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Enrique UK
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 09:11 EDT
Stop the massacre in Venezuela
Stop the massacre in Venezuela
I just read in the news today that another young guy has been killed by the military in Caracas, La Carlota, everyday we hear of young people been killed and nobody is doing anything at all !!! Venezuela's government is not democratic but narco-tyrannical. The poor people of Venezuela is suffering hunger, not medication, no democracy, no freedom at all and still some other countries are supporting such genocide like Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Lucia, etc. please stop the killings of young people!!!
Shahin Mir Hosseini
Wed, 21 Oct 2015 00:31 EDT
A Letter to Embassy
Shahin Mir Mohammad Hosseini Fashami
Facebook: Shahin Mir M. Hosseini
Pepinusbrug 2
6102 RJ Echt
Post Box 20001
2500 EH Den Haag

The Prime Minister, Minister of General Affairs of Kingdom of Netherlands
Dear honorable Mr. Mark Rutte,
Your Excellency,

My name is Shahin Mir Mohammad Hosseini Fashami and I was born on 27th May 1973 in Iran, and I live in Netherlands since 27th of November 2014 as a refugee. I have been persecuted by Islamic regime of Iran for a long time and I have been under Electronic Torture and Electronic Mind Control from remote via brain chip implants inside my head all the time 24 hours a day, seven days a week for many years in Iran (since 1990) and also other countries by Intelligence Ministry of Islamic Republic of Iran, because of direct order of its corrupted supreme leader Ali Khamenei Jealous beggar, and even here in Netherlands the terrorists-agents of this terrorist regime have chased me and they are doing the same as Iran to me here, and at the same time unfortunately they have received positive status by fake documents, cases and stories provided with Ministry of Intelligence and Security of current regime of Iran (to stay here as my agents who send me killing and torturous waves, and who make attempts on my life)! All the judges in Iran have to cooperate and obey what Intelligence ministry says and as a result it is very easy for the agents to get fake verdict of being sentenced or being fired from another ministry etc. to get asylum outside of Iran.
My Electronic Torture and Electronic Mind Control has been sometimes even worse than Iran here, because terrorist regime of Iran feels to have less responsibility for their terrorist and torturous actions here and unfortunately responsible Dutch authorities have done nothing to stop this organized crime against me despite of my many reports yet, and unfortunately it seems they are not going to do anything at all, as a result terrorist regime of Iran and its terrorist-agents have become very impudent and they are torturing me intensively by remote waves and signals sadistically, and freely as they want here in Netherlands your democratic and free country and make attempts on my life and threaten and curse me so badly that I have to reply back. The system functions via two-way radio communication (transmitter-receiver or equipment of sending and receiving waves, signals and radiofrequencies of agents), the microchip implants inside my head & brain and supercomputers (Data acquisition system) of the agents and their additional equipment. (For more information and explanation about this secret technology that its equipments have been bought by Islamic regime of Iran from other countries, please refer to the internet addresses below this letter) These chip implants are passive which means they do not have any battery and they function by remote sent waves and signals, they collect energy from the interrogating radio waves and act as a passive transponder, it looks like to a radar which means, the agents send waves and signals to chip implants in my head and get the response and returned signal from brain chip implants in my head and brain back. As a result they can see whatever I see, listen to whatever I hear or say, speak to me via microchip implants and their equipments which receives signals from remote from brain microchip implants inside my brain, and to become aware of my thoughts and feelings with the help of something like a helmet that they put on their head, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister of corrupted tyrannical terrorist regime of Iran who has no personality, has organized everything for terrorist-agents of Islamic dictatorship, to subject me to Electronic Assassination Attempts, Electronic Torture, and Electronic Mind Control through the microchip implants inside my head and brain, freely and without any problem by complete cooperation of Dutch side, and as one of the abilities of this secret technology is to understand the feelings (all senses) and thoughts of the implanted person from remote, he has connected many high rank authorities from other countries to experience this intelligent secret technology, especially when I go cycling, fitness, shopping, even eating because the taste of the food will be understood from remote by connected persons and personalities. The mentioned authorities have sent also harassing or torturous waves and signals as well as mind control signals from remote as well. The authorities of many countries including Austria, Belgium, China, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdome, United Sates etc. have been connected to me till now. By recording my voice and vision, they gather my information and try to use them against me in different ways, specially by mixing them with their dirty lies and misinformation to deceive honorable Dutch authorities, by their dishonest, unfair and outrageous slanderous reports about me and plotting against me, and also by labeling me, just to make honorable Dutch authorities ignore my complaints against them as agents of terrorist regime of Iran who have tortured me and also attempted on my life by the help of this secret technology for years in Iran and are doing the same here again in Netherlands, and have been sent here for this reason. As an example of misusing of seeing from my eyes, they saw my passwords through my eyes with the help of this secret technology, have down loaded many of my documents from my emails and even reported some of those documents with their dirty lies, fake stories and dishonest slanderous reports and deleted my important emails frequently.
Unfortunately the terrorist-agents who were my torturers and attempted on my life many times by means of the above described secret technology in Iran and tortured me badly to the death for years, have obtained positive asylum status by the help of the above explained fake documents provided as described above by Ministry of Intelligence of Iran, in spite of my reports against them to AIVD, Police, MIVD, Europol in the first month of my residence in Netherlands, and as a result after receiving positive status they came to this conclusion that the honorable Dutch authorities are not going to do anything against them, and therefore they became so impudent that they started to subject me to Electronic Mind Control and Electronic Torture by remote sent waves and signals here worse than before, and speak to me with foul language, curse me badly, insulting to my family, and also to threaten me with whatever they can, and not only that but also to label me with many and different dirty lies by their unfair and outrageous dishonest slanderous reports claiming that I am a Basiji (member of a paramilitary volunteer regime supporter militia), having paranoia just because I say there are microchip implants in my head, other dirty lies, and by plotting against me, just to save their fake and false positive status to stay here and to have me under Electronic Torture and Mind Control, and to make different problems for me not to let me succeed and to be a danger for their power. For example, one of their two team leaders (responsible persons) whose name is Abbas Zaman Fashami (Abbas Zamani) and was my classmate in high school although I have reported his name first in Police station of Wassenaar in December 2014 (the exact date and hour can be checked in Wassenaar Police station) and also to other responsible honorable Dutch authorities in the first 30 days of my residence in Netherlands, has subjected me along with other terrorist agents to sadistic Electronic Torture and has attempted on my life a few times here and I even have called to AIVD about him, and he has insulted badly to my family and relatives specially to my parents who are passed away, specially my mother, and curses me so badly through the microchip implants in my brain and head that I have to react and reply back to make them stop!!! I should inform you please that I did not have, and do not have any personal problems with him, other than he is my torturer who has tortured me badly and sadistically for around 9 years in Iran by means of above mentioned secret technology and made attempts on my life many times, our families also did not have any problems with each other and that can be investigated in Fasham (a small city or village place with around 2500-3000 people, with 5-6 banks, restaurants, shops, governmental offices, library so that is the center of a region our village where is only 30 km far from Tehran. There are three of my classmates who are chosen to be among the terrorist-agents in their group, because they had the same high school or university education as me and know me as well, and these factors are important in Electronic Mind Control (they read whatever I read, and learn whatever I learn, but for example when I learn a language, as their IQ is lower, they try to stop me by subjecting me to electronic torture and to stop me when I want to study and learn just to be better than me,as they are asked for!!!). Why 8 agents have been sent after me here from Iran, if they are telling the truth, that this matter is not so important to them, or as they say I am not the one who they and their leader are really worried about to lose the power because of him. Perhaps superstitious but it is the truth. Just because of my standing against them, my writings (criticizing poems), and specially for them, because of my dreams!!!
They send me killing and torturous signals, waves& radio frequencies which can, not only make intensive, overwhelming torturous pain in different parts of my body, but also can cause heart attacks and also they send me signals and waves that have different effects, a kind of it controls my mind and brain, kind of it blocks my mind, kind of it removes my memory instantly, kind of makes me badly angry, kind of it makes me hungry, and have different affects that need long explanations. They have tried to assassinate me many times with this method, since they implanted the brain chip implants inside my head and brain without my knowledge and consent. They also speak to me via brain chip implants in my head with the foul language all the time, curse me so badly that I have to reply back and they threaten not only to assassinate me but also to kill my brother who lives in Iran (frequent threat) which of course did not have any effects on my writings and criticisms against Islamic dictatorship. This Electronic torture and surveillance, and Electronic attacks have been doing normally in two shifts by two different teams of agents. They torture me sadistically and curse me continuously without any reason other than being an opponent of Islamic dictatorship in Iran. They do commit this organized crime because I am against the dictatorship in Iran and I am an Iranian critic and political poet who criticizes the tyranny in Iran and its policies sharply and has been standing against it in spite of every day electronic torture, and many attempts on his life by means of this secret technology for years! I also have published a poetry book consisted of and including sharply criticizing political Persian poems against tyrannical regime of Iran with the title “Raahi dar Nour” in 2001 in Austria.
I would like to bring your attention to this truth please that with less than my criticism and with less than what I write, persons, including poets and writers have been killed and assassinated by the tyrannical terrorist regime of Iran, and there is enough information about it on the internet, and as I Know and searched in the internet, maybe perhaps you can find just a few persons (if any) who like me have written such criticizing poems against Islamic regime of Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, and I can present their prints and internet addresses if required.
In addition, the Intelligence and Security Ministry of Islamic regime tries to stop me in whatever I do by different methods, and specially by sending me torturous waves, signals & radiofrequencies, especially when I do the sport, study, work or learn a language, even when I go to bathroom or cook or etc. They frankly have told me:” You are not allowed to be anybody or to succeed in anything”, the reason that why they say so and do this Machiavellian plot/program and behavior against me which has been doing against me for years (especially after rejecting the proposal of Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of the Islamic regime to marry his daughter because he wanted to do something for his superstitious fears caused by my dreams to make sure that he will not lose the power) have been explained in below paragraphs!!!
Once I was talking to one of my friends telling him that I had a dream and in that I dreamed of fish and chicken unfortunately our conversation was listened and recorded by agents and it was reported to authorities, and later they reported it to supreme leader Ali Khamenei! As I am an opponent of Islamic Regime of Iran and a political poet , and I have written criticizing poems against cruelty, corruption, terrorism and tyranny of the Islamic Regime, I was under surveillance in Iran, and the regime agents plotted against me.
The interpretation of dreaming of fish and chicken in Iran is that the person who had such a dream, he would reach to the highest position of power, that means if a person had a dream of fish and chicken he would become President, or Leader, or Prime Minister!
As mullahs are very superstitious, since that time they have tried to kill me many times! Their logic is that because I am totally against Islamic dictatorship in Iran, and I have different opinions and views in compare with them and their leader, if possibly I become the highest position in Iran (based on their belief and interpretation) especially because I believe in democracy, then that means they will lose the power!
As a result of my sharply criticizing poems and mentioned dreams, the supreme leader Ali Khamenei became my blood enemy. After an unsuccessful attempt on my life in Iran, the Intelligence Ministry of Islamic regime implanted me by brain microchip implants, without my consent and my knowledge! With the help of this secret technology they can not only control me all the time, and having me under surveillance, but also torture me all the time by remote sent waves, signals and radiofrequencies, and also to make attempts on my life easily without leaving any trace or evidence! After years, I thought that this strange deranged sensitivity and hostility will be decreased as Ali Khamenei is not only old but also has prostate cancer but as he is preparing the situation for one of his sons called Mojtaba, to be his successor my security conditions have become even worse and they torture me to death by remote sent waves and signals and have attempted on my life again even here in Netherlands!!
One of the astonishing and interesting points was that since I came to Netherlands corrupted and profiteering Ali khamenei’s agents, team leaders and their responsible security position asked me to react radically to their leader Ali Khamenei by poems, reports, and complaints just to make themselves important by reporting them and to get promotion (specially the motivation of their responsible director in Tehran), and also as they frankly told me (and their voice is recorded, if they have not deleted its file) they had this request just to stabilize their positions and to remain my responsible agents, and team leaders permanently in Netherlands to get European passports (Dutch passports) as fake refugees and also as they say based on their own calculations and assessments to save 400,000 to 500,000 Euros each by having these positions in the coming and remaining years of their service in Intelligence and Security Ministry of Iran by receiving a salary in Euros from Intelligence and Security Ministry of Iran and receiving another salary from Dutch side as a refugee and then later as a citizen of Netherlands, and also as this hidden organized crime and operation has a monthly budget, by stealing and putting most of it in their pockets. As this electronic control and torture is done 24 hours a day they have possibility of overtime for many hours, and a
Sun, 30 Aug 2015 10:19 EDT
how can I go to venezuela?
Hello! I am writing to ask you what I have to do to take a visa to go to Venezuela. I am from Albania. I am waiting for an answer. Thank you!
Dr Lilian Volcan
Wed, 11 Feb 2015 04:41 EST
email para contactar el embajador
Buen Dia - necesitaria gentilmente del email donde pueda enviar una solicitud de apoyo al Excelentisimo Embajador. Gracias
Wed, 13 Nov 2013 01:43 EST
email for the embassy
i have an invitation. How can I send it?

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