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Sun, 11 Oct 2015 07:02 EDT
We are a group of Greek Americans who have families in Greece, Germany, Australia and various other countries. We all stand united for our motherland. We see that this Pope is a true Christian and understands what is morally correct. We have drafted an open letter to the Pope, which will be translated into Greek , Spanish and Italian. We plan on using all forms of media to communicate our thoughts to the Vatican including Facebook, Twitter. Etc., hopefully the pope will understand how important this matter is. We all saw the movies on returning artwork which were The Woman in Gold and the Monuments Man. Please read our letter and the article by the British newspaper The Guardian. Efharisto.

Dear Pope,

The century old and always will be-unrequited recognition that all true Greeks want back all the antiquities that have been wrongly confiscated over the centuries and acquired by the Vatican…which we presume represents one of the greatest custodian holders of our relics today. As an example, the bronze set of four Greek horses that were stolen several times over the ages and then most notable by Napoleon before being conquered in 1815, is one obvious example. Eventually, as you know, his conquerors managed to once again, transport the bronze set of Greek horses back to St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice.

Moreover, that the Vatican has these important artifacts belonging to the Greek people and that it would seem unfathomable that the Church cannot in its soul find the way to do the “Christian” thing by ensuring that all artifacts…held in such reverence by all prideful Greeks-be returned to their rightful owners. Our ancestors’ cultural contribution to the known world was substantial on such a global scale in terms of the impact and influence on so many societies is nothing short of amazing and yet….it was done in a way that others were taught based on our own free will while the confiscation of our artwork and other relics were of course, not. To know this, makes Greeks foam at the mouth in anger given the unrepentant lack of regard to rectify this horrible wrong perpetrated over the centuries is utterly profound and unacceptable.

In conclusion, the ultimate piety that should be demonstrated by any true Christian is to recognize the centuries old atrocities and to boldly correct the wrongs of the past by giving back the artifacts to the true rightful owners, regardless of the country in which they were taken. Our artifacts represent the heart and soul of not only our glorious ancestral past but those of us here today and…those who will be here after we are gone, and should be the only rightful owners and custodians of our Greek heritage.

Samuel Bistawros
Wed, 23 Sep 2015 20:44 EDT
Religious Persecution Against us by Egyptian agents for over 32 years in America
Religious Persecution Against us by Egyptian agents for over 32 years in America
“If one member suffers, all suffers together, if one member is honored, all rejoice together.” 1Corinthians 12:26

I am a Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Egypt. My brother Baheg and I have been persecuted by Egyptian government for our Christian Faith. And in America its Egyptian agents have been systematically persecuting us. The Egyptian agent are Muslim militants ant-Christians. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has been covering-up said Egyptian agents for over thirty (30) years and even now. My brother Baheg and I have under siege by Egyptian agents for all these years until now. In Egypt, the Egyptian agents killed many members of my family. They set my brother Mamdoh up in a car incident which hit him and killed him. Before that they killed my father when the physician injected him with poison and died promptly. Egyptian agents killed my uncle Sarabana Shaker by poisoning the tea he drank. My nephew, Dr. Nashat Bistawros, M.D. was killed by poisoning his drink in a hospital.
The Egyptian government is responsible for the murder of Egyptian Christians, the kidnaping of Christian girls, rape, and forced to convert to Islam, the burning down of churches & shops of Christians, false imprisonment and torture of innocent Christians, and daily oppression of Christians to give up their Christian faith. The Egyptian agents are Muslim militants, anti-Christians. And they operate under the umbrella of the Egyptian Embassies and Consulates in America and around the world. Some of the Egyptian Government’s (though Egyptian agents) Crimes against Us in America are:
Attempt to murder me by poisoning my food while in Egypt;
• The poison of eye-drops to cause blindness/loss of vision;
• Tapping of our telephone line & using listening devices and hidden cameras at home;
• Daily practice of witchcraft against us. They communicate with evil spirits causing irritation, physical pain & sleeplessness;
• Creating financial hardship by obstructing employment even free food.
The Egyptian government has Egyptian agents who infiltrated the FBI and The police has been covering up its illegal activities in the U.S. We are suffering in silence.Please pray for us, and help us to break this bondage and share our story with others. God bless you Thank you.
Sincerely, Samuel Bistawros
1793 Ivy Court
Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 USA

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