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British flag Embassy of the United Kingdom in Paris

Address35, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris
Phonelocal: (01) 4451.3100
international: +33.1.4451.3100
Faxlocal: (01) 4451.3127
international: +33.1.4451.3127
Web sitehttp://www.gov.uk/world/france

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So you have
Wed, 16 Dec 2015 21:14 EST
Ain't it precious?!. Your own Spaceman is now on (or is it in?)Space Station with other astronauts, including Russian ones.
You mean same Russians, whose country your PM and other talking heads demonized over and over, and even threatening via PM's foul mouth? He said "there would be dire consequences......"..... yada, yada, yada.
So those same Russians have given your spaceman a ride up there. Not Americans, Not Ukrainians, not Libyans you recently "liberated" or not even Syrians, you are bombing into freedom. But those damn aggressors Russians, that have started to make a difference in fighting the ISIS (your puppet-master's children), that you and your masters from Washington supposedly fought for over a year, with no results. Well there were some, like enabling ISIS to steal Syrian and Iraqi oil and sell it to another puppet Turkey at cut rates. In turn ISIS are buying weapons they use in their terrorizing Middle east to reshape it for you and your puppet-master.
How did your PM manage to convince demonized Russians to take your boy up there? With hat in hand, we imagine.
How low have you fallen?
Use them &
Sat, 19 Sep 2015 11:09 EDT
betray them
We watch on the only true news source, RT Tv , how your military/govt betrayed Afghan interpreters (an likely many others working for you and helping you) once you abandoned the country to its own devises, thus Taliban.
You and other s like you, have done this for centuries. One day this will be stopped, once you and your "friends" attack someone who can fight you back and they will. You are nothing but cowards.
Bravo to
Sat, 12 Sep 2015 11:42 EDT
Jeremy Corbyn
Finally a true labor leader was elected to lead this great party that the tractor Tony Blair betrayed and almost ruined.
Next step is total victory over the dreaded imperialists that are dragging the world into a total catastrophe by following the orders by their masters from Washington.
Good people of the world Unite!!! We are majority and we can win either at ballot boxes or... We will not take abuse and exploitation any longer. It is over and it started right there in England, today.
Mon, 7 Sep 2015 13:55 EDT
direct hiring
I would like to confirm if someone is hiring a nanny,do the employee who have to pay for the visa and working permit? according to the barrheadtravelsagency % consultant.com [WARNING: SCAM EMAIL] where my documment are processing it is due to the aviation policy I have to shoulder all the expenses not my employer..hope to hear from you soon. thank you!
Mon, 17 Aug 2015 15:07 EDT
That year, your "friends" in Washington have pursued policies against Soviet Union of the day, that could have lead to total destruction of Island of Britain. We heard this from a very reliable source, but the details were not revealed. However your govt at the time and even today knew what this was about. What we could conclude, that since you were then and still are a vassal state of USA (kind of their lieutenant who carries out orders without questions) and the policies they pursued could have lead you to carry out orders that would have resulted in total retaliation against you, thus complete loss of Britain as a country.
We do not know how this was prevented, likely America had a second thought and caved in to Soviet demands, thus saved you from annihilation.
With "friends" like these you don't need any...you know the saying.
Be careful out there, for those who claim are your undying friends, ain't.
ps; one wonders how much your population knows about this and how would they react if they did. Chairman Khrushchev was reputed to have warned Mr. and Mrs. Wilson of Soviets ability to send numerous rockets to Britain, if needed. Yet America almost risked your very existence. Scary.
Robert Schedler
Mon, 17 Aug 2015 09:59 EDT
Writing a Will and testament
I am a British citizen resident in France.
Does the EU law governing succession UE 650/2012 now apply?
I wish to write a will/testament invoking the laws of the UK as far as succession is concerned, and (if so) then deposit it with a local notary.
Kang Vilay
Wed, 5 Aug 2015 02:35 EDT
I am a Cambodian student in Lyon. I would like to visit London, United Kingdom for a few day. I have French study visa which is not sufficient for boarding as UK is not Shcengen zone.
Shall I go to Paris to apply the VISA? Can I find British Consulate in Lyon instead?
Modern age
Mon, 27 Jul 2015 15:23 EDT
Not that he stands for the same values, but he gives same fiery speeches as Lenin did. Who is he? None other than your PM Cameron. Did you see him when he gave that speech on the occasion of destruction of Libya, he and Obama participated so enthusiastically."We are with you and we are..... yadayadayada..." as he was foaming on his mouth, as he gave that speech.
Now it turns out, Britain under his orders, on orders to him from his puppet-masters from Washington, has spent 329 million pounds (much more in $$$) on BOMBING and destroying Libya (it had to be taken back to stone age), compared to 29 million pounds for rebuilding that destroyed country.
Isn't democracy export from Britain and America, wonderful.
Just as America, Britain has been attacking (usually as American partner/pawn) those who can not fight back. Thus the country and its people have not experienced any real harm, apart from spending all those millions they could have used to help their own needy people, of whom they have millions upon millions.
But, in their march to help American hegemony over the whole world, sooner or later they will attack someone WHO CAN FIGHT BACK. Then things will be quite different, for there would be consequences to both the attackers at the battlefield and the very people in the mother countries of the attackers. Why? Those who can fight back will not hesitate to punish the aggressors everywhere. Where they attacked and where they and their families, friends, masters, bosses .. live. It's only fair, isn't it?
Fri, 3 Jul 2015 09:32 EDT
EEA family member visa.
Dear Sir,

I would like to make an important inquiry from you.
I was given a UK visa (E E A Family member) last time.We have not been able to travel due to my wife's new job and program.
Though the visa is still valid till NEXT MONTH,I would like to know the following as sequentially stated below:

1. Am I allowed to travel alone to uk for a day or two days holiday with the family visa ?

2. If not,what can I do if there is a need to visit London?

3. Is it an offence to allow the family visa expire without traveling to U.k ?
I do hear some people say it is not good to do that,and that I must have to make an effort,otherwise you will not give me visa again whenever I apply.
Thanks so much for your anticipated response.

More plans
Wed, 10 Jun 2015 20:16 EDT
4 U
We hear your FM is planning to "import" American nuclear weapons to target Russia. How clever and how prudent can you get?
Here is a reminder of a true story that happened when Mr.H. McMillan was your PM. On his first and perhaps last visit (thank you) to England, chairman Khrushchev was asked by PM's wife an interesting question. This during an nice dinner they arranged for their Soviet guests:
"Mr. Khrushchev we hear that your country has rockets that can be sent very far". "Yes madam we have many of them and they can also come right here to London, too". Mrs. Mc just turned around and left the party.
Fast forward; what would be the answer to that question if Mrs. Cameron asked Putin, say over her tweeter?
"Yes madam, we have thousands, armed with multiple warheads that can turn any island, no matter how large and no matter who their puppet-masters are into pile of nuclear waste, in few minutes. This especially if that island means harm to Mother Russia".
What would she do?

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