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Sun, 16 Aug 2015 10:59 EDT
We watched your president on that interview, Worlds Apart, again and still more lies from him (last time we did not manage to see it all).OK so you have your country now and we know how you gt it. But why is he lying about the whole affair and depriving others in similar situations to have their own countries. This in case of East Ukraine Russians, who are in exactly same position now as Slovenia was when they separated.
Well we know, it is NOT IN THE INTEREST OF NATO and America their puppet master. America wants it only one way, their way. But let us tell you. If America ever makes a mistake of causing the war with Russia (It will be WWIII and ONLY America will be the cause and trigger for no other country has the potential or viciousness as the only evil empire in assistance), your pretty little country will also experience the same faith as American homeland will.
Russia too has it's own version of article, what's the number? 5.It's their military doctrine that says: Any country associated in any way with any county attacking Russia will be immediately dealt with as the attacking country itself will, right at Russian borders and homeland of attacking country.
Mr. President stop the rhetoric and demonizing of Russia on behalf of America that only wishes Europe weak and under American boot.
Europe must become totally independent again, throw Americans out and do biz with them only on equal basis.Europe owes them nothing any more and will share the destiny of the catastrophe America will cause if she is hot cut down to size and become civilized country, they never were, sadly it is true.
Hope of the world is the newly started alternative to Americanization, the BRICS that will grow and grow till it becomes true alternative for better life on this Planet that can be saved only by De-Americanization of the world and America itself.
There is no alternative to this alternative, but American caused world catastrophe.
How quickly you
Sun, 8 Feb 2015 15:12 EST
change the history/truth
We saw your president on RT Tv, interviewed on issues of Ukr etc. He is obviously "singing" from the same music sheet as all Euro leaders, except Greece. RUSSIA IS TO BLAME and only they are to blame. The Separatist have no right to separete. How about that? Slovenia as a republic of fedreal Yougoslavia "had all the right to separate" but East Russian people have no such right. The usual BS line from America and her lapdogs, where America supports those who are against Russia, regardless who they are. Even ISIS would be supported if they declared they were against Russia. Poor Slovenian president had to lie with a confused face about Slovenian way of separation which also INCLUDED VIOLECE of their side. They, the republican govt. secretly armed the sparatists, who surrounded all the federal military baracks and threatened violent attacks on soldier thus surrounded. When the federal soldiers were leaving their baracks to go back to rest of Yugoslavi they were attacked by separatist and number of them were killed. In spite of this, the federal forces did not return fire, for the federal govt was happy to see Slovenia go. They were really lucky that the federal foces decided to let them go, for they could have been crushed in few days. Now he is BSing how they separated peacefully unlike the East Ukr Russians, who according to him (NATO script) used violence to separate. Did he not watch what went on in KIev? Was there no violence to take down of the legit president by violence?
It was painful to watch your president, who at one time as a slavic person would have been an honest and fair man. Now he is one of the boys/lapdogs of America and is sleepwalking into an abyss that is waiting for all of them, at the border of Russia should they decide to commit a mass suicide by violating Russian security. It would be a shame to risk such a beautiful country for the sake of American hegemony.
By the way he is talking about how some Euro countries like Poland,Latvia etc are afraid for their security from Russia. "and thanks god we have NATO to defend us". What a moronic statement. There was not one incident of Russian agression in the last 20-30 years, but numerous ones by America and NATO. Nato is the one moving on to Russian borders and supporting any movement that is against Russia, yet he is worried Russia may come to take their Pojstoina jama or lake Bled.
What he and all EUR should worry about is, that if American insane neo-cons decide to implement their insane belief that they can win the #3 war and move against Russia. Then you'll all see your mistake of hitching your wagons to American train.
By the way, do you Slovenians and you pesident get the true story and picture from East Ukr.? If not watch RT TV and see the devastation your side did to the population of East Ukr. They use balistic rockets and cluster bombs aganst cities and villages. Tune in and see and then decide who is the eivil side in this American orchestrated crisis.
behl neeraj
Fri, 17 Aug 2012 09:14 EDT
passport valid till end octuber
as i have indien passport till end october
can i visit to slovanien and crosia
Mon, 18 Jun 2012 07:57 EDT
I am Sri Lankan passport holder and I have permenent residence VISA in Austria.
I want to go to Croasia through Slovenia.
please let me know I need to get visa for your country or no

Tks bg

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