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mohammed amodi
Sat, 24 Feb 2018 05:16 EST
Support and build project to build a garden safe for children
His Excellency the Consul General in the State of Palestine
subject : Support and build project to build a garden safe for children
Beginning we turn to you with great thanks and gratitude to you His Excellency the President of the Board of Directors and to all members of the organization on what get forward support and projects to our people and our people and our institutions as your us all the meanings of appreciation and respect due to the lack of a place to spend the kids and their time by kindly to grant the town of Burqin , which has a population of 7,500 people, is a children 40% of the total population granting Burqin village and its institutions project to build a garden safe to children lacking the town and residential areas adjacent to such an important project which contributes including 70% of the solution to the problem of children who can not find a convenient place and healthy to spend their time it also said the project will serves the other classes of society , including the disabled , including 5% of them in addition to the other categories of the town's residents
, including women and families. aims Center generations of youth and childhood through the Gardens project to create a set of parks safe and equipped with a range of fun games for children , especially in areas rural and lacking such services , because of the absence and the lack of playgrounds and public parks in the town, and in order to achieve this objective, the center in the address you in order to achieve a safe environment for children through project parks safe for children at the site of the most needy for parks and places of entertainment for children. The project works to provide recreational places safe for our children Palestinians , and reduce the number of casualties and victims that kills every year a large number of children due to play in the populated areas in the streets and alleys , we hope and hope and hope Your Excellency to approve the adoption of this project for the town lacks the presence of such projects for kids
Please accept the assurances of respect and appreciation youth and childhood ajyal center
mohammed amodi
0599275225 /0594221939
mohammed amodi

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