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Have you been having conversations online with someone you've never met before who claims to live in the UK? Has he told you that he will come to visit you in Malaysia? And now is he frantically contacting you because he are being held at the airport, and needs you to pay a fine so he can be freed?

It is a scam. There is no romance, and there is nobody being detained at KLIA. The same person who was chatting online with you was also chatting online with many other victims. They are trying to trick you into sending money to an accomplice. Once you have sent the money they will disappear forever. Every year these scammers bilk unsuspecting victims out of thousands of ringgit. Don't be one of them.

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Mon, 4 Apr 2016 09:39 EDT
Please Call Me
Ann TTDI and Megan (Malaysia) please contact me at regarding about the scammer.Tq.
Tue, 29 Mar 2016 02:20 EDT
Scammers are everywhere
Met in FB. He claimed his father's Wills is in Malaysia. Father worked with Petronas. Inherite about USD3.70 million. Since 2012 until now issue still not resolved. Hick-ups after hick-ups...Payment after payment. Until now, he never returned my money back. Payments are always went to local Malaysian's account. Different account holders. He claimed the funds are now handled by "International Monetary Funds" unit. Isn't that IMF is meant from government to government? Why a foreign company handles such matters? I wish to report this to higher authority and get all of them arrested!!
Peter Paul
Sun, 27 Mar 2016 01:42 EDT
Jurgen (Miss Gererdina Demi Wils story)
hello, thank you so much for more information about Gerardina . I want to get more about her.....and thanks to share your contact number I want to contact you ok....have a nice day
Sat, 26 Mar 2016 16:48 EDT
Miss Gerardina Demi Wils story......Scammer are not?
Gerardina Hewitt Wels " ( Gerardina Wils)
To answer to the queistion and mail on this page of PETER PAUL
I start to know this woman on a datingside two years ago and she asked me to help her !
I believed her becouse she used documents from Malaysia to convice me about her problems and the best way for ME was to sell my house .( becouse the amount she needed was to big)
She asked me to "loan" her the money and she say'd and promised to pay my "back" afterweirds when she could leave Malaysia after i pay'd the needed amounts to fix her problems .( started in april 2014) and even today 03/2016 still not fixed.....ITS HARD TO BELIEVE .
I did go so far to loan her the money that i had to give all the money of the sold house + all the savings of my "kids"( 2 daughters :10 and 18j) and even my very last savings to keep fixing the MORE and new problems that came up at her side every time in Malasysia!.
So the result now today ( 20/03/2016) is that after i loaned her 120K in a periode of two years ,that still on 20/03/2016 her problems are not being fixed and I and my kids are living in bad situation ....No money , food , ext ...No future.! THATS THE HARD PART NOW TODAY.
The hardest thing for me is that after all the HELP i gived to that woman in the last two years that she dont give a damn about my family and the effort we did for "Gerardina Hewitt Wels " .( Gerardina wils)
After 120K loanded money to HER + a lot of terribel years, months and day's for ME and CHILDREN ......she still have the GUTS to ask even more money and when i dont pay( becouse i cant of to short of money) ....To blocked me , getting rude are to disappear totally.... and she dont make a problem of it to leave This family behind with a lot misery ...... today.....IT IS!
Thats how she say" THANK YOU" to a man and his 2 sweet children ho helped her till his last EURO and loaned 120K(120000 euro) , but instead she's going back to a Datingside to look for " NEW" man!.....SICK in the head ive you ask me!
Its sounds and feel "for me" more like: THIS MAN and family is sucked dry of money....NEXT ONE PLEASE!
Ive Gerardina Hewitt Wels exist than she DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT OTHERS ho helped her and the problems she left them behind with...., are like i read here on this page is " a scammer".
So a special message to Gerardina Hewitt Wels ( pasport identify nr:102728187)....THATS NOT THE WAY to" treat" people who supported and helped you all the way and sacrificed everything they got. .....Specially when you make two young kids unhappy becouse of your way of acting and playing with there future life and money savings....EVERYTHING WOULD BE OKAY you promised so many time's .....yeah right! For you it was maybe a nasty money game ....For this family it was not! We helped you like you asked and we trusted you....FOR A WILL.
Ive you play'd a game " Gerardina "then you are a BAD person , WICKED ,cant be trusted and you would problebly be a SCAMMER afterall!

Time will tell.

Ive people know are have the same bad experience also with GERARDINA Hewitt Wels"
Let me know : +32468139159( whatsapp)
Thu, 24 Mar 2016 03:59 EDT
So i met and knews this person from
He so polite and nice like executive and mature. He asked me for no more chatting through other online because he want us concentration with this relationship. And he want me to delete this from dating site.... first, we are relationship going well but after he said that he get oppurtunity for his late father in Sarawak ... and after meeting in there he told me that meeting was going well but he must pay for tax 2 % (his late father) he already take all his money from credit card $16.000 ... and asked his mother maid to send back the money $6000 ... so he asked me to for $2000 for balance amount $24000..and he told me that will paying back soon after he arrive in Indonesian. He wants me to transfer to Ms. Norhema binti Rizal Country – 29/2 Jalan Ipoh USD 2,000 for complete for the tax. He sent me a letter from Petronas, but very stranger in this letter find 2 dated different year, how can in the same letter have 2 date. And than his father name like retype not original, and the undersigned there is no the name of the director, and the letter head like photocopy not original. He very dissapointed with me because i can not give or transfer to her/him. After that he never reply my sms (he use the number +60 16 401 1674) and he use the number from british is (+44 70 3180 2668). After this situation he never call or send message or send message from gmail. He use another name is Richard Carter (but his real name). He use another photos in Indonesiancupid he use Mr. Remigijus simasius (mayor) he stay in Lithuania. When I visit Mr. Remigijus website i get the photos that Richard send to me (he use another photo not his real photos)

He can make me the woman so nice (romance scam).

Be carefull ladies. Dont ever believe with the foreigner with use sweet word and want us to give the money even we never seen before. Until now he gone with the wind.

Thanks God to protect me.
Unknown-Scam Hunter
Sat, 19 Mar 2016 13:57 EDT
Dear Mr Peter Paul.

Maria Zampara her Greece name is: Το μάτι της θάλασσας ( on facebook)and about Gerardina hewitt Wels ( Gerardina Wils) " your scammer"her pasport indentity nr: 102728187-102728187GBR1153F170506 . By the way...She's born on 15 nov 1980.
We would like to let you know that the picture's are indentitied with the belguim police to be from Maria.Z. She lived a few years in belguim and She has a brother and a sister( Barbara Zampara) + a living place in Belguim ..PASPORT PICTURE IDENTIFICATION + The British Ambassy confirmed that the pasport of Miss Gerardina H.W. is a fake .
She made already a lot of victems on belguim soil.
Ive you want to see more picture's about both woman and where to find them....Let me know!

Peter Paul
Sat, 12 Mar 2016 08:40 EST
Geradina Wils (Gerardina hewitt wels)
This woman called Gerardina Wils (facebook:id=100009716020329&sk=about#)from the UK,State:Lincolnshire,born 15 november 1983, is using pictures "stolen" from a woman called Maria Zampara (greece). Receptionist at the ATHENA LUXURY SUITE'S in greece (santorini). Or its the same person playing a wicked game. (see linkedln..both names)..SCAMMING PEOPLE for money...The picture of Maria Zampara is removed from linkeldln. Not to let you see the same faces of the woman!...So we think its the same woman playing a game! Also Maria Zampara changed her name on facebook to greece one. The question is Why?

You can see at GHANA ROMANCE SCAM or Reporting romance scam site about this scammer after that we collected all evidence...SOON! (Details,fake documents,pictures of both woman with different names,etc). She ask MEN to send money with WU and Moneygram...with fake promises and details (Passport and other fake papers). She's using a lot of datingsite's with different names to look for men "VICTIMS" to pay....She wants to marry you,love you,.....and try to convince you about her story that she's in a certain way in trouble at the country:MALAYSIA.( GOLD BUSINESS). This "woman" is a SCAMMER trying to steal your money.
John Lee
Sat, 5 Mar 2016 07:17 EST
Dear all,

I have only one sincere advice, do not believe in someone who you haven't met before that claim how much he/she loves you, that's not real. Further, if they start asking for money, ignore & leave it. Trust me, they will never show their faces, the moment you tell them to use video call, Skype, etc, they will give excuses.

We have enough victims who fall prey these scammers, it has to be stopped.
Wed, 2 Mar 2016 00:17 EST
I feel so lost!
Btw, I'm from Malaysia...and i feel I have been scammed...I have been paid alot of money...but Until today (about 3.5 years), I have not received my money back. I even was told that I may lose my funds....Can someone relate to a similar case like this? Funds being held in a "lab" under International Monetary Funds?? I stopped sending money when I have come to my senses that this is not right!
How to report this to the right authority? I think if I go to police, nothing can be done.
Need advice. Thanks.
Wed, 2 Mar 2016 00:12 EST
I need to share....
Hello Nana and Amy Coi...can I have your email address?

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