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Holy See (Vatican) flag Embassy of the Holy See (Vatican) in London

Address54 Parkside
London SW19 5NE
United Kingdom
Phonelocal: (020) 8944.7189
international: +44.20.8944.7189
Faxlocal: (020) 8947.2494
international: +44.20.8947.2494

Comments on this Embassy

onstance Lucia Lammerts
Sun, 8 Oct 2017 15:48 EDT
Site Mail for Mayor successor Eberhard van der Laan, Custodial Counselor Citizen in Distress '' Unsubscribed, dd 7-10-2017

Dear Mrs. Shahsavari,

In the past, J Cohen, then Mayor of Amsterdam, handed over many letters about a crime case, of which I was a whole family of Lammerts victims up to the present and I had no suspicion that he was involved in the person himself for private profit maximization by damaging their "death deadly" series, brought to the Internet, "to my person our family, series murders at Lammerts House and appeared in commission (Orange, The Hague, Europa Group, Kim Wall, Youi , Faber, related), such as radio stations and neighbors neighborhoods, Andree van Es, assured me that came with details that I only knew was home decorative house, history (Orange set a century behind that family for their harem ") modest body characteristics, etc. He has been in her bed "" has been in her house, "said the comments of the citizen ppeye wachters. He would have kept my person in possession of the keys of all addresses for rape, to describe his "will" with publicity as "gastric pumping" for which the sheath was taken out " Worse business has guilty '' Captain Seguiduille '', apart from Petty Citizen Citizen Lammerts why I wrote him. No Safehouse No Care, No Report, No Attorney. Immediately after his steps, I wrote E van der Laan. However, he did not appear to be a better mayor for torture victim undersigned mw C.LLammerts, victim of genital mutilation illegal operations ", where neighbors with government staff participate in money, relinquish care to my citizen, after many times by neighbors from the house to be driven out of money, 8 x (facebook call: "she must be homeless") and what's worse, the crimes committed by Cohen to our person and our family and being responsible for being run by ppeye watch public in the same line by: J.Cohen committed the crimes, the set crime structures and networks in commission with E van der Laan. Fortunately, I can try again as soon as I know who's the successor.

an agent from Nijmegen reported that it is necessary for certified crimes for the crimes that I am victims to be (certified examples) Madsen / Kim Wall, digital, financial investigation TOR internet black death engager''Ruby was raped on the U3boat by Madsen , in address my person)

cinema del la morte''portals totes fenster with Beatrix, Merkel '' Huis ter Heide ''

Stulpkerk '' and dominican remonstrants WTC -Meerburg '' hedgefunds '' family Ad Prince ''muddywaters together Prince de Vos/vicar Abraham van Raalte interconnected :''fentuschi women mutilators, see internet violence, murder, mutilation, burn '' women Madsen vicar Joost Röselaers '' back to the mill '' engager, BBCtalksport, 8-10-2017

--back stages enager ''
vicar Joost Röselaers '' twealfth round ',' put up a phallus show '' with Meerburg WTC

'' caste diva chant '' connected Stulpkerk '' Friso, Beatrix, the Oranges who turn public in their murder play '' -
Crone Predikant Joost Röselaers leaves London to become general secretary to be handy boss'

Connected Friso '' Return of Jack the Ripper, BBC Talksport '' Driver She's No Good '', With Chalice '', My Person Engager Lettuce '/ Badr Hari -VU Entire Building Shitted On The Family Juicy Funnel VU / Haroon Sheikh Connected' ' BBC talksport 8-10-2017 'Huis ter Heide' / patschula '' '' friso grave with hatch '', engager '' friso met rot op ''!, BBCtalksport 7-10-2017 '' 'Merkel, Beatrix mit der Peitsche geben '' tunes Merkel '', undersigned financier U3 boat Peter Madsen where mutilated parties were held for sadist ceo bankers related Joost Roselaers.
Hotel lÉuropa '' by BBC talk called '' Prostitute in bed burned '' rapists footballclub undersigned, kidnapping and comarape for ''fakedeath'' '' by neighbors driven around inlaid city council employees, allowing cannibal for two centuries appointed by radio france a fautes as such 8-10-2017 Orange let folk share the Lammerts family other people in issues, issues, profit 'live free bait prey Lammert's family' 'a century of bandwidth ppeye confusion with our family there was laid for death, before Orange sadists brought torture as a fun show-leave the good ones out.

As indicated

Yours sincerely

Ms C.L.Lammerts, MA., MA.MA, BA

Vinkenstraat 127


on radio France a Fautes was informed on 7-10-2017 that the gendarmerie was very angry '' furieux '' on the city council '' and showed that they know that Theo Van Heuft Yab Yum has become very rich from Conny '' my call name-from exploitation sex kidnapping practices and headpiece Lammerts play Oranjemord game, where the names of Eimert and Middendorp are connected. '' Oranjes said that the editors have been using cannibal practice since two centuries, including 'cold cases'

Subject: FW: Sitemail for Mayor Eberhard van der Laan
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2013 18:43:05 +0200
Dear Editors,
In Amsterdam, very serious forms of (gomorrah) crime, abuse against which the government does not engage in the media. Victims are giving them a crush (flashlight botomy, suicide), and powders, criminals get all chances to continue their totes Fenster Getrieb. (ie women are being exploited on the Internet on the Internet / placed in the window, with ordering options). I am myself a victim. My Article 12 was rejected. There would be "no links". Points of arrival (including my ex-neighbors, for which I moved 7x), proof of duty; declarations; names of high-ranking people are called army, diplomats, judges, etc.), which are just abundant. My advocate previously did not get through (interests, policies) Please read the information I previously sent to Nieuwsuur, E. van der Laan, spread this, you may save lives. Graga an interview, I'll take my art 12, or send it in advance. This is a public affair and serves a public interest that may not disappear in the thief.
mw. C.L.Lammerts, known as the name, chip ollanda, lady sharia, lady machete, bullock, etc.

enforcers on court action catchaturian;

-One friends, our legal courier info: let the facts be irreversible; keep the facts unbreakable, with the cooperation of the Netherlands, "you can not report, you have to keep track of yourself," "to be able to continue with the Kim Wall's and Fabers Yoei after Lammerts serial murders-

not for poker poker 'BBCtalksport van der Laan a fentuschi mutilation engager' '

, Amanda Terlouw quote''am with my back against the wall '' agents '' heu '' we will be blamed forever for that lady. Deliver me that good mayor. OK

news hour / nos / tv / desmet debate 1-1-2013. I sent this mail to J. v. Orange, Emmer, but it is also important to you. Are you going to bring the jailbreak prostitution story of 2013.
topic: direct news lines to the people /
The following news about abuse victims in chess boxes (shreds) plays among the people, but is not brought. How can that exist? Does the people wonder.
Why do not you get news about the state chalk / dungeon: Vinkenstr.127, Amsterdam / casa del la morte, where I martyr, catchaturian / serial machete 2007, today / internet / facebook persona snatching / robbery (billions of sales: black bloodblock fee / picked up for my shadow lives, nicknames: supernanny; hafbo, frau im zimmer; allegria, olympia, kiekeboe, god's holy mission, altarpiece, krepkije etc.) / cinema del la morte / botomiemoord victim of the undersigned is detained This news is played in Amsterdan, the Netherlands and worldwide.
People's Outings: Everyone walks with that woman on bag (social drug, Jevgenjidonut, snoopy service bonbon); Everybody knows that they are machete; Everyone has seen the bullock force, badeloch etc. Everyone knows that the int mafia has collected 800miljard worldwide (shadow banking) worldwide; Everyone knows that the woman is completely taken care of, does not get a voice; Everyone knows that she can not report to rob her completely, not to create a precursor for the next chess victims, etc.
The media have been contacted for many years. Is there betrayal of the people and pierced card.

Joost van Oranje you participated in the conversation today in Desmet 13.00-14.00. Why do not you want to make a change in this horrible Dutch horror abuse of forced prostitution practices that put women (I) behind their neighbors (for their neighbors) to be harassed on the internet. Which police do not want to report, victims and under to hold on, and to let it down. However, (Raampoort 19-12-2012) showed concrete information about all information: that woman survived 700,000 botomiesteken; in an old top cutter.
I've been fighting for justice since 2000. Why do you keep this information in view. Do not you sometimes want to stop this life-threatening abuse, exploitation (forced prostitution). Do you sometimes want democracy the rule of law, human rights do not serve.
Do not want to be in control, be corrective for government deregulation / mismanagement rule of law? While the Desmet program recognizes that this is important for (government) behavioral changes. What are you waiting for? And, above all, explain what you mean to people. Who do you have about it? Please welcome your message.
mw. C.L.Lammerts
I would like to provide you with some recent publications for information:
the police collaborate with the criminals; The police lied that it's a webcam hunter; how can we see her here she does not have any webcam for herself, that woman is being abused by everybody; no declaration of emergency regulation; to isolate in isolation to be able to rape her; the police put themselves in this area for injustice; The police work with the victim's structural rape (Mrs. C.L.Lammerts) The government is her biggest bitter; (agents 31-12-2012) the government wants to beat a slaughter from her; The government only improves the structures for the criminals; Dutch waterloo, national echec; The police have completely thrown themselves into their own lies. Such are obviously their assignments.
Where are you? You do not want to be discriminatory, together with the agents to fight against the people to keep the maladministration of government golden chickens / whitewash malversations (knew Theodoor Hollman) / Botomiesta starreur from the news.
Invite me to a conversation. This has to be brought to the news, you will take your responsibility in this in 2013

The people have been waiting for it long enough. You know!

From: bezoeker@amsterdam.nl
To: chrisl4tance@hotmail.com
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2013 15:06:22 +0000

hereafter my mail to van der Laan 2013 typed by BBC Sport is guy proceeds my chante 'king king' code, guy chop congenial Job Cohen '' guy she makes malicious, with guy that will she regret G Bouwman '' miss dynamite engager, engager ichy go part with which Kim Wall, Faber was embedded.
Subject: Citizen mail for Mayor Eberhard van der Laan


Inline image 1

Mail to Mayor Eberhard van der Laan






Vinkenstr. 127

Zip or Postal Code






Your message

Dear mayor,

I would like to report to you about serious violence through (ex) neighbors (drying, kidnaping, naked, tulle wrapped in a water bath launch in Artis (/ Sea lion basin and on the internet under the Badeloch section, whose person is behind me , interferes at all of my locations OBA, Artis, Pool, Vondelpark, Surrounding House .. Oba / Amsterdam Security Officers Know. She and many other eyewitnesses have contacted for reporting and are concerned how they may still be. walking around freely

It's a sad scandal. When I first suspected that I was caught (catchaturrian) by the (ex) neighbors filmed at home and worse, at that time I asked the Rivierenbuurt police to request a special heavier department. I did not get involved, as a result of stalking, mental terror and movies and other seriously serious crimes (serial machete / coup-belt 2007-2012, bullock, illegal operations AMC, OLVG, botomy attacks) simply under your predecessor and you.

I just received a message from an agent from Nijmegen that it is necessary for certified crimes for the crimes I am victims of (crimes, digital, financial investigations). Again, I ask you to call me a desk where they report, of the following and subsequent horror crimes (catchaturrian, machete, cyber, coma, bullock lady, lardo al mundo: 1800 billion picked up / persona snatching robbery money, also known as to be classified as casa del la morte (cinema del la morte) by the Internet audience, whose worldwide declaration was made worldwide.

Why do you continually expand the crimes; why do not I get recognition, I do not get medical forensic research, let me go through all those injuries and injuries, there is no mercy and compensation.

Please send your immediate message of receipt.

mw. C.L.Lammerts

Vinkenstr.127, 1013 JP Amsterdam


ps the badeloch showed me in the OBA, at the computers when he was next to me, 14-12-2012 to show the images on the computer, whose bus drivers confirmed the taxi's when I was driving home you I recognized my own body. That woman who launches them in the water I am. He who showed me the images stagnates me from 31-10-2012. I do not know him completely.

Never gave me permission for drying, kidnapping, dressing as a whore dressing naked in black tulle for internet operation. It's about one of the serious crimes, such as those committed to me, whose internet followers tell the neighbors to open the door for those criminals.
Roepers scream toute le monde sais, machete curatais. Everybody knows that machete is curated.
In that case, it will not be possible to report. Is that actually correct? If yes, that still applies.
In that case, do you want to show me the documents, which the decisions (which have been taken back to mitigate my legal position and give my life to psychopate powders / criminals, to make me run loose).
NB The following information was provided to me by insiders:

Ajax has handled the coup belt: Badar Hari has been injured to keep Ajax out of control. ; that I am under the cancers for which I unwilling to get treatment to suicide me because I do not yet care about 750,000 botom sticks. Window conveyors know about it. I catchaturrian are victims of blackmail pitches, for the taxes, radio bbksport 8-10-2017, Laan exploit man strive '' related dem sel '', has laid a big deal with light as a feather '', allmost death overdose '' according to BBctalksport 8-10-2017
Tue, 29 Aug 2017 16:09 EDT
Greetings POPE.FRANCIS, ambassador we are firm of architecture structural electrical engineer and mechanical engineer we are interested in export and import contract thanks PRESIDENT SAAGE RINO CONSULTING ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED,CCR DUNS NUMBER. 850459371. 6323 LUZON AVENUE N.WEST WASHINGTON DC.20011.APT 211
Robert John Bennett
Thu, 8 Dec 2016 16:36 EST
For the Nuncio:

The Vatican excludes homosexuals from the seminaries (https://goo.gl/5cThQe). Fine, but what is it doing to protect priests like Father Matthew Despard, who exposed rampant homosexual behavior in the Church in Scotland and has since been persecuted for it in the Diocese of Motherwell. Is this another example of the hypocrisy that is the cause of the rot in the Church during Bergoglio's horrific pontificate?

With prayers that the Mother of God, Destroyer of Heresies, will destroy all of Bergoglio's heresies now undermining the Church,

Robert John Bennett
2 Chronicles 6:36-39 King James Version (KJV)
Thu, 7 Apr 2016 21:08 EDT
36 If they sin against thee, (for there is no man which sinneth not,) and thou be angry with them, and deliver them over before their enemies, and they carry them away captives unto a land far off or near;

37 Yet if they bethink themselves in the land whither they are carried captive, and turn and pray unto thee in the land of their captivity, saying, We have sinned, we have done amiss, and have dealt wickedly;

38 If they return to thee with all their heart and with all their soul in the land of their captivity, whither they have carried them captives, and pray toward their land, which thou gavest unto their fathers, and toward the city which thou hast chosen, and toward the house which I have built for thy name:

39 Then hear thou from the heavens, even from thy dwelling place, their prayer and their supplications, and maintain their cause, and forgive thy people which have sinned against thee.

King James Version (KJV)
Public Domain
Wed, 23 Sep 2015 22:42 EDT
Religious Persecution Against us by Egyptian agents for over 32 years in America
“If one member suffers, all suffers together, if one member is honored, all rejoice together.” 1Corinthians 12:26

Dear Ambassador of the Vatican

I am a Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Egypt. My brother Baheg and I have been persecuted by Egyptian government for our Christian Faith. And in America its Egyptian agents have been systematically persecuting us. The Egyptian agent are Muslim militants ant-Christians. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has been covering-up said Egyptian agents for over thirty (30) years and even now. My brother Baheg and I have under siege by Egyptian agents for all these years until now. In Egypt, the Egyptian agents killed many members of my family. They set my brother Mamdoh up in a car incident which hit him and killed him. Before that they killed my father when the physician injected him with poison and died promptly. Egyptian agents killed my uncle Sarabana Shaker by poisoning the tea he drank. My nephew, Dr. Nashat Bistawros, M.D. was killed by poisoning his drink in a hospital.
The Egyptian government is responsible for the murder of Egyptian Christians, the kidnaping of Christian girls, rape, and forced to convert to Islam, the burning down of churches & shops of Christians, false imprisonment and torture of innocent Christians, and daily oppression of Christians to give up their Christian faith. The Egyptian agents are Muslim militants, anti-Christians. And they operate under the umbrella of the Egyptian Embassies and Consulates in America and around the world. Some of the Egyptian Government’s (though Egyptian agents) Crimes against Us in America are:
Attempt to murder me by poisoning my food while in Egypt;
• The poison of eye-drops to cause blindness/loss of vision;
• Tapping of our telephone line & using listening devices and hidden cameras at home;
• Daily practice of witchcraft against us. They communicate with evil spirits causing irritation, physical pain & sleeplessness;
• Creating financial hardship by obstructing employment even free food.
The Egyptian government has Egyptian agents who infiltrated the FBI and The police has been covering up its illegal activities in the U.S. We are suffering in silence.Please pray for us, and help us to break this bondage and share our story with others. God bless you Thank you.
Sincerely, Samuel Bistawros
1793 Ivy Court
Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 USA

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