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French flag Embassy of France in Kampala

AmbassadorM. René FORCEVILLE
AddressLumumba Avenue, 16
PostalPO Box 7212
Phonelocal: (041) 430.4500
international: +256.41.430.4500
Faxlocal: (041) 430.4510
international: +256.41.430.4510
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wampamba Gerald
Sat, 8 Oct 2016 11:54 EDT
looking for job
am a 's6 vaccist and am looking job.
i will really appreciate a reply from you
Ayebare naboth
Thu, 8 Sep 2016 11:21 EDT
Applying for ajob
Hello!.am naboth from ntungamo with a senior six certificate humbly looking for any job.I am male ugandan aged 24 yrs.i will be grateful if my request is under your consideration.Thanks
my number is 075255343
Sat, 3 Sep 2016 12:19 EDT
I am 24year old graduate of Uganda Martyrs University with a Bachelors Degree in Philosophical and Social Studies. In my studies period, i had an opportunity to learn French as an additional language and obtained a French experience in Congo and Burkina Faso facilitated by the Society of the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers). I am a self-motivated and passionate youth about what I do.
Therefore, in case of any job or service provision opportunities in your office(s), your consideration of my appeal will be highly appreciated.

CONTACT: +256784311752
Fri, 12 Aug 2016 05:32 EDT
Hulo,my name is willy bukenya working with lwengo district NGO forum. i seek for appointment to meet the ambassador possibly fourth week of august or first week of sePtember.

BUKENYA GEORGE WILLY-0771810267/0701095540
Mulinde Angel..
Mon, 1 Aug 2016 09:48 EDT
Applying for a job in the French Embassy
I am a 19 year old girl, who studied French and is conversant with it.. I have freshly finished my high school diploma and is hereby requesting for a job in the French Embassy.. I am a fast learner, associative and down to earth person with a willing heart. My email address is contacts 0792217803..
I hope my request is put into consideration.
Tue, 12 Jul 2016 17:34 EDT
AM 21 S4 may your office help me if there is any bursary.i will be greatful for your response, text me at
Ikee Jacqueline
Tue, 21 Jun 2016 06:27 EDT
Senegal Visa
Uganda doesnot have a senegal embassy in uganda
kindly send me a link on how i can get a senegalese visa
Thu, 16 Jun 2016 05:53 EDT
Am here by applying for a job. Am a Ugandan aged 21years looking for any job in order to raise my turtion for the university i finished my S6 last year and you can contact via *256703682483 or e-mail me at I will be very greatful for your immediate response.
Akugizibwe Adolf
Wed, 8 Jun 2016 09:01 EDT
project proposal.
“Youth in Governance” is a proposed program to be aired on television intending to embrace, orient and groom the Youth on governance, policing and economic management.
This follows the increasing rate of youth unemployment, poverty, political abstinence and engagement in various activities that make their life opportunities pass on unnoticing, and therefore and therefore as a team we believe all people should be given fair political rights because without that our disabilities shall remain permanent and a block to our mutual goal of creating a free and harmonized society for all of us. It must also be clear that our complaint as youths is not only that those in power are rich and we are not but also the laws they legislate are aimed at maintaining and preventing us from altering the status quo.
In this generation, youth have been directed to sports betting, political hostilities, abusing alcohol, being used to create violence on the opponents and many other criminal activities and this has not only put the country on insecurity threat but also, on an economic stunt which we believe can only be addressed by a decisive mass action if we are to build a new economically and politically independent Uganda. However as a team we believe no one of as can single handedly accomplish this enormous task, but also sure that once we put together our views and efforts a lot can be addressed. We believe their must be an end to the class monopoly on political power and ensure a fundamental restructuring of our political and economic systems to ensure that the inequalities of classes are addressed and our societies thoroughly democratized.
Composing of 85 percent of Uganda’s total population, it’s a fact that theirs an irreversible movement by the youth to contribute to each change our country can experience be it government transitions or entrepreneurship development that only can reduce on the highly unemployment rate prevailing in our country and as well, social irresponsibility within the youth but which can only be achieved if orientation and training on proper utilization of their time is done.
“Youth in Governance” therefore, is there to train the youth on accountability for savings, political awareness , time utilization( how to earn from every minute lived), guidance and counseling, entrepreneurship tips, among others all that amalgamates into making informed decisions, participate in political decisions and also economic empowerment, that reduces idleness thus reduced insecurity threats and as well, effective youth representation.
Show format:
This show is going to be a single TV show proposed to be aired once a week (as decided by the station) but, during day time hours, specifically to last or one hour.
Targeting the Youth, “Youth in Governance” is objected to;
a. To promote efficient service delivery.
b. To ensure accountable leadership
c. To create youth awareness in policing and governance (what they ought to know)
d. To create an independent and liberal youth leadership.
To fulfill these objectives, the show will be partially pre-recorded because several guests will have to feature on the show of which all cannot find it flexible enough to make it into the studio.
a. Targeted guests are;
Youth minister, successful youth businessmen and women
Youth national and regional leaders
Experts in youth empowerment( from different ministries and NGOs)
And, at times, university students leadership will also be part of discussions if by all means the audience require depending on the day’s topic.

This program will be conducted in three (3) for an hour (60min) segments as described below;
Segment one (12 min)
This segment will be produced live.
This session will include introduction of the show content (topic), reviewing previous show’s reactions if any question pending to be answered.
And also, going further to introduce guests to feature on the show and more so, highlight the day’s topic to be discussed aiming at updating the audience to be ready.

BREAK (5min)

Segment two (20 min)
The production method of this session will be pre-recorded.
This will be a major section of the show (body) within which the topic of the day will be tackled and fully discussed.
This segment also will be featuring guests related to the day’s topic.
Guests, selectively, will be experts (to give tips) and some youths who have experience over the intended- to be – fought lifestyle for example;
Youth civil society leaders and economists
Violence beneficiaries (who are being used to destabilize peace like in politics, wrangles to be paid)
Successful youth entrepreneurs to share testimony upon which the audience can assess and learn out of it, being supplemented by educative discussion on the show.

BREAK (5min)

Segment Three (18 min)
This session will be lively produced.
In this section, matters from segment two will be additively discussed and more so, if by any response on studio-line calls, audience will be engaged to give their views plus final remarks from a team featuring on the show.
And, also, general comments will be given in a conclusive way to end the show.

The primary funder of this show is DGF.
Extensively, transportation to the selected field in recording (segment two) will be covered and facilitated by “Legal aid and Research Association Uganda”, a company behind empowering this program to groom the youth.
A detail of this company is attached to this proposal.
More so, we are planning to rise the funding by looking for more potential sponsors to support the show. This will be done while the show is running, in order for them to get engaged.
We look forward to attract more sponsors in a mean time because of the target group’s influence.

Production Team.
Segment one and three being live sessions, we hereby request the station to provide with us a potential producer and since segment two is a pre-recorded one, we hereby inform the station to support us with the gadgets such as camera and other supporting materials plus camera persons to shoot the session.



Uganda having 75% of its population being youths below the age of 30 years, the media platforms have denied them ample time to discuss issues that relate to governance in their country. The media has engaged youths mostly on entertainment and sports matters which have less or no effect on the direction of their state policy. As a team from the media and LARA we have devised to organize a platform for them to be groomed and oriented before getting into these political Institutional positions. The fact now being that over 95% of the incoming 10th parliament being youth, we believe there is a need for grooming and orienting such leaders if we are to create a an independent liberal and accountable youth leadership. This shall extend to youth national leaders, regional readers, university leaders, innovators, youth economic giants and civil society youth leaders etc.

The team shall organize weekly live and recorded T.V and Radio programs and community debates and dialogues strictly to engage youths on the issues related to governance. The youths’ leaders shall strictly be picked from all corners of the country and always considering the mission of the project of equal platforms to all youths’ leaders on the media platforms to discuss issues in relation to national policing and governance. These will include youth’s ministers, youth’s members of parliament, youth national and regional leaders, youth cultural leaders, youths that have developed different innovations such as kiira v, kayoola bus, the different apps, the malaria detecting machine, youth in civil societies and many others to debate and account to their electorate ,more so the youths.

(b) Economic youth Empowerment
As a team we believe, the will of the people reflected through regular elections is never genuine especially if sought from a poor, ignorant and vulnerable population and that explains why it has always been manipulated by the political leaders with more money. And therefore we believe a genuine will can only be sought from an informed and independent population. This has as well extended to even the legislative organ that has failed to make liberal independent decision since they have always been held hostage by the executive that controls finances.

The team shall always host youths who have been successful economically to explain and encourage the youths so as to give them hope that they can as well make it however squeezed and less opportunities available. The team looks at mobilizing youths to form economic productive cells so as to increase productivity and levels of employability targeting the 160 million East African populations and a number of the other East African opportunities.

(c) Accountability and rule of law.
The main objective of the project shall be to engage and hold youth leaders at all levels on matters of accountability and rule of law. They must regularly explain their contribution to the lives of their electorate and more so the youths. Conducting an internal research, the team realized that 95% of the youths do not know how their leaders get to power, what their role is, and how they can hold them accountable.

In the course of the program debates, the team has advised the host to strictly give many considerations on the questions of how the youths can make informed and independent electoral decisions, hold their leaders accountable towards service delivery, rule of law, economic capacitating, good governance, and participation of the youths towards policies that direct the state performance.

And therefore as the organization we look at bridging all the gaps mentioned above through regular sensitizations and economic mobilizations (economic youth cells) so as to create a well informed youths populations and highly accountable youth leadership on matters of rule of law, good governance, service delivery and effective representation.


Name. Legal Aid and Research Association Uganda.
Address. Kampala International University, 2nd floor. Administration Block
P.O Box 20.000, kla. Ggaba Road.

Tel: +256 705827994/ +256788348577

Partners: NBS and DGF, French embassy, CEDAW, Ministry of gender and youths.

Our services.
• Organize rule of law and good governance dialogues
• Training debating and writing organizations
• Activities on protection and environment sustainability.
• Economic youth empowerment projects.

-Organized and participated in over 30 dialogues and debates with civil societies and government institutions on rule of law, anti- corruption, environmental protection and sustainability campaigns, and protection against all forms of torture against women.
- Provided legal training to the community policing project with the authorization of the ministry of justice and constitutional affairs and the Uganda police force.

 Effective youth representation.
 Accountable leadership.


Promoting efficiency in Public service
Promoting morality
Training accountability
Creating awareness (what the youth ought to know)
Future prosperity activism (participatory).


10 project personnel 1.000.000@month
313@month 3756
2 Consultants
-1 Media consultant 350000@month 109@month 1308
-1 financial consultant 400000@month 125@month 1500
Administrative support
Financial officer 600000@month 188@month 2256
Administrator 500000@month 156@month 1872
Official travel. 500.000@month
156@month 1872
Travel in 56 selected districts 1.000.000@month
313@month 3756

Component total 4.350.000@month
1360@month USD16320@year

In-service training 400.000@month
125@month 1500
Rent of workshop facilities 400.000@month
125@month 1500
Hand out preparations 300.000@month
94@month 1128
Refreshments 200.000@month
63@month 756
coordination fees for districts 300.000@month
94@month 1128
Stationary 500.000@month
156@month 1872

Transportation for the participants 500.000@month
156@month 1872
Per diem/ accommodation 500.000@month
156@month 1872
Info sheets 200.000@month
63@month 756
Component total 3300.000@month
1032@month USD12384@year

Expendable equipment 500.000@month
156@month 1872
Toner/printer cartridge 500.000(full project) 156(full project) 156
Stationeries 100.000@month
31@month 372
Non expendable equipment 200.000@month
63@month 756
PC Computer and printer 1.500.000(full project) 469@month 469
Component total 2800.000 875@month USD 3625@year

Operations, maintenance, repair of equipment. 500.000@month
156@month 1872
Publication of the tool keet 500000@month 156@month 1872
Television airtime 30000000 8824@month 105882
Sundry and communications 500.000@month
156@month 1872
Component total 1.500.000@month
9292@month USD111.498
GRAND TOTAL 42,700,600@MONTH USD12,559@MONTH USD143,827@year

Akugizibwe Adolf.
Founder and Team leader Legal and Research Association Uganda
Tel. +256 705827994/ +256 788348577

Aber Lillian
Chairperson national youth council

Kirenga Africa
Founder Legal Aid and Research Association Uganda.
Tel: 0701460305/ 0771670259

Matandah Abubaker.
Uganda National Students Association President
Kibuuka Ambrose Mukiibi.
Human Performance Specialist, Researcher and Member of the Board of Directors at Kampala International University.
Tel: 0752648226.

Mr. Kaheeru Freedom Vincent.
Director Profiles international
P.O Box 3024 Kla, Ug. Tufnell Drive Kamwokya tel:0752424999/0772424999 Email:

Enanga Fredrick.
Uganda Police Force. PRO.
Tel: 0772952789
Head Quarters UPF NAGULU.

Jabweli Jacob
Thu, 2 Jun 2016 05:07 EDT
Seeking for ascholarship
l humbly submit my request on the above subject. Am a 20year old male Ugandan by nationality. l completed both my O and A level studies and emerged with 19agg and 14points respectively ,l did sciences ,in physics, chemistry, mathematics and ICT. l want to become an electrical engineers. Am a hardworking student and self motivated.
l will be so grateful if my request is considered.

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