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AddressHouse No. 12, NE (N)
Road No. 92, Gulshan
Phonelocal: (02) 600.221
international: +880.2.600.221
Faxlocal: (02) 411.006
international: +880.2.411.006

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S.M Jashim Uddin
Sat, 26 Oct 2013 04:30 EDT
I want to make a Engineering Workshop at Saudi Arabia
I have a engineering workshop in Bangladesh....
But there is no scope to direct the bussiness with honesty....

so I want to go to Saudi Arabia..

please, issue me a working visa....
I have 20 year experience in Engineering Workshop
muushtaque ahmed ishaque
Sun, 20 Oct 2013 09:41 EDT
regarding commercial information about permission to contact directly with DSaudi exporters and Importers.
We need current situation of gold market in KKSA.
Wed, 9 Oct 2013 08:44 EDT
vateja kamon aso?
Muhammad Masud gazi
Sat, 5 Oct 2013 00:34 EDT
got me a free visa in saudi arob
i am a student of chandpur govt collage.i just want to go in saude arob for kaba jiarat@ rasul(sm) cantry live.would u halp me to got me a free visa in saudi arob.allha haip us +8801813101265 I'TS MY BRATHER NUMBER EMAIL NO
M. A. Matin Sarker, Email:
Sun, 29 Sep 2013 01:31 EDT
Mr.Ambassador;In communicating his epigram with the NASA Engineers, Mr.Neil Armstrong dropped the syllable "a",while fielding to my own question, I plonked down the preposition "to" as I was asking myself "did he really land on the moon?Not according to the Russians".

Sorry about that,Sir.


Matin Sarker
M. A. Matin Sarker, Email:
Sat, 28 Sep 2013 07:40 EDT
Trip to the Heaven Versus Trip to the Moon.
Your Excellency Mr. Ambassador;This one is exclusively designed and drafted for you to better understand the world's gimmick in diplomacy and international politics.

For a start,here comes a witty and pithy saying widely popular in the United States and Great Britain--"in due course,persistence will pay off", "Perseverance will pay off in the long haul", the second dictum and finally, "hard work will pay the dividend".

Brits worked hard to build the baseball team while Germans worked their tail-off to make their football team,which is why Germany periodically wins in the World Football Cup while Britain does next to nothing. Britons don't understand that fallacy and they made a joke about the Soccer Game(Football)which goes like,
"A game played with round ball,
eleven players in each team,
forty five minutes in each half,
and Germany always wins,what the heck is it"?

The lifelong White House Reporter Helen Thomas worked her way up to get that position. In her last day of work, President Obama invited her in the Oval Office dinner party and handed her national medal for outstanding service in journalism.

One reporter asked her to say something about Israel.Fluent in Arabic, the daughter of a Lebanese immigrants flat out responded "get the hell out of Palestine".

The same guy asked her again"where do you want them to go"? "they will go home", came an indignant response from Helen's tired mouth.

"Go home where"?The chatty wiseacre reporter asked her for the last time."Poland,Germany",as soon as she said that,they quickly whisked off the camera from her and I never saw her again.

MR.AMBASSADOR; Neil Alden Armstrong. Sounds familiar to you?The first man to land on the moon--at a time you weren't born yet if you are in your 40s,or you were a toddler if you're at your 50's.

Speaking of toddler,MR.AMBASSADOR,each time this word comes across me, tear drops down from eye to my cheek to the chest. Do you know why?An NBC freelance reporter saw an Afghan dead kid in the battle ground and here was what he said"a toddler in blood-stained pinafore looks alive at the first glance".

For his part, Neil Armstrong worked relentlessly to become a world class pilot. On his 16th birthday party at his hometown Cincinnati ,Ohio ,he was handed over the Flight Certificate--youngest pilot ever in the annals of American history.

As a result, he held some high profile positions such as Naval Pilot, Test Pilot, Pilot in the Korean War,where he flew S-116,made 78 missions keeping himself total of 121 hours in the air.Can you believe that SIR? For what? To kill people?

Landing on the moon July 20,1969 at 2017 Hours
(8:17PM), the moon goer radioed NASA engineers and here was what he said"that's one small step for a man,on giant leap for mankind". To this day, they keep playing the tape,but they can not hear the syllable "a" that Neil claimed he did not drop.

Moon landing claim is widely seen by Russians as ploy of the United States to circumvent the success of their most respected Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin's achievement who orbited the circumference of the moon several times.

I am a little guy. I am in no position to dispute the moon landing.However, I do want to say this to you MR AMBASSADOR.

On his return to earth, why did Mr.Armstrong chose to become a hermit. A Syndicated Columnist Mark Shield called Neil Armstrong " a recluse's recluse".

He resigned from NASA, cancelled signing all autographs, turned down the White House invitations, never came out from his Ohio home.

What's the truth here. Did he really land on the moon? Not according the Russians.If he did, why he was so ashamed of answering any question about it.

My black Muslim friend Jamaal Johnson used to say "he saw God in the moon". Others said he heard Adhan(prayer calls) in the moon and converted to be Muslim,which was uni-vocally denied by the State Department.

MR.AMBASSADOR;Look at the truthfulness of our dear Prophet whom Allah escorted in the middle of night from Mecca to Jerusalem(Mosjedul Aqsa) and then took him straight to the heaven.

It is indisputable,universal and well-established fact.One day CNN reporters asked a group of Jewish Rabbis in New York as to why Jerusalem is so important to you.

"Because of the West Wall and Muhammad went to the heaven from there". Truth came out from the mouths of the most arch enemies of Islam.

Our Prophet had nothing to hide like Armstrong did. When businessmen asked the Prophet in details about the Distant Mosque as to how many windows it had, how many stairwells, how many doors,what kind of color.

His creator Allah did not leave him in dark,did not leave him high and dry to be embarrassed by the infidels. He lifted the building and had it floated in front of the Prophet's eyes.

All he did,made the head counts and answered each question properly to them.It became shocking to them and all of them quickly embraced Islam.

MR.AMBASSADOR; If I don't talk to you anytime soon, you have EID MUBARAK and may Allah bless you. AMEN.
Habiba binte bashir
Thu, 26 Sep 2013 15:18 EDT
need a family visa of Saudi Arabia to work as a Doctor
I am a Bangladeshi female doctor. I am done with my MBBS and internship and also have work experience as a medical officer(Gyn.&Obs.)of more than 1 year year now. I am interested to come & work in Saudi Arabia with my husband. My husband is an Electrcal and Electronic Engineer. Is there any opportunity for us to come in Saudi Arabia? please let me know through my email id. Email :,
Thank you
Habiba binte bashir
Md Sayeedur Rahman Mamun
Tue, 17 Sep 2013 14:10 EDT
getting higher education in saudi arabia
To the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, Sir, I have passed my graduation degree in islamic studies from a govt. university .my academic result is very well. but as a muslim student i have great pleasure to get higher education (post graduation or PhD degree)from the country of great prophet( sm). I am learning Arabic lenguage to fulfill my hope.please would you help me about this matter? would you inform me about any kind of scholership or facilities? my Email address :
M. A. Matin Sarker, Email:
Tue, 17 Sep 2013 07:09 EDT
Two Arab Leaders' story with sad bit of Irony;
On the heels of his exit from the White House at the successful conclusion of his second term, President Ronald Regan paid personal visits to the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel,located in upstate Beverly Hills,California.

At times, I had privilege to work in that world class prestigious regency. Standing tall on a pedestal,one of the oldest Presidents in the annals of American history, Mr.Regan still looked upright, handsome, articulate and vibrant.

Donned in dark-blue suit and red tie,ready to deliver a speech in a cavernous ballroom of the hotel, the octogenarian President faced a ruction of request from a large audience to tell them a joke to cheer up their moods in a beautiful summer evening.

Geriatric at age, Mr. Regan still loved to talk, relax,reminisce,unwind and thus tell his nation jokes to bring great sense of humor which is widely perennial in American society. The people of the United States love to hear American hokum,(jokes).

Yielding to the people's demand,broad smile flushed on his cute face, President Regan said to the audience"OK, I hear you,here it comes".

So, he goes like" a scorpion came to a stream at the desert and there was frog"."Would you give me a ride to take me across the river"? The venomous scorpion asked the frog.

Knowing that if she does it,the scorpion would sting her."If I do that, I would be dead". The anuran frog replied to the desperate scorpion.

"Oh come on,why do I sting you--then we both would be dead,I am not stupid". The invertebrate scorpion told the frog to make his point.

"That makes sense",the naive frog said to herself. "Come on,get on me". The credulous frog told the arachnid scorpion.

Halfway through,the scorpion stung the defenseless frog. While both were getting ready to drown and die,the anuran frog asked the villain scorpion"
now we both are gonna die,why did you do that"?

The last words came out from untrustworthy poisonous insect as saying"that's what we do".

By the time President Regan finished the joke, the colossal/cavernous ballroom was rocked by the thunderous laughter,echoing every nooks and cranny of the vicinity. The crowd could not stop laughing for straight ten minutes or longer.

Obviously, the Scorpion played the role of Saddam Husein and the frog was referred to the late Amir of Kuwait Shaikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah.

On his return to the White House after a state visit to Capetown, his Vice President George H.W.Bush asked President Regan "how did it go with archbishop Desmond TUTU"?"So so",The president brought another sense of humor to the White House by using a phrase closely corresponded to the question of Mr. Bush.

President Regan is missed by vast majority of people of the United States because he left behind an economic boom,damaged by Bush,fixed by Clinton and damaged and destroyed once and for all by another Bush.This Bush was dimwit,halfwit,muzzy and mushroom.

Well folks,don't forget about me.I need a job to feed family.I have said that before and I say that again,I am well-educated,well-spoken,well-read and well-mannered academic--imbued with highest standard of moral,puritan ethics,strong principles,
finespun integrity and sheer honesty--imbibed further with traditions,teachings, tone and tenor of our dear Prophet--peace be upon him.

CONCLUSION:I am a prodigious worker,punctual in performance,principled in discipline,polite in mannerism and thus prudent in conversation.
M. A. Matin Sarker, Email:
Sun, 8 Sep 2013 01:23 EDT
In choreographing my last article with regards to Dr. Albert Einstein, I made a typo error.The physics laureate had spurned the job offer by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the 33rd President of the United States,Harry S.Truman to be the Israel's first President--as opposed to be the Prime Minister.

Mr. Einstein is regarded as tiara among the Jewish community giving them palliative excuses to call our Arab brothers as bunch of camel herders.Can you believe such repugnant names-calling from the mouth of a nation who survives on American/British manna and moola.

I heard and sometimes overheard from American people, mostly blacks and Latinos,called them "bunch of freeloaders". Do you know why? Because no matter how many nuclear warheads Israel possesses,it won't survive without direct American military intervention.

My Jamaican friend Errol Cornique used to tell us"when the going gets tough in Israel, they will flee to America and Europe". If you visit Israel,which you can't,unless you have American passport,you will see the busts of Churchill and Truman in the Prime Minister's office.

Those two Country Club Criminals and lowlife punks created that foreign settlement--called Israel, in the heart of the Middle East where most of the Prophets were born and raised.Not only that,those cocky punks have been in occupation of our holy Distant Mosque(Mosjedul Aska) for decades. Coming to end soon (God willing).

If you drive around Beverly Hills,California,you will see those two names(Churchill& Truman) on the top of highrise buildings,presumably owned by Jewish folks.

Back to Mr. Einstein,the endgame of his life was not too pleasant.Plagued with frequent bout of gloom,
despair and loneliness in his Princeton home,New Jersey,he disgusted his life after Elsa died--his cousin and second wife.

Once a devout Jewish, he hated God too stating"God is the product of human weakness". When his inner bleeding started,a group of best surgeons of the United States asked his approval to operate. He turned them down stating simply "I did my part,it is tasteless to live a phony life and I,therefore want to leave". And he did it.

Well folks,I better shut up now.

Please don't forget to let me know when there's any job openings in your Embassies--be they here at Dhaka,New Delhi,Islamabad,DC,London or Paris--does not matter.

May Allah bless you guys with divine peace,
prosperity, possession and puritan principles.

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