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Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Sat, 29 Apr 2017 05:42 EDT
illegal son in the family of Mr Elia Kambanda

To all.

Kacyiru Magistrate Court

i would like to report a matter of an illegal son born illegally from his mother the wife to Mr Elia Kambanda,while they are legally married.This son was born in Burundi probably in Bujumbura.And one of people in the leadership of Burundi is being accused of having an illegal affair with Mr Kambanda`s wife at the time/a Rwandan merchant and he never got the correct process of how to get rid of the illegal son.

I would like to advise for forensic tests to be done for confirmation(DNA tests/Paternity tests).These tests must be done between Mr Kambanda/wife and the illegal son,then the wife will have to confirm who is the father to the counterpart son and reperform the paternity tets again.

This information or story arrived to me by word of mouth and needs to be verified.And I am doing this on behalf of Mr Kambanda who I once met with his wife/daughters in Kacyiru.They were my family friends.

Dr ME Karama
Cell:+27 (0)823514012/+27(0)635583952
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Fri, 28 Apr 2017 07:07 EDT
Civil claim from Dr Musafiri Karama&Information about the matter resolution prerequisite.

To all.

This to inform Dr Musafiri Karama living in South Africa and his family(wife and children) that there is an informal way I got a message from Wesbank as to tell me how you robbed my vehicle or used it as a deposit for your new Quashqai expecting to exchange my vehicle(Corolla 140i GLE0 to your Nissan Sentra(old vehicle). You must be informed that you must be excised your testicles as a punishment with your kids/wife-(uterus) who are in Canada.

You will be forced to payback the money equivalent to my vehicle.You came from Canada maybe poor but you are earning a lot of money as a Professor in Pretoria University.I have never survived of your funds.I have been in South Africa for almost 17 years and you have never been of help.I even abandoned postgraduate studies at University of Pretoria due to your misbehaviour of liking money ,even the one not belonging to you.

This is to inform the Pretoria Magistrate Court to give him my summons with Wesbank in Fairland(Johannesburg).

PS:My restraint family must be informed about the issue.

Dr ME Karama
+27 (0)823514012
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Fri, 28 Apr 2017 00:24 EDT
Evacuation order from my premises/private house in Kigali
Kacyiru Magistrate Court

Application of an evacuation order against the Family of Dismas Thomas Karemangingo/relates in Kigali.

Dr ME Karama
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Wed, 26 Apr 2017 06:53 EDT
An investigation is still required against:Dr Mutsinzi Edison "Karama"

To all.

An investigation is still required about the forensic tests which had been done in Previous years concerning someone who I do consider as a half brother:Mutsinzi Edison .
This must be redone and I heard my mother still contesting the results of blood groups not correspondant to my father:Emeritus Reverend Pastor Eliezer Munyakarama.DNA tests(Paternity tests) were found corresponding but blood groups do not correspond and my mother must tell us who is the real father of Edison?To my knowledge,I suspect Mr Gakiga Gasore who is an uncle also.He must restrain always.
And Edison/my mother must behave in a proper manner towards my father`s belongings.
PS:All are living in Kigali most of times but my father has got a different/another residence.

Dr ME Karama
Cell:+27 (0)823514012
Dre Muyango Emile Karama
Tue, 25 Apr 2017 06:52 EDT
Suspicion of Degree/Matric forgery by Ms Mayungani/Ms Louise Bakambala/False allegation against me.
To all/Kacyiru Magistrate Court

I would like the recontrol or reverification of both Ms Mayungani and Ms Louise Bakambala to be done due to a suspicion of forgery of their medical degree.They are both from DR Congo(Zaire).They are planning to practice medicine in Rwanda it seems.

They had been racketeering me with the son to Ms Mayungani,Losenzo.I heard about them in South Africa,Pretoria/Durban.

Their matter is very much known as to do racketeering only against my family or relates in association it seems with the family of Mr Karemangingo(living in Kigali).
The story remains a false allegation and expungement of the case/allegation against me had been done or filed in the National department of Justice and constitutional development-South Africa.I have also referred the matter to the Pretoria Magistrate Court(Family law) due to their harassment.


-Their son Losenzo was born in Kinshasa,in 1984.
-The father to Losenzo`s name is Emile Nzabamwita,son of Pastor Nzabamwita or brother to brigadier general Joseph Nzabamwita.
-The family of Dr Ozili Kubwimana knows about the matter
-DNA tests/Paternity tests are in favour of the Nzabamwita(fprensic tests).
-DNA tests with me are not corresponding since it had been done with some of my mother(Uzagira).
-At birth of Losenzo both his mother and father met at University of Kinshasa,DR Congo-Zaire.
-At birth of Losenzo,I was still at secondary school in the Shaba province(Katanga).
-I have never been in Kinshasa.
-I studied medicine in Lubumbashi/Rwanda and I completed.
-But Ms Mayungani/Emile Nzabamwita have never completed medical school.
-Emile nzabamwita is from murama commune in Rwanda .
-Myself ,I am from Masango Commune in Rwanda.
=I am Musinga of origin(subtribe).
-But Emile Nzabamwita is Mucyaba or Mwega of subtribe of origin.
-Emile Nzabamwita is a drunkard.
-I`ve got two young brothers medical practitoners.
-The elder brother to Emile nzabamwita is a medical practitoner it seems.

Dr ME Karama
Cell:+27 (0)823514012
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Mon, 24 Apr 2017 07:04 EDT
Follow-up for my application with UIF-Labour centre in Pretoria and referral of all using my details fraudulently in UIF or SASSA to Pretoria Magistrate Court(Family Law)
To all.

I am making simply a follow-up for my application of my unemployment insurance fund(UIF) which is filed in Pretoria labour centre since more than year ago.I am legally residing in South Africa and I am Rwandan of Origin.This to notify you that funds must be apid as soon as possible.I can`t live with insufficient funds.I need to be paid.

All those who might be suspected to be using my details in SASSA(South African social security agency) or UIF for fraud purposes must be forwarded to the Pretoria Magistrate Court(Family Law) as soon as they are found doing such fraud/forgery.

Dr ME Karama
File Number/Reference Number(Home Affairs):PTD/001927/01 or Identity Number: 6809086201264
Cell:+27 (0)823514012
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Sun, 23 Apr 2017 06:49 EDT
Suspicion of forgery of Rwandan identity document by James Kabarebe(Former general in the Rwandan Army)

To all.

This is to remind you and the Government of Rwanda that I had been investigating the status of the citizenship of Former General James Kabarebe.Since he entered the army in Uganda,no clues maybe existant to tackle his problem of changing from Burundian citizenship to Rwandan citizenship.This process took place in one of concentration camps(refugee camps in (1973?) in Uganda and the United nations affirms to have inserted him/place him in the camp with many more people from Burundi which is a contravention of Vienna,till he arrived in Rwanda as a soldier ,then became an influential personality in Rwanda with a history of a dubiuos citizenship.Many knew about this but were feeling frustrated to process him since they were co-workers in the army or former family friends.But this can`t be tolerable any more in Rwanda.
The same had been required from the Burundian government/Ugandan government through the same mean as to interpole.
I wonder how the DMI in Rwanda failed to catch him in the early times after our return to Rwanda.Even President Paul Kagame(He left Rwanda while so young and this means that he ignoredsome potential criminals like Kabarebe) didn`t demonstrate any point to describe such misbehaviour of some in the army as he was the Supreme commander of the Army.I even suspect that the killings(General Fred Gisa Rwigema death) which occured in the early 1990s,Former general james Kabarebe might have been involved as an accomplice!

Any feedback must be forwarded to the Kacyiru Magistrate Court for further process.The full investigation report must be required from the same representations as above.Many more people are on the list and they can be processed also if time is available.James Kabarebe is the cornerstone of the matter.After processing him,this will terminate of such games done towards forgeries.

I recommend the matter to be processed without fear and I. as a Member of the Rwandan Patriotic Front-citizen of Rwanda ,I do believe that for the sake of the Rwandan nation,Mr James Kabarebe(former general) must be out of our citizenship and the army,then remain a civilian who is a Burundian of origin.

Dr ME Karama
Cell:+27 (0)823514012
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Sat, 22 Apr 2017 06:38 EDT
To all.


I need a feedback from the Rwandan Government about my Home language known as Kinyarwanda also spoken by other ethnic groups in Rwanda ,also pretended to be their home language.
What steps are being taken by Rwanda to correct such an error?is Kinyarwanda considered as a creole of Rwanda.I believe that this is a misconception of mant people.Kinyarwanda is primarily owned by Tutsi of ethnic origin(Hamitic).Bantu of origin must specify their own ancestry languages instead of assimilating to Tutsi who are not Bantu.

A Hutu or Twa can`t be eligible to become a Head of state of Rwanda or considered to a high position in the country without such an error corrected.No candidate President of the Republic is allowed to be of Twa/Hutu of origin but only Tutsi are the correct candidates since their identification isn`t rigged due the mother tongue.People with forged Ids are not allowed to become President of the Republic of Rwanda also(e.g:James Kabarebe-former General in the Rwandan army).

Dr ME Karama
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Sat, 22 Apr 2017 06:11 EDT
A lot of racketeering from Rwanda about my qualifications.
To all.
I am a qualified medical practitioner and no one ever contacted me from Rwanda apart from my relates concerning my qualifications.
I studied both in DR Congo(Zaire) and Rwanda.My final qualification is reflected as : MD Lubumbashi but not MD Rwanda as my two young brothers living in Rwanda.So Doctors who qualified in Rwanda must stop telling lies about me including those qualified coming from DR Congo/bogus doctors.
I am Rwandan of Origin but not Zairean/Congolese.I am residing in South Africa as a Rwandan,not a South African even though I have stayed in the Country for more than 16 years now,
.What people do say/talk about me without the correct version does delay even my progress in South Africa.
I had been registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa(HPCSA) and I had been trying to upgrade my registration to an independent Practice one(from Public service-Postgraduate study) but some people do interfere in such process while most of them are still "bogus" Doctors.These bogus Doctors registered with the HPCSA are an obstruction for my progress.
I would request them to occupy with their business also and be blessed.Many are caught with fraudulent registrations including some influential people in South Africa.
That`s why I do ask future registrations with the HPCSA or any other professional organisations(Nurses,Lawyers....) to first verify clients qualifications before any registration.
My final qualification verification must be done from the Rector`s office in Lubumbashi,DR Congo(Zaire).this is to inform the National University of Rwanda/Rwandan Government.

Dr ME Karama
Cell:+27 (0)823514012
Dr Muyango Emile Karama
Wed, 19 Apr 2017 06:16 EDT
Suspicion of forgery of a medical degree by Uwera Rwakunda
To all.

Please be advised that a feedback must be sent to all relevant authorities who are concerned both in Rwanda and South Africa or anywhere Uwera Francoise Rwakunda might reside.She is a bogus Doctor.

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