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Address4, Persiaran Madge, Off Jalan U Thant
Kuala Lumpur
Phonelocal: (03) 4256.9913
international: +60.3.4256.9913
Faxlocal: (03) 4256.9933
international: +60.3.4256.9933

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david lee
Tue, 17 Jul 2018 00:05 EDT
email sent: inclusive economy, Economy for 190+ nations for the 21st century to be taught at all SOS Schools, SOS 50 Universities in USA and 190+ Universities in the world.,
password: 246824682468
Putin: Most important issue to Russia is Economy.
so you must have a solution.

must be able to ID the threat. where's the threat? your answers are wrong, wrong, wrong
US China Trade deficit = 390.447 billion. US Trade Deficit = 825.562 billion. US imported oil = 238.595 billion.
A basketball game score 100 to 50 is not an threat. It's the result. The threat is Michael Jordan scoring 50+ points per game
Can you imagine what the world or your economy will look like in the year 2098? you need to in order to pay 85 years pension = Constitution must last at least 85 years. simply stated, need a budget surplus every year by every government = 190+governments. For less than USD 200 investment into yourself, school, can put the issue or topic on the table at every university in the world. put it on a platform to be discussed. Korean war must end. Can end the war in less than 10 second with wind directions and angles, less than 15 to 20 seconds, the distance between N. Korea and Seoul using the cannon displayed at N. Korea and Nukes (dirty bombs). half-life. 4.36 billion years. weapon grade, However you guys want to end it. Just end it. 30+K USA Troops can last 1 minute in war.
US Federal Budget deficit, 7/17/2018, USD, 785.327 Billion.

why Bloomberg TV is given fake news? lobbying. same as CNN. Instead of reporting news. They report opinions, one sided argumentation when over doing it = fake news. Bloomberg TV is lobbying for solution 2 = If Trump does "B = same as before" = Niggerwood, no consumption.
email sent: What do Trump need to do now to America competitive in the 21st century? "recession", QE,
password: 246824682468
Bloomberg TV---"recession", QE
If Trump does "A" = Recession
If Trump does "B = same as before" = Niggerwood, no consumption.
so you must have a solution.
Bloomberg TV is given fake news.
holly davidson bike want to build a factory in Europe or elsewhere to serve the demand of that market. So will highly value added USA consumption products, car, airplanes currently being made in Europe, Mexico, China and elsewhere. These manufacturing plants will make products for USA Consumption in USA due to tariff. ,
what does Trump need to do to keep America competitive? Please look at Bloomberg TV special program available with Taiwan Medias also. "Silicon Valley of Manufacturing plants in Nanjing China". What do Trump need to do now to America competitive in the 21st century? Like USD 200/day = a team to tackle the problem.
another name for QE is take the money from a helicopter and drop it out of the sky. European Central Bank has been QE, printing money since 2007-8 and get no inflation. Why? "A hole in your brain

email sent: One China policy will be in Taiwan. Wipe-off debt for 190+ Nations. Many teams are needed. Can be achieve with less than USD 200/day. . Chip manufacturing plants + 4th industrial revolution plants will provide the bases for backbone of USA economy for 21st century. That’s the plan, WSJ, Bloomberg TV. And Yours?,
password: 246824682468
david lee
Thu, 28 Jun 2018 21:41 EDT
constitution of 190 nations
email sent, 7:30am, 6/29: Deadline: 22nd, 8 days late; Not in a hurry, Constitution, Babies, children pension money, extreme weather, Capitalism, Without We the people. Wall Street VS Main street. I will cut of head, 10 President Xi, 10 Trump, 10 Putin's head,
password: 246824682468

Bloomberg TV,
I talk to my wife. Obviously You guy, SOS 50, 190, Schools, nation, we the people, 9.6 billion people are not in a rush. Take your time, 10, 20 years. Acceptable. You think you can solve a simple problem of 3 + 7, Constitution, Babies, children pension money, Capitalism, Without We the people. Wall Street VS Main street. So good luck on your mid-term election and many more election after this, Refugee crisis, Debt Crisis, Euro Crisis, Decent paying job crisis, inflation crisis, Currencies crisis, Extreme weather crisis and more crisis. I have visual, The President in Philippines have plans out, all public Tut-Tut (bus), all electric vehicles. One of the Last email sent before I left Taiwan: email sent: TVBS Taiwan--Extreme weather in Taiwan, visual, Sleet. Ice dropping down from the sky. Size of a penny, USD. First time.

You guys have seen a photo of Ivanka Trump's baby. Look near Newborn, P M of New Zealand had a baby few days ago. It about Babies (includes US Military) pension money. Like electricity and rent, you need to pay for it. Assume I build a fancy hotel in a mega city. Am I not suppose to pay for Electricity rent every month for 85 years. Newborn, retire at age 65. die at Age 85. Listen to Mitch", The Leader of Republicans in the House of Rep. , trying to pass Trump immigration bills, "We the people", USA Constitution", Not "We without the people, babies and soldiers
Do you prefer A or B with Exact Science.
action = reaction
email sent: Total control of commodity market, energy market, future market, bond market, which problem you can’t solve? 看理解(vi.)懂得?
email sent: TVBS Visual---UN Report: 40 million Americans in poverty. 21% are children, 18 million in extreme Poverty. Why? you have a solution.

Have you ever seen Volvo, Benz Porsche, during WWII. They turn into Tank, military weapon factories. Trump: expansion in steel companies all over USA. Not 20% Tariff on Steel and AL type. 8 to 10 times current Capacity = USA Consumption.
Trump want to get congress to pass law, so Trump can do whatever with China. USA-Trade Deficit. That's the issue and not mid-term election

Capitalism, Without We the people. Wall Street VS Main street
near 4% growth on GDP, inflation without real increase in wages. you guys are walking out with all the money, We the people get inflation, 99ers
email sent: Money is forever life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, Politics is part-time. 4 years. CNN: Primary to be closed 56 min. To biggest joke in the world, ETF ETF, Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg TV, CNBC. without the ability to read market signals = you got nothing. Niggerwood, people who beg taxpayers for money, Warren Buffet Wood, Institutional Investors Wood = no consumption.
Median Income now, USD 31, 972
Median Income 2000, USD 31,428
Median New Home Now, USD 328,215
Median New Home 2000, USD 164,787
Total decent paying job loss from 1/8 to 7/8 is 3,133,000 decent paying jobs loss
Total decent paying job loss from 1/8 to 10/23 is 3,796,796, decent paying jobs
Total decent paying job loss from 1/8 to 12/19 is 4,152,174 decent paying jobs
Total decent paying job loss from 1/8/2017 to 6/23/2018 is 5,311,206 decent paying jobs
total population: 327,950,200
number of people on gov't handout/food stamps: 166,382,355
% of USA population on gov't handout/food stamps: 50.750%
TVBS Taiwan--Extreme weather in Taiwan, visual, Sleet. Ice dropping down from the sky. Size of a penny, USD. First time.
Justification: title use: save massive lives : How much does it cost for the head of Leaders in Poland? please send it to Poland Gov't Line. they refuse to do their job. Protect massive lives. who ever is on this line, tell him/her. You are fired. 2:35 pm, 6/27/2018, Taiwan Time;jsessionid=4F03828B8D9DFAEA2587610701518465.cmsap6p
Justification: tried to send this email 3 times before the above statement: title use: save massive lives
email sent: Name a price for cutting President Xi's head off. I don't even need to do anything. get it. Stupidest people on Earth. not even smarter than a squirrel living in Alaska, Inner Mongolia, Russia, know to gather food when the weather is good or when it get cold. The squirrel die. 一隻內蒙古的松鼠都知道天氣冷了要把食物收藏起來,不然天氣一冷就死了,這就是生存之道. Do we have any Super Power politicians out there?
email sent: Total control of commodity market, energy market, future market, bond market, which problem you can’t solve?
Email sent: How much does this cost? CCTV. more than USD 150 to 200/day? Getting tire of telling stupid people shit.
One China Policy and you will never make decision for 23 million people in Taiwan. Do you want me to prove it? cut President Xi's head off
神盾艦入列 解放軍繞台規格升級
American citizen
Mon, 19 Jun 2017 18:42 EDT
Otto Warmbier
Your indifference to the physical health and the treatment of American Otto Warmbier was deplorable and inhumane. May all the people involved in murdering an innocent young man receive the same some day.
jill morra davis
Fri, 7 Apr 2017 10:07 EDT
missles in the ocean
why must we have this going on now ? we love all the people over there and my husband with 4 children was from over there and i loved them very much we need to instil peace with north korea because we care so much for everyones well being ,please tell kim jung un we care and love them alot and all the babies of north and south korea . plese we don't want a war with anyone ,it's enough with Syria .
Sun, 26 Feb 2017 08:21 EST
Reply Dr Balan
North Korean Dollars cannot take out from North Korea and cannot use if you are not North Korean , you can use China Yuan or Us dollars instead
Agoer Henrusman
Mon, 13 Jun 2016 16:15 EDT
Needed funds for home improvement mother
Dear Mr. or Mrs.

My name AGOER HENRUSMAN, I am the second of four children, now I live in the area Rangkasbitung Lebak district of Banten province, My brother stayed with Mum I Regional Cicalengka Bandung Regency West Java Province, Brother I am a woman living with her husband in the Region Tasimalaya Tasikmalaya district of West Java province and the latter's sister I live in the city of Bandung in West Java province.
Conditions My mother is a widow who currently do not work only scrape a living from his mercy. Which is just the most children live within the limitations of money, then for that I am a child really want to serve even though only a small portion to thank Ms. I, for that I ventured to seek the help of the money for home improvement and survival, for philanthropists and donors which has an excess of material of money, would presumably help the mother I set aside a small portion of the money donated to the Mother I am the current conditions listed above.
For those who are willing to donate please send to the bank account below
BCA (Bank Central Asia) Serang Branch.
Rangkasbitung Unit.

photos of my mom's house could be seen on facebook under the name agoer

Thus I will now submit applications for assistance to be informed, before I thank you.

Best regards

Note The attached photo
To view photos of the house could be seen on facebook
Louis Shawcross
Thu, 14 Apr 2016 12:20 EDT
Wanting to organise a tour to North Korea
I was wondering if it would be possible for me to organise a trip to North Korea next year (2017)? The trip would be organised in conjunction with SCI-Malaysia. SCI (Service Civil International) is a peace organisation that organises hundreds of International Voluntary Projects each year which send volunteers all over the world. I have been active with SCI for nearly twenty years usually with the VSI (Voluntary Services Ireland) branch which is the Irish branch of SCI. It would be a great honour to have an International Voluntary Project in North Korea. I am presently living in KL. A-5-9 Oakleaf Park Condominium, Antarabangsa, Ampang.
Dr balan
Mon, 25 May 2015 11:05 EDT
North Korean currentcy
I got North Korea currentcy. Kindly pls advice me where to change this money.
Sat, 14 Mar 2015 04:57 EDT
I want to visit North Korea.
I am a Bangladeshi citizen now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
email me please ★
MR Darren
Wed, 29 Oct 2014 10:38 EDT
Kangong Mountain is very nice ...

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