00 USD depending on qualifications and experiences negotiable.

Do you have a dream working in Canada? E-mail your cv to (canadianfisheries@admin.in.th) for more details you may wish to call undersigned for urgent response!

Thanks & Regards,
Canadian Fishing Company
Head Office Suite 1800 - 1067 West Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1C7 Canada.

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