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Graham A.B.Edwards
Mon, 9 Dec 2019 18:33 EST
Managing Director
We have understood from press reports that a Mr Alexander Yaroslavsky Has purchased a major Shareholding in the KHARKIV FARM Tractor plant. We are a British DESIGN & development organisation in UK & we have a new kind of FARM tractor that fits the changes that are now so obvious at FAO { worldwide } & ECAF [the European organisation ] which have supported our INNOVATIVE efforts. Changing the kind of VEHICLE-like tractors so that they are lighter {for fuel-consumption reasons ] & faster { for productive reasons }.Our team of engineers is capable of assisting "Kharkiv" & your help in locating an E-mail for him could be very interesting to both parties. Thank you for guiding us GABE.
Tue, 27 Jun 2017 10:20 EDT
Visa for Friend Denied
Hi All,

I applied for my best friend from Ukraine to come to my wedding next month in July and after waiting she has just received her blank passport with no visa and nothing else (seems pretty off).

Any ideas why you think this was refused? I sent all documents showing my bank account with plenty of funds to pay for her one week trip and she had her flight back already booked.
James N Speros
Fri, 28 Oct 2016 10:40 EDT
Urgent need of notary assistannce
I have a document from Canada that I must get notarized and your Embassy is the only one that can help as the Canada Embassy does not notarize in Kyiv. Do you notarize or do you have a consulate in Kharkiv (where I work) that can do this?

Thank you

James Speros
Tue, 30 Aug 2016 06:50 EDT
Medical Certificate to enter UK
Dear Sirs! I would like to find out if my UK pre-Departure Tuberculosis Detection Medical Certificate (issued 29-09-2015, expired 29-03-106) is valid to present on arrival in UK 09 of September 2016?
I was applying for family visa in October 2015 (and had that certificate attached) but got the visa decision and visa sticker much later, 16-th of August 2016.
Can I use the health certificate which was in visa application or I must redo it for the fresh date to show in airport?

Thank you!
NOT A STEP BACK still in force
Thu, 4 Sep 2014 10:34 EDT
AN INCH FORWARD & it's over
Your govt is the most rabid supporter of American imperial policies and policing the world. They use NATO as their own enforcing force and sooner or later they will make the ultimate mistake. Attacking those who can not fight back, like Panama, Granda, Iraq etc. is one thing. Attacking someone who can do as much damage as all of NATO put together is another. Treating the biggest country in the world as some kind of banana republic must stop and credit for saving all if you from nazis and appreciation must be given as you too are given the same from them.
If you do not realize that the famous order "NOT A STEP BACK" is still in order, better do it quickly before you make some decisions at that meeting, that may lead you to make that fatal STEP FORWARD across the red line drawn at the western borders of all of the former Soviet republics. Russia had enough. First it was napoleon then hitler now NATO is getting ideas they can do what those two biggest criminals ever could not. No Russian president, goverment,soldier,citizen or even child will ever STEP BACK in the face of any enemy including NATO, especially. Any claim that Russia has any ideas or plans to take over any country is pure fabrication and usual demonization of this least dangerous country right now, in the world.
NATO agressive expansionism, under the guise of spreading "democracy and freedom" must stop or some day they will think Russian people would greet them with flowers (as they wrongfully thought in Iraq and elsewhere), when in fact they would be 100% behind their govt and military implementing their military doctrine (their version of article 5)withing the first minute of NATO agression. The game over for everyone. Are the populations of NATO countries informed and aware of this fact. If so would they, as the Slavs would, put everything and it is meant EVERYTHING on line in the name and cause of NATO expansion. Not likely even in your, so called democracy.
Think hard and fast, for if this NATO meeting is the "turning" point of anything, it is the turning point toward the #3 that no one will win, least of all, you.
American journalist
Wed, 20 Aug 2014 12:12 EDT
That is what your PM says, about this absolute hotrror, but does not say that it is your country along with USA (as the prime culprit) responsible for current horrors around the world. It was that moron G.W.Shrub, that started it all with complete and absolute help by your own moron (what is his name? he eventually got into an affair with Murdock's chinese wife). Now we have this. And what it is? It is simple:IT IS THE BIGGEST BLOW BACK you and them will experience. But so will the rest of western world and beyond. In fact the foreign (and domestic) policies of america will lead to the third war, and final war for all. So keep supporting them, blindly and rabidly and pay the price. This poor man was just trying to do his job, but his country is the most hated in the world, thus almost everywhere an american is in danger. Stay hom and the rest go home. The world at large does not need you any longer. Russia, China and other BRISC countryies are coming to save us.
Christianah Bello
Mon, 4 Aug 2014 12:28 EDT
Refused visas
I am British citizen living in London, l applied visa for my daughter studied in ukraine as a medical student. I have two jobs in london which is full time and part time jobs. I sent all the necessary documents even western union documents which they agreed but my daugter was refused because l had £465 in my account. Please do l need to borrow money and put it in my account before l can apply visa. I was so hurt l need your urgent reply. I just need visa for 2 weeks then l can do shooping for her.
Christianah Bello
Mon, 4 Aug 2014 12:28 EDT
Refused visas
I am a British citizen with 2 jobs full and part time jobs. I have a daugher studied in ukraine as one of the medical student. I applied visa for just two weeks for her then l can do shopping for her.l sent all the necessary documents even Western union money transfer that l always sent for her every months. To my surprised she was refused because l have £465 in my account. Please do l need to borrow money and put it in my account before l can apply visa?l was so hurt. Already sent her ticket money.
Ostap Vandevych
Mon, 28 Jul 2014 06:03 EDT
private entrepreneur and employee
I am a part-time employee, want to go to UK for a Business trip on behalf of my company. AT the same time I am a private entrepreneur and my main income is from this sourc. Could you please advise me if you have any restrictions for PE and part-time employees regarding issueing a visa? Unfortunately "contact us" service on the UK embassy website did not answer my question.
You* did it 1111% 4 sure.
Fri, 25 Jul 2014 10:35 EDT
Now BBC removes the video of eyewitnesses who actually saw the fighter jet leaving the crime scene as the MH17 was disintegrating and those children and others falling from the cky. Now if your side had such video, it would be all over your media as % proof the Russian did it. It seems you'll have a hard time getting out of this WMDesque tragycomedy. You have democracy? Yes you do but it is bought and sold by the corporate state. Don't you ever wonder why no one wants it, but you have to go and "sell" it to them by means of absolute violence.
* the candyman.

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