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British flag Embassy of the United Kingdom in Paris

Address35, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris
Phonelocal: (01) 4451.3100
international: +33.1.4451.3100
Faxlocal: (01) 4451.3127
international: +33.1.4451.3127
Web sitehttp://www.gov.uk/world/france

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Re-writing the Minsk
Fri, 27 Feb 2015 18:04 EST
You and your bosses from Washigton were not there, but now you want to re-write the agreement to suit you and this Kiev candyman, what's his name, who managed to lose the conflict, even though you guaranteed him he would win.
Just do it and you'll rewrite yourselves into a conflict that neither you or your poor, brainwashed people at home, would like it.
One does not have to be a military, politicanl or rocket scientist to conclude that next time candyman gives the order (upon your orders) for his ragtag military to attack the free East and its people, the whole hell will open up on him. Then there will be no mersy for the agressors. They will be irradicated in such a short time, that even if you wanted, you could not possibly supply them with weapons fast enough to make any difference. Worse, if you send in your boys, god help you for you'll experience such beating that the lesson will stay with you for centuries. BUt if you are so determined to help this neo-nazi country (just because they are against Russia, as you do anywhere in the World) and put it to Russia like this:"If you don't back off,we the west/nato will go into an out nuclear confrontation with you, it is your choice". Of course you'd be bluffing, for your population that elected you supposedly democratically would never agree for you to bluff with their lives, but the Russians would NOT BE BLUFFING WITH THEIR RESPONSE, WHICH WILL BE SIMPLE AND CLEAR; JUST BRING IT ON".
What would you do then? Think very hard for this is the reality you and your polation is dealing with. Mother Russia and her brave and fatalistic Slavic people, have had it with you and your abusing them for over century, at least. They had enough and they mean it,ENOUGH. So you back off from their backyard and back off for ever. It is that simple.
What is wrong with him?
Wed, 25 Feb 2015 16:47 EST
Your PM seems to have gone completely insane. He keeps threatening Russia with WWIII, if they "do not behave" as he thinks they must. Well, that ain't going to happen, as his un-cultured masters from across Atlantic, would say. Of curse he is their talking head, for Obama as Nobel "Peace" Prize recepient, ain't gonna start talking like that, threatening them with full scale war. After all he is an ultimate "peace" promoter. In reality he is the ultimate peace destroyer, just by the fact he is an american president. No american prez could possibly qualify for any peace prize, let alone the Nobel one. Poor Swedes made such a horrible mistake, giving him one just because he won over republican wormongerer, who would have continued world hegomony policy of his country. But surprise, Obama too is continuing the policy of world hegemony and interventionism in any country that is not under their boot. But be careful, Mr.Nobel Peace Prize, by mistake winner, the Russian federation ain't your Granada, PANAMA, Serbia, Iraq, Afgh. Libya and all those countries you attacked over decades. Those could not fight back, thus your "brave" military had an easy job. But Russia, well we are talking about a country that can and will fight back with everything they got, within minutes of your agression at their borders or borders of countries like Ukraine that reperesent their vital interests.
So stop your empty threats, no one is afraid but your people. At least those who are educated enough to know what is in store for those who dare ever attack Mother Russia, even with your long bow and arrow. The instant all out retaliation will be the same, no matter what weapons you use.
What is wrong?
Thu, 19 Feb 2015 09:14 EST
read on...
Have you seen him repeating over and over again:"WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER", WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER, WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER, WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER, WRIIT, WRIIT, WRIIT,WRIIT....and many more talking heads who have his script, will be repeating this and any other lie they need you to belive after so many times being told to you, by repetition.
This is staken from the infamous book of equally infamous minister of propagande of nazi Germany, who said something like this: "If you repeat any lie long enough, they will believe it in the end".
Well done Mr. PM.
"We are in it thogether", REALLY???
Russians are coming, Russians are coming, Russians are coming, They have WMDs, They have WMDs, they have WMDs, they have...We are all in it together, we are all being BSed and will take it till we had enough. Remember Peter Finch in that movie? Well that moment is coming.
What is wrong
Thu, 12 Feb 2015 19:13 EST
with your PM?
He just can not and does not stop threatening Russia. Even on the day when some kind of peace deal was reached (no thanks to him or his masters in Washigton)he threatened Russia with further sanctions (acts of war), .."if Russia does not change their beahavior......". Like It is ONLY Russian fault (if there is any in the first place) that the crisis orchestrated by Americans and with his absolute ageement, got out of hand and that those he and his masters helped so much, are LOSING the proxy war he and his masters are already waging against Russia.
Here is a little story for your PM to learn about the reality and maybe he will take his own advice to Russia, and change his beahavior in the interest of his country.
In the Book titled;"Krushechev remembers", then Soviet Chairman on his first visit to England, was asked by then PM's wife:" Mr. Krushechev, we are told that your country posesses rockets that can reach long distance". To this Mr. K said:" Yes Mrs.PM we have many rockets that can not only reach London but any city in the world". To this Mrs. PM said nothig and left the room.
Mr. current Pm, things have not changed since that time, they still have rockets that can reach London and any spot in the world. But the difference is that the numbers and power of current ones are a match and beyond to any combination of any combination of their enemies', unlike in those early days when your side was still far superior to long suffering, abused and to this day demonized country that in fact saved you and everyone else from nazis at your door. They took the brunt of nazi onslaught, that if it had been directed on your country instead of Russia at that time, that if you'd be making that threat, you'd be making it in German not English today.
So lighten up, change YOUR behavior, for Russians never had the wrong one in the first place. It is you and your masters that want to move onto their borders, not the other way around. Do not make a mistake Napoleon and hitler made., for you know the outcome for them. Unlike then the attack on Russia would be very short and over in no time. FOR ALL OF US.
So let's GIVE PEACE A CHANCE, as your best contribution to the world, put it.
You already committed
Fri, 7 Nov 2014 14:54 EST
acts of war...
The Sanctions, you and your "friends" imposed on Russia under the misguided pressure from America, are considered ACTS OF WAR. This even by your side. It has been shown many times that sanctions on other side, lead to all out wars. Remember Japan vs USA as one of the classroom examples? It is completely immaterial if the one imposing sanctions is "in the right" or the "enemy". It simply is a wrong thing to do and they do not work anyway plus may lead to catastrophe for both sides and beyond.
If they lead only to "do not work" scenario they still punish both sides and it is a matter of degree who gets hurt more. Russia is a huge country, the biggest on earth. Has resources beyond any other coutry's or many combination of few. She can and will overcome these sanctions far better than Europe will.
So Europe that has entered into this insanity under USA's boot, will pay far more than Russia or USA. So who got punished? Of course, America as your supposed friend, will just have their govt's orgasm for the weaker the Europe the happier they are. They are punishing you and Russians in order to weaken both, while claiming undying friendship for you. With friends like these you do not need enemies, for you already have enough.
As for Russia it will soon resolve Ukraine crisis (you created) sanctions or not. The Russian bear does not let anyone tell him what to do in his Taiga, as he does not tell you what to do in your part of the world. So be smart and stay away from issues that can escalate into a final solution for the whole world. Re-read what Einstein said about WW IV. It'll be fought by sticks and stones. Don't make this a reality by doing (frankly) stupid things. It's 21st century and WW III comes before the fourth, remember?
Making threats?
Fri, 7 Nov 2014 10:32 EST
To biggest country nin the world?
We saw your PM making outright threats to Russia saying something like this:"If they don't change and do something yada yada yada...we will act upon it and act hard."
Another Nato talking head says something like this: We have done over 200 hundreds of military excercises in Europe and will do more to be ready for every eventuality, yada yada yada...
What does this mean? Does this mean you will attack Russia when you think they "deserve" it? If so, another question ARE YOU *&&^$ CRAZY? Do you know what would happen in such case? Even better do your people know what would happen in such case? They are the ones who vote for you in what passes for democracy both in UK and America. Do they know what they vote for? Well they better for the Russian bare will defend his TAIGA with everything they have, and they mean EVERYTHING. The moment you fire even an arrow from your famous long bows, let alone send in the tanks, they will retaliate with full force of their arsenal, not only at the local attackers but at all mother countries of the psychopats attacking them. Mr. PM do you know what that actually mean??? If you do and continue with your threats and worse carry out your threats, you will have committed a national suicide and the end of the World as we know it. Is this what your threats are about?
No one is scared in Russian Taiga for the Slavic peope are far more fatalistic that you think and will not back off, EVER again. Cuba was too far and too insignificat for them to stand firm, but Russian Taiga, that is another matter. You are talking sacred soil of Mother Russia and if you think you and your friend can do what Napoleon or Hitler counld not, think again. Hard.
Sun, 2 Nov 2014 17:32 EST
What is wrong with your corporate/govt controlled media? Actually it only looks there is something wrong with their, as someone calls, Russiamania that is raging all over your country. But in reality this is something done deliberately to spread fear and paranoia amongst your suffering population. Fear rules as it was proven in America in the last decade or so. That is fine if this fearmongering is not a real case of Russia demonzation with grave purpose, similar to what was done to Iraq and Afg. before they were attacked under the guise of WMDs and fighting of terror that keeps spreading and increasing as we live and learn.
However, there is a great difference here for consideration: Russia is not a country that can not or is not willing to fight back. For Americans and their "friends" only those countries that can not fight back are targeted. Granada, Panama, Iraq.....etc could not fight back thus they were easy targets. First demonization then attack. So those of us who do want to live on and watch this only planet we have go on, are hoping that this round of Russia demonization is just another one you did many times in the past and is left there. But if not, then London we have a problem, for the Russian bear will not let anyone attack or come to his taiga and will defend it with EVERYTHING he has at his disposal. And that is quite a lot, far more then from days of drunken Yeltzin who gave away so much. That is no more the case thus you proceed at your own risk.
Patrick Louppe
Mon, 13 Oct 2014 04:14 EDT
Tourist visa
My wife and I plan to visit the Uk for about a week's stay.
My wife holds a filipina Passport and is a resident of France with a carte de sejour delivered by prefecture for a 10 year period( Expires in 8 years from now).
What does she needs to do to apply and how long is the processing time so we can plan our UK visit.
Much obliged.
The tide will cover everything & everyone
Tue, 30 Sep 2014 10:50 EDT
Communities becoming unrecognizable
England knows this story the most. With a new tide of refugees from middle east (thank you America) soon there will be so many of them that most other communities will be unrecognizable and unlivable for the natives. Is this fair to the natives? Even with all the politically correct attitude one must admit no one can justify destruction of local communities in the name of that correctness. What is needed is PEACE in the middle east. While this is worked on, help must be given to local countries to take in the refugees, look after them and then return them home when it is over. Europe can not take any more without itself becoming unlivable. This is no longer just a classic movement of refugees and emigrants. This has become a human tidelwave of enormous proportion and destruction to local countries, if allowed to continu.
No one can ask those who lived on their land for thousand of years to give it up to foreigners that got themselves in trouble or America, as usual suspect did it. Then America must help locally, it is that simple.By the way, ask America how many refugees they took in so far. Hardly any.
Wed, 24 Sep 2014 04:24 EDT
visit UK in few days
hello, i'm a filipina married a french national, i have already my resident permit here in france, i would like to know if they need a visa for visiting London in a few days?

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