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AddressRue Beni M'tir
Souissi, Rabat
PostalB.P. 1303 R.P.
Phonelocal: (053) 777.2277
international: +212.53.777.2277
Faxlocal: (053) 775.6213
international: +212.53.775.6213

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Constance Lucia Lammerts
Sat, 24 Jun 2017 15:37 EDT
king marroc participate in 'ethnic ouvriere criminalization related murder ''passage juif:''''belle ravi''Badr Hari
king marroc participate in 'ethnic ouvriere criminalization related murder ''passage juif:''''belle ravi''Badr Hari
France a rapporté la radio Mosul gsp, '' adeptes puce portail famille Lammerts "vous me Faites plaisir" Coordination YAB YUM puce bordel cacher warefare Défense ''Constance d'affaires''

sex machine « top code sûr, ''Bernhard, Eimert Middelkoop « » ne pouvait pas garder les mains de son''» portails Produit de
Heuft,radio fr a fautes'' 22-6-2017,De Heuft, le produit abbesse cornée,Le produit noir ''chansons', ''Heuft ''Dame d'opéra, same coalitions

''organise puce likes'' roadmap '' D-Day sur Smart Tech=Aipac horror créations lelong Kroes, Powell,avec P.Ghashaeipour voisins, qui joue mulah''l'Iran (Kerrymen Zafir)

'' king marroc participate in ''everything 'german statement'', ethnic muslim linked polarisation since napalm bombing 1958 in favor cleansing' IS hatred fracking visit -along ''wipe out'' Jewish appointments'' the Lammetjes'', along Golda- Abdullah,Jordan earlier settlements'

Dear reader, parliamentarian,
Hereafter you will receive information about the relationship between Orange Mohammed It Vassality, because of exploitation, exclusion, subordination of some of the "ouvriers" in his country, as is now replaying, and the relationship Orange inside by of criminal p.peye boxes forbidden agreements "is Breaking up ordinary people.

BBC vife life stated ,''king Hassan guy finance '''''since 1996'', With IS has been posed on his family Lammerts back, the Jewish menorama raises the 'Double Tree' richman said '', 'high finance'
,Avec IS a été posé sur son dos, le Juif lève-le menora''one Hilton Double tree richman a déclaré '', 'haute finance' '
les crimes financiers Heuft du produit crimes odieux sexuelle’’disgusting illégal esclavage sexuel
opérateur Constance''coma putain « »

had partly facebook masses accaparated it play´´to put it up against (it protective stupedity´)(who shoot on my person including jet shelling the brain, skullcracks, , for Bibi watch whole day ´damage my cells injuries the brain'', had wanted with IS take a new start incorporated Baath elitecorps transform it embarreur,

,Bibi had me Infused with kiboetsin, related hate fracking my person).
Participant jewish communities maroc washout stately israel'ministerial engager internet boxes Lammerts house devastating target''clearing the nobles '' - embedded Jewish Council Palestine Affaire Special Committee 1906, with Abraham Kuyper '' Bible Belt '' (Meir Abdullah Aisha crime engager '' land ,, people grab''engager ),inmates it own folk on the crime matter as such came forward with
forms of abuse as appeared´ turk did dishonour you´, ´she is cut on her motions by iranian´, , ´ the woman Ghashaeipour make them afraid play mufti´, ´we pay 95 euro for shooting on her´, back up Badr, ´Badr became very riche with belle souterne´ soaking´ Mieke van der Weij NOS radio, protected by Chief Hofstee,Ad Smit, Amsterdam.
All ''aiding the enemy, The State, TheHague Orange against it own citizens allow ''extrajudicial executions , sexual violations on Lammerts'', authorities ,it undertakers with cunmen Badr Hari all my neighbours, the reason I engage in Amsterdam Tribunal int, jury art 99, art 104, for wich we ask you contributions. Thank you in advance.

The exploitation of our family ppeye clandestine emissions finance deposit suisse ''.Mohammed through his favorites sharpened the '' ouvriere '' folk anew allready brought about marocco (napalm 1958). For him his befriended who holds '' the wipe goal sanctifies the means ''. Koumanti, 2000 former neighbors, Badr Hari since 1996 Broodje Bert awaited had stated ´the most beautifull woman of the world´.Aboutaleb who directed the shooters arrow malware on tablet after me supplier Rutte, EU Ansip, H.Kamp,local police operator ´congsi divergence´ to suit it purpose. Aboutaleb whose sister Latiffa was a grader stable of '' vulnerable '' little ones, wicked '' and imprisonment await, was stimuli to write to envoi the crime information middle east with adds chip, p.peye victims.

Using imam in syriaAssad for fuse in the spout like now in marocco

Warfare like that take different course willy nilly, by officials legitimating homicide (Lammerts relatives, hurt murder serials make fun of,
with handyboss Kershaoui :connexion Job Cohen Antonzcyk Likud responsable death my relatives a century- who play with the rich, ´du sud ´femme de menage, ´femme a pantalon'' radio france''20-6-2017;king engager quelle cause workout EU_Oval Trump,with WestMinster´ Sandhurst military (exit at the same time)
´joue democide members : Syria executions festival war prisoners syrian people, Turky ´fake coup´ make outlaw own groups of citizens´,waste LAW administrations waste the fundamental rights experience put to use) joue members genocide coallitions deskorderman Trump chemical bombing´(palestine, syria, yemen, maroc, EU Renzi blockade prosecution warcriminal the Syria area´ad itere´) Maroc king engager quelle cause workout EU_Oval Trump,with WestMinster´ Sandhurstmilitary ACDC Aisha, Zafir (´happy Crystal proceeds´) interconnected connected (exit at the same time)
It certainly makes a difference for the underdog party of workers, unemployed, torture ,fled victims to know that the government uses the king '' the provisional '' ouvrier favorites for their demise '' for Sandhurst '' ,bugatti, Swiss bank accounts. Who now concerned being exploited, abused by State understand that they are all to fear, with phosphorus napalm.

Dear reader, sir policeofficer, Permanent Observer,parliamentarian

'' They do together with Orange koekhappen '' read how the king marroc participate in 'ethnic muslim cleansers'IS hatred fracking visit -along ''wipe out'' Jewish appointments'' the Lammetjes'', along Golda- Abdullah,Jordan earlier settlements', intercultural chose side it own ethnic antecedents along: jew in the first place.
The one the other is not ,that they want to wipe your community vistas, traditions, where these predators aipacmafia app life logistics do not dispose. King marroc appeared interrelated Lammerts cinema del la morte jihad IS fund portal locked up','' chip-spy, logistic industries development, botomie economy '' ,blackpool Jewish Council Courts as follows bottom to the top.

-overseas affiliates hatred and defamation connected offices came by all the places I visit

IS gangsters library Amsterdam, feel big because they can ''fee', punch her all day being supported by authorities'': ''execution on line''. Read on royalties who are their friend and against whom they turn with deathly extrajudicial execution play, like Orange',along wipe out Jewish appointments'' the Lammetjes''.'Beatrix his mother waist a goodmen for tabloid (BBCtalksport 28-3-2016. prélude à Tribunal d'Amsterdam jury international, Department financial capital crimes: bloodrobbery Orange gender Lammerts

their various partaker in crime. All my former neighbours did together with the criminal former mayor Job Cohen ''captain seguiduille'',authorities, the same of keep them ''poor (State), stupid (church), ''scared to death,cleansing directors'' FED 1920 heading tools Alkaida/IS for their business trade interests.

-overseas marroc affiliates hatred and defamation connected offices came by all the houses I lived
This is thephone number of the police 0900-8844 and related policemenof follow up houses who block aid for me for their men in superior (Judases Public Ministry) , now:tom.onderwater@amsterdam.politie.nl
Hans.van.Lent@amsterdam.politie.nl,Eenhuizen@amsterdam.politie.nl//the same with the previous his colleague policeman Alex van Amstelas written:
when I suffered severely from the maroc. neighbor Doggers Bank Street 2001 Koumanti crossover network terrorist (Hofstad, maroc, mayor Aboutaleb it cousin housekeeper affiliate,Trouw newspaper appointed so)portal ransombail pimp: 'Jurnal tabloid',''my writings´, she makes many crosses,'' thief of my time, stalker and gangster, '' '' almost fell out of the dirty fumes in my house'' (all the houses), hunted around in the house, scratched damaged all day by crazy bastard scum, I went to police officer Alex van Amstel, his only interest was for explosives, the fumes, '' smell the acid ma'am '? This scum together holding us all those time under gunpoint,this day had let us in captivity, portal sexindustries bestia, exploited, comarape and genital maimed. Same men same by etnic cleansing drivers.
For puce (undersigned mw. CLLammerts) Badr Hari, law locked '',youth commentary OBA 19:36, 24-1-2016, apparently as intended because I'm not helped, with worldwide consequences for high officialty and Orange befriended royalti King Mohamed 6 crimepartaker let the etnic cleansing damage ran, coming from secret Golda Abdullah appointments of that time, who at the same time '' wipe out Lambs'', countries visited, who not want to take care of Assad torture Muslimrefugees (Hungary), slaughter resistance of familymen of catchaturiacommunity had it heroes massacred (Putin) , or illegally suppliedweapons Czech Republic to Golda then, fully aware for eradicating thecatchaturia Palestinians, followed by den Uyl undertaker Orange within inside by overpatching Hitler Bernhard Zorrequita OrangePalestine affaires 1906 / Teixeira de Mattos , by now slain by ''appaling ''killmen''(BBC talksport) Nethanyahu show us in their true face unashamedly rude apart from all war martial law rules while: passive.

-overseas marroc affiliates hatred and defamation connected Netanyahu offices,

drivers israeli mafia called Nigel, nike', it undertakers late Sharon orders after 17-1-2014 as such stated:

''Badr Hari Constance shooting pour les Juifs'', ''people sadist of Uhula have cut her protective genital forder skin''. It ‘’never again’’,it ‘’war on terror interrelated’’.’’facial comarape Badr Hari/Zaventem connexion linked.
badr_kalashnikov/tjetsjeni bathtube
''they crime puce portal exchanged Constandse her with hermother Betty '
maroc came across deliberate linking oppositions maroc king
At Waldorf Astoria 548 on the Herengracht in Amsterdam, they were ready for arrival of Moroccan King Mohamed 6, ''absolute ruler'', after which came in radio DCbell statements 30-3-2016, '' the, '' predator king after her hashtag'' '', ,'' marroccan king orders her toppie '' clitoris '' shaving'', , on which a german group stated ''he joined everything''
BBC vife life stated ,''king Hassan guy finance '''''since 1996'', ''Hamza collected money for toppie shave Badr Hari''''king Mohamed 6, adds the portal fund amounts', marrocan king ''He joins the scissors''. Tel Aviv gave scissors orders stated 20-1-2014. The Hague lined up mayor Jozias van Aartsen amongst them.

BBC talksport 7-12-2015 statement:she got it bottom to the top''
followers and radio BBC vife life 20-1-2015, - to sickening villains and gangsters puce portals kamikaze (I am still happy with your chinese -payment again (previous 18.000.000) ''for life extension'' as they have spread around, the
mafia because the government fails to deliver everything for me our resque.
beyond knowledge against ignorance the radio are talking´20-6-2017
again exemplefied
On the crime matters: R.Rabeling office sex offenders: 28-12-2011 : you can not return, 'go tell, write to the Public Prosecutor '. Uhula stated ´for reasons Theo Heuft Yab Yum tickets EU comarape hurt, razor organisationals, with Chief around the Table jackpot puce Lammerts ´
Heuft abuser my person ordered ´the ring in the genital´

All time all IN WHICH THE POLICE , course of justice, has to be understand as it aid corruption facilitator and
It police policy intentionally to the detriment of the family art 99 'as well art 104: 'aiding the enemy against us family up to its own folk, it cleansing programm widening out widespread. Furthers corrective.
''With IS have putted on her back here Jew hoist up it menora''one Hilton Double tree richman stated '' ,''haute finance'', with samewise orders Paris Hilton:'' Paris Hilton shortened her bowels'',,,,big pass Colin Powell, bandwith security Mosad collateral murder.
,,,and their IS handymen ''it ransombail'',horrid cinema del la morte'',appeared IS jihad fund portals.

You realize it is your self-preservation, self-defense, know what to state, do so proactive .Feel secured, justified and encouraged by reflecting the words of magistrates itself 30-12-2015Gherardo Colombo visited the hague :'' authorities they can't do the good anymore'' and Paulo Pinheiro:UN :

''widespread -built in'' systematic assault on citizens it '' (businessmen)leaders 'which are individually criminally liable ,(like nazi royalties; Putin, Obama, Erdogan, Hollande, Cameron, Assad, Nethanyahu, Rutte, Kroes, Juncker, etc., against whom sanctions targeted sanctions should be imposed, which remain ever omitted-for total impunity''

layer by Kroes /OESO:'It whim windy' Zeitgeist circumstancials', pretending impotent, except for filling their shady bankaccounts, cover for EU ''ohne Rechte ist es billiger'', ''ohne rucksicht,'' ''ohne ruckkehr''-

and simply don't act on behalf citizen it safeguarding in accordance with what is necessary. The neglect, disregard, by ordinary servants, ministers of the community, appeared serial killmen ''fun festival'', cannibal, razormen assassins Demand of you making the correctives in all of the cases of the matter at hand.

Ms C.L.Lammerts, MA., MA., MA., BA
Vinkenstraat 127
1013 JP Amsterdam

again...les abus financiers, les victimes de puce/chip utility exploite l'esclavage

BBC talksport 7-12-2015 statement:she got it bottom to the top''

I work on section C medics assassins' 'Amsterdam Tribunal' medical wounds leasing program '' (BBCtalksport) relationship Judenrat 'cinema del la morte Judas'' spout hospital, farmaci dna engingeers abuse 'Lammerts'' '' no animals need ', which put the damage causes of death in it, longemboli, heart cerebral infarcts arrange' 'fee' 'and shot so via microsoft Bill Gates, Lammerts abused for tap for ''artificial intelligence'' , facebook 'like'' equalizer algorithms' ,''puce abused for logistic police operations'' ,interrelated order AIPAC as now with me our family Lammerts, later for you samewise.

BBC vife life 22-3-2016 added:''we see sharp, thanks to her tremendous work'', & Co of the
2 Chronicles 6:36-39 King James Version (KJV)
Thu, 7 Apr 2016 20:28 EDT
36 If they sin against thee, (for there is no man which sinneth not,) and thou be angry with them, and deliver them over before their enemies, and they carry them away captives unto a land far off or near;

37 Yet if they bethink themselves in the land whither they are carried captive, and turn and pray unto thee in the land of their captivity, saying, We have sinned, we have done amiss, and have dealt wickedly;

38 If they return to thee with all their heart and with all their soul in the land of their captivity, whither they have carried them captives, and pray toward their land, which thou gavest unto their fathers, and toward the city which thou hast chosen, and toward the house which I have built for thy name:

39 Then hear thou from the heavens, even from thy dwelling place, their prayer and their supplications, and maintain their cause, and forgive thy people which have sinned against thee.

King James Version (KJV)
Public Domain

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