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Tong Yai Yai
Thu, 20 Jan 2022 18:01 EST
I need scholarship to and study in Turkey.
May you offer me scholarship if any?
I would be so grateful for you if you considered my request.

Thanks indvance!
Thu, 15 Oct 2020 03:45 EDT
I cannt select date when make appointment I don't know why or what is the problem here
Fri, 15 Nov 2019 20:27 EST
Please, drop all charges.
Mohamed Amer
Tue, 26 Jun 2018 11:18 EDT
Appointment Letter, Is It Real or Fake?
Please inform me about below letter is real or fake?

Attention: Mohamed Amer

This is an affirmation that your qualifications and experiences which were found suitable for the requirements of Anatolian Drilling & Exploration Corporation (ADEC) and after screening and verification we are happy to announce that you have emerged Successful and being appointed for the position stated in your appointment document.

On this note, we hereby congratulate you on the success and as such we have attached the Appointment Letter/Terms of Agreement that transcends any written document which you're required to forward the signed copy of your Agreement page as an attach mail.

We hereby instruct you to expedite all requirements as mentioned to enable you meet up before the deadline.

Print, Sign, scan and send back to us the appointment letter via email attachment as a proof of Acceptance.


Mr. Murat Ahmet
HR Manager (ADEC)
Sun, 27 May 2018 16:48 EDT
shcolarship avaliability for master degree in clinical pathology at turkish medical collage
i am a clinical pathology medical doctor from egypt i wanted to ask if there is any clinical pathology shcolareships master degree avaliable at any medical collage at turkey for egyptian or middle eastern medical students for studying of master degree at clinical pathology ok, have great day
Tue, 13 Feb 2018 22:53 EST
I will complete 45 years after 4 month can I apply for electronic visa now?
Adel Abdelwahab
Sun, 14 May 2017 07:23 EDT
Need information ...
Hi :

Which ministry in turkey shall i contact to obtain phone numbers and addresses of all dive centers , travel agencies and tour operators in Turkey !?

please e-mail to awesometripsredsea@gmail.com

Thank you for the time , efforts and concern given to my comment ...

Sunny Regards
Adel Abdelwahab
Tomoko Aikawa from Japan
Fri, 12 May 2017 00:04 EDT
Taked this important world issue with much interests involved in your country!
Dear Sirs,
Did you know about the following world actual situation in the medical field, having currently performed the world killing or injuring purpose's experimental projects in which the weaker African and Asian people etc. forced to become their experimental subject in a remote controll way as I am involved in that led by the advanced country's whites and U.N/WHO initiative Int'l orgs etc. and also there is a peeping videocamera installed into each crime person's eye to steal another's achievement secretly whose fact has so far been for a long time tightly masked by the world advanced country's academic persons.

Dear Sirs,
What do you think why this urgent message of January 16 to 18, 2017 sent to the world parties including WHO was again ignored in society, further to my so far over 2.5 years many contacts to them such as U.N, WHO, UNICEF, WMA and the other advanced or advancing countries etc.?

Following is an English version of my message of January 16 to 18, 2017 in Japanese, though it is not completely prepared because of my present situation my brain movement is seriously disturbed to fully consider and review them and my PC is almost destroyed again immediately after I sent this to the world parties such as NIH and FDA and Russian parties etc. on March 24, 2017 for which I am now sending at the public place in Osaka.
(1) The despicable injuring crime acts by Singapore and China governments: (as said on January 15, 2017)
The Singapore and China governments are currently committing the truly descable illegal experimental acts getting involved many Asian people targeted in the crimes as agreed with their behind whites in the advanced countries actually sponsored by AIIB & ASEAN together with any Asian Pacific Ocean related party etc, that are performed for examples subsidized by the governments for their authorizing a) *eyes (luminous) destroying experimental act* in cooperation with Japan Nakanishi Hiroaki (Hitachi), Nakabachi Ryouji & Nagayama Osamu (Sony, Chugai), and Matsuyama Yukihiro (Canon) etc. as well as for their developing b) *Asian version of 24-hour harassing specification software* behind managed by U.K syndicate's MCA as its white version's originator and using which attempting to commit against many Asian people further in addition to me, always forcing them to listen to their making loud criminal's voices or electric sounds without giving any silent time at all in the whole a day, due to which 24-hour continued insidious & persistent trick there seems to have many Asian cases having so far stimulated in actual as the outcome by this trick (with by making them to take any tranqilizer) to attempt suicide by each target himself/herself aroused by many criminal conductors at the same time. Further, it is also performed for their developing c) *voyeuristic videocamera, newly equipped with scanning function* as part of their involving *hacking world business project* while trying to develop d) *equipped set of interrogation in writing, to make any fabricated material for court* at the same time, which is done forcibly installing into the accused' side any artificial arms & finger machinery to make a writing as they wish during installing into the person's brain any forcible sentences (making it feel like the person's own ones) under the brain controlling situation, that is the current scheme by the white's justice related party (especially led by U.K MCA) before from now on further coming up a lot of their own so far committed technology crime related suits in court, together with the other *eye destroying purpose's one* as had been committed for a long time led by around their Hu Jintao & Xi Jinping continuously after the war (behind still managed by U.S-GHQ and U.K-Nazis etc.). This experimental acts of c) and d) is usually done during my typing work seeing the screen sitting at in front of my PC, and actually forcibly installing any Intel's injury chip into my eyes to make continuously my eyes link with the screen, in such a way of which many world criminals are always peeping during taking a videocamera and scanning my PC data from the outside of the main part of it (said by them like - it will become the new type of our hacking trick) in addition to their usual hacking act breaking into the inside of it to steal the data itself. Especially, for the experimental act of its scanning function, my eye is continuously injured surely by its built-in flashing (with use of light-emitting diode, LED) during always making around my eyes feel 'blue' with its flashing light when I stay in a dark and using which the scanning data is saved on wireless filing into each eye installing voyeuristic machinery and even shared with the others transferring to each other, and also they are making use of it for their another injuring experimental act in actual, that is performed in my every sleeping time, that is e) *video projection act during sleeping* saying like as part of their broadcasting media initiative *amusement world business project* and it is performed forcing me to see during fixing my eyes (using another's eyes linking artificially with me and any installing remote controlling machinery), any installed video or a live broadcast from their CNN or BBC showing it into my eye or my inside head which is done from their nasty expectations to make my sleep completely disturb as I can't take rest for my brain further to their every daytime's continously done harassing sounds making act, to injure my eyes by their installing LED flash and also to make my so far crime-damage memory confused showing their own editing videos to deny their so far remarks or acts, etc.

The above experimental crime acts are currently performed especially during every early evening to next morning in Japan-Time, making the time zone the nasty white's (together with their subordinate's China and Singapore etc.) exclusive experimental hours making use of many Asian people's body including me, and it is said that they will continue them in 2017 as well without hesitation rather planned to make the number of their targeted subjects increase furthermore making them as their major projects regardless of my repeated warnings for this 2.5 years after my first submitted materials to the world many responsible parties including U.N, WHO, Unicef, and WMA etc. claming them strongly to make them discontinue immediately.
In addition, China Xi-Jinping, Li Keqiang and Wáng Yì who are certain Asian authorizers seem me to be still completely lacking of guilty conscience (together with fool Japan and the others) for their own promoting such crime acts, so that it was said arrogantly when I just typed this part in Japanese on January 16, 2017 via their forcibly installing lip-synch machinery (or possessing machinery) while making my mouth move synchronizing with their one like - "You bastard, writing like this about our unpleasant matters in this way!" (though, in actual the whole part of (1) to (3) in this material first as written in Japanese was forcibly prepared for me urged artificially by themself by such a bit extreme description, as said by them later on that they confirmed on the separate day about 'who' forced installing into my brain while moving my fingers as I typed for each part so concretely) - that became my motive to send this material by Fax first in Japanese language on that day of January 16 and the subsequent two days to many world parties including Indian CII & well-established many corporations, and WHO etc. - and also when I typed this in English on March 20, 2017 they did again emotionally commit cyber attacking act suddently shutting down my just typing sheet making the data lose during my work, openly showing their discomfort feelings to be mentioned about their unchangingly continiuing crime acts even after 2 month of its my first distribution by the Japanese version, and also while still been possessed by them into my body to peep all my life and to commit as so far done by them as well vertually sex-crime acts giving their offensive touching sense onto my body parts.

(2) My killing world project, performed in the front mostly currently by Japan and China governments as ordered by whites: (as said on January 15, 2017)
Followings in addition to the above mentioned (1) are the concrete crime acts I am getting involved in by them:
 Kansai Government's Union and Osaka Prefecture initiative *electricity & broadcasting radio-wave using locked-room murdering crime act* promoted subsidized under the Japan state's authority: I was again almost murdered on the last night to this morning on January 15, using their managing electricity (with static electricity) and broadcasting radio-wave (with EMVs) caused from universe & millitary satellites etc. placed on the Icoma Mountain in the way of their equipped set of *locked-room murdering trick*. It was committed as said on the front line at that time by their 'medical doctor's exclusive helicopter managing killing team' (deeply involved by the entertainers Kaminuma Emiko and Daichi Mao from Kansai, and directed practically by around Mimura-Akio (Nippon Steel) etc.) having jurisdiction over the Akashi Strait's big bridge and its surrounding the Awaji Island to around Takamatsu City etc. and also ordered by their behind U.S & U.K-royalty (said with their GHQ and Nazis bloods) initiative world NATO syndicate, by whom further ordered to be conspired also by Kyoto University's Yamanaka Shinya initiative CiRA & iPS Academia Japan, RIKEN lab, etc, together with NASA, John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC), U.S-MIT and the others. It is decided to continue by Japan government subsidizing continuously since after this April, 2017 as well ostensibly calling *Smart City Plan, by which elderly people could be always safely monitored by 24-hour complete security system under the nation's controlling complete power consumption* but in actual making it making money purpose's business project of *elderly people targeting locked-room murdering act* having currently performed in the extensive regions in Japan together with the other Asian countries sponsored intervened by Japan maliciously. It is currently promoted practically in operation as they have so far been spreading their crimes throughout Asia and the others in fact for a long time after the war, by many Japanese well-established civil engineering & construction corporations such as Daiwa House, Haseko, Simizu, Nippon Steel (& Sumitomo Metal), and Obayashi etc, together with the industrial conglomerates, namely 'zaibatsu' (such as the Mitubishi, Mitsui, Sumitomo etc.), Toyota initiative automobile well-established corporations, Takeda and Sawai initiative pharmaceutical well-established corporations (such as Tanabe, Sankyo, Sumitomo Dainippon, and foreign-affiliated companies (such as AstraZeneca, Lilly, Bayer, Teva etc.)) and medical related academic parties or research labs etc.
 The fake Emperors and Empress (with her favor China's Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping etc.) initiative *eye destroying experimental crime act* promoted subsidized under the Japan state's authority: This incredibly nasty act was as said begun in the first place targeted with Taki Kumejirou who was a founder of Taki fertilizer (presently Taki Chemical Industry) and had become very famous once as one of the Japan's leading politicians and for his outstanding achievement as a business person promoting agriculture spreading throughout Japan by his devised more safe and nutritional value having 'sardine-made fertilizer' after first having gone by the experience as a fisherman and farmer, actually by cancelling to become the suitable Emperor as decided at that time saying like - "The Emperor system will not be required in society anymore for now after the Cabinet system was established", although he was invited designated as the legitimated Emperor from the Middle Eastern royal family. In fact, it is famous that due to his amiable nature he was called in his late years by many ordinary people like *fertilizer's Kingdom or God* and the people's highest praise to him was lasted even after his death for a long time and it became the cause of too exessive jealousy to him, his related successors and his former favor farmers etc. by those illegally placed not suitable persons on the Imperial position becoming the fake Emperors and Empresses etc. continuously since before the war invated from the other Asian countries as a plot by U.S-GHQ and U.K-Nazis etc. after escaping from each placed accomodation for death row inmates in Siberian (although their present authority seems to be officially ineffective without certain Japanese family registers in the first place and only staying without any qualification in society to become the Imperial, that the fact have so far been remained tightly concealed by them until now and first revealed to me during their murdering act in 2013 with saying that I am the secondly legitimated Emperor, naming like male gender 'Takato Tomoyoshi or Tomola', to Taki Hidekatsu next to Taki Kumejirou). Currently, their *eye destroying purpose's crime act* have become further escalated making it as a part of the major national projects, actually led by well-established corporation's Nakanishi Hiroaki (Hitachi), Nakabachi Ryouji & Nagayama Osamu (Sony, Chugai), and Matsuyama Yukihiro (Canon) saying like - "100 eyeballs are not enough for us, rather wishing to make it 10,000 eyeballs setting as our target!" that was corrected on the separate day of January 18, 2017 like - "We have currently destroyed successfully for 1,200 people in Japan and 800 people in China/Singapore, which will be continued after this as well!", and also by the ophthalmology related medical doctors Nishikawa Shinichi (for orphan disease's medicine) and Takahashi Masayo (for regenerative medicine) etc. saying (especially said by Ms. Takahashi) like - "I have taken over as my father had also committed as the crime ophthalmologist after the war, to destroy forcing each to remove one-side's eye giving on purpose any misdiagnosis according to the orders by our fake Emperor & Empress to make each their targets injure as the Taki Kumejiro's favor blood's persons. For examples, it was our comittted victims that are Tsurui Ryuukou (the chief priest at Jofukuji Temple in Kouchi Prefecture) and Nunokawa Masako (living in around Matsucha-machi in Osaka Prefecture) with the both whom you should be well acquainted in actual interacting in actual." or "What's the matter for us? It is natural to make use of people's eyes for our currently conducted the most advanced research project - saying always as their crime Japan doctor's set phrase that it is necessity to make the science and technology's progress, for which a number of people's sacrifice could be justified - since it is required the appropriate certain numbers of experimental subjects for our planned clinical trials or experiments for ophtalmology field's reproductive medicines, as set in advance authorized by Japan health authority (MHLW). Concerned with which, we are now recommending to our responsible patients to participate in our planned clinical trials or experiments without full explanion in actual to get consent for our experiment acts but saying only like - You could take the most advanced medical treatment thanks to the most capable doctors like ours becoming the subject for our promoting reproductive medicine, that are mentioned after we successfully injured fatally each eye on purpose as each person has to lose it anymore, actually giving any misdiagnosis as plotted in advance to make each our experimental subject using various tricks to injure it damaging in a remote control, that is one of the examples would be our currently involving another experimental project of *voyeuristic videocamera, newly equipped with scanning function* as mentioned in the above (1), for which we are offering our responsible patients (especially targeted the weaker elderly or disable persons as mediated by MHLW) to whom installing their supplied injuring machinery into each inside eye always forcing them to see any Window's file currently linking with my personal PC forcing them to see in the front linking with their behind's the world many criminals wishing to peep my PC data but refr
Sat, 18 Jun 2016 13:00 EDT
apply a job
how can I apply a job in Turkish embassy at Egypt as I have graduated from Ain shams university,Oriental languages, Turkish Department.
My name is Iman Mohamed Abdel Latif Hassan
Thu, 25 Feb 2016 15:51 EST
Title 8 Street column Salon Sayeda Zeinab Cairo

اريد السفر الي تركيا اريد الحصول علي فيزا عمل ومغادرة مصر
I want to travel to Turkey, I want to get the work visa and leave Egypt

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