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British flag Embassy of the United Kingdom in Paris

Address35, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris
Phonelocal: (01) 4451.3100
international: +33.1.4451.3100
Faxlocal: (01) 4451.3127
international: +33.1.4451.3127
Web sitehttp://www.gov.uk/world/france

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More plans
Wed, 10 Jun 2015 20:16 EDT
4 U
We hear your FM is planning to "import" American nuclear weapons to target Russia. How clever and how prudent can you get?
Here is a reminder of a true story that happened when Mr.H. McMillan was your PM. On his first and perhaps last visit (thank you) to England, chairman Khrushchev was asked by PM's wife an interesting question. This during an nice dinner they arranged for their Soviet guests:
"Mr. Khrushchev we hear that your country has rockets that can be sent very far". "Yes madam we have many of them and they can also come right here to London, too". Mrs. Mc just turned around and left the party.
Fast forward; what would be the answer to that question if Mrs. Cameron asked Putin, say over her tweeter?
"Yes madam, we have thousands, armed with multiple warheads that can turn any island, no matter how large and no matter who their puppet-masters are into pile of nuclear waste, in few minutes. This especially if that island means harm to Mother Russia".
What would she do?
U have
Mon, 25 May 2015 20:53 EDT
So, Carney your financial engineer from Canada, leaked out the plans for your leaving European union? What a happy occasion for all of Europe, now that they know THERE IS A PLAN FOR YOU TO LEAVE EUROPE. This means it is not a bluff or BS on your part, which makes the whole Europe say: THE SOONER THE BETTER.
As we already commented on what you, the English speaking countries did and are doing to the rest of the world, this GREAT news may be the true beginning of shaking off the chains of Americanization and Britainazation, with a sprinkele of Canadization and Autralization. The world beyond you 4 nasty entities, deserves the break and this is the beginning.
More want out
Sat, 16 May 2015 17:01 EDT
of UK nightmare
Now Northern England towns and cities, like Manchester want to join Scotland when (not if) it separates into an independent and decent, just society and country. Yes, everyone on that troubled island called Great Britain, who is not 'English" and does not speak that phony, snooty language wants out and to do nothing with you in the near and future.
This, in fact is becoming a big WORLDWIDE trend. Country after country, people after people, want to create and establish an alternative way of life, much different from American and English (as dominant people who invented that life model, like brutal capitalism with enslaving the regular folks) and disassociate themselves from EVERY ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY. Those are: US of America, Canada, Britain and Australia.
Even Scottish and Irish, whose languages and culture are quite close but not the same, nasty as English and American, WANT OUT. Of course, the rest of us non-English nations like all countries of the world from Argentina to Zanzibar (A to Z, get it?) want absolutely out, which makes all the rest of the World's countries.
Why is this? Simple. America as a puppeteer for those other 3 English speaking countries, have done so much damage, nastiness and frankly pure evil to the rest of us, that we simply can not live with you any longer in your system, rigged for your elite against the rest of the world's population, that even includes your own regular folks.
Now if this is not good enough reason for us to leave you and establish an alternative, better more just and simply healthier way of life, what is?
As we said to Brighton, we'll say to northern England: BRAVO. We are with you.
Let's just do it.
The people's Republic
Thu, 14 May 2015 11:07 EDT
of Brighton.
Yes folks. The good citizens of Brighton want to separate from the United Kingdom of Britain, for they can not possibly see themselves living another 5 years under the brutality of the conservative regime, just elected. By the way, who the hell are you who actually voted these brutes in?
No citizen of any country, including England who is not "them" (meaning the ruling elite who are mostly neo-cons) could possibly justify voting for the neo-cons. Yes they need your vote to get in and they lie to you they are there to serve you and protect you, but how can you be duped into voting for them?
Only those who are "them" and those who are their servants (doing well thank you for they help them exploit you)are justified voting for "them". Not you if you have any sense of justice and sanity.
Yet enough of you poor bastards, voted for them and now you are looking at 5 years of austerity, exploitation and brutality against you and your families. Shame on you. But to the good people of Brighton: BRAVO!!!
Get out of
Fri, 8 May 2015 10:16 EDT
Europe, ASAP
Now that we see who you are and what kind of country you are, electing a neo-con, neo-fascist govt. Europe does not want you at all. You are a puppet state of America that is leading Europe into a WWIII, for their own goals of world hegemony.So get out as soon as possible, then Europe can go on her own with partnership with Russia as the biggest and richest country in the world. They do not need America or you or Canada for that matter (who needs baby seals skins) for their way of life. In fact you are the ones that are interfering with their progress as a decent and peaceful society.
So vote yourselves out and STAY OUT.
No one wants you or needs you*.
* America, Britain, Canada, Australia.
Tue, 31 Mar 2015 12:16 EDT
Dear Sir,

I want travel with my wife to London. I have swiss nationality and my wife Benghali Passport and swiss Permis C.
I apply visa for my wife on the 16/04/2014 but it was rejected. I have applied again with the online application but i didn't go for the appointment because the passport was expired. Now the passport is valid till 13/12/2015, i already book a hotel in london for my wife and me. Please advice me how to do to get the visa quickly and what kind of documents my wife needs to apply, please inform me.

Thank you for your understanding.

Selim Roup
How close
Mon, 16 Mar 2015 19:25 EDT
were you to...?
Imagine you and your "partners" who orchestrated the coup in Kiev and subsequent crisis, also planned to orchestrate an attack on Mother Russia in case she does anything not to your liking. Like taking their Crimea back, after it was "gifted" to them by Khrushchev and then given to them again, by Yeltsin along giving them the independence, they did not deserve in the first place.
Just imagine that scenario in the light of today's confirmation by President Putin, that Russia was ready to do anything they had to do to defend themselves from your would be aggression (would not be the first time either). In fact he said they were very close to put their nuclear defense force on high alert if necessary. Had you done one more wrong thing, you'd be very close to another beating in Crimea, this time with everything Russia has. Yes this should be a lesson to you that Mother Russia will not hesitate to use EVERYTHING against any attacker, who ever they are or any combination of them whoever they are.
Perhaps this time you did not come close to serious consequences, but if you continue on the road you joined your master on, one day you'd come close and there will be no return.
So be smart and join civilized Euro countries working on peaceful solution to crisis you helped create. Let America stick with American issues, for wherever they venture outside of it, they just create problems for them and their friends.
Xiaoxiao gao
Wed, 11 Mar 2015 16:52 EDT
Hi. I am chinese in france. I am married with a french. do i need a transit visa if i take the aircraft transit in London? Thank you.
Another talking
Tue, 10 Mar 2015 10:37 EDT
head speaks
What is he? Some kind of foreign service official? You know the one that now claims Russia is "the biggest threat to Britain". You know what, for a change this talking head is right. How so? Simple.Russia itself has never attacked Britain but has beaten her many times. Remember Crimean war? Remember the attack of light brigade (the idiots)? Also you sent in interventionist force with America to quash the glorious Russian revolution. What happen in all these cases? You were beaten. But Russia never attacked you since and will not ever, as this talking head is frightening the already frightened population.
And how can he be right at the same time, that Russia is a threat? Simple. If you alone or with your "friends" attack Russia, as you did in Crimea and their revolution, then Russia will not only beat you in usual places (at their borders) but they will beat you at HOME, right there in once great Britain, this time around. There will be not be ONLY local beatings any more. Te beating will be absolute and universal. Thus your homeland and population will bare the consequences of your adventurism.
From that point of view this talking head is right: Russia is the greatest threat to you, for she is no Serbia or Iraq or Libya that can not fight back when you attacked them. She can and will, 2 point out once more, will fight back at their borders and your homeland, with everything they have, at the same time. So don't let your govt and its talking heads do what they did in Crimea, order the light brigade to attack someone they knew they had no chance of beating. It is that reality you face: Russia is unbeatable as the history has shown and present reality supports that fact.
Europe is much smarter than that (Britain actually does not belong or is needed/wanted in Europe) and will do the right thing: find a peaceful solution to crisis orchestrated by America and aided and abetted by you and Canada.
There is no alternative to this, but unthinkable scenario.
j connolly
Sat, 7 Mar 2015 11:00 EST
no money want to get back to england
would you help me with my ferry fair and to get their

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