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American flag Embassy of the USA in Kuala Lumpur

Address376 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Phonelocal: (03) 2168.5000
international: +60.3.2168.5000
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Lala Rukh
Thu, 25 Dec 2014 10:36 EST
Merry Christmas
Hello everyone
Wishing you a Merey Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year.
May this season wonderful for all of my Christians Brothers and Sisters.
Lala Rukh
Melly joe(Indonesia)
Sat, 29 Nov 2014 22:52 EST
Needed More informations system checking from KUL.

our usually confused about past checking in airport, must alls problems there.

if would you be pleasure give us more informations what/not/must savety free to our not borrow /take way something ,hopes not get problems and not mistake to us ,because our must get quickly travelling bussiness in anothers country.thank you
melly joe ( Indonesia)
Sat, 29 Nov 2014 22:28 EST
Between trusth or liers
Dear alls readders,

that's confused in KUL, if our talk trush ,them assumstions our liers so musch...if our give alls acctuality our have likes as our make them likes foolish...and not give to next travelling, get alls ours important bussiness letters and must paid them IDR Rp.2@25.000.000,-....We first times travelling personals outsides from our country,not informations in new places.but, want to put ours in Jails if not paid them...what's the meanning..please give open alls informations alls with media public or something to us know more specially in procedures in yours (alls country..)
Melly Joe*AF**ID*
Fri, 28 Nov 2014 00:47 EST
Want to Alls Women Put investigations same Pictupppppre the crims..
Hai...I melly joe.want alls women have crimes maybe gate alls picuters them crimes,,please saw this to alls saw then who is it ,and if another have get it can. Be share togethers and add inform..too..tks
Melly Joe
Wed, 26 Nov 2014 06:25 EST
Want to Embassy Help to my bestfriend in security KL.
Hi..I am Melly Joe, wanna get help from embassy USA , my friends from USA, yesterday and this day stayed in security office KL, only misstake informations about firsttime travelling to Indonesia, and Transit In KL, security get alls his documents and 2(cheques) and ask HIM MONEY LAUNDRY..This alls his borrow alls to thinking be easy open banking in Indonesia.Their are account hisself..But security KL ask alls investigations and must pay IDR.Rp.58.000.000, to get free checking letters for next country .or must back in his place whom his Work /jobs again..((That's contract work was finish alla) why must back again for there?))..our was try to be best But KL, nothing wanna Know, must pay likes them want..This is problems our wanna know that's is pinformations or new Procedure/system to give alls massengers?and still like as until saw document and give aount to pay like KL want?or what? We wanna know alls and we can make be carefully to next travelling in KL((.hopes be Fun and enjoy )).please helps yours peoplesfrom USA,from his problems now..immediatelly..thank you..
Sun, 2 Nov 2014 01:52 EDT
Mohon bantuan
Yth. Bapak donatur. Aku adalah seorang pedagang yg bangkrut setahun belakangan ini. Sekarang terlilit hutang yang sangat banyak. Aku berharap Bapak mau membantu untuk melepaskan aku dari hutang. Dan juga mohon bantuan dana untuk modal berdagang kembali. Ini nomor hpku Pak 081374653455 Aku tunggu jawaban dari Bapak
Sat, 20 Sep 2014 01:35 EDT
Can a person purchase a airline ticket for a family member?
My question is, can I purchase a ticket for someone in Malaysia and have them pick it up at the KUL airport, without complications?
kweeting Sam
Sun, 24 Aug 2014 14:53 EDT
Hello, fully radiated I am with irritations of
the presses of the 'sleepy button' disturbances from time to time of my living of my daily
passing life. The right is given to this person
in control of my awakeness has been the horrible
situation going through hell with her? controls.
The test of intelligence on me has been prolonging to more than three years now with
thrills of psycho wonders. I beg there is no one
should be of my match after such given freedom
to have me tested with a fully radiated situation. Thus, this prolonged subject is either to intense the going to be prostitutes
female workers or the US is using me for
some kind of project mission which I still demand a prior permission in written form and
specification and clarification of what is going on as to keep on using the psychological field
to make wonder so many wonderous things I just
need to know if there is any sexual affairs on going without the proper rites that could be classified as 'sexual scandal', I am indeed saddened to have known my marriage proposal to
the illegalities of local standing of this
sexual circumstances still is hanging on after
I told him, the radiation staff I have met
before that I wish to marry him as an unmarried person before shortly the whole project
was only begining. After seeing the movie
'Lone Survivor', I could recall the extend of
my be able of known self in related how exposed
could be to the radiation circumstances in the
activating reaction of the DVD. I felt so
electrifying in my physical internals and wonder
if that is what has been keeping to come forward to meet my Dad,
Uncle Sam@Sam Hai Ching as at our house at
9 Jalan SS2/5, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Darul Ehsan, where the Radiation Center is suspected to be located at means with the
Taman Bahagia Lrt Station across where I guess
the Area's Kampung Tunku MP never has it so good
by in control of my house and family where it
has been leading to many downturns of the country
situation such as suspecting shooting circumstances and as of other death incidents and
threats in relations. All of these politicians
are ever so so snobbish! I want to take legal action where I am so broke and 'they would finally
get it anywhere' in years to come. What is so
deeply regrettable is I could not believe those
were of supportive of me in friendship before
have turned to be so conical in seeing me
suffers. Mahathir was dong fine with his
Look East Policy and okal, too beyond after that. But, when LKY brought his team of PAP
to join DAP, the child-branch, there is nothing
the Look East Policy could do when Malaysia
needs to practice the main rite, that is get
indulge in prostitution progression where prior
to PAP's union, locals don't see Prostitution as
an leisure entertainment but a discriminated characteristics that an individual would find it
hard to live by if caught. What has become of
Malaysia in this look down affair before, as of
this 'sperm swabbing' implementation on each
man I encounter as to let me know of the situation
through the radiations and it is really of the
this 'new' government destroying the Malaysia's
beautiful spiritual culture of the traditional
descended village life, also now in means of
tolerance in order not to be wiped off completely
of the locals, as of them with North Korean recognition in the country's practice of diplomatical relations with them, as of my
belated uncle, Sam Chui Seng's first wife who died
when my uncle and her of her Hon (Han) family surname background married when my Uncle was in his early youth whom he later married a Lee when he was 40 and he died recently at age of 82 two years ago. Hon's younger sister married my second uncle,
Sam Chui Choy who both husband and wife of my
personal witness had passed away where my
uncle passed away when Hon gave birth to second baby
and she died recently in 2011 at the early age of 70+. Should I be punished with the radiations test where as member of The Sams and Hons, and Lees/Liews and Foo/Teoh and Chans/Tan/Chin/Chern', who I could claim generators of the Malaysian economy in perhaps in a book, how could I be harmed like that where I paid every single cent in SIU-C, Illinos and did not missed any credit hours or commit any crimes. The Mainlanders I mixed with was not unknown to MARA or other Chinese students. If the hand that has been pressing the remote controls on me is not so irritating, I won't care to complain. Again, I have not done any crime against The United States of America throughout my 54 years of living and I just can't believe I must be killed just because I am not highly sexed with any Americans before and I horribly shocked that the Americans are so blinded off with this philosophy on me where Sex is being used as a weapon to cause accusation on me to have wiped off my history of my life and existence in The States and Malaysia. Even I am half-dead, and sick with an illnes of weakness, The States must not
discriminate me like that in order to make use of me for expanding projects as to the notion that my 'good virtues' family background of a
traditional bone practice grandfather background
is not still valued because I did not make
the valued sex of Americans - as yet I am still
longing - it does not make sense, 'Sir' to have me in control by strangers without prior
explanations. The Embassy really makes things so
so very difficult for my family and country.
Just stop to continue to do what is beyond the
moral standing of destruction to mankind where
no intended goodwill is should be bestowed on me. I have already declared my credentials with
MACEE and although I am not granted the chance to
see the Ambassador 'Acknowledgedly', no body has
no Right to just 'INVADE MY LIFE' in Malaysian
soil because like I say I am not a criminal neither I am a fugitive. I am being made an
'ordinarily individual', okal, but I hold a
blue I/C (ID) which is not illegal at all!
(k.p 600226-10-6166) and these criminalities on me
as of my lazered camera eyes and electrifying procedured radiated project on me is just
to be on a continuation just simply on me!
Stop! Please, do not make me commit suicide.
This is not Japan. Practicing Japanese industrialisation is already good enough! If you need further test on me, please 1/ give me a
formal letter of Specification of exactly what
LKY Government is doing on Malaysian soil to
a Malaysian of Malaysian ID 2/ do not make
use of the 'sperm swabbing' method to expand
Prostitution which has been long discriminated
and if it won't end, seeking Prostitution would be
a longing affair for every msn in Malaysia, which
is just a normal thing as the Japanese. That is all.
I hope The United States presence is better
guided after all my heartfelt explanation of
The Look East Policy Elements of its unknown
finalization when of the moment injected. It is
obvious this whole 'accussed highly sexed' threat
project can be halt for the peaceful mentalities
immediately, but God is NOT willing. How could that
be so? Hope to hear from The Embassy in formal
writings to be briefed of the normal day enquiry
request - 'What's happening'? Sorry, about the
length. I hope The Embassy has better understood
my stand in the highly tensed radiations activation project where I am not treated with courteous respect as to not to say being paid for the role of reacting as the testing animal similar to a rat. TK.
Impt. Notes:- Don't blame on my non-welcome back
arrival as it is so long ago in 1984. Just look
forward to practice the correct rites. After
following me for several years now, I am sure you
know the correct orders, Sir! thanks again. 'SAM'.
Thu, 21 Aug 2014 02:27 EDT
Bim Trung The Evil
The Vietnamise scammed BIM TRUNG, created another new a profile
In the Facebook beware !!!
Barb green
Sat, 26 Jul 2014 17:06 EDT
I met George Comstock on FB. He said he was from france and lived in Ga USA he got a bldg contract in Malaysia. Once there he had money problems with the govt and asked for help I sent money and when I had no more he asked me to accept money from his friends and send it to him in envelope as photos. Watch out for this guy he's smooth. Also his accent is East Indian but his French is beliveable

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