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Sat, 25 Feb 2017 12:00 EST
Looking importer
Dear Sir,
Hope you are fine. We are new manufacturer of jute stick charcoal powder. Our company name RSP CHARCOAL BD LTD. We are searching buyer. You can also visit our web site. If you interested please contract.

Best Regards
Md. Shihab Uddin
Managing Director
emai: info@
Kamaleshkumar Kandasamy
Fri, 14 Oct 2016 07:11 EDT
Looking for Exporter ceramic wall, floor and porcelain tiles

Greeting from FACE GROUP OF COMPANY from India!!

We are one of the reputed firms engaged in manufacturing and exporting an exclusive assortment of Ceramic Wall, Floor and Porcelain Tiles with different sizes and we manufacturing the product as per international standards. We are exporting our products throughout the world.

We will be thankful to you if you could provide us the contact detail of the buyers or agents or importers of these products.

I wish to implement our products in worldwide countries thank you.

With best regards,
Kamaleshkumar Kandasamy
Face Group of Company

Now you
Mon, 14 Mar 2016 17:57 EDT
Why Putin is the most capable and popular politico in the world? Just look at today's announcement: Russia is pulling out some of their military might from Syria, for they did the job and set up the upcoming peace.
This after ONLY 5 months of action. At the same time America has been there for 5 years, when they undermined the legit govt of Syria and helped all the terrorists including ISIS (their creation in the first place)to destroy this independent country. Russia moves in and in 5 months they did more to fight terror than America and all her vassal/puppet states together in 5 years. Why? Because Russians were FIGHTING not aiding terrorists, it is that simple. Of course, America et al, can not fight the Russians and prevent their peaceful ways, for this would lead to WWIII. Perhaps we were lucky as human species this time, for America will cause and trigger that final war, if we ever have one. No other nation on this planet has the potential or inclination.
Poor American population. They too are the victims of these evil ways their own govt they elect does this to the World and them.
Hopefully they will stop their ways, for Russia and other powers outside NATO have given them notice: no more destruction of independent states with impunity. ONLY absolute agreement within UN can authorize such action in case a country goes completely crazy and rogue. Who will act against America if they go that far, as they are on that way as you read this.
Sun, 3 Jan 2016 20:35 EST
Person Of the Year in Israel. Who will he/she be? According to one reliable source (not American or generally western mains stream media) the voting for this person in Israel went like following:
Their own Boobi,bibi or what ever they call him 3%
Pope 2%
Obama 2%
Merkel 16%
Putin 29%.
It's like this; Putin has more votes than all these other, would be persons of the year, put together, including the Nobel Peace Prize "winner". This would normally be hard to believe, but it is not. Putin has his own rating at home at 90%, twice of Obama's at his home. No American prez had such rating ever, including John Kennedy.
Also Putin in the most popular politician in the world, trusted the most to beat ISIS and keep peace on this planet. Obama is complete opposite.
There you are folks, Putin is more popular then Pope in the land of Jesus.
Poor America and her president. Once it was the most admired and trusted country. That was before Reagan's reign of terror and destruction of everything America stood for. Other presidents after him just continued to march towards American self-destruction and eventual demise. Even poorer the only good president Roosevelt. He must be spinning in his grave for what has been done to his beloved and decent country he made good for majority of Americans and people of the world.
Reality in
Tue, 29 Dec 2015 11:10 EST
So your wish-it-was-full-puppet-state Ukraine is in big trouble. Her govt that is, fully fascist and you made it happen.
Recent poll asking Ukraine people: "who do they trust the most?", yielded following results;
Putin 84%
Obama 1%
Merkel 1%
As for their own villains:
Poroshenko, the candy king the enormous 1%
Yatsenyk, the ugliest man on planet; 0%
Other indicators they asked for in this poll, were not better. Like the candy man's approval falling from modest 45% to embarrassing 17%. The legitimate but not so popular president, America instigated his fall, had 22% approval at the time of violent take-down.
Poor Ukraine people. The only hope they have if Russia decides to liberate them once more.
This is a good lesson for all who think and hope America and her puppet/vassal states will do anything good for them. With "friends" like them, no one needs enemies.
Who said the
Mon, 14 Dec 2015 22:33 EST
Who else but Napoleon Bonaparte. He was the first of the two misguided evil empires tyrants who tried to do something that is IMPOSSIBLE.
Napoleon did not die but lost his entire army and got away with his life. We know his end. The other one Hitler, never went into Russia but he too lost his entire army and we know his end.
Nowadays there are some misguided and frankly insane neo-cons residing and ruling in America who are getting same ideas, to conquer Russia after they demonize it enough and build a "case" against this hero nation.
* This refers to those who actually attack and to their entire homeland.
** This refers to an absolute annihilation of attackers before they even step over sacred Mother Russian border. No more enemy boots on the sacred ground of Mother Russia, ever again.
Proof they are
Fri, 4 Dec 2015 10:16 EST
ALL countries in NATO and those others under American foot, are nothig but puppets and vassal states. They do what they are toll, one way or another. In one of his "gems" Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize "winner" (Swedes are pulling their hair for making this incredible mistake) recently made:"Sometimes we have to twist their arms to do what we want or tell them to do".
There you are. In fact these countries are lucky in a way. Other countries, independents sayin NO to America, are simply demonized first then attacked and destroyed. So far 7 countries have shared this faith and as you read this, war is raging in middle east that Pope qualified as WWIII already. This all as result of American quest and march towards world hegemony.
However, many who know, think this is pretty well over. With Russian military sowing what they can do in defense of perfectly sovereign country America et al wants to destroy, the unilateral destruction of countries by anyone, is OVER.
Besides, America attacked and destroyed ONLY countries that CAN NOT fight back. Thus it was easy and still they did not declare victory in any of these destruction, except the moron who said: Mission accomplished, remeber him?
Predictions: when Russia resolves this crisis, she will stand as a protector of any country that may be threatened with unilateral destruction by the usual suspects. That will, in fact save this planet from inevitable destruction if we let these usual suspect have their ways.
Your holiness Pope, you may sleep well again, now that we have a new balance in the world.
They lie
Wed, 2 Dec 2015 10:34 EST
all the way to the top
Have you followed American talking heads, including the Nobel Peace Prize "winner", himself?
Unless you dropped down on this planet from one millions of light years away or are complete moron, you can see that they all lie, lie and lie some more..then lie, lie, and...
Now it turns out their puppet state of Turkey is in with ISIS (or under USA orders to be) to destroy another country on American behalf. The oil was flowing from ISIS controlled oilfields to Turkey for over a year. Americans knew this and did nothing. The money they made buys everything they need to spread terror everywhere they appear, including Paris. Did America bomb them? Of course not, for they too are on their side. Till Russia started destroying the ISIS, America did nothing, but bombed empty fields or helped ISIS move on.
At the same time the talking heads deny all this. Get one of their gems: "We do not bomb ISIS and their oil operations because of environment concerns".Says CIA deputy. Can anyone on this planet believe this. From the country that used radioactive ammunition against civilians in Serbia and destroyed 7 countries in the last 10 years, this is simply unbelievable. But that is what they say, meaning lie about.
Even if it were true, the fact that ISIS has not left any territory or town in one piece as they retreated, mans no oil field or facility would be left standing, if they are driven out. So how does that statement/blatant lie about environment considerations stand now to you?
Just to thing that a country like America can behave like this in 21st century, is simply mindboggling. Poor American people, their govts, including the one lead by "Nobel Peace Prize" winner, are leading them toward the abyss of catastrophe everyone will be a victim of.
China on
Fri, 30 Oct 2015 20:13 EDT
The rise
How about those Chinese supersonic cruse missals? This is another indication to you, what will happen if you ever attack someone who can and will fight back. Your military and every other "superiority" is over. In fact you never had it, but by attacking those who can not fight back, you looked so "superior".
What is happening in Syria is the turning point in the history and future of the Planet. You are finished as "superpower" and "exceptional", while the balance is re-establishing itself, thanks to Russia primarily and China and other members of BRISC.
Also the Europeans had enough of you and are making noises to stop you ordering them around.
So you see the stars have aligned themselves for the downfall of your empire. Don't despair, it simply had to happen. You were your own worse enemy, as you were to the rest of the world.
New American will emerge, one that will re-enter the civilized world.
One day in the action
Sun, 25 Oct 2015 19:53 EDT
of Russian airforce
Now it turns out, Russian air-force does more in one day than American in the whole month. Not only they deliver more power and destruction but they focus on real enemies to stop them and destroy them. This is what your air force was supposed to do, when you bragged that air force can stop ISIS or anyone else you want to stop.
Everyone doubted this is possible, till they saw Russian air force in action. Yes, if air force can do the job, only Russian can, for yours have been exposed as useless and fraud. In over a year, you did nothing useful to stop ISIS. In fact they continued to expand their taken territory till Russians moved in. Now they are being pushed back, and soon Libya will be liberated, your worse nightmare.
What is even better is the fact, that your destruction of county after country, with impunity is OVER. Never again will Russia and later China and others, let you do what you have done to 7 countries so far. That is over or if you insist you will have to deal with real men and real powers. Not those who can not fight back as so far. In spite of this you did not win anywhere.
Some "superpower"?

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