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haseeb ahsan
Mon, 20 Jun 2011 16:00 EDT
visa information
i have a residency of spain and have a passport of pakistan i have a need visa or not
Aleksandra Vucic
Tue, 26 Apr 2011 08:35 EDT
Help Find & Rescue beaten and tortured horse in Romania
To Whom it may concern
Reference:Animal abuser Adrian Gica 21 years of age of Canciu, Bistrita-Nasaud, România, Telephone Number 0269239368. Horrifically torturing animals and filming this torture for Youtube.

This is to urgently notify you o...f a youtube channel where the user adrian198921 is making and uploading horrific and vile videos that have been filmed at his/ or his families farm in Romania. The main focus of these videos is a small horse that is obviously starved,beaten,whipped,abused until physically the poor animal collapses in exhaustion from its injuries and pain, all this is filmed and the video uploaded to Youtube.

There are three men in these videos, two of which their faces can clearly be seen. It is with urgency that the Romanian Government and its police force track down these men,and rescue this poor animal.

The videos as can the You Tube channel can be found here:

Immediately action must be taken and that this letter is not ignored. The person who has filmed the footage and uploaded to Yotube is Adrian Gica, aged 21. The farm/location is in Canciu, Bistrita-Nasaud, Romania. His telephone number is telephone number is 0269239368

You now have the name and address of one of the persons involved in the horrific abuse of this animal,please act immediately and do all you can you rescue this animal and bring about justice before it is too late for this animalSee More
Kendra Pinder
Sun, 10 Apr 2011 06:53 EDT
The Vote 12th April - Mr Pirpiliu's unfounded and inhumane proposal to Euthanize Romanian Stray Dogs
To Whom it may concern

Reference: The Vote 12th April - Mr Pirpiliu's unfounded and inhumane proposal to Euthanize Romanian Stray Dogs - Petition with 1,400 signatures who oppose this is attached.

After an investigation by the international community of the above proposal and the public voteing system on this subject that has been implemented. This is to inform you that beyond any doubt, the proposal itself is based purely on hearsay and opinion, and certainly not based on any scientific data or research.

This can be seen in Mr Pirpiliu's official statement:

The article reads as follows:

LDP lawmaker Stephen Purpiliu will introduce an amendment to the law on the management of stray dogs, which wants to enable the mayor to quickly get rid of stray dogs.

"We talked with several veterinarians, who I have confirmed that over 75% of strays are sick and can harm people who come into contact with them. These animals are very dangerous and must be euthanized. For this reason, as well as local authorities can set up a state of emergency, where necessary, to remove the danger of disease population, "said Pirpiliu.

Proof Mr Pirpiliu's Proposal is based on opinon only and NOT scientific face/research:

1.“We talked with several veterinarians” - Vets are not research scientists, they are not biological experts. Yet Mr Purpiliu is basing his (obvious bias) proposal upon a opinion and NOT scientific fact.

2. “Who have confirmed that over 75% of strays are sick” - Who, when and where can there scientific findings be found? There is no scientific evidence, because these people are just vets!

3. “and can harm people who come into contact with them” - Where is the evidence for him to state this? There is none, because these people are vets and not experts in the field of research, data analysis nor experts in cross species disease!

4. “These animals are very dangerous and must be euthanized" Again, where is the evidence for Mr Purpiliu to make such condemning and unfounded statements? Basically there is none, just a few non expert opinions.

The above is proof that Mr Pirpiliu's proposal is being based on Non-Expert Opinion and that the Romanian Government is willing to thwart EU Animal welfare Law based upon invalidated hearsay. This can be said with absolute clarity because:

*No demographic sampling has been done to validate the vets opinions

*No power and effect tables have been produced to show any sampling size calculations to validate the vets opinions.

*No blood work reports or stipulation of exactly what alleged diseases that are transferable to humans has been produced to validate the vets opinions.

*No cross data has been produced (Similar research that echoes findings) to validate these vets opinions.

*No scientific Biological research has been done to validate these vets opinions

*No scientific expert report has been produced to validate the vets opinions.

None of the above has been done because...An opinion is not based on fact

In regards to manipulated public opinion polls:

This is hosted by a paper/news agency that is affiliated/leans towards your proposal to Yes Kill the strays:

*There are only two choices given, there is Da (yes) or Nu (No)

*It has been ensured that whatever the public votes, the system automatically adds an imaginary 1000 onto the Da (Yes) when the Nu Vote (No's) is catching up with the Da (yes)

*This is a biased poll by not allowing any other options, such as Undecided.

It is quite clear and obvious that intervention is immediately required by the European Union as the Romanian Government seem quite willing to have the wool pulled over there eyes if it means the barbaric slaughter of the strays in their country. This is wholly thwarting the European Unions Animal Welfare Law.

Also it is quite obvious that mass public hysteria has deliberately been implemented by Mr Pirciliu's unfounded statement/proposal. This can be seen by the following:

Whether we agree or not with the present increase in the appalling slaughter of stray dogs at the hands of the public in Romania, what cannot be disputed is the method that is now being chosen to be used by them. Previously, the majority of strays would be left alone or physically restrained with a leash etc and the local shelter would be called to collect the animal. Now we are seeing an increase in the public using sticks and batons to beat the dogs to death. This shows on a psychological level two very clear patterns emerging. The Action=Reaction affect below:

*Action , Prominent social figure states as fact” these animals can harm people who come into contact with them” = Reaction, Physical brutality from a normally peaceable people bred from fear

*Action, Prominent social figure states as fact “These animals are very dangerous and must be euthanized” = Reaction ,The change of use in capturing devices, previously leashes or dog being physically held until warden collects, is now being changed to something that creates a distance between the person and the animal and leads to animals death. This shows an increased fear of an alleged disease or danger.

Myself and the International Community demand that European intervention is implemented immediately, and Mr Pirpiliu's statement and actions are to be investigated. Also that a public announcement to the Public of Romania must be made to inform them to disregard the statement and its contents until after a thorough investigation has been carried out, a report filed and that to remind them of the offence under animal welfare if an animal is abused or killed in any shape or form.

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