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British flag Embassy of the United Kingdom in Tunis

AddressRue du Lac Windermere
Les Berges du Lac
Tunis 1053
Phonelocal: (071) 108.700
international: +
Faxlocal: (071) 108.749
international: +
Web sitehttp://ukintunisia.fco.gov.uk/en/

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Samantha sutton
Tue, 29 Sep 2015 16:50 EDT
Can he come here
Firstly I want to say without being naive, I have known a tunisia man for almost 10 years he's 2 years older and we initially met when my then boyfriend left me at the airport in England and wouldn't get on the plane. He was a student studying sports and a lifeguard at the hotel. I have had no luck with English men then or now. I have always visited for holidays and remained friends had a child in England who's now almost 3. but always revert back to a special man who I have had amazing times with in Tunisia. We are now talking about him coming here just for the fact I no life is better here for me him and my daughter. He defo isn't after my money as I have none he is more qualified than me and has often offered to send me money if I'm short with bills. He wowed me and met me in Germany for my 30th we travelled to Paris and Holland. We stayed with his friend. I love him and genuinely think we have something special he has so many qualities I now want to be with him and settle down. what can I do for him to come here I want him to visit first to see if he would like it coz to be honest he has a good life in Tunisia. I want to do what I can now to be together but don't want to get my hopes up if it's highly unlikely as I have had many let downs I can't bare the process to be denied and heart broken by the government not granting him here.
Mon, 28 Sep 2015 11:12 EDT
Don't build or buy a house in Tunisia unless your name is on the Deeds
Please take heed, if your Tunisian husband or boyfriend ask for money to buy land or to build a house, consult a lawyer first. They usually buy land and build houses in their own names. You are the one who will have contributed and will have no legal right. Think first and use your head because when love goes sour, as it eventually does with these men, make sure only your head is hurt and not your pocket. It has taken six years of court appearances in Tunisia to try and get my houses back, and I have only been awarded half. He is still fighting for me not to get half and has signed the deeds over into the name of his third wife. big mistake, because this is fraud and I will get him now.
Immigration Marriage Fraud UK
Tue, 22 Sep 2015 03:31 EDT
Marrying a Tunisian to come to Europe
With the present tourist situation getting worse in Tunisia, more and more Tunisian men will be fooling British and other European women to marry them to get into Europe. Be warned, its a long and stressful road to get a visa and once they get their ILR, they usually leave within days or weeks to marry their own kind. The British government are wising up to these men. If you are genuine fine - no problem, but if not, please don't deceive European women into thinking you are in love with them because you will be found out. Our organisation, Immigration Marriage Fraud UK is trying to get the government to look retrospectively at ILRs and passports granted and to research into how many leave the marriage and divorce after getting a visa or a passport. Remember, information is out there on the Internet. Please log unto Tunisian Love Rats to see how these cases are affecting European men and women. Knowledge is out there, so please do your research before you commit seriously to any of these relationships. Be warned, whether its an old, fat, young, black (any colour) as long as you have the means to get these men or women a British passport, you are a target. Please make sure you see a solicitor to sort out your assets as these men will not think twice about trying to claim half notwithstanding the fact they never contributed. They use all the loopholes in your countries' immigration system to exploit you.
Sat, 19 Sep 2015 07:33 EDT
What papers I need for do marriage with women from Scottish
Thu, 17 Sep 2015 22:18 EDT
iam in love with a tunisian boy
Can I know how can I bring this guy to Canada
adel kharroubi
Wed, 9 Sep 2015 05:53 EDT
I live in uk for more than 10n years im single for 5years now im in new realitionsheep with my partner ho she live in Tunisia we going to get married soon and I need to bring my wife with me so I need some help to bring my wife in future here
Sun, 30 Aug 2015 06:41 EDT
Ahmed, you know that you appealed against a 3 year suspended sentence and in April 14 this was converted to a 3 year prison sentence. The Tunisian judges thought you should have had a more serious sentence, so what was the point of appealing. You again appealed again on 8 June and the court has made the same ruling, so give up now. You have no where to hide. You made your situation worse. Now I need to get the warrant for your arrest. Do you think you will ever get a British passport or be able to bring a second Tunisian wife into the UK? Why are you telling lies? You beat up the first Tunisian wife you brought to the UK and I know about this when the Police rang me by accident thinking I was her. You are a killer because you take delight in slaughtering animals for your family when it comes to Eid. Someone like you is pure evil. I don't know why you keep going to the authorities because they know about you and its just a matter of time now. I will never give up until you are suitably punished. You cant appeal forever. You will never have a child because you are diseased ridden from all the prostituting you did on the beaches of Sousse with those old European men. I know all about you now. You spend your time taking money from women but you have been exposed. You are shameful and now cannot say you want respect because people know about you. Just look at The Sunday Mirror of 16 August, you are famous for the wrong reasons - our wedding photos and what you have done splashed all over that paper, plus you have an entry in the Mail Online. People will read about you. I will be going on Tunisian television soon to expose your evilness.
Sat, 11 Jul 2015 08:25 EDT
Need advice
My Amazing penfriend and I have been chatting to each other so long either by mobile, house phone or email or text and with all the problems there I know she wants to come to England, we are happy to support but she feels they will not be given a visa unless they have jobs and the children stay on at a Tunisian School. Surely this is not correct? All answers appreciated. Thankyou for reading
Thu, 18 Jun 2015 16:24 EDT
Ahmed Alouane thief, Bigmist now on his third wife
What you failed to mention is that you took all my money invested in lands and properties in Tunisia and put everything in your name. You said foreigners were not allowed to own house or land. Everything has been uncovered. You have married two Tunisian women after me and both have lived in the houses I built. Not for long as you are now renting. for You cannot have children, Allah is punishing you because when you slept with all those European men on the beaches of Sousse you caught Chlamydia and is infertile. You can never have children. I went to the house 'as year and saw your third wife who swore at me and told me she would kill me if I came back. She is old and ugly. You married a young one first but no children, so how is this old one going to produce children when you your sperms are useless. You are the drunk who has a conviction for drink driving in December 2005. My lawyer has the paper proving this. You are the prostitute because you sold your body in Sousse. If you are not scared of being arrested why didn't you turn up for court on 8 June? You are the one who keeps appealing. Don't worry I was there and the judge saw me. Your lawyer was ready to run away because she knows there is no case and you don't have any new evidence. I have proved everything and that why I won the cases but you think delaying will go on forever. It has to stop. Do you think this will help your appeal? I have been awarded half my properties and now will take control. Ahmed you are finished. You cannot bring your wife to the UK - I have made sure of that, so keep on lying. You are running scared. If its the last thing I do, I will see that you are punished for your wickedness and crimes. Your family don't even speak to you. They realise you are evil. They know that all I did was help you and them and built those houses. Your family was renting when I met you and you were living in a rat infested room.I told you you would go back to the dirt I found you in and this is going to happen soon. You are a useless dog who gives Tunisians a bad name. Enjoy whats left of your freedom because soon your wife will divorce you when she finds out she will not get anything and you are going to die a sad and lonely old man. You talk about me being old but I am looking much better than your old wife. I think you probably married her because she may have some money from her hairdressing business that you are after. Poor woman if she knows you history she would start running.
Tue, 26 May 2015 06:03 EDT
Love Rat
Dear Jenny, if you wrote this to Hmida and want to get him a visa, please read about Hmida Taleb on Tunisian Love Rats. I dare say you will be surprised....

Dear Hmida, thank you for the best week of my life, I know I have met the man I want to be with and you will make all my dreams come true. I am looking at return dates and hope I can come at the end of August or beginning of September, I will come alone I promise so we can spend more time together, Kelibia sounds amazing and I can not wait to visit.
I will speak to the consulate in Manchester to find out the cost for visa and will fill in the forms for you to visit when you can. I hope the money helps you to keep positive and I will transfer some more at the end of the month when I am paid. Write or call me soon.
Love always Jenny xxxxxxxxxx

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