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Address376 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Phonelocal: (03) 2168.5000
international: +60.3.2168.5000
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Fri, 22 May 2015 19:36 EDT
Mark Lawson
This message is for Cynthia, be careful with that guy Mark Lawson, he has many open profiles all over USA with different names yahoo accounts and phone numbers, you will find him in different scam sites, if you can tell me how long you talks to him and which way he contacted you
Thu, 21 May 2015 03:18 EDT
Roybson David or David Roybson
This man sounds familiar although I think all these men scam women with promises of love, marriage and money. first contacts on Facebook in March 2014 Claimed he was from Houston, TX going to Malaysia for a contract to build a pipeline. Within 2 months he had asked me to marry him which I said no. Then said his equipment broke and needed to fix equipment and pay a fine. I sent him $3500 for equipment, taxes and help with lodging. I also accrued over $1500 just in cell phone calls within 5 months. When he approached me and said he could not complete the terms of the contract for$7,000,000.00 and if he paid the company $5000 and they would pay him half. Being an intelligent woman and finally opening my eyes I asked for verification of the contract and his identity. He was angry and said he loved me and had "never laid his nakedness next to another woman" since we began talking. He left me a voicemail crying a few days later that he was ill and in hospital. By that time I was hot on his tail and wanted to continue to continue to communicate hoping to get more info. I sent $200 via western union but to a friend who was picking it up on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning I got a call from Western Union saying the money was being returned as this was a fraudulent transaction. He knew the real person who was to receive the money and asked me questions I should know if we had a relationship. He asked his date of birth which I knew as 08/19/57. This gentleman said that there was no way this person was over 30 years of age and he stood outside and waited as others picked up his money. After that I was on a mission and I was going to play his game. I sent a copy of the contract he had sent to the company in Malaysia which is a very large international company. The contract was bogus of course. meanwhile he started trying to contact me again and calling. He cried and asked me to please buy him a ticket to Houston he just wanted to come home to me and his daughter. He even asked me if I was going to be waiting for him in Houston. I contacted a friend who is an executive in the airline industry and we came up with a plan. Bought him a ticket to leave Malaysia the next night, he was to change planes in Japan where we had someone to get on the next flight with him and I planned to be in Houston after being notified he'd made the next flight. Said he went to airline to get boarding pass and I was a liar there was no record of him on the manifest. Yet earlier that day he sent me a brief email saying he received the confirmation he loved me and he would see me in Houston. He never checked in or boarded that flight. Of course I was given a full credit by the airlines but was baffled why he never got on the plane. WHY?? because maybe he felt I would trust him as he was showing proof of his love and wanting to be with me.?? I suppose by booking him a flight helped and then he would blame me for a mix up and lying about the ticket. Also if you google Roy David or Roybson Kevin David it asks if you mean David Robson? underneath it also asked if it was David Roybson? Clicked on David Roybson and he was listed on 10 romance sites, all international as David Roybson not Roy David as I knew him. I have a plethora of information, names account numbers, phone numbers, photos ipo addresses and emails etc. The company in Malaysia forwarded what I had sent them to the embassy there and asked me to do the same.
Western Union sent me a form to take to local law enforcement to release whatever info and proof he had on this man. I went to the sheriff's dept with all my information I had amassed. sent to speak with a rather overweight, uninterested man claiming to handle cyber crimes. Left him the info, forwarded him the subpoena of info form from Western Union end of March. I have called and he is busy or not there and yet actually to speak with him or anyone else in local law enforcement. He didn't care, he treated me as if I was no victim here and pointed out several times that I was intelligent and I should take part of the responsibility by making a choice....the wrong choice.
My yahoo email was hacked into several weeks ago and I have been locked out. I got messages while trying to sign in claiming I was signing in from another country they did not recognize, I was on windows8.1 and now half my programs are now on vista in another language. Trying to actually get live help with yahoo is almost as difficult as a meeting with the Pope.
I have just forwarded all of my information to the FTC as those are truly the people that would handle these matters. This site says it is not operated by the Embassy and comments and questions will not necessarily be seen by staff. And if they prefer to delete my message it is neither a debate about foreign policy. I'm seeking help to locate a man who I know has scammed 2 other women and stating facts, as I know them.
Write your Congressman and Senator contact as many officials in whatever country you reside in. Let your voice be is in everyone's best interest!!
It is a sad day when, in what was once the greatest country in the world, I can be locked out of my yahoo email for weeks yet ISIS has no problem reaching hundreds of American recruits daily via social media and the internet.
If anyone here has encountered Roy David, Roybson Kevin David or David Roybson PLEASE LEAVE ME A MESSAGE HERE! Some may take this lightly as there are comments I've read from men & women blaming us women for being desperate and vulnerable but I have a male friend who was scammed by a female. And who knows ANY OF THESE PEOPLE could be terrorists especially if they are seeking passage to the USA. I love my country and had this man boarded this flight and committed a terrorist act I wouldn't have been able to live with myself.
Thank you and hope to get a reply here from someone that have any info on this man I seek.
elisa agustina
Fri, 15 May 2015 06:22 EDT
butuh dana buat sekolahkan adik-adik saya,dan buat modal usaha,,,tolonng kami.....
Selamat siang,,,,
Hallo sebelumnya saya mau perkenalkan nama saya,,
Nama saya Elisa agustina,saya wanita umur 25 tahun,saya 5 bersaudara dan saya anak paling tua…. Orangtua saya sudah meninggal,hanya ibu saya yang yang sudah tua saya punya dan adik adik saya sekarang… saya hanya bekerja karyawati dan penghasilan saya tidak seberapa dibanding semua kebutuhan ini…..
Mungkin sangat konyol atau anda akan mengabaikan bahkan mungkin tidak membaca inbox saya ini,,tpi saya lakukan ini bukan semata-mata menipu atau apalah..saya orang baik baik dan saya Cuma tidak tahu harus bagaimana dan bagaimana menghadapi kebutuhan ini,saya rumah saja tidak punya,saya numpang sama tetangga,makanya saya beranikan untuk memberikan pesan anda lewat facebook ini,saya mohon benar-benar butuh bantuan anda,saya pengen adik-adik saya sekolah dan ibuku bisa sehat,tpi saya tidak punya uang untuk itu,saya punya gaji tapi tidak bisa buat bayar semua mungkin hanya lebih kecil dari semuanya,kadang untuk makan saja kami harus hutang-hutang dan kurang kurang,,
Tuan atau nyonya saya mohon bantuannyaa,berapapu­n nilai nominal yang anda berikan sangat saya terima saat ini,karna saya butuh banget,saya tidak tahu harus kemana lagi harus minta sama siapa lagii,dan saya yakin anda jika dalam posisi saya sangat bertangisan,tolongla­h saya,,supaya saya bisa melanjutkan sekolah adik-adik saya,,adik-adik nangis pengen sekolah…saya mohon dibantu tuan atau nyonya,saya yakin Tuhan pasti akan membalas semua kebaikan anda….
Ini bukan iklan ataupun pemerasan atau juga penipuan,,ini dalam dasar lubuk hati saya yang paling dalam,tolong saya,tolonglah kami,,saya manusia biasa,anggap saya saudaramu,,,please tolong saya,,berapapun bantuan anda saya akan menerima dengan sepuluh tangan saya…..terimakasih
Ini sebelum saya membuat pesan ini saya tadi coba buka rekening walopun uang dri pinjeman.
Ini no rekening saya 006801030089509 atas nama Elisa Agustina Bank BRI
1 Mei
Thu, 14 May 2015 15:46 EDT
Does anyone know anything about
Merina Anak Sampau or
David W Larocque?
How do I contact Basma or Mia?
Sandi Damico
Mon, 11 May 2015 10:28 EDT
Help they are going to kill him
He is a general contractor went to do a job after one week they wanted 20,000 more in taxes .he didn't have it they arrested him and took his clothes . Help before they kill him . He is a U.S. Citizen please. Help. Bruce Martin. Martin Bruce
Sandi damico
Mon, 11 May 2015 10:06 EDT
Begging for help. Urgent urgent
My friend went to Kuala Lumpur as a general contractor to build a gas statation. Him and his men started the job and after a weeks work he was told that he would have to give them another $50,000 for taxes . He did not have that kind of money so they stopped the job and put him in jail. They took his clothes expect for his underwars and told him he will not get out alive. He is in Kuala Lumpur. And is getting very sick, he is 69 years old. His name is Bruce Martin or Martin Bruce. They say they will kill him. He just wants to home to the U.S. Where he is a citizen, and has a 25 year old daughter. They will not let him write or USA his cel phone. Please I beg for your help. He will leave his equipment worth $50,000 for them to keep. They give him no food or water. Please help before they kill him.i am begging you to save his life. Or put me in touch with the people that can help. Me help him. There is no reason for them to kill him. This is urgent. I already had to send him $20,000 and have no more. I am begging you to help him. He is not a criminal.
Thu, 7 May 2015 13:18 EDT
Mark Lawson (60143308518 callers number)
got a call from this guy, saying that my bf had an accident on his way to the airport, since he stayed in the hospital & missed his flight, bf is going to need money for hospital bills & new plane ticket. I ask him to send me the name of the hospital ,phone number, what floor & room number bf was at . I asked him to take a pic of my alleged bf & send it to me. To make sure that we are talking about the same guy. I haven't heard from him since then. Haven't heard from the bf either.
Wed, 6 May 2015 19:19 EDT
Does this mean:
Merina Anak Sampau is a scammer. I don't understand. She's to be helping a friend of mine leave Malaysia.
Thu, 23 Apr 2015 01:15 EDT
I'm a victim of MALAYSIA SCAMS
I need help please. Is there any way can I reach Mia or Basma? I need help to report my story, Mia. Please contact me, thanks
Fri, 10 Apr 2015 10:38 EDT
I am in the same situation than Amy Coy, she could not described better , the name of the guy that i met is Mark Lawson email, phone number 315-944 0890,904-351-8803, the last number if you goggle it it will show Kuala Lumpur, the only thing that i can say that the Government of each Country should do something about it, most of the scammers are from Nigeria,Ghana and Malasya,you can't trust anyone anymore.... This guy took all my savings,they made you believe everything they tell you even if you are skeptical about it, they are so good on this.....shame on these people, they play with people feelings and finance.

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