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Saudi flag Permanent Mission to the UN of Saudi Arabia in New York

Address809 UN Plaza, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Phonelocal: (212) 697.4831
international: +1.212.697.4831
Web sitehttp://www.saudi-un-ny.net

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Wed, 14 Oct 2015 09:31 EDT
H.E. Ambassador Abdallah Y. Al-Mouallimi
Permanent Representative

Your Excellency,

May I make a correction, as follows: http://catalog.loc.gov/United Nations & the combined Saudi Abdall/Karol Wojtyla Global Legacy.

The name ABDALLAH is abbreviated. And the above-stated Saudi-catalog at the Library of Congress can only be correctly accessed as stated above.

Kindly unify this correction with my earlier two messages dated yesterday, Tuesday, 13 OCT 2015 and of the same heading.

Shukran. Salaam-a-Lekum.

A.S. Bello
Ahmad Sani Bello
Tue, 13 Oct 2015 07:37 EDT
H.E. Ambassador Abdallah Y. Al-Mouallimi

Your Excellency,

My earlier submission had been incomplete. It ought to read as follows:

Kindly visit: http://catalog.loc.gov/United Nations & the combined Saudi Abdallah/Karol Wojtyla Global Legacy.

I am relieved to have drawn your attention to the above-stated development. It falls within your own jurisdiction and, of course, the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Adel al-Jubeir.

What an accomplishment within his first year in office, namely, UN permanent seat for Global Islam. On HAJJ Custodianship criterion. UNSTOPPABLE.

Muslim self-esteem, worldwide, on the part of every individual, is here at last. And available to every library-user.

As I said earlier, your Embassy in Washington D.C. can view it, today, at the Jefferson or Adams Building Reading Rooms at the US library of Congress.

Your own staff, too, could travel there for the same purpose and report back to you.

Nothing further could be prudently said on this open forum.

Shukran. Salaam-a-Lekum.

A.S. Bello
Ahmad Sani Bello
Tue, 13 Oct 2015 06:51 EDT
H.E. Ambassador Abdallah Y. Al-Mouallimi

Your Excellency,

Kindly visit: http://catalog.loc.gov/Saudi Abdallah/Karol Wojtyla Global Legacy.

May I draw your attention to the above.

Your Embassy in Washington D.C. can view it, today, at the Jefferson or Adams Building Reading Rooms at the US Library of Congress.

Your own staff, too, could travel there for the same purpose and report back to you.

Shukran. Salaam-a-Lekum.

Fathimah Suryana
Fri, 20 Mar 2015 04:47 EDT
Pena Telah Diangkat dan Tinta Telah Kering
Bismillah, Dengan izin Allah, Dialah dzat yang maha Rahman, yang maha Rahiim, segala puji bagiNya, dengan sebanyak banyak pujian kepadaNya, Dialah dzat yang maha pencipta, yang menciptakan segala sesuatu, tanpa sekutu sedikitpun. Dia Allah dzat yang disembah, tak ada selainNya di bumi di langit yang berhak disembah kecuali Allah. Kami sampaikan berita ini dari langit yang amat tinggi, di dalam kitabNya Alqur an yang mulia. Langit itu tak ada satupun makhluk dpt mencapainya kecuali atas perintah Allah, yg memilikinya, yang menguasainya. Dia Allah yang menciptakan Adam, darinya Allah ciptakan Hawa, dari keduanya Allah ciptakan dan tebarkan manusia di muka bumi. Tidak ada satu manusiapun yg dpt menguasai bumi ini, kecuali hanya Allah dzat yang maha menguasai sampai hari kiamat. Betapa banyak diantara hamba hamba Allah yang dholim dan durhaka kepada rabbnya telah binasa. Firaun pun telah ditenggelamkan, itu diketahui di depan kalian, lihatlah bekas jejak jejak kaum yg ingkar kpd rabbnya, Kami nasehatkan dengan kitabNya yang mulia. Kami nasehatkan kepada para pemimpin bangsa manusia di muka bumi ini, jawablah pertanyaan ini, udara siapakah yang kalian hirup ketika engkau dilahirkan? Siapakah yang membuat kedua matamu dapat melihat sejauh dpt memandang ? siapakah yang membuat kedua telingamu mampu mendengar? Milik siapakah bumi yang kalian pijak ketika kalian mulai dpt berdiri? Lihatlah dirimu ketika bayi, lihatlah dirimu saat ini, siapakah yang membesarkan jasadmu? Dialah Allah, Tuhan kalian semua manusia, Dzat yang menerbitkan matahari di sebelah timur, dia Allah yang menenggelamkannya di sebelah barat. Tidakkah kalian berfikir? Atau kemana akal akal kalian yang selalu kalian junjung di atas kepala kepala kalian? Marilah bersama kami, tidak ada kebencian dan permusuhan, yang ada kasih sayang dan cinta karena Allah, rabb kita semua. Hendaklah kita sembah Allah satu satunya dzat yang berhak disembah. Ketahuilah bahwa uzair adalah hamba Allah, ketahuilah Isa adalah hamba Allah, janganlah kalian menyembah manusia ciptaan Allah, maha suci Allah dari apa apa yang kalian sekutukan dan perbuat, tidak ada ilmu dari sisi Allah. Hampir hampir langit pecah melihat apa yang kalian sekutukan. Hai hamba Allah, kembalilah kepadaNya, tundukkanlah jiwa dan ragamu hanya kepada Allah, sembahlah ibadahlah hanya kepadaNya. Dan ternyata ... Telah tetap ketentuan Allah... Pena telah diangkat.. Tinta telah kering, Bahwa Kebanyakan manusia menjadi penghuni neraka (Alqur an). Kamipun menangis...
Thu, 19 Mar 2015 00:54 EDT
Tolong bantu kehidupan keluarga saya Yang ekonomi sulit.
Jika ada yang memiliki hati yang baik dan jujur..
Hubungi saya ( bramastajovinto@yahoo.com )
Sat, 19 Apr 2014 02:26 EDT
Make visa omarA
I want make visa omarA
Thomas W. Makin, Former Envoy, Nixon Admin. 1972
Thu, 3 Apr 2014 22:00 EDT
Syria Gas Rocket Discussion.
Your Excellency: It has been many years since I was involved with International Studies for Former President Nixon. The Syria situation helps me refocus. The gas rocket situation involving evidently two hand built rockets shows that the group who used these two poison weapons lacked the proper tooling to machine the rockets as well as the Syrian government had done in the past. As a result of this, one must assume that a criminal group used these two rockets; not the Syrian Government. This is just one of the reasons why I simply object to arming the Syrian Rebel Army. This evidence points to guilt on the part of Syrian rebel commanders.
Thomas W. Makin
Thu, 16 Jan 2014 20:24 EST
Former Envoy, Nixon Admin., 1972
It has become apparent that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are involved in criminal weapon distribution to various rebel militia elements operating in Syria in an effort to defeat the government of President Assad. I seriously wish that I would have no reason to express the findings of my study; however, that is not the case. This criminal gunrunning operation responsibility must be assumed by those responsible.
Thomas W. Makin, Former Envoy, Nixon Admin. 1972
Wed, 28 Aug 2013 23:08 EDT
Arms shipments to Syria Rebel Militia.
Your Excellency: Arms shipments to this group have caused the deaths of over 100,000 people. Some military methods appear to be against the regulations of the United Nations. Please cause this to be stopped if you have any means to do so at this time. Any Nation that harbors any business which deals in peace disturbing ways can be sanctioned for this at the United Nations. Respectfully yours: Thomas W. Makin, United Nations Junior Ambassador, Authorized for work in Switzerland in 1972 by President Richard M. Nixon and Secretary General Kurt Waldheim.
Sun, 16 Jun 2013 06:43 EDT
imran tufail buttSat, 6 Oct 2012 04:26 EDT
Assalam o Alikum

I hope that you will be fine with the Grace of ALLAH.
My name is Imran and I am the residantial of Lahore, Pakistan.
I was the late worker in your country and I had served six (6) years to your people in Saudi Arabia. I am now a peralized person and I have an accident in your country during the duty, I am an uneducated person and make a mistake to leave back to my home-land.
My accident happen due to "Jeck Slip of Buildozer" and I am wounded at my "Back-Bone", so I am at bed from the last three (3) years. Now I have spent my each penny from the last One year and become poor, now I am a legage at my family.

I want only medical help, not want money and no any greed from you.
I just want medical treatment only. As a "Khadam" of country's people, please help me in the name of ALLAH. I only want to go "Masjid" and get my prayers properly, now I am doing my prayers at bed. Please help me in the name of ALLAH KAREEM.

Hoping for your sincere response.

Imran Tufail Butt
Lahore, Pakistan
Contact #: +92-321-4112750
Email: buttadnan1@live.com
Aqama #: 2211168717

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