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Trinidad and Tobago flag Consulate-General of Trinidad and Tobago in Toronto

Address185 Sheppard Avenue West
Toronto ON M2N 1M9
Phonelocal: (416) 495.9442
international: +1.416.495.9442
Faxlocal: (416) 495.6934
international: +1.416.495.6934
Web sitehttp://ttcgtoronto.gov.tt/

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so chacka chacka
Thu, 30 Jul 2015 16:33 EDT
I would like to know how is this office protocol is carried out I read the comments above and that is terrible what our nationals in Canada have to put up with this type of behavior does not look good, as if we are living in the primitive ages that not we are use to the same goes for Caribbean airlines. I need to know who is in charge of these people who is guarding the guards in this day and age considering that we live in Canada and there are all the social networks that can twitter a persons behavior and upload it to social network and internet so the world could see how primitive our officials are when conduction business in a foreign country that is a shame no wonder Trinidad has a high murder rate because of the ignorance in our country. I need to renew my passport and I will be going with a recorder and if needs be I will post my experience to the Trinidad and Tobago Government so they can get a first hand look at the behavior and type of service our nationals experience in Canada the consulate is suppose to be a safe haven for all nationals of Trinidad and Tobago How can anybody feel safe when you have these bullies running the consulate in Toronto get rid of them because before long our nationals will need to have a shelter to protect us and if that's the way they are behaving they we need A PROTEST at the consulate in TORONTO TO DISGRACE THEM for the CHACKA, CHACKA SERVICE THEY AT THE CONSULATE ARE PROVIDING TO US GET THEM OUT THIS IS NOT JACK WARNER service or is it people need to send a clear message that this type of behavior would not be tolerated in Canada and get rid if those lazy people who are there think that they are still in Trinidad and Tobago I cannot wait to go there and see how I would be threated by this person SHAME, SHAME, SHAME They don't give a dam about their people they are serving just the large pay check they want the job but don't want to work for the pay that's the Trinidad way and that's a shame to have to read these comments from other people
There must be someone in charge these people are a disgrace to the red white and black they represent get rid of them GOOD RIDANCE TO BAD RUBISH
Tue, 28 Jul 2015 13:15 EDT
Over two weeks for visitor's visa for Canada
This embassy is a joke! The website says 8 days for processing. It has been over two weeks and no one can tell you what the progress of the application is. The phone system says send an email, when you do, no response until 5 days after saying process.
Officers in the embassy itself are rude and abrupt. Shame!
Disappointed T&T National
Mon, 27 Jul 2015 08:48 EDT
Bad experience visiting the T&T Consulate
I had an appointment with the T&T Consulate for my passport renewal. First as a place of business, there should be parking even if we have to pay for it. However, as you turn in to the compound, you realize that the parking is not for clients so you have to back out unto the very busy Sheppard Avenue which is dangerous and then try to find parking on some street nearby.

So that started my day on a bad note. The receptionist was very polite however when I was called into a room to review my document, I became frightened and nervous because of the woman interviewing me. I did not get her name but she is a tall slim black woman with glasses. She was as some described her in one of the comments above as a prison guard but that is putting it mildly. She is ignorant and has the ability to put fear in people. One of the questions she asked me, referring to my job title, is what is that. If she was educated she would have known. After so many bad comments on this person, my question is why is she not being replaced. I have a good job and have interviewed many people so you would agree how shocked I was with this type of interviewing skills and could not believe in this age this type of person is in a position representing a country. This reflects a bad image.

Please take everyone's comments seriously and make some changes to have a more please experience renewing a Trinidad and Tobago Passport.
Trinidad & Tobago National
Mon, 20 Jul 2015 16:29 EDT
Over the last year and a half, I have been dealing with the consulate general of Toronto, from the Main Reception, to the adviser, to Immigration to Madame Consulate herself and the Ministry of Foreign Affair and the Consulate General of the Republic General in Trinidad should hang your head down in shame and disgrace for having an office run in such a manner.

I've lived in Canada from a very young age and held on to my Citizenship like it was gold, refusing to become a Citizen of Canada only to be treated with the most demeaning and disrespectful manner by that entire office. I will not go into case details, but I am not on a full mission to ensure my story is heard by ever single level so that the remaining Nationals living in Canada will not have to experience this total lack of civility by that office. The Minister will hear of my complain and others and will fully investigate each of them for misrepresenting our Country in this manner. I truly hope they clean house very soon, abuse of power is one thing but to serve the public in this manner, you have to be accountable for your actions and sooner or later the world will be witness to those actions. You have all failed, not one National but all these Nationals can not be wrong. And about the phone situation, I will be asking the Minister what is the PHONE & RESPONSE time for a message at the Consulate??? There is a standard for every action. I've spend a lot of time back and forth and they call screen, the phones are ringing and they have theirs on silent, call screening at a Consulate office is unacceptable. Stop using excuses and if it's so busy for you all WElCOME TO THE WORLD OF BUSINESS!!! Phones and offices will be busy, but your poor time management skills is where the problem truly is! Please continue to post your comments, the only proof for the Minister to to stop them and clean house is to see the facts, one person could be wrong, a few could be misunderstanding, but dozens upon dozens with the same complains. Please evaluate their performance and get our representation here in Toronto in check with a civilized and working for the people office, I beg! It's shameful in 2015 to be in this position after being her for 20+ years and being treated by people that hold a little diploma or certification but have no, none, zero training on being a public servant, you serve us, not the other way around. And I can hear them with the complains about us coming in complaining and yelling, don't even try it because in Canada, we behave civilized and treat others the way we which to be treated, so in actuality, we are in shock the most on how disrespectful we are treated by everyone in that office. CLEAN IT UP MR. MINISTER, I'm going viral and World Wide unless it stops!!!
Wed, 24 Jun 2015 07:37 EDT
Very Poor service in tnt passport in Trinidad
I went to the passport office in Trinidad on June 18th at San Fernando the officer was rude and aggressive did not allow me to speak, she repeatedly said this is our rules mame get the right info and come back, constantly rolling her eyes at me I very calmly walk out the office.

Mon, 22 Jun 2015 13:53 EDT
The earliest appointment to apply for a passport is August 18th (today is 22nd June) and of course you will ask for something more than what is required by law or say that the affidavit is not good enough which would put me about 2 years before I get my passport, this office is as 'useless as tit's on a bull'.
Thu, 11 Jun 2015 12:00 EDT
Recommendation Given By Staff
I'm die hard trini and a sales person 22 yrs in Canada. I am aware that 100 voice mails plus a day is hard to keep up current; but I am sure some system can be put in place to aid the problem. As a first world nation leading the Caribbean countries, there must be a way.
A consulate officer told me to get my Canadian passport because if I'm in trouble, they can't do anything to help.
I did receive an email to pick up my passport, processing took 9 wks and there was a zero chance of getting through to the office my phone.
Next step Canadian citizenship and learning to speak English (LINC). Apparently we speak a different language in T&T. cheers
O'Meera Das Gupta
Thu, 21 May 2015 16:26 EDT
Staff a Total Disgrace
Obtaining service information is like "pulling teeth" eg they suck their teeth on the phone. Just wondering if they do not feel ashamed when they read the extremely bad comments. They are definately in the wrong job and just drawing a salary under false pretence. Guess they all probably originated from "John John Town" and should be sent back, lock stock and barrel. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Thu, 14 May 2015 13:15 EDT
I am looking to apply for restoration and was told that they could not tell me when I will have it completed since they were told by the Trinidad Immigration department to hold off on sending anything down because of the office situation in Port of Spain. She informed me that they were holding on to applications from 2010. I spoke to a relative in Trinidad who told me that the office is open and she just got passports for the family. We are at the mercy of the office in Toronto
Paul Alexander
Fri, 1 May 2015 12:33 EDT
terrible service at consulate window
what terrible service, where did they get these folk to work in our counsulate..I was so embarassed

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