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Holy See (Vatican) flag Embassy of the Holy See (Vatican) in Harare

Address5 Saint Kilda Road
Mount Pleasant, Harare
PostalPO Box MP 191
Phonelocal: (04) 744.547
international: +263.4.744.547
Faxlocal: (04) 744.412
international: +263.4.744.412

Comments on this Embassy

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 20:37 EST
The honorable Generous.
In the name of God, the most Merciful and the most Gracious. All praises be to God, the lord of the world, the master of the day after, the creator of everything in this universe.
We of the Delta Study Center Foundation are an educational foundation for orphaned children and poor children. The foundation was founded in 2006 which is addressed on Adil Makmur Street, Dolopo District, Madiun Regency, East Java, Indonesia. We of the Delta Study Center Foundation desperately need the help of the generous brothers.
The foundation aims to assist the learning process in facing the national exam for orphans and children from poor families who do not have enough finance to continue to get education from primary and secondary education for the better future of children
The Delta Study Center Foundation is funded by the community environment and benefactors around Dolopo Sub-district, Madiun District, East Java, Indonesia to keep this foundation to support the education of orphaned children and poor children.
The Delta Study Center Foundation currently has: 1 person leader, 6 teachers, 1 administrative staff, 1 hygiene worker, and students from orphans and the poor with approximately 150 children divided into 50 children aged 11-12 studying in Primary School and 100 children aged 13-15 years who are still studying in Junior High School. In 2015, we educated more than 200 children by December 2017. By the end of the year, the number of students will usually increase
Every month we have to spend money to help the learning activities for orphans and poor children in our place. Among others is for the provision of package books, exercise books, notebooks and writing equipment, electricity costs, room repair costs, the cost of house contracts that we occupy each month, the cost of drinking. For the house we live in, we are still renting. In the future we aspire to have a place of its own so do not rent anymore. We are very concerned with education for orphans and poor children in our city. The managers and teachers with brush serve for the children even if not paid. The children are very happy to learn at the Delta Study Center Foundation because it is free. Every month we have to spend around $ 1950 for our foundation operations. Photo reality of the Delta Study Center foundation we send via email.
Generous, we desperately need your help to create intelligent, learned, noble, and well educated children in our city. We want you to be a regular monthly donor to assist the foundation's operations.
Hopefully God replied the favor of your help. Thank You

Your help can be distributed to our account number:
Account Number :
Foundation Leadership : NUR WAHYUDI
Phone Number :
Email :
Constance Lucia Lammerts
Fri, 16 Feb 2018 11:17 EST
´let suck die hard´dutch engager 'Pyeongchang,south korea´
Name: Constance Lucia Lammerts

Email: lammertscrystal@gmail.com

Subject: General Inquiry ioc canada

Message: ´let suck die hard´dutch engager 'Pyeongchang,south korea´,BBCtalksport,14-2-2018

dear reader, parlementarian,PROSECUTOR, observatory COUNCIL,ioc member,

What a
shame and crime Sven skater using fluids Lammerts Olympic gain Olympic Korea prices and races before. ´Sven Since 7 years of age, after it system for it durete, steadfastness, radio fr a fautes commented´,like M bin Salman lean on it consistuency´´on
Lammerts built it career''on lab scientist''. The radio'' everyday the radiostations I listen to´ sporters korea''making abuse man Olympic´ my father,

MG Lammerts best hockyplayer ever-
first Olympic decathlete ever'. Thereś no competion anymore'' only appointed winn'' as BBCtalksport put it 14-2-2018.''Radio fr a fautes''on the abuse and crimepartaker ´Sven taking liquid Conny in'',Sven taking Constance profile taking oppossum'', 12-2-2018. ''A normal would not do that, BBCtalksport 13-2-2018.Stolen substances Lammerts system as criminal as uacceptable.
More adds BBC talksport specialists
´Sven medaille achieved with ´ rusty''on it skinn''mean their life is over'',BBCtalksport 14-2-2018
sven Kramer

crime view record according the radio stations´lady on a sofa coma rape,onanie´iPad´, looking at the slain her daddy'radio BBCtalksport 16-2-2018driver she has finished´, older than jesaja´,listener the music hers ´no more tears´ MPO1 16-2-2018 ´
Abusing our fluids'bad enough to achieve it medails´he could not manage without our essences substances layer inbuilt´ but giving bad names our family he suck tap this date connected KLu staff hospital generic drug OLVG-Apotex linkage cover pedo riding ´ieniemienie´incrowd Heineken ,Badr Hari´Orange, disgusting as wicked, knowing placed under black yield tripartite-´cordon sanitair´,´ smear leprose´.

''MPO1 on the abuse matter''Sven fooled all this time the people with his medaille ', here suck tap''Sven connected macabeeen, soenit''(Salman portals áutomatique sex´, radio fr a fautes)

the opening´radio stations on abuse now '' Korea '' spotted crimecongenial embedded derivative copy business´Lammerts bloodrider, felony Lammerts House´ by Oranges, Heineken,Salman and it preconceived´candidates chosen winners '' to whom: '' Lammerts dope leur vie ameliorer '', connected regeneration ''solde´organic wonder´ smart tech lab '', copy composite moleculaire''''synthetic drugs leur system 'Sven abuser of' 'pour durete Lammerts'', engager the winner the loser''. We have expectations of you financial, medical'',diagnoze substances, generic drug, social'', financial, ethics'', administrator, IOC, observator health inspectors´related the mentioned abuse our person and family a century´ it network crimepartaker,profiteure´ sport engager the circuit´it using our merits private ,intelectual property''competence´as well´copy all our performing skills, potence, using
dubble standards it offices,l'homme de poche vivre de prostitution our family radio fr a fautes..
adds radio MPO1
.....''they should give back it medails'':adrv violation horrid criminal activity engage black booty bloodshed developped great debt to our family and societal, Olympic image´
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ronaldo and Badr Hari

''Lammerts dope leur vie ameliorer ''''comfort tap, Lammerts ''red cirkel ''succulent area ''lucy in the sky''´´envy supreme manager daughter BBCtalksport 16-2-2018,blod engager´
radio stations fr a fautes, Bbctalksport on a row of sportsman attributed heavy abuser corps pickery felony our essences,''Ronaldo acetates,Ronaldo is using her features'', skin her brother''enrich hiss''',plastic surgery''radio BBCtalksort 15-2-2018 selfsupply texture living corpses''our family'
(using their discipline'',''live with abuser Lammerts House pederasts Mbin Salman''(´guy geblatter Constance´,´guy hub-tech ukaze),Badr Hari ''guy slammer in the bathroom Constance ' guy Badr Hari billionaire'' Aida period, order tongpoint shaving''Aisha(mine),
, Ronaldo viewer ''hurt''the family''who use women it purposes '''habibi pederasti rape engager'') , S.Williams steroid, abuse Federer'', hot belle'' acetates''

interconnected Bloodrider facilitator Orange, Salman (Beatrix let play on the family)within crime circuit Heineken ''food and beverage Apotex Sherman-''generic drug''more will follow on next envoi.

Because not yet penal Ajax Coupriem crimepartaker violator Jordy & Johan Cruijff, Schneider of sexual offenses rape and mutilations''coma razor the genital ours'', does not mean you should wait. More criminals Olympic context will be revealed to you. You have to start somewhere. Now is the moment. BBCtalksport behind you it audience, drop on it hero'' they should give back it medails'':comments radio BBCtalksport after envoi' Sven lost face with other major champ''
As a matter of fact the follower audience knows when you discriminate and its: ''radio suported''
aucun regard aucun journalistique quí l´y a passe´
Constance Lucia Lammerts
Tue, 6 Feb 2018 12:22 EST
get quick rich with derivatives' transform index economies
get quick rich with derivatives' transform index economies
Salman with food and beverage industriels´,Heineken homme ´des dérivés du sanctuaire de Lammerts´
faire mousser

Dear reader, we read

''Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman is the brains behind KSA,s vision 2030,he is also minister for defense and energy.


un table'' riche veulent devenir riche rapidement avec des dérivés, « » rupture se donne verser Autorisez « » le commentaire de Radio France que nous t'offrons « » « Salman Personè allarme'' tour de raquette » joue grande Trouf joue allarme téléphone joue les Etats se engagent « » code fils à vous de un faisceau chasse « --chocs cérébraux» la « » concubine «Ceux qui dirigent sur la reproduction asexuée Lammerts texture GAV experiments''een de laboratoire » et demi « » est malaise de l'œuf de ivg, embryon de cocktail Lammerts spur
votre correspondance ', synchronisite' 'Commerce donne' '
'' Chip 'telephone''gens' feu Aucun '' abus Chante Bizet Elle '' ,, de gens de Baissez Aucun ' '' 'fait le théâtre' '' 'que '' personne', ne raconte '', aucune salutation ne dit pas au revoir '', BBCtalksport 02/06/2018 boulverser Triche de gens, pas histoire Gens, seulement technique''ont dévaster ont, orhpaner '' les enfants à Amsterdam et l'infanticide commis au Yémen en ce moment .
Arrêtez-vous à la fosse et dites «´Je suis Salman´» et je vous saluerai, d'autres me donneront mes «tentacules Octopussy» pour moi. Je suis entre ces taxis, je suis dans cette voiture 700.000, la rupture de beignet pour se autorisent '' abusant d'elle comme apéritif ''
Après cela, vous serez informé sur les multinationales Heineken homme ´des dérivés du sanctuaire de Lammerts´
,-circuit´donne chocs cérébraux Constance´ après quoi vous voulez laisser sa bière et sa boisson.
mw C.L. Lammerts, MA, MA, MA, BA

Heineken, Holleeder
ont touché de grosses sommes d'argent d'une manière complètement criminelle.

Heineken estomac inversion Constance´,, société Holleeder, Heineken infiltrant maison Holleeder dominant leur salon et la chambre à coucher.Holleeder societe tripartite travaillant avec l'aiguille à tricoter dans mon tube, tuyau.
qui font ensemble et veulent nettoyer les pavés 'La maison de Lammerts' Heineken, Salman leur handyboss Holleeder, le Haque Ollongren naziequartier suédois(ministère de l'économie 1991) complètement 'toucher´privés', le commerce dérivés'dans Heineken introduit', que Passage'proc'februari-septembre 2018 ´organiser des preuves indirectes´ Holleeder ´de Heineken kidnapping pour don bâtard Heineken sa mère. Passage Juges concentrer l'attention a des liquidations Holleeder´,´, et laisser de coté cet horrible cas de "bloodriding", "profits" de félonie Lammerts maison´,où il a touché de grosses sommes d'argent d'une manière complètement criminelle.
Passage Juges concentrer l'attention a des liquidations ´,regarde loin des criminels qui mangent des enfants´, Passage Juges concentrer l'attention a des liquidations Holleeder
courtier en criminalité est affilié à Oranje 'me di pia', ´est assis à la table´ tripartite' ,, intermédiaire pedo, pratiques´, intermédiaire de torture ieniemienie, partage des boîtes 'ce commerçant de femmes pour le marché intermédiaire de la douleur soussignée' connecté avec Heineken ´avec le do'in´-avec lequel ils indiquent qu'ils sont entrés financièrement "avec l'exploitation de notre maison Lammerts d'une manière complètement criminelle.
onstance Lucia Lammerts
Sat, 3 Feb 2018 10:10 EST
civilian 'border worldwide on 'Warwolf''-Barbarossa Capitulation'
civilian 'border worldwide on 'Warwolf'Barbarossa' Capitulation' of muddy waters'legioen'',stockage ''Prince-supplier nordic nazi dynastic

Dear reader, proseccutor, parlementarian,

Warwolf,” -Barbarossa ''massive siege engine''
same crusaders Nicea 1097 put disaster in BBCtalksport 3-2-2018 then and now a composite ''scum' ,'grenouille''/muddy waters'' ''huurlingenleger,vreemdelingen legioen'',stockage ''Prince-supplier nordic nazi dynastic roadmap planner embedded Trump black ljotr whigs slogans ''you have nothing to worry about'','' hell hole europe'', you are with us'' .Engager wipe out denomination modern times onesided divergency'' zion/menora area transit performer ''backing vocals Stoltenberg ''we are the worldfederative FED-keeper 'federique administator Obama 'ballot list''

Somebody's going to pay next','looking for a hangman''occasion''

biggest of friends bin Laden, Obama,Salman tribe ''black swan''narcotic''bad neighborhoods operator more heroin request'',dash camps interchange taliban

after ''miss spark'fluid consumation,

frequently bosje'',''duchenne'' gallons immerse''hidden sable''meetings'' togehter since at the cost and waste ''navy seals'' what's the lenght of the man''got trunc escape '.

Los Angeles, CA - What the hell is wrong with you people do you not see what he is and where he comes from OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES

12.000 veterans US commit suicide, 60.000 blackdeaths heroin USATrump looking away from
''ammunition catapult crusaders ''wearing Obama employee Salman ''new uniforms''cloth after dressmen studies in impressive black and white''.It catapult
Not only severed heads, but hostages, captured prisoners, ineffective negotiators, lepers, plague victims, human corpses, diseased animal carcasses, barrels of excrement, and all manner of vermin were hurled over many a castle or city wall in an effort to induce capitulation. Capitulation' of legioen'',stockage ''Prince-supplier nordic nazi dynastic (se.fi,no,dk,Orange/de)roadmap executive planner
Trump-Obama Gotcha''chop on ''banner''Olympic decathlete Lammerts bloodriding'' alienation smear Lammerts , leprose'', extremely stubborn/ineffective negotiators'',declare, diseased'',animal,''Warwolf'',while hand out Lammerts entire family the massive siege engine, Omega turbo to GEH, deliver to Mengele, Chomskey, Shiro lab experiments', orders 'designer ivg embryo manufacturor three a parent markets,''digestiven'' commerce 'Gotcha'''billions radiate''gallons of''fluid beam'', ''rouge levre bon sante'',radio fr a fautes 2-2-2018 ''panacee health Markets enager persona, body snatchers improve it deplorable exist with our constituencies, copying our legenda matrix all day abuse our speeches. Ljotr gave us''oblivion to fill it pockets twice'' present us as it own merit and pioneer.

To pound the Scot Black Ljotr ''evil crop'''of '''shown no mercy''
into submission guy Trump, Obama more of Oval in the back'',to gave birth again to Warwolf'' by initiative illegally criminally inlaid 'the EU-Oval crime ''aktien''incorporated sumissed to chip'CTLurban, Cemse,,Bese,'the civilian border', civilians ' in resurrection.




Lab experiments including ''mixed races gender''Lamadi it captivated albino'' suggest bring happines, health panacee after it substances, limbs solde 10.000 like our family a century (billions our corpes, fluids commerce),same supplier'' pancreas consumer'' Jerome van der Linden, J.Roos OLVG hospital Interne it circuit (Beek 18-4-1954). More envoi follow on the subject felony.
linked USA befriended tribes ''ground zero zero'' using our family ''banner'', human skin, ivg embryo ,three parent missfits experiments,same enager of infanticide, homicide, democide gennocide within multinationals EU-Oval evade any penal, recompensation it victims
Constance Lucia Lammerts
Fri, 26 Jan 2018 09:28 EST
gotcha 'deputy chief prosecutor FP', and '' fraud specialist Vincent L
gotcha 'deputy chief prosecutor FP', and '' fraud specialist Vincent L
Amsterdam, 26-1-2018
Dear reader, functional parquet employees, OM,
I would like to congratulate you with the '' gotcha '' functional parquet employee deputy head officer Functional Public Prosecutor '', and '' fraud specialist Vincent L.
announced today for the radio MPO1.
Continue as soon as possible, I get another response to the '' mega fraud / felony '' bloodriding ',' case ', radio fr a fautes'' 25-1-2018, which I brought to you FP 2016 not being treated for ppeye boxes '' Salman tripartite '' with a '' cordon sanitary '', '' Lammerts mangare basta al finito '', '' cosa nostra, in the back '', bbctalksport. .
According to Holleeder and Co. Because p.p.eye underpoo torture, and '' snuff '' (Dutroux - '' Vatican, pizza Hillary
orders '') '' of '' ieniemienie '' and following, the priority in which our family - a century victim of chef déquippe''J.Cohen, Meyer / Salman, et al.,
got a roundabout 'function, BBCtalksport 26-1-2018 induced by chip, nano implants OLVG Staff Pumps internal for tiny, underbid' 'arrow' 'pecking' 'pedo microsoft-invitees.Pedo judges, razor comarape judges (7) criminals' 'give for that' obstruction, 'legal framework' 'from the inside.
Mw C.L. Lammerts, MA., MA., MA., BA
'' Judges Judges on her case '', P.Ghashaeipour deskorderman Salman.
Still my congratulations '' for namely the '' good employee '' who is smitten by the aforementioned criminals in the entire Lammerts and following lawsuit:
Notified '': '' velpon in her vagina Hofstee '', radio MPO 1, BBCtalksport comments.
Lammerts via prince Bernhard, Bonn, Bodensee, Glattbach EU 'human recourses', puce pandemic-CTL urban
Constance Lucia Lammerts
Wed, 24 Jan 2018 08:54 EST
Love a family member exceptionally.Would you really eat it as a nouriture.unthinkable.Why chew a champ House
Love a family member exceptionally.Would you really eat it as a nouriture.unthinkable.Why chew a champ House

Love a family member exceptionally.Would you really eat it as a nouriture. Unthinkable.Why chew a Champ

engage in crime lab''bones and skin''real person crime activities as hereafter

dear reader, prosecutor, parlementarian,

you love a family member exceptionally, but would you really eat it as a nouriture.
PROTEINE SUPPLEMENT.Cannibalize your relative. oh no, unthinkable but you are chewing on a Champ Olympic ovarit.

That is why you will grow very ill, '' derivatives ill '', if you have eaten Champ for nouriture comestibles, '' Lammerts for ovarit, donut, '',organic lime 'noodles, pankaces'', rino fill, protein '', bio -medic lifesustainer, suck fill consistency '', fill tap ''healing sparkle '',, fill miss brilliance '', then join in Lammerts pictocide facebook, within sale call''they do not deserve life '', should die '', give no rest '' (sale engage pressure, dash'' for Shiro lab ''after ), you are also sale support involved in it
- Pentagon sadistic homicide connected war road map (infanticide, homicide, democide, genocide Bon-Prescot Bush / Salman tribe, Bariloche Stoltenberg '' 'we are the world' sesas club Peter madsen, Kim Wall '' fun chop member ''after Lammerts , next put footballplayer in it superbowl''' Nouri for Badr Hari embryo orders''BBCtalksport, 22-1-2018 ) who from pure venom control '', '' brilliance had put Lammerts Champs in the '' food and beverage '', as WAR TROPHY and give service

Salman connected Everything','''Constance cloth 'devices''', shareholder ''Crystalhealthcity silicon valley Mitt Romney ''sell top seeds Olympic first decathlete ever my father MG Lammerts 12-8-1913 (Leo sex work out) produce''Fill'', supplier Abu Dabi, Nag Hammedi'' BBCtalksport, uhala radio, 24-1-2018
- including Lammerts targetted '' scientific devisions nuclear '', 'missile, lab experiments DNA gene-tech three parent' ', split, tissue embryo designer babies'', give support ''Mengele angel of death lab'German research institute'leather' experiments'' human leather lampshades '', experiments. Shiro after pressure by torment torture '' '' stress '' fermentation physiology ''match Chomskey-Shiro'' BBCtalksort 24-1-2018:botomi voltage-pressure'''' dot on plate '' so not only hand out service''
GRAND HOLLANDA IS PUT FOR proteine''COOKERY BRUNO '' RADIO FR A FAUTES '', 23-1-2018 but also give service pederast Lammerts fanatic heavely consuming organic cozy '' '' rubbers sex industries connected
slizer my father '' gay club ''fashioned trophies ''Shakeaspeare''vivelavie dikerpots Conny immerse''sucke to me chip-''ring line fanatics'' persona body snatcher''morbid perverts (crime felony range:''sale food, shampoo, cloth, wallpaper coats),-give service slizer Lammerts' 'human recourses'' sale ''European group L.Asscher, J. Cohen or '' breaking through technologies' (Lammerts house sale microfiber '', histamine '', nano, chip '' urban computing '' cemse, bese '', tri, as hereafter Lammerts Champ Olympic inlaid '' primal soup '', put countries in lease-

as such engage in ''spectre''no identification'' in support war guilty sadist targetted crimes''linked Lammerts House ''corps pickery'' felony muzzle to the bone ''our family give service LUX Panama, cover ''pedo Pizza, shot like a deer'' women evil Hillary, Aisha. Eat Lammerts Champ Olympic, pictocide it chip video''galaxy engage clear the civilian border totally employee mafia

Good luck.



notes''on History of anthropodermia roadmap

hereafter you will receive the issues mentioned Shakespeare, breaking through technologies''us family of Champs it lab animals smear loser itself conqueror our muzzle and bones Trump, Obama, Salman-Orange a century filling it bank accounts embedded palestine affairs special committee 1906 zion Jerusalem Bench this date with her consistuency'', testifying incrowd the area'', supply dash chasse to her'' with guy slizer her creative''whole day in her kitchen''

Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Co-Chair, Bill Gates, in Riyadh. (SPA)

Tuesday, 14 November 2017 talking developments programs more pogroms Constance earning it money that way

slizer our ''intellectual property''talking felony'','' corps pickery''this date 24-1-2018

note features it crime practices

Dutch national Joep Lange, a top AIDS researcher and former International AIDS Society president.died suspect circumstances clear MH17 ''Segovia evidence stratophere abuse my brother foam hiv' ,same guy after our bone marrow spine so called cure it deseases, horrid delusions of a sadist clock''lotterie, toto (Obama) cartes connected.

-notified'anthropodermia Wikipedia The display of the flayed skin of ''defeated'' enemies has a long history

Nazis had made lampshades from murdered concentration camp inmates

The Assyrians would leave the skin to tan on their city walls

but we are not defeated

i Constance Lucia Lammerts am writing to your Buchenwald consious to act properly and urge you to think a little more on the subject

would you eat your grandma, beloved there's much more to it

i am a homo sapiens like you, befor you got over-emphasized your lbght-ness; 'oversized your fill addiction illnesses.

Your fellow countryman, soldiers, veterans inform me daily

8 stations whole USA suppplied ''sister Rachel, affe in bud'', Sally'', mizzy bear',''grenadine'',''old gedda', supernanny''', bar mitswa'', dafodil'''/ieniemienie (Peninsular-''pizza gate'','' lady sings sentimental'', just a melody'' my person Contance Lucia Lammerts singer of ''you sale support ''spectre'','' no identification ''no payments''you profitted from that makes you are in great debt our entire family, you will repent: as much as your burden deep'.
You' have been a stubborn ''hop in the bus guz''don't think about much'' you will be pulverized that same cunmen CEO,venomous Wallstreet -silicon Valley monopolists

slizer Bill Gates (linked''invest C.Zadelhoff) ''adore Constance creativity'' thats why no help slize up singing, painting, scholar'',tabloid, performances homilies ''home made the funeral more hollywood series

destructor and cannibal l'homme fameuze Olympic'' for have not helped us out give no sound the serial murder ''', no protest''wound regulation men top'', my person the entire family''BBCtalksport 24-1-2018 this day it slizer profits interest you gain from-'thats why no help of the totally perfert morbid oversized lbght borderliners facebook pictocide mafia.

here Gates with Salman according to BBCtalksport 24-1-2018,

''Salman suck sponging the road Conny'', BBCtalksport 24-1-2018,

Salman rino-fill guy all day suck fill' acetates, asteroid '','tap stronti'',''to keep his pant up''
2 Chronicles 6:36-39 King James Version (KJV)
Thu, 7 Apr 2016 21:02 EDT
36 If they sin against thee, (for there is no man which sinneth not,) and thou be angry with them, and deliver them over before their enemies, and they carry them away captives unto a land far off or near;

37 Yet if they bethink themselves in the land whither they are carried captive, and turn and pray unto thee in the land of their captivity, saying, We have sinned, we have done amiss, and have dealt wickedly;

38 If they return to thee with all their heart and with all their soul in the land of their captivity, whither they have carried them captives, and pray toward their land, which thou gavest unto their fathers, and toward the city which thou hast chosen, and toward the house which I have built for thy name:

39 Then hear thou from the heavens, even from thy dwelling place, their prayer and their supplications, and maintain their cause, and forgive thy people which have sinned against thee.

King James Version (KJV)
Public Domain
osborn maranda
Wed, 28 Oct 2015 02:37 EDT
l am a young man aged 32 with an honours degree in development studies with vast experience international relations,protocol,administration and project management and evaluation.l am looking for any relavant post at your embassy
D Mushum
Sun, 21 Dec 2014 02:31 EST
Attachment seeking
I am a young man aged 24,currently studing Bachelor of Arts Honours in Religious Studies at Great Zimbabwe University.I am seekin attachment placement for the period Jan 2015 to Dec 2015 .Contact me on 0775792552 or dzmushumo@gmail.com.
Mon, 24 Nov 2014 10:53 EST
Good Day!and Greetings from India!!

We wish you to introduce ourself as a Manufacturer & Merchant Exporters for Papad,Spices,Rice,And other food products Namely SIVA EXPORTS.

We are looking for reliable genuine General Commodities Customer who wish to purchase various products from us.

We are exporter & trader in all agro foods commodities and other general commodities and also textiles items from India.

So kindly send your country Buyers Address List to me.

Hence we would like to start business relationship with that company/buyer for long term business association.

Your response would be appreciated.

pls send us your enquiry at
email : sivaexportsindia@gmail.com


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