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British flag Consulate of the United Kingdom in Izmir

Address1442 Sokak No 49
Alsancak PK 300
35220 İzmir
Phonelocal: (0232) 463.5151
international: +90.232.463.5151
Faxlocal: (0232) 465.0858
international: +90.232.465.0858

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Lynnsarah young
Thu, 25 Jun 2015 07:38 EDT
Help need to go home
My husband has left me stranded in turkey with no money and our landlord wants me out, how do I get back to UK with no money?
Graham Pettener
Wed, 25 Mar 2015 09:57 EDT
CIN, NEDIM YALCIN and RAMAZAN YALCIN from Offices in Altinkum.

We agreed to represent them in the UK as Agents, contacting prospective Clients with a view to selling Properties Built by GAP Group(First Choice Turkish Homes). They agreed to pay us a commission on any Properties sold to the Clients.

The relationship was good at this stage.

Sami Yalcin came to the UK to obtain a Visa (he informed us.) He was lonely in his Hotel so we invited him to stay with us. He accepted and was with us for about six weeks. He was not charged anything and was looked after very well.

We were accepted as part of the Family and attended Sami Yalcins Wedding.

It is alleged that Sami Yalcin and Nedim Yalcin were declared Bankrupt at some stage. Subsequently, Ramazan Yalcin took over the running of the Company . We gave him instructions to sell two Properties we owned on Gold Sand Complex.

After much apparent stalling and telling us that he had a buyer i.e. waiting for Military clearance(failed)," Nedim Yalcin
has a Turkish buyer from Istanbul" etc., We were advised to contact a Solicitor in Didim who got information from the Tapu Office and much to our horror, it was found that the Apartments had been sold without our knowledge! The following is a copy of the email from the Solicitor.

We investigated your apartment buyers in the title deed Office. Apartment D-2 number 4 sold to Süleyman GÖKER who is Turkish in January 2015, apartment A-3 unit number 8 sold to Natalie SOFTA in July 2014.

We remortgaged our property in the UK to invest in the Apartments on Gold Sand Complex with the intention of selling them to fund our retirement. I am 78 years old this year.

We have had no response from the Yalcins.

We trusted the Yalcins and have been treated in an abominable way.

We have always found the Turkish people to be friendly and courteous. It must be acknowledged that treatment to foreigners of this sort can only damage the reputation of honest and friendly Turkish people.

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محمد غزال britsh syrian socity member shipx
Tue, 24 Mar 2015 07:01 EDT
طلب اللجوء الانساني لي ولاسرتي في المملكه المتحده
انا محمد غزال سوري الجنسيه عضو الجمعيه البريطانيه السوريه من مدينه حلب في سوريه ومنذ تاسيس هذه الجمعيه عام ٢٠٠٤ ابصفة مستسار اقتصادي الوضع الحالي التشرد من مدينة حلب بدون عمل او سكن بسبب الاعمال العسكريه والارهابية ولقد استطعت الخروج من المدينه ال تركيا منذ عشرين يوم واليكم شرحا للوضع الحالي انا محمد غزال بن محمد نور تولدعام١٩٥٧ مجاز بالاقتصاد من جامعة حلب عام ١٩٨١ ولقد كنت اعمل بصفة مستسار مالي واقتصادي في مكتبي الخاص حت وقوع الحرب زوجتي حنان قرنفل بنت صالح تولد عام ١٩٦٥ مجازة من جامعة حلب في العلوم الفيزياء وااكيمياء منذ عام ١٩٨٨ وعملت كمدرسه لعده من السنوات قبل وقوع الحرب اولب ثلاثة ابناء ذكور الاول محمد نور غزال تولد عام ١٩٨٨ ويعمل معي في مجال الخدمات المالية والابن الثاني صالح غزال تولد عام ١٩٩٢ ويعمل معي ايضا في نفس المجال والابن الثالث كرم غزال تولد عام ١٩٩٤ لديه اعاقة مستمره بسبب نقص الاكسجه الولاديه التي اثرت بالمشي والنطق نرجو المساعده في دخول اللمملكه المتحدهوالحصول ع اللجوء االانساني ال ان نقف اقوياء في مواجهة الحياة عنواني الحالي بتركيا مرسين شلتنا بلوك ا الشقه ١٦٦ ورقم موبايلي ٠٠٩٠٥٣٤٣٢١٣١٠٣ وتفضلو بقبول كل السكر والامتنان
Wed, 18 Mar 2015 08:41 EDT
can i see the answer of these comment please?
hi dear
how can i see the answer for each comment ?
because i have the same question about my finance ,i want to officially marry her at ismir,applying visa for her to joint me,as my wife.i am disable person and i have British citizenship.please let me know can i come to ismir and there do these thing there and wait for the result.
soraj hasan
Mon, 16 Mar 2015 13:28 EDT
I am displaced Syrians in Izmir , I am 25 years old married and I do not have kids ...
I was studying at the University of Aleppo Faculty of Economics fourth year , my wife was studying at the same university in the College of Engineering Technology Food Technology Department .
After the Syrian crisis, we were forced to flee from Syria and displacement to Izmir , and so we could not complete our study .
Therefore we want to seek asylum from your state esteemed to complete our study we do not know the necessary measures with the knowledge we do not have passports and we can not back and get new passports .
I hope the answer from the consulate esteemed ....
Wed, 24 Dec 2014 07:41 EST
Apartment Purchased has Deed Block
We purchased apartment in Kusadasi 2003 and now we have tried to sell it after 11 years but local estate agent says he has learned from the Deeds office that there is a block on the Deed and says it cannot be sold until the block is lifted. The estate agent in Kusadasi says there is a builder who is owed money and the builder has put a block on the Deed until it is paid off. Our solicitor in Kusadasi back in 2003 did not inform us of this and we cannot understand how we could purchase the apartment in 2003 if a block existed on it. Please can you advise.
nesrin afsar
Thu, 4 Dec 2014 10:03 EST
I would like to go Britain for 10 days. could I get visiting visa at British embassy,Izmir or do I have to apply only in Istanbul. and I have a visa applica-tion form year 2007. still can I used them to be filled. whats the fee,for visa..
many thanks.
Fri, 28 Nov 2014 09:32 EST
Divorcing a Turkish Citizen
Please can you advise me on how I should go about divorcing my Turkish husband. I am a UK citizen and we married in 2008. We came to your office for papers at the time.
He came to UK eventually on spouse visa but marriage ended badly and he was deported in March'13 before he got his permanent residency.
I have not heard from him for 18 months now so I would like a divorce.
He has the red marriage book but I have photocopies I'm sure.
I am just unsure of what I should do, is it possible that he has divorced me in Turkey without my knowledge? Please advise.
Stephanie yesilyurt
Tue, 17 Jun 2014 16:46 EDT
Hello my name is Stephanie Yesilyurt I am married to a Turkish man we did marry in 2009 we have 2 children 2 year old girl and a 11 week old boy. I got a visa for their father in 2012 it cost me a lot of money 2 weeks before my daughter was born he returned to Turkey.I had are daughter,Mustafa never contacted till she was 3months old we started talking again and he returned for are daughters 1st birthday while he was here we worked things out and I fell pregnant with are second child.Mustafa went back to Turkey for a month but returned in July 2013 to start a new life.He did not settle here and things was not same between us a lot of bad words from both sides was said and again he returned to Turkey before he left he said dont take it on on children please stay in contact with me which I tried to do but he got home and didn't want to know us.He told my father he would support the children which he has not he said i only want the money for myself a few weeks ago he sent 200 pound but said that's it your not getting anymore I have asked and begged him to see his children on Skype but he refuses gives lots of excuises he stopped writing to ask about them and it made me angry they his children he should care for them he blames me for it but no matter what goes on between us he should not take out on children I have sent him lots pictures of his children he not interested I called his home lots but they kept cancelling the call last week things came to a head and lots words was said and we both said things he told ill take your kids just to hurt you he has been very quiet since then I have been told to get advice and every time I try either solicitors cost a fortune or don't want to know I was told by one solicitor to contact turkish embassy or goverment as we married in Turkey so that's what I am doing so can you tell me my rights and what rights has he on my children he Neva sees them don't support them my son did go hospital few weeks ago I did call him and he told I'm out with my family just let me know how he is so this is not a father who cares hope you can help
Ghasem kaye
Mon, 9 Jun 2014 02:42 EDT
Getting British passports for my daughter and wife
I am a British citizen. I have wife and two daughters age 5 and 13. My younger daughter has British Passport,but my wife and my older daughter have not british passport. What kind of visa I should apply for my wife and my elder daughter so that when we go to England, they get their British Passport. My children are going to private school in Turkey and they want to continue.
my email ghasen_kaye@yahoo.com. My phone 05418985859
Waiting for your urgent reply
Yours sincerely
G. Kaye

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