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bradley a wilson
Tue, 19 Sep 2017 19:13 EDT
is it time to move along
i tried with worthless americans and worthless germans
for the acceptance i will never accept to them again
not in person you aready know there just machine proces for that much terrioism soul body life everything
i have to move again and i got to get ride of the
for the war it should probably be germany and the us
i cant polish a terd and i never would
still with this much hate
bradley a . wilson
Yousef Harkous
Mon, 28 Aug 2017 06:59 EDT
Not good service... No answer on the Telephone!!
Costica Ganga
Tue, 12 Jan 2016 09:50 EST
Dear Iran, Saudi Arabia and all Countries from the Middle East


Dear Iran, Saudi Arabia and all Countries from the Middle East

Please make Justice at the highest level of Diplomacy, Academic and Civilization. If you start another armed conflict, it is going to be generated others millions of innocent people without roof, forced to emigrate and to reach cannibals’ mouths. In the last 15 – 20 years Middle East’s Countries generated in double figures millions of the most innocent and vulnerable people, without to be taken any appropriate measure, as Middle East became the main “GRANARY” of the World, facilitating the development of the most notorious occurrences (because I am not able to define these crimes) ever, giving to DEVORRERS the confidence to act further as being possible, even obvious and to generalize it all over the World.

Please take knowledge using any and all sources, that the Human species is not edible. Continuing to do so, the punishment (I do not where from) will not be late. Please take a look over this material and enact, persuade to be enacted allover the World the texts suggested below as Legislation, as making it applicable, automatically the crimes will stop immediately, and the PEACE will be regained allover the World and in our souls. I hope Allah will send YOU wisdom. Thanks.


Dear Leaders of European Union, the Entire Europe and World

I wrote as many times to your Institutions as can not remember, but enclose the majority of; as called Documents from my point of view as to be reviewed by yourselves one more time. Now it is really the last not hour, but the last second when YOU can make things right. Please offer to Humanity the present more than expected, and enact the texts below as Legislation. There is not other alternative, any other improvement of the existent Legislation is useless. This Legislation will make everyone forget about making money from these most notorious crimes and focus in the constructive, positive part of living and the vulnerable people liberated from the stress in which we are living. Even yourselves will feel as Angels after that. This is not the place where YOU should and you want to be.

Falling to do so, will aggravate your own existence, look at yourselves, any of you; the way you look now and watch photos or videos before being involved in this terrifying Process. I, as a neutral can make a huge difference.

Please do the right thing today. Thanks. Happy Christmas everyone!

. “Death Punishment to be applied to any adult that touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions”.

‘Death Punishment to be applied to any individual who touches any vulnerable Human Being in order to be processed in the Food, Cosmetic and other Industries, and evaluating them for Spare Organs or shortening their lives because were born or became liabilities (with different poisonous drugs or Technology) for stealing their pensions or other form of income, as well to the ones who provide these Human Being in order to be processed and the ones who assist in any way in this notorious process ’.

No American boots on this Continent and World!


Пожалуйста, пожалуйста, пожалуйста

Это не что иное, смелый и честный во всей этой цирка . Все о запугивании , унижении , манипуляции , истребление .

Никогда не предаст тот, кто сказал :

Учиться, учиться, учиться!


Please, please, please

It is nothing brave and honest in this entire circus. Everything is about intimidation, humiliation, manipulation, EXTERMINATION.

Never betray the one who said:

Learn, learn, learn!


Не заборави!
Let's not forget!

Опрезност је мајка мудрости.
Prudence is the mother of wisdom.

Belle et Bonne France!

Il c’est jamais trop tard. Be Doubting Thomas. Without the Legislation suggested below, everything is lost. Thanks.


Draaga Maestre Covaciu, cu toti Capitanii de la fondare pina astazi, Haiducii si Mica Tiganiada

Ma adresez pe acest nume pentru ca desi de aceiasi generatie am deschis ochii cind dumneavoastra deja prevedeati cu ochii inchisi ceia ce urma sa ne astepte, exact ce se intimpla astazi, si toata lumea va chema Covaciu. Ma recunosc eu insumi in multe din capodoperele dumneavoastra, chiar si in Mica Tiganiada, si va simt tot atit de apropiat ca si pe cei 5 frati si surori ai mei inca in viata.

Nu vreau sa va plictisesc, vreau doar sa-mi cer scuze pentru faptul ca am fost fortat de conjuctura sa folosesc numele fenomenului “Phoenix” si a uneia din capodopere. Vreau sa cred ca nu am comis o ilegalitate, ca nu v-am pus intr-o situatie mai putin placuta, dar daca din nefericire ar putea aparea neplaceri, cel putin sa stiti care ar fi una din surse, desi sint convins ca piesa este bene cunoscuta de toti cei in cauza.

Vreau sa folosesc ocazia si pentru a marturisi ca-i multumesc lui Dumnezeu ca v-ati nascut in Romania. Cu toata admiratia si respectul

Un umil admirator

Alatur materialul in care am amintit numele si opera dumneavoastra pentru a ma justifica, dar daca considerati ca ar putea fi de folos Poporului Roman, si aveti posibilitatea, faceti-l cunoscut pe cit posibil. Multumesc.




Dear COP 21 and Planet Earth

I am trying to be honest and declare that I’m not interested at all regarding the way you spend your holidays in Paris, how much do you use your Credit Cards, but against my volute I have seen a few short images from your activities.
For example your prediction regarding climate changes; targeting Bangladesh, Maldives… but never pronounced India, China… Why? Fear! Cowardice! Why do you not take a trip for one day or even few hours to Ireland for studding the ‘flooding phenomenon’ that occurs in West of Ireland with the epicenter in Shannon which started Friday or Saturday last (04/12/2015), continues even in sunshine time, and is predicted for one more week or even more? How long do you think are we; 7 billions going to accept your arrogance and intolerance?
Please stop it immediately, enact the texts suggested below as Legislation, arrest John Kerry, Al Gore Jr. and others DEVOURERS of Humanity and put them in Hague where to be determined their state of mental health, as to be isolated by Humanity for the rest of their lives.

“Cum nu vii tu ‘Tepes Doamne’ca punind mina pe ei,
Sa-i imparti in doua cete; in smintiti si in misei,
Si in doua temniti lunge cu de-a sila sa-i aduni,
Sa dai foc la puscarie si la casa de nebuni.”

“Raise one more, o Tepes! Take and divide these men
As lunatics and rogues in two big tribes, and then
In mighty, twin infirmaries by force both tribes intern,
And with a single faggot prison and madhouse burn.”

This is not my creation; are the last 4 lines from a Romanian poem; Scrisoarea 111 (Satire 111 (third), wrote in 1881 by the poet Mihai Eminescu, translation by Corneliu M. Popescu. I recommend the entire poem. The name Tepes is none else than Vlad the Impellor, known in History as Vlad Dracula. If the time allows you, just have a look on line, there is a song ‘Vino Tepes!’ by a Romanian group ‘Phoenix’, watch it please, could be helpful. Thanks.

Not to be interpreted that I intent to promote the Romanian culture or inculture.



I am starting like this because I do not know anymore who you are; Leaders or Exterminators. It is hard in few words to describe the stage where you brought the Humanity. You do not only left it in free fall; without jobs, social protection, health, education….but more than that you catalyze aggressively the process; from the barbaric shouting of black people by the Authorities in the United States to the most sophisticated psychological tools as your body language and vocabulary, making everyone sick, looking as the most bizarre, hideous, stupid pantomimes ever seen in any; debates, speeches, shows, and anywhere you could be seen and heard. The purpose is clear; Extermination, for your own benefit. I am not going to describe whole yours disgusting; complex and sophisticated machinery because I did it in the previous communication almost all enclosed here.

I want just your opinion regarding my last remark. Second hand ‘smart mobile phones’. There are teens of Shops (if not every Shop exposes in a window) with thousands and thousands of this product, only in my sight in few square meters. Where they are coming from? It is known that are targeted; homeless people, drugs addicted, alcohol addicted, parasites, rapists, disabled people, pensioners, fundamentalists, radicalists, terrorists, people with diseases even legalized as; Euthanasia in Belgium, the ones with the ‘right to die’ legalized in Switzerland and I’m afraid in Ireland, children with autism, dementia, other mental illnesses, other different diseases, and other categories of people which constitute liabilities. But which ones from these categories use ‘smart mobile phones’? This is the lowest form of robbery from victims.

You ? are trying to cover you’re the most notorious multi millions of crimes with others and others more and more grave crimes and obviously to escalate the number. You do not realize that everyone born on this Planet has the right and want to beneficiate of this unique and only for once - gift – Life. You are doing everything possible to take this gift prematurely from us, but something inspires me that with whole your sophistication, it is not going to take long. You are not going to escape even in your graves as you do not leave us the chance to have one. Enact please the texts suggested below as Legislation in order to solve this dreadful situation, as never to happen again. I am not part of any form of extremism, I am just realistic.

Не заборави!
Let's not forget!

Опрезност је мајка мудрости.
Prudence is the mother of wisdom.

Belle et Bonne France!

Il c’est jamais trop tard. Be Doubting Thomas. Without the Legislation suggested below, everything is lost. Thanks.


Dear European Union and World

This notorious process of Extermination continues incessantly, even more aggressively. Please enact the Legislation suggested below in order to be protected the Humanity and Planet, and mobilize please this entire Continent and the World not only European Union in order to regain the Freedom. Again invasion of Children. Please do not allow to the ones who created and developed this Mass Disaster for their interest, to order and dictate, contrarily arrest and put them in Hague for the rest of their lives and the Planet will be safer. Thanks.

No American boots on this Continent and World!


Dear G – 20

First, I would like to wish you a constructive and efficient session in the best atmosphere, for finding and taking the appropriate decisions for keeping the Humanity in Human conditions and the Planet at least the way it is.

Because nothing changed since the same time last year, contrarily everything is going to worse, and the results are beginning to appear – the most recent – last night 13/11/2015 terrorist attack in France, I am sending the same material sent the previous year, added just few important words. Please take a look again, because the solution is here. Thanks.

Costica Ganga
23 Palmerston Place
Dublin 7

Dear Dignitars, Leaders of Member Countries of G20 International Organization, the invites Countries and all Countries of the Planet

I watched on Euronews TV Station about your Meeting and it was one headline; ‘The G20 Meeting crackdown at tax evasion issue’. What tax evasion? According to my very summary knowledge of Business, the smallest and simplest Company created, can’t be functional before is framed within the Rules and Legislation in vigor, inclusive Taxation. The only Business and Money made that can’t and never will be accountable and taxable is the huge Profit resulted from the process of Extermination which is the main Business in action.

Since the G8 Meeting from June 2013 which has taken place in Northern Ireland, when allegedly it brought transparence about the destroying of the Humanity and the Planet, the population of almost 7 billions of people lives in a continuous terror. The Diabolic and limited educated Administration of the United States of America bears in its mind that this Planet is its belonging. In order to conquer it, they use the most unimaginable, unscrupulous methods as; humiliation, intimidation, manipulation, corruption, brutal force and so on. Having Media and ulterior attracting almost all the Personalities, they started gradually by prostituting young, beautiful, intelligent women (even the ones married; destroying families), criminalizing as many ordinary people as possible, if not all of us. Followed the introduction of Children from the age of months in prostitution and forcing men (elderly first) to become paedophiles. They came after that with Climate change, the collapse of Economy, shortage of Food, as people to accept sacrificing Human Being and processing them in the Food, Cosmetic, Medical Industry.

At this stage this Country; Ireland is not the Cemetery of the World because there are not graves, crosses, stones or other signs that the lost souls ever existed, instead must be called the Real Hell. Has been built infrastructures at any level, are killing Human Beings from the age of 1 year to the most advanced age, people with disabilities, and the elderly and people from the periphery of Society (useless in Food Industry) are treated with poisonous drugs or technologically, as they become first yellow and later waxy color and disappear. I am a daily witness of what is happening and can’t express in words what is the feeling; meeting the preying, begging eyes of Children of 4,5,6,7 and so on years of age, jumping from a leg to another, with desire of learning, of life, but with instinctual feeling of ‘what is next?’, the teenagers well built, beautiful faces, unconcerned, careless appearance, probable under drugs, the elderly also thoughtless for sure have administrated drugs in what they have for breakfast or lunch. All these innocents’ people lose their lives without to know it, and what for? In this Dublin and I’m afraid in each locality of this Country, every canal along the streets emanate a smell of Human flesh and blood permanently. This Dublin is a permanent Waterloo, an every day Waterloo. Another disease as EBOLA or a worse one will not be late, as I predicted in the letters from last year (enclosed in whole this material if you want to read it).

There are not any excuses for doing so, Leaders of the Planet! You came with various Fairy Tells as; religious ones (using phrases from the Bible and even Jesus’ Name), recession (created by yourselves), Climate Change and so on. In reality it is all about your incompetence of leading the Humanity and your avidity of money.

You prostitute Children for making money claiming between other that is a normal process. Where in the reigns vegetal or animal has anyone seen that plants or animals have the process of reproduction before the right time arrives? The animals take more care of their creatures than us, the Humans of our Children. They educate theirs; contrarily as we do, and never abuse them sexually. In the Human Beings life as everyone without any education knows or should know, the puberty is the arbitrary sign of passing in sexual life, not the birth day. Could be seen on streets little beautiful girls of 4 or 5 years of age companioned by their guardians, forced probably to advertise full sex. Wh
Yukyie ryusoke
Fri, 25 Sep 2015 17:02 EDT
how much visa invation go kurdistan
Assalamu walaaykusalam I want to now for visa in stay 1 week to aplication.i m working in riyadh
ahmed sinjari
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 11:18 EDT
visa for KSA
Dear Sir
I live in
iraq I like to get the saudian visa and did not find
the adress of KSA cosulat in Erbil or Baghdad
could help me pease
Tue, 3 Mar 2015 02:59 EST
Iraqi Nationals to Visit KSA
Dear Sir,

Good day,
Is it possible to have a regular visa to come in Saudi Arabia for Iraqi nationals?

Thanks so much for your attention

Best Regards,
Sun, 1 Feb 2015 04:23 EST
visa to Saudi Arabia
Dir Sir,
I'm an italian Businessman that work in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
My intentions is to invite in Saudi Arabia and in Qatar one of my engineer with a iraq passport.
Is it possible to have a regular visa to come in Saudi Arabia and Qatar to work?
Thanks so much for your attention
Conchito Samson Condes
Tue, 27 Jan 2015 16:54 EST
Visa Application
Dear Sir,

I am a holder of a Philippine Passport. And as the Sales Manager of our company, Nour Energy. I wish to visit Iraq for a business promotion.
Kindly send me the requirements to secure a visit/tourist visa through my email address

High Regards,

Conchito Samson Condes
Mohammed Abdul Matin
Wed, 24 Dec 2014 05:10 EST
I am working in saudi Telecom GSM project last 14 years.
Like to work Iraqi GSM . Tell me how I can ??
Wed, 10 Dec 2014 07:03 EST
Tourist visa
Assalam Waalaikum,
Dear Respected Sir,
I am an Bangladeshi living in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and working in a company as a sales executive, i wanna a visit to Iraq so i kindly request you to please tel me the procedure for getting 15 days tourist visa.
I will highly appreciate your prompt reply.
Thanking in advance

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