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Address100 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247919
Phonelocal: 6424.4200
international: +65.6424.4200
Faxlocal: 6424.4250
international: +65.6424.4250
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Mon, 6 Feb 2017 23:14 EST
Good day!
I would like to know how and what the requirements to go in UK. My british employer here in singapore wanted to bring me in UK bcoz their planning to go back this year in would be helpful for my employer and me if we know whats going to do. Tnx
Wed, 18 May 2016 09:44 EDT
funds for marriage and donation books for children/teens
Dear sir/madam.

It's pleasure if anyone would help me. I am poor teacher. Need money for my wedding who have been cancelled. Marriage is important for me as a woman. for anyone who would donate books for our small school. Please help me. Our school need library. We don't have it. I will send pictures about my school as a prove if needed. Send me information at

Tue, 25 Aug 2015 19:16 EDT
Requests fund
Best wishes.
I Nur Aisyah, an Indonesian citizen, domiciled in Makassar, my son 5 people, 3 men and 2 women. I herbalist and already 10 years I'm doing this business. But until now, my efforts can not be berkembangkan because my income is used to pay the debt. For that, I need funds to develop my business and pay my debts. I need to raise as much as $ .5.000 (Five Thousand Dollars). And to the donors who provide assistance, I thank you.
Earth Tamalanrea Permai Complex
North Triumph street 10, Block L / 378A
Tamalanrea, Makassar, South Sulawesi
Account Number: 50,680,103,432,853.
Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)
sumaira akram
Mon, 13 Apr 2015 05:10 EDT
27,february 2014
My Fathar NAME is Ch, M AKRAM DEATH Records 1995 order to united kingdom
Wed, 12 Nov 2014 08:01 EST
British Citizenship Eligibility
Dear Sir/Madam,

I S.Anusuya would like to inform you that my father was a British Citizen lived in Singapore.

He was holding the British Passport before 1966. We are Five who where born for Mr.V.Pavadaiswamy and P.Krishnaveni.

So, I like to become a British Passport Facilities. I come to know as the rule passed in U.K on 1st January 1983 that the female are eligible for Applying for British Subject.

I am very much found of becoming British. Along with this letter I am sending the proof of my Father’s British Passport photocopy and other copy of documents for your Perusal.

I am hoping that you will consider my case and do the needful as soon as possible.

Thank You
With Regards

Karaikal,Pondicherry UT,
s m hernaez
Thu, 21 Aug 2014 01:29 EDT
ielts score requirement for visa
What is the ielts test score requirements for applying visa to work in UK?
Rudi Santoso
Tue, 11 Mar 2014 18:29 EDT
renewal seaman book
Dear Sir,

My name is Rudi Santoso the Hr specialist in Rae Energy Asia based in Batam - Indonesia. I have a question that one of our employ with British Nationality want to nenew his seaman book. it will be expired on April 2014. please advise me the procedure if he want to do in Brithis Embassy in Singapore. please send me email at

Rudi Santoso
Madessa Asuncion
Thu, 27 Feb 2014 14:52 EST
Help Needed
Can I get my submitted passport though visa is not granted nor denied?
Mr. Pius Gilbert Louis
Thu, 17 Oct 2013 21:41 EDT
Official complaint against the Singapore ISD for attacking me with chemicals
Dear Sir,
I desperately need the help of the British Embassy. I have been under constant attack by the Singapore ISD. Although I have moved to Malaysia they have followed me here and are causing me great distress. I fear for my life. They had previously tried to kill me on several occasions but made it look like it would have been a natural death. My two sons are Norwegian citizens and I plan to move there as soon as possible. However I am supposed to fill in the application and other paper work. I would be grateful for some sanctuary until I have the opportunity to leave. I have made a police report in Malacca (Malaysia) and have sent a copy to the Malaysian Home Affairs and also their Foreign Ministry. I have resorted to this action to try and preserve my life. I have attached a copy of the police report for your perusal and advice. I have also sent a similar letter to the American Embassy.

Yours Sincerely
Gilbert Louis
PS: They are surrounding me with a chemical and gas that is causing me serious medical problems.

Pius Gilbert Louis
S 0225842/J
12 Jalan Bukit Indah 24/8
Indah Park
81200 JB

The Officer in Charge
Malacca Police Station
Ibu Pejabat Police Daerah
Melaka Tengah
Jalan Geraja

Oct 12th 2013

Dear Sir,
I would like to make an official report against the Singapore Government and their agencies primarily the Internal Security Department for attacking me covertly in Malaysia with impunity and without any respect for Malaysia's sovereignty
I have been an International School Teacher between 1990 to 2001 teaching at International School of Singapore (ISS) until 1999 and subsequently at United World College for the next 2 years.
The following article was published on May 3rd 2013 by The Real Singapore, an alternative internet media site. It can be found on Google (Gilbert Louis-The Real Singapore). There are photos of documents.
Gilbert Louis shares more information on why he is a public enemy in the eyes of the ISD. Read the first article here:
He further claims that another reason he is an enemy in the eyes of the ISD is that he had attempted to shame the government for their dealings regarding a Mr Shakeeb Ahmad Malikyar. Details below:
I was imprisoned for 2 weeks at Queenstown Remand sometime in May 1999 for driving my car under suspension. This was my first experience of prison life. There were more than 20 persons in a cell. Here I met a 20-year-old Afghanistan refugee Shakeeb Ahmad Malikyar who told me that his family had fled to the Peshawar valley in Pakistan after the Taliban killed 2 of his brothers. He himself was caned and whipped repeatedly. He had scars all over his back to prove his story.
He told me that he was serving a 4 months sentence (if my memory serves me well) for coming into Singapore illegally with a forged Pakistani passport. However he was not detained on entry but only when
he was leaving Singapore. He had a brother in France and another in the UK who were trying their utmost to bring him over. His brothers had sent him money to buy a two-way air ticket that would bring him into France and subsequently the UK.
Unfortunately he was arrested at Changi airport whilst attempting to leave Singapore for France. He was subsequently charged in Court and sentenced. Although he had already served his full sentence he was still kept in prison (I believe for more than 6 months). He told me that Singapore did not have an embassy or a representative office for the Taliban of Afghanistan and therefore he could not obtain an Afghanistan passport. In fact this was the main reason he was travelling on a forged Pakistani passport in the first place.
Shakeeb told the Singapore immigration authorities that the Taliban had a representative office in Malaysia and that would be the only hope for a Afghanistan passport. As the immigration authorities ignored this suggestion Shakeeb continued to languish in an overcrowded prison cell in Singapore.
Shakeeb pleaded for my help and gave me his brother’s telephone number in the UK. As no notes are allowed in prison I memorized the number and on my release called his brother in the UK. His brother was of course ecstatic, as the family could not understand what happened to Shakib. I explained that I would be making representations to the Ministry of Home Affairs for his immediate release.
As promised I wrote a very strong letter marked urgent to Mr. Wong Kan Seng and even delivered the letter by hand sometime in May1999 (I am trying to locate a copy of my letter to Wong Kan Seng for your perusal). A few days later I received a rude telephone call from a female staff member of MHA who asked me to mind my own business and not get involved in this matter. I replied with a letter of indignation. This time Mr. Ronald Wong (for perm sec) responded and apologized for his colleague’s behavior and claimed he had been in reservist service and that she was only covering for him and should therefore be excused.
I was asked if I could arrange through Shakeeb’s brother in the UK to get a passport and an air-ticket that would allow him to travel out of Singapore. I assured them that I would personally buy the air-ticket and that his brother would make the necessary arrangement to obtain the required passport. Finally the passport arrived and I bought a one-way SIA flight to Karachi on June 7 1999 for Shakeeb. I was advised by the brother to give Shakeeb S$500/- in cash as a necessary bribe for Pakistani Immigration officers to allow him into Pakistan. However the brother warned me that he should not be handcuffed so as not to raise suspicion.
I met Shakeeb at the immigration lock-up and handed him the passport, air ticket and cash. I also told him to sign the passport. All this was done in the presence of an immigration officer. However when I later met with another senior immigration officer concerned to remind him not to handcuff Shakib on arrival at Karachi he was indignant and warned me not to teach him how to do his work.
I telephoned Shakib’s brother on June 7 1999 to tell him that Shakib was on his way home. However his bother telephoned me back the next few days claiming that Shakib did NOT arrive in Karachi. Finally in exasperation I contacted the immigration officer who admitted that Shakeeb was not allowed into Pakistan
on June 7 1999 and was presently back in a Singapore prison cell. I was furious as I later learned from Shakeeb that he was handcuffed throughout the journey.
I confronted the officer as to why I was not informed of Shakeeb’s failed “repatriation” considering that I had borne the cost of the air ticket and the bribe of $500/-. He advised me to leave the matter in their hands. However I insisted on seeing Shakeeb. At this meeting Shakeeb revealed that the immigration authorities were planning to send him to Indonesia (Jakarta). I was appalled at this suggestion, as Shakeeb whereabouts would not be known and he would most likely remain imprisoned for the rest of his life.
I insisted that he should be sent to Pakistan and would again furnish the air ticket. On July 5 1999 Shakeeb was finally “repatriated” to Pakistan (without the handcuffs) on a PIA flight.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------
I received a letter from MHA dated 9 Sept 99 with a serial MHA (ID) as follows:
Dear Mr. Louis,
Thank you for your letter dated 30 Aug 99.
2. We must place on record you assistance in the repatriation of Mr. Shakeeb Ahmad Malikyar. The Singapore Immigration and Registration Department has acknowledged that on both Shakeeb’s trips on 7 Jun 99 and 5 Jul 99, you had provided the air tickets. Without your help, the repatriation of Mr. Shakeeb would have been delayed. We thank you for going out of your way to help.
3. Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

Yours Faithfully
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---------

Please observe the following:
1.It was not actually repatriation as Shakeeb is an Afghanistan national but was sent to Pakistan.
2.“Without your help, the repatriation of Mr. Shakeeb would have been delayed.” Quite clearly Shakeeb would have been kept in prison indefinitely or thrown into an Indonesian prison
3.That the authorities imprisoned him for a forged passport but yet allowed him to travel to Pakistan
evidently on a forged passport.
This matter was a great embarrassment to the Singapore Government as I had threatened to bring up the matter with the American Embassy and Red Cross as the Shakeeb was a refugee fleeing the terrible hands of the Taliban. Instead of helping him the Singapore Government kept him illegally in prison although he had already served his sentence. That is their first crime. No one should be in prison without an ORDER OF COURT.
They also allowed him to receive a forged passport to travel out of Singapore -- Please note they arrested him in the first place for having a forged passport. That is their second crime. They pretend to thank me and cleverly omit that I had arranged for the new (forged) passport.
They intended to send him to Indonesia. WHY! He is not Indonesian. He is an Afghanistan National. This suggests that the Singapore Authorities have the ability to bribe Indonesian officials to allow an alien without the required papers to enter their country. The question is before I was involved with the matter how long were they going to keep him in prison or what did they have in mind to get rid of him.

Gilbert Louis
The Singapore Government is guilty of the following:

1. Keeping someone in prison without an order of court. Shakib was left to languish in prison indefinitely. He was already more than a year overdue for release.
2. Repatriating an Afghanistan citizen to Pakistan illegally.
3. Allowing Shakib to travel with another forged passport.
4. Allowing him to bribe the Pakistan immigration (S$500/-)
5. Intending to dispose of Shakib in Indonesia is admission of bribing Indonesian Immigration

This incident regarding Shakib was sometime in 1999.

The second incident
In 2001 I started the New York Acting School but had an altercation with an employee at the Singapore Consulate when I went there to scout for actors who could also teach drama. One of the potential candidates wanted to check the background of both my brother-in-law and myself and called the Consulate. He apparently talked to Ms Stacey Foo who confirmed that I was a former teacher at ISS but proceeded further to comment that ISS was not as good as UWC. I was unhappy with this statement as it suggests that I am not a very good teacher teaching at a not very good school. I believe the argument was recorded and reviewed by ISD and at which time I became a marked man considering my involvement with Shakib Malikyar in 1999.

The Third Incident in 2002
My estranged wife had engaged divorce lawyer Halijah Mohammed to handle the divorce proceedings. I had won the case in the Supreme Court and was awarded full custody of my 2 sons. I did not employ a lawyer but represented myself and I believe Ms Halijah was unhappy that she had lost the case to a layman. The Supreme Court returned my deposit of S$10,000. However Ms. Halijah brought the matter up again to the Family Court for interpretation of the Order of Court. She also demanded that the CPF
share should be paid immediately from the sale proceeds of the matrimonial flat. Her calculations were also in great error. I believe at this point the ISD were using Ms Halijah to harass me (Caveat taken on the matrimonial property, proceeds from sale were sent to Official Assignee etc.). I had appointed a lawyer to represent me in the Family Court. However at the very last minute he was not allowed to postpone his High Court case leaving me to represent myself again. I strongly believe the ISD wanted to prevent him from representing me as he was an ex classmate of mine. The proceedings in closed chamber did not go down well and Ms Halijah kept abusing me. Finally in desperation and frustration I slapped her. I was immediately kept in custody although the offense was non seizable.

This was my quick response as posted on Face Book
Some people have read my court case in 2002 for slapping Halijah Mohammed. I have a quick response but obviously have much more to add. This was my quick response: The incident at the family court was entrapment. She lost the court case against me in the Supreme Court. I was awarded full custody and my deposit was returned to me. A reasonable court would never grant custody to a violent man. I only slapped her once because she was unreasonable in trying to demand that I should also pay the CPF share for my ex-wife immediately from the sale of my flat. As the guardian of my 2 sons I needed to pay for my son's University fees and other expenses. 6 doctors at SGH confirmed that she did not have a fracture of the lamina paprycea or any fracture confirmed by several x-rays immediately after the incident. On cross examination DR.Seethi, an expert witness for the prosecution testified that if the lamina paprycea was indeed fractured it would take one or two days to heal by itself and that even the largest bone would heal in 4 to 6 weeks. Halijah's alleged "fracture" was seen on an MRI scan 4 months after the slap. She was slapped on 1st Feb and the MRI scan was on 28th May. She had in desperation to"fix" me done an endoscopy to manufacture a fracture of the LP with a small incision. Apparently with the blessings of the ISD. This is another reason for the present attack against me by the ISD as the evidence is irrefutable.

I was found guilty and although I have no precedent criminal case I was imprisoned for 6 years. I immediately informed the Court that I would appeal both the conviction and sentence but I was denied bail although the offense is a bailable offense and sent to prison. The lawyer I engaged for my appeal (Subhas Anandan) suddenly says on the last day of filing the appeal that his partners do want him to handle the case. However I had prepared my own affidavit and requested his assistance for submission.

CJ Yong Pung How then increased the sentence to 10 years although the maximum under section 323 is 7 years. I believe all the affidavits put before the CJ were complete forgeries to criminalize me and as such he was outraged. There was a public outcry and the Public Prosecutor had no choice but to call for the matter to be decided by the Supreme Court on the legality of the 10 years sentence. I had by this time submitted a medical report from the United States that the fracture was a medical impossibility. The conspiracy also involved my new lawyer, Michael Khoo who said that this would be handled after the matter before the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court found the sentence to be illegal and although they did not make any application for a new sentence I was not freed but continued to be imprisoned. They did not want to make an application because that would allow me to submit my medical report from the US. Hence I was kept illegally imprisoned (kidnapped) until they forced me to make an application for a new sentence. It is ridiculous for me to make an application for a new sentence when all along I have been appealing against both conviction and sentence. However the court sentenced me back to 6 years and tried to fool the public that it was normal procedure.

Fourth Incident:
I was mostly kept in solitary confinement and forced to eat food from a tray given to me and not chosen by me. I believe my food was laced to cause me a heart attack as soon as I was released. I did have 4 heart attacks and now have 4 stents inserted to keep me alive. I will not dwell on several other matters
that can prove government conspiracy. I will now just relate the mode of attack against me.

I believe it is crucial and in the interest of the Malaysian Secret Service to be aware of the ISD and the Singapore Government's sophisticated covert operations. I reproduce my Face Book posting.

Many concer
Fri, 11 Oct 2013 23:17 EDT
is this company true
Hi is trade price limited company is registered and true. Pls advise mi. I have sent my money for bulk orders

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