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Address185 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Phonelocal: (03) 2170.2200
international: +60.3.2170.2200
Faxlocal: (03) 2170.2370
international: +60.3.2170.2370
Web sitehttp://ukinmalaysia.fco.gov.uk/en/

Have you been having conversations online with someone you've never met before who claims to live in the UK? Has he told you that he will come to visit you in Malaysia? And now is he frantically contacting you because he are being held at the airport, and needs you to pay a fine so he can be freed?

It is a scam. There is no romance, and there is nobody being detained at KLIA. The same person who was chatting online with you was also chatting online with many other victims. They are trying to trick you into sending money to an accomplice. Once you have sent the money they will disappear forever. Every year these scammers bilk unsuspecting victims out of thousands of ringgit. Don't be one of them.

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Wed, 3 Aug 2016 16:57 EDT
Pls help my friend
The girl from UK...contact number 01136023866.. who's name RTANA PENNY...was hold by the KLIA custom already 2weeks...she want to go back to UK but don't have money to buy the air ticket....I am just hope the England embassy can help to settle her problem...TQ very much
Mon, 1 Aug 2016 00:12 EDT
Pleased if I can contact you? Give me your no. or email address. I need to check something with you

Thank you.
Fri, 29 Jul 2016 12:59 EDT
Victems off scammers
VICTEMS OFF SCAMMERS ! Please take 2min of your time and read this, it can safe you, your family, friends and your bank account, share it with 10 friends and ask them to do the same. Scammers do the same to learn others to become a scammer. Let's break their visious circle and stop them !! I know how they work since I was a victim !
With these words I want to ask you: Not to sit donw, being desperate,waiting, dubbing or lanquish away.
Just realize how mutch THE PAIN and MISERY those scammer left you behind with.
Do you think crying in a corner ,going to the police or praying to GOD is going and willing to help you.?......NO!( i try'd that already)
Just realize that these scammers now having a good life , nice cars ..(MERCEDES, BMW), being on a expensive luxery holiday , showing off with money and gold around their necks ,jewelry, ext!....ALL THANKS TO YOU !( you trusted, loved and believed)
Together we have to form a coalition against these scammers to warn and spreading information over THE INTERNET.
We have to fight back ...UNITE !
Dont be a hypocrite or naive.!......SHARE THIS INFORMATION to warn other people around the world how these ROMANCE SCAMMERS WORK., details, the tricks and methods they use.
Why TYPICAL Romance scammers? Becouse they play with people feelings, mind and hurting them even more with FAKE love ..Its the most nasty way of scamming there is .....PLAYING WITH SOMEBODY'S HEART OR FEELINGS!
And i think you know what i mean .....Dear people ( victems).
Lets fight back against them and share this message around THE INTERNET( copy this and post it on your FB wall, Website, ext or ask to share again..SPREAD THIS SO MUTCH AS POSSEBEL!
Be a PAIN in the ass for these SCAMMERS! .HOW MORE PEOPLE KNOW , HOW LESS MONEY THEY CAN GET....(.less victems)
So i ask you ALL......UNITE, SHARE and FIGHT BACK.....Atleast i have the courage....YOU?
Most important rule.!....NEVER SEND MONEY ( with W.U , Moneygram, RIA ,ext)
TIPS! - Check your new friend or girlfriend on GOOGLE( picture search)...Cant you find mutch or nothing...ALERT!
- Check their FB....Brand new profiel and no friends ( maybe a few) and SPECIALLY almost no picture ...ALERT!
- Check ive they want to webcame with you...Ive not( broke or old computer)...ALERT!
- Check ive they webcame with you that they dont use a video...ASK THINGS ( showe 3 fingers, show paper with my name on it,
use your imagination ) .....When they cant or not wanted to listen.....ALERT!
- Chech ive the picture are not stolen or reported already !....See ANTI Romance scam site( Ghana Romance Scammers)
- Check ive they send you DOCUMENTS( fake one's) With your local police...The police will check it for you ive they are real!
- Check the age of the person ( mostly good looking man ar woman around 30/35 yeras old ) Womans with naughty
( ask yourself the question ...Why does a girl of man around the age of 30/35 wanted a woman or man around the age
of 45/65...ITS FOR YOUR MONEY...Making or traying to make your head grazy , traying to let you fall in love with them and traying to let you PAY afterweirds with a good prepard lie of them....ALERT!
- Check the phonenumbers when they share it with you....( Ghana, Malaysia , Nigeria, Mali, Phillipinne...AFRICA/INDONISIA)...
be ALERT when you see one of these!....+023..../+60....Even dont trust phone's and e-mails out of the UK or USA
- NEVER SEND MONEY when he are she ask.(WESTERN UNION, MONEYGRAM, RIA even to a bankaccount to that
country)...They use sad story's and sometime's children to convince you to send them money, good made fake documents,
fake bank website's( almost real), They promisse you a BIG amount of money afterweirds and will marie you as soon as they
can leave that country where they are stuck!....BULLSHIT PEOPLE....These" scammers" ARE VERY GOOD IN WHAT THEY
So ive you are HAPPY, SATISFIED and find it OKAY that these scammers show off with "YOUR MONEY" ( big expensive cars , luxery, gold and jewelry,...ext) and laughing behind your back becouse they could fool you.......DONT SHARE!
Ive you are mad , angry and agree with me to UNITE and to FIGHT back (put up ower middel finger to them)....SHARE THIS AND COPY ...SPREAD IT AROUND THE WORLD.....Start a WAR against them with sharing this on THE INTERNET...(the internet can be a weapon)......In every way you can!
The Scammers used the internet against you to Scam ...Now used the internet against them( eye for a eye/ tooth for a tooth)
Kick back ones and for all!.....BY BRAVE.....DONT BE A COWARD or a CHICKEN.
Those scammers changed your life completly into a sad and bad one......NOW CHANGE THEIR LIFE TO!
STOP THE "NASTY" ROMANCE SCAMMERS!!..........".Together we can"


Greathings ( a victem)
Thu, 28 Jul 2016 21:54 EDT
Barrty Smith- Steve Lambert- Andrwe welfare
there a lot of bad foreign britsth connivance please held them.still in their office petronas.
1. Engr. Barry Smith-601126788138
2. Steve Lambert
3. Andrew Welfare-60172466745
Please held them. most especially Barry Smith
Thu, 28 Jul 2016 07:20 EDT
Scammers are trained and learn how act like a psychiatrist. They will pick your brains and really get into your head. Afterall, they will convince you that they are your new best friend and perhaps lover. They will learn all of your personal information, about your finances, about your family. Why? Because you will be the one to tell them as you open your heart to them. They have all the time in the world to sit and chat with you online and perhaps over the phone. Why? Because they know you are lonely and looking for a friend. This is what they do. When they know they have your trust, they will start asking for just that one favor and it will have to do with money. They already know or are hoping you are groomed enough to be willing to send it to then. And once you do that, your nightmare will become, because the requests will never stop coming. They will always have another excuse and need just one more favor.....of course, it will usually be for some fabricated emergency. They need money for medical, someone was in an accident or needs assistance, and of course they will want help with airfare just so they can be with you. Trust me, I've heard it all and I've helped with much of this stuff. I was once asked for just one favor.........here are my receipts to prove that. Once you send them a one time assistance for money, you have just become their ATM machine. Why did I do it? I thought we were the greatest team since sliced bread. I thought he truly loved me and couldn't wait to get here. He assured me I would be paid back the minute he got here. Guess what? I was wrong on all 3 accounts.

Mon, 25 Jul 2016 01:26 EDT
Scammer- from scotland Netherland Uk/
Sir, Madam

Can I hear from you what happenrd to this english man fro Uk. they all come Malaysia for scamming activity.. please held them put to custody.. he is still around to your county//
Mr. Barry Smith
Mr, Steve Lambert
Mr. Andrew Welfare

contractor to Petronas oil
Sun, 24 Jul 2016 08:00 EDT
Malaysia Romance scammers
Translation by Google
A savvy scammer used the Internet Pilfered photographs of former Prime Minister Yves Leterme to make the head spin unsuspecting women on Facebook and turn on to transfer large amounts. But also men are victims of dating fraud. As Jurgen Luff, a 43-year maintenance technician from Wetteren. He sold his house and collapsed 120 000 euro to a woman he had fallen in love head over heels. Without knowing how she looks real. "I can not believe myself that I'm so carried away."
"It was a British businesswoman who I fell in love," sighs Jurgen Luff. "They called Gerardina Hewitt Welsh. Though I realize now that she has a different name and is not a business woman but an unscrupulous con artist. And that the picture on her Facebook profile might be another woman. "
When I ask him how much money he has lost his love, he sighs deeply. "All together 120,000 euros. Paid in 23 payments over a period of nearly two years. Always promised again 'my internet friend' that this time would be solved all its problems and that she would come to me so that we could live together and be happy forever. And I believed her, the loving fool I was! Until they reached the 24th time money early. Then it finally penetrated my friends who had advised me to deposit any money it might sometimes might have got it right. "
"I lost 120 000 euro to a woman I've never seen"
Jayne, who has two children aged 10 and 18 years from his previous marriage, it is now difficult to make ends meet. He has two months lost contact with Gerardina Hewitt Welsh. "But I dare not say that if they contact me again, I'm immune to it," he confesses honestly. "I want someone pays for the fraud and losses played fortune but I'm not sure I can give her the boss. she is so incredibly cunning ... "
Pay 23 times
It started two years ago, however, all so promising for Jurgen. "I was divorced a year and registered on dating Rendez-Vous," he says.
"Typical," said Tim Cools, Deputy Head of Internet investigation by the federal police who know the phenomenon well. "The crooks search the Internet for vulnerable victims. It could be someone who recently had to handle a divorce or the death of the partner. But still, a woman who has been married for 40 years and for whom the sudden attention of a sweet, handsome-looking foreigner breaks the routine and let budding romantic feelings. "
Jurgen Luff was on the dating site itself contacted by "the British businesswoman." "After two or three messages she asked me to come to her Facebook page."
Jurgen gasped and walked the next few weeks with open eyes into a trap that slowly but surely pulled close around him. "First there were the usual conversations. Then Gerardina had occasionally noticed that she liked me and cool. Until she said she'd had met me. The problem was that she was in Malaysia. She was there as a buyer of her company that trades in gold. But was due to a problem with the collection of traveler's checks them equally without cash. She asked if I could deposit 300 euros so they could buy food. I did too much. But it did not stop at. Could I perhaps also stopped her hotel expenses and staff that worked to pay for her until she had money again? Then it was the security people had to be paid to guard the gold they had purchased. There was always something. "
"I lost 120 000 euro to a woman I've never seen"

The deeply in love Jurgen was sloply dragged into a downward spiral that cost him more and more money. "It was all played very convincingly. Everything she could show me documents. She had me also 10 percent shareholder exercised its business. At one point I had to deposit tens of thousands of euros on an English bank to release a large sum attached. I was forwarded a website of the bank, a code to log in and then a summary of my account. Just really, everybody. Until after three attempts did not return the money and the bank suddenly disappeared from the Internet. When she asked me then to a final deposit, I had enough. I replied that I would not do it, how they got very angry and even disappeared from the Internet. Since then I have heard nothing more about it. "

"Chances are it's going to scammers from Nigeria or Ghana," said Detective Tim Cools. "They operate in groups from Internet cafes and are almost impossible to find, especially since cooperation with these countries is virtually nil. Too bad, because last year 500 people filed a complaint with the police for dating fraud. On average they lost 25,000. The victims are not all marginal people. On the contrary, the scammers are out to prey who have money. There are doctors to lawyers, a physiotherapist who has lost 300,000 euros. Sometimes it leads to major human tragedies. One person we almost literally under the ready to save hanging rope ".
Nevertheless likes Tim Cools that the police still have too little attention to the phenomenon. "All too often the victim is walking sent back by the police. Eigens debt, thick hump, you know. "
Jurgen had hitherto little help. "The police Wetteren has done a good job. But they told me they needed the prosecutor to find out who was behind the fraud. And showed me the office of Dendermonde know that no action will give my case because "not important enough for follow-up and investigation." I should imagine civil party but I currently do not have any money ... "

There may also change now former Prime Minister Yves Leterme was abused by fraudsters dating. Facebook Leterme has two sections. On both adorns same picture. he only called in one Yves Leterme, and on the other Lorentz Scholvin. Is not he born in Ypres but in Geneva. And he gives himself out as a banker at the Swiss National Bank. A banker with extensive connections in addition, as evidenced by the photo that Scholvin (Leterme so) together with state King Albert.
"Clearly the work of a friendship fraudster" says Tim Cools.
"I lost 120 000 euro to a woman I've never seen"
The false account of one Lorentz Scholvin, using photographs of Yves Leterme

Contacted by us, Yves Leterme falls from the sky. "Thank you for bringing me know but I knew the phenomenon not even know," he tells us from Stockholm, where its headquarters are located IDEA, the international think tank for which the former prime minister is working. Leterme gave Tuesday instructed to contact Facebook with the demand to remove the fake account. "I will discuss this week with my lawyer to take any further steps against it."
Naturally, every Belgian notes stroke the account of "Lorentz Scholvin" is false. But in foreign countries, where almost nobody recognizes Leterme, the face of the former Prime Minister looks like that of a successful businessman who inspires confidence.
"It's not the first time a Belgian politician is being abused by fraudsters dating to extort money," says Tim Cools. "Even Elio Di Rupo was stolen a photo from the Internet. With that picture crook managed to steal a victim of thousands of euros ".
Sun, 24 Jul 2016 00:03 EDT
Pls help my friend
My friend from UK...her HP contact no 01136023866..still hold by custom officer at KLIA...her name is RTANA PENNY.pls kindly help her TQ
Fri, 22 Jul 2016 02:27 EDT
Barry Smith and Steve Lambert
i have known Engr;Barry thru Tango 2014 H. Went to malaysia yo work at petronas June 2015 He showed to his contract to whatapps and viber.he let me come to malaysia to meet him but he din"t show up he started asking money june 2015 and have a been one year now .he had finished cvontract for eigth months that was this Feb. 2016. promise to pay me when his funds to be relaese. I came malaysia August 12-18 .they book me at Zafari hotel.Black people come showed me huge amount og dollars not yet separated. asking me to buy solution to separetethe dollars.did not succeded. second time Iwent agin Feb. 17.2016. pay for inland tax.To Mr. Andrew Welfare. But Barry smith was back to Scotland because his son Frank baryy was sick..Almost i had send him thru WU tranfer and money gram. he is with Steve Lambert. Now there back malaysia. this may till now. i had send him also air ticket coming malaysia this May 2016. to foxed and solve his funds. they used even HCBC to deposit his fund under my name . i send send also initial deposit to Maybank to deposit his check.Asking more money till now i almost lost may money eveen my credit card. money of my sister just to help him. and promise to pay me back.. Please help me recover..he is still around checking his work..

Please kindly verify them ??
Engr: Barry Smith-601126788138 -447784715826
Engr: Steve Lambert

I had receivd Email From fbi.nigeria % consultant.com [WARNING: SCAM EMAIL]
Dear Benificiary,
we got good news for you. An asshole for scamming you and other people too annd we recovered a lot of money from him. After the meetingg with EFCC, Money Gram,Western Union and theCPC.we are ordered to compensate the victims
with 120,000 USD upon confirming the victims details.We need a clarification that you are the one. by sending my scanned passport.. i replied them but i din't send any document.
Second email received this morning.
From our investigation we found out most of the names and confirmed Barry Smith And Steve Lambert. He is in the police net and will face the law.. But then i dont believed coz he is still online in his viber

Insp. Charlse Dede
Fbi Nigeria
Thu, 21 Jul 2016 23:54 EDT
Looking for the man named SAMUEL ERIC
Sir...can u find out the man who name as SAMUEL ERIC...he told me that he is from England embassy....he will help my friend RTANA PENNY to out from the KLIA...he give me his private account number and ask me to bank him 3000RM...so that I want to know is true or fake ...is he really from England embassy?TQ sir

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