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Balwant Rawat
Mon, 7 Aug 2017 07:44 EDT
Job Application - Embassy Driver
Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

I would like to apply for a position available at your Embassy. I have more than 10 Years experience as a private driver. I am available to give you more information on my profile.

Please contact me on:

Thank you very much and best regards,

Balwant Rawat
Sactions on Russia
Mon, 5 Sep 2016 10:17 EDT
Who do they really hurt??
Your govt is something else. Everything you do has some kind of sinister component to it. In fact you don't do anything without that sinister component, even when you "help", say tsunami victims.
As for the sanctions against Russia (as result of your orchestration of crisis in Ukraine), turns out you are not hurt at all, but your puppets in Europe. In fact Russia itself is not hurting at all (they have found new partners and sources)neither from your or European sanctions. Turns out that the Russian trade with USA before sanctions was $24B while now is $22B. How is it hurting Russia or you for that matter? On the other hand the Europeans have lost untold billions in lost exports to Russia (they don't know what to do with all that food etc they are producing)and are the ONLY ones that are paying the price of your aggression and march towards world hegemony at the point of your guns and bombs. Putin in his statement at G20 press conference dismissed USA as completely unimportant to Russia and he does not care one way or the other if you came to him with hat in hand (as Kerry does on weekly basis) to beg for forgiveness and cooperation.
By the way, watching Putin do that or any other press conference is like watching a real statesman, while your Obama and the rest of your govt are like watching bunch of lairs and fabricators. How low has your country sank on its way to self destruction as modern age Roman Empire. Poor Europe has still not realized that the only way to free themselves is to kick you out from their soil completely. It'll come sooner or later.
Do you think
Tue, 7 Jun 2016 17:44 EDT
they are scared?
So you assembled 85 countries to pretend they are attacking Russia, under the guise that you are defending Poland against the Russian attack. The biggest maneuver since you landed (conveniently when it was almost safe)on the beaches of Normandy. In fact the very day of its anniversary, you choose to pretend to attack Russia, the country that has sacrificed the most and in fact won the war against Nazis, with your un-necessary assistance.
Russia is not the threat, it is YOU and your vassal/puppets, all 85 of them. We have news for you. Even if all 85 of you, assembled ALL you got in Poland and round Russia everywhere, to attack them at the same time, you would be beaten, absolutely and completely. Absolutely; no one would cross the sacred Russian borders and no one would return home, alive. Completely; not only you'd be eliminated at the battle field, your homelands, all 85 of them, would not exist 1 hour after you started your criminal enterprise of attacking the hero nation to the world (minus those nasty 85), Mother Russia. For Poland and other frontier countries it would take about 5 minutes, Germany 10, England likely 20 minutes to be reduced to nuclear dust. As for America and others somewhat more distant enemies of our only planet we have, Earth,it may take up to one hour.
Yes the enemy of decency and everything good on this planet, your misguided aggression will be over for ever.Sadly most others will also share the same destiny, except for rats (not your kind) and cockroaches (again not your kind)that would apparently survive the final conflict.
So to all 84 countries that go along the orders from their puppet master; you chose this live and you will share their death in the first minutes of your aggression. So go ahead and practice your evil trade, Russia and those other 100 countries are not afraid, for they have enough power to reduce you to nothing, what you in fact are.
by the way, as you are practicing your evil trade In Poland and anywhere else, you can be assured that enough new-clear-power (as that moron Sarah Palen put it)is aimed at you with launch time of few seconds, should you turn your evil games into a real thing, as you would anyway, when you will attack for real. You are planning that, don't you?
There is an equal
Fri, 11 Mar 2016 19:02 EST
power out there.
Dr.G.Doctorow is a well known intellectual and analyst, who has not sold out to the elite and corporate state. He speaks for those who can not speak for themselves, which is a traditional role of the once strong liberal class. (Professor Chomsky is also member of this class ans we know what and who he is, god bless him, there are few others but not enough).
In his recent participation on a well watched and objective Cross Talk on RT TV, he made a following comment and warning;
America on her march towards world hegemony and her destruction of independent/sovereign country after country is also marching towards its own demise. Sooner or later America will encounter someone who can and will fight back (so far all destroyed countries simply were no match to raw, brutal power of American militarily/industrial/neocon complex) which will lead to confrontation with the Russian military. Either as result of direct American provocation/attack or as result of attack of another independent country Russia is defending and protection (since active defense of Syria, Russia has put on notice any and every aggressor that no more independent countries will be destroyed by anyone with impunity. That is over!!!!).
Dr. Doctorow, further states that Russia can match or even surpass American strategic military might, which means that American chance of survival as a country, nation and slice of this planet is simply impossible in such scenario. Thus American population must be made aware of this pending catastrophe they are exposed to as result of their govt's and military policies.
Russia has done nothing but worked for peace since their peaceful transformation into Russian style democracy (they do not want or desire American style as no one else does, but you are exporting it at the point of your guns) but they are on record with their determination to defend themselves (and their interests) with an absolute response to any aggression in such a way that those daring to start the aggression will not survive their response, either at the Russian borders (land, sea, air and space) or at their homelands.
Something to thing about for those with any ideas that they can do what no one ever did: conquer Russia.
Delusional top
Tue, 8 Mar 2016 19:47 EST
Your top commander in Europe, general Philip Breedlove (he is more like Breedhate considering what he says and does) has been mouthing off at Russia, making all kinds of threats, claims and demonizing. Perhaps he is following the orders from the top, like from the one who was "awarded" Nobel Peace prize (LOL), or he may have even taken his own initiative to this "work" against Russia. Among other nasty claims, threats and fabrications, he is bragging how his "boys" would beat Russian military in no time, should they "attack" any of the NATO countries. This he considers as inevitable given the "fact" Russia is the most serious threat to America and her vassal states.
First, Russia is no thereat to anyone. Since fall of the Soviets, Russia has not threatened, attacked or destroyed any country or countries. At the same time America and her vassals have threatened untold numbers of countries, attacked numerous and destroyed as many, without a clear defeat of none. Who is the biggest threat to peace and survival of this only planet we have, General Strangelove? The answer is clear to all sane persons, except you we assume.
Secondly, the "good" general and anyone supporting his position, should remeber what Napoleon said, just before attacking Russia:
We know what happened to him and his army. Then there was that other one who also thought he can conquer Russia. We know what happened to him, his military and his people.
No one ever conquered Russia and no one ever will. That's right General and if you have any insane ideas to do it, remeber what Napoleon would ask you:" General Strangelove, Are you prepared to die along with your military and your entire nation?
That is the question, Jimmy.
durga dhakal(
Tue, 1 Mar 2016 23:44 EST
seeking jobs
I am a man of 38 years of age and a native of Nepal, who lives and works as a security officer in Kabul.
I am sober and a hard working person is willing to work in your establishment. I hold a professional security license from uae and Indian ex-army with a fifteen years experience.
I can speak, read and write in English.
I will be very happy if this my humble application meet your kindly consideration. Thank you.
Most Powerful
Wed, 13 Jan 2016 19:11 EST
yet never won a war.
Did you watch Obama on that laughable event called "State of The Union"? It is no different than any Hollywood produced show. It is all about un-reality and usual fabrications,non-truths or lies as some call it. Anyone who knows what is going on in the world and what America is all about, could not help but laugh at what they saw on Tuesday night.
Obama performed (yes it was a performance as any bad one you've seen from Hollywood)his scripted role and it was as unreal as the claims he made about him and his country. But then, we are talking about America that is all about fantasy and violence.
If you have to consider one thing from that show, consider his bragging about the "most powerful nation on earth with best soldiers in the world, ever, yada yada yada..."
Some power? Since they helped Soviets (who were on the role and needed no help) to liberate the world from Nazis (coming in when it was safe to do) they never really won even one war, unless you count Granada and Panama wars.
All others were either draw or they lost. Vietnam being the worse, while Iraq and Afghanistan are still going on, with other side winning. Only with help of Russia, these wars will be won against the American created terrorists, ISIS and others.
So where is that "unmatched power"?
Of course Obama was referring to his "new-clear" power (as Sarah Palen put it) that is so formidable and represent path to ruin" to anyone attacking America or her vassal states.
Yet, they have ruined 7 countries in the last decades, with no country attacking America or her friends the vassal states. Did Panama, Yugoslavia, Iraq...etc etc attack anyone? Of course not, but their guilt was they wanted to be independent and have their own way of life, not American dream, turned nightmare.
Luckily for the rest of the world, not under their boot, things have just changed on Sept. 30, 2015, when Russia exerted her stance and power and started defending, saving and protecting Syria, as the first country to benefit from Russian posture that says: you or anyone else will never AGAIN destroy any country unless the UN and the whole World community says it has to go, Period.
This, if you do it or anyone else, they will enter their own path to ruin. Now we have the balance again we had before America usurped the position of uni-polar world. That is over and over for ever. No country on this planet or any planet in the universe has the right to rule over everyone else and dictate the terms of life on that planet,including the only one we have Planet Earth.
So Mr. Obama get of your high horse, for your unmatched power to project violence is worth nothing on this planet, where there are others who can equally project their "new-clear" power to the same, if not to even higher extent. This anywhere they need to or want to. Thus we are all equal and must contribute to peaceful co-existence or perish all together.
Wed, 13 May 2015 02:59 EDT
You will lose
Fri, 12 Sep 2014 09:43 EDT
Your treatment of Russia is so transparent that no Euro country believes what you are fabricating on the daly basis, but have to follow your "leadership" (read orders). It is demonization of someone all over again, which is your only MO.One thing you can't stop is your decline and eventual disintegration as the original Roman empire did. You can not stop the better countries like Russia, China, India, Brazil etc, emerge and take over the leading role you enforced for so long via your $, bankers and military.
Just look at you: 10% of rich own 80% of everything in your country. Poverty at least 40%, and so on. You claim to be the best in the world. What a joke.
It is just a matter of time...
Thu, 7 Aug 2014 16:31 EDT
Dear sir / Madam,

As a remind through this, I acknowledge the receipt of the application form number 1405-8189 that I have filled out and returned before the closing date as directed by you on my telephone 081 50 36 691 and by the receptionist.
I can also be reached on my other Telephones: 089 56 57 589 /099 94 05 461 or through these two phone numbers 081 50 99 179 and 081 01 2 7 226.

Respectfully yours,

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