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British flag High Commission of the United Kingdom in Kuala Lumpur

Address185 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Phonelocal: (03) 2170.2200
international: +60.3.2170.2200
Faxlocal: (03) 2170.2370
international: +60.3.2170.2370
Web sitehttp://ukinmalaysia.fco.gov.uk/en/

Have you been having conversations online with someone you've never met before who claims to live in the UK? Has he told you that he will come to visit you in Malaysia? And now is he frantically contacting you because he are being held at the airport, and needs you to pay a fine so he can be freed?

It is a scam. There is no romance, and there is nobody being detained at KLIA. The same person who was chatting online with you was also chatting online with many other victims. They are trying to trick you into sending money to an accomplice. Once you have sent the money they will disappear forever. Every year these scammers bilk unsuspecting victims out of thousands of ringgit. Don't be one of them.

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Thu, 30 Jan 2014 09:09 EST
High technology can resolve anything but how police will know which one is scammer?
Everything you know on him is his fake two names, stolen photo of white people and country where you sent money.
You do not know his real name and lastname, how he looks like , his ID or address. Even if you put in WU transfer that money goes to Malaysia he may pick up in Nigeria.
Thu, 30 Jan 2014 06:47 EST
Why does the high technology can not resolve of thoes SCAMMERS people ? trap them for once, please !
Wed, 29 Jan 2014 21:44 EST
You can report him to Malaysian Police, but you will never get your money back. Please delete, block ignore scammer so he will not still more.
Wed, 29 Jan 2014 21:42 EST
I saw that letter before, other victim already posted. I am so sorry you went through this ordeal.
Wed, 29 Jan 2014 20:36 EST
help me
Please help me to catch him. I ever have bad experience in web. First we share each other in email and then in fb and WA. He ask me to help him to pay his tax. I feel can not do anything when send my money to him likes a hypnotis. He said comes to british. I have scan of his id card. Please help me. I hope someone in here or police can caught him now.
Wed, 29 Jan 2014 01:18 EST
Loretta / Latifah - History of a scammer
Thanks for your time in which you write in a perfect manner i really appreciate your love care and concern since meeting with you. I thought about telling you things about my history which I have never narrate to any woman before in my life but I just believed you are the right person to relate my personal history with, just for you to know more about my past and my family background before we meet each other’s so you won't find it difficult to understand me, I have been taking my time composing the letter to your understanding please read carefully just for you my darling please keep to yourself alone, there are so much to write about myself but few has to be stated first, when we meet in person i will inform you more.

I was the first among 3 children of my parent, and my father was the first among 2 sons of his father and use to help his father on the art design also help him to market the goods, at a point when my father traveled for trade that was when he met my mother but due to his line of business he was unable to stay long with his first love and he already made love with her for the few time that was spent with her and she got pregnant at the first date. In early six month later my mother came over to Greece in search of my father, so after then they both went back to America for a brief introduction and came back with my mother to Greece.

4 months later she gave birth to her first child in Greece which was a male child and was named (Mario Pallas), so it was a successful married life for the both partner because having a male child was every man's wish at that time, 8 years later my parent had twins but this time it was not an easy task anymore because they both were female and the income was not forth coming anymore because my father was still living under the roof of his father so all the money was actually coming in from my grandfather all though my father was the marketer of his creative art design and was also a maker.

At a point my grandfather was tired of taking care of the entire family also he never liked my mother due to the fact that she was an American woman but since she gave birth to a male child he decided to let the feelings die inside him but when she finally put to bed to twins the grudges develop and ask my father to please look for a place for himself and start up a new life because he was tired of responsibilities, then my father was really confuse because he never save for himself when working under his own father so he had misunderstanding with his father and left angrily to his own apartment with his family.

My father said it was hell raising us all and my mother left when she was unable to cope with the situation because she has always told my father that we should move together to America and get a better life but my father refused because he believed he can change things back there in his home country.

At the outset, after my mother has ran to America with the two(2) girls (my siblings) living me behind, my father began to suffer fromlivercyrosis because he was an alcoholic and never wanted to call for his father financial assistant for us, the illness eat deep into his liver and his father spent a lot on biopsy and therapy trying to manage his life but it got to a time my grandfather gave up on him by saying he warn him about my mother because His alcohol intake increased due to the heartbreak he got from my mother which led to the vicious cycle of the disease

I started taking care of my father all by myself and with the help of his life insurance but to all effort I watch the jewel I cherish so much die in my arms that is the day I will never forget in my life but before he died he proclaimed to me to go in search of my mother and my siblings and never to work as an Art maker due to the experience he had and he said I should give myself a better education so that I can raise my siblings.

I cried all through those years of struggling but later moved to my grandfather's house and at that time I made through my way to America at the age of 14 in search of my mother and my siblings and explain everything that happened, but at that time my mother was not even on the best side because she was married to someone else and my siblings got infections and they both died because of lack of proper medication why they were in America and things were really difficult but as a man I could stand it all.

Furthermore, My late father only brother came for me and took me to England to live with him. he took me all the way through my education all my effort was to gain a better future.

To God be the glory I succeeded been a graduate and I was working and earning salary, I was not getting any younger so I decided to find someone for myself to be my wife and of course the mother of my kids, that was how i got attracted to my late-wife. we went to the same university, we got married and in a year after, she put to bed and was named Jason and I was astonish with a lot of joy because I was a father after many years of suffering.
On her way from Liverpool, she had an accident and died at the spot. May her gentle soul rest in peace.

Life has to continue, so i remarry to make Jason get a motherly love in his life, so i met my Ex wife and we got married, At first she was very kind and loving, At the outset, I find out things where not really doing well because I was really under going through a lot, I had to go back to university and study construction/consultant engineer which lasted for about 2years and gained my master degree, but my ex-wife was not in supportive of the course and always have problems in my home because she keep saying i have left the baby for her alone to cater for that i decided to go back to school at the point of a father now I have a family but still want to be a student, as a man I always try to make her and the baby happy though it was really difficult, I even found out she was into drugs, and i tried to help her but the more i tried the more she get addicted.
After some time I rounded up my course and began to search for a job. It wasn't really easy getting my kind of job that really suit my profession but was still working and earning monthly income, at a time I decided to embark on the business of selling Art design since I was use to the business before and I started traveling to different countries to purchase the design at first it was really difficult because I invested the little I saved on the business. My wife began to act funny because she saw things were going down.

On that faithful day I traveled out to buy some design for sale because I do not have a gallery of my own at that time, I was suppose to return in about 5days interval but the art makers where not having much to sell so I decided to come back home and make arrangement for another trip, to my greatest surprise I met my lovely ex-wife in my matrimonial bed with my bosom friend. I wanted the world to immediately come to an end because I was suffering for her sake but still she went ahead sleeping around me. So then I had no option by calling up the marriage and swear not to have anything to do with women again, and she sue me by saying she needed some part of my savings and the British high court instruct me to do as she have desire, So i split all my properties with her and start up from somewhere again and I sold all I had to cope.

After sometime I hire a nanny for Jason so that I can apply for jobs and work towards it, I had series of job opportunity I was not contented with the field activities but to God be the glory I was called for an interview in Imperial UK Building Services Company and I had excellent and they tested my field construction ability and I made it successfully, so I was offer a space in the company within a
Due to the customers I was already making in terms of my art design purchase I decided to open a gallery after some time, and my son wanted someone to call mother and I was already feeling the impact of settling down with someone but not from England and I got the idea that I can meet someone really special on Internet dating because i have attended couple of marriage and they told me the couples met their selves on line I was interested that was how i was directed on how to go about it but to my greatest surprise I have not spend up to one month I already found a woman who has the quality of a real woman which ended up to be YOU and I keep praying to God that you should love me with all your heart when we get to meet with each other’s and do not have double mind for our relationship in order to be a happy family again.

To this end, I do wish to formally inform you that i need to end my story right here and do believe to have informed you correctly. Please keep it to yourself alone because it all about my life and all what i have passed through to be a successful in life.
Tue, 28 Jan 2014 21:48 EST
This is typical scam scenario ,if you check older posts here you will see how many wonderful people were lured to same scam and lost money. Please delete and block without saying to him. Do not let him to crash your computer.
Tue, 28 Jan 2014 15:35 EST
Please seach his photos by uploading them in google images also search his names and add word scammer on the end. Please type his e mail address in Google and you will see if it wasused in scams. Also copy and paste poems in google and see if they were used
Tue, 28 Jan 2014 15:33 EST
Thank you so much!!!
Tue, 28 Jan 2014 07:52 EST
Singaporean Money Mule sentenced.
Dear Loretta and friends. I am sharing today's news from Singapore. Please guard and protect yourself with your local police report. It's for your own safety.


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