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Thu, 18 Feb 2016 13:20 EST
To Dr.Matt(Real or some RA's guy,writing under a pseudonym)
Sir(Dr.Matt,real or anybody else,most probably a RA's guy writing under a false name),

All of you,especially a MORON called Dr.Matt,read my next post.I will be describing,all the RULES & ACTS, by GOVERNMENT OF INDIA,that were violated by a RECTUITING AGENCY(they will know,who they are).

There are many Laws/Rules,to proceed against this FRADULENT & ILLEGAL RECRUITING AGENCY.There are rules/acts which can prove the following,about this company

A)Their actions which violate rules for a CRIMINAL CASE

1)The company is ILLEGAL !!!!!Period!!!!Nothing less or more!!!!

2)They have violated many sections of an act,by giving an advertisement in a newspaper and publishing false CREDENTIALS & ACCREDITATION

3)They have violated, again some sections from the act,in their Office

4)Again,under same act,lot of Financial irregularities committed by them

B)Their action which violate rules for a CIVIL CASE

5)They have cheated me,a consumer(who had paid them money,for their services)

6)They have committed unfair trade practices, to get some leverage and also,to get advantage,over other companies

C)Their Acts which violate rules,for both CIVIL & CRIMINAL CASE
7)By making us,sign a bond under conditions that can make the bond voidvoid
I will try to block all exits, which they can try and use to bail/eject themselves from this situation
Good luck!!
Thu, 18 Feb 2016 11:51 EST
To Saju and anybody else,who have lost money and are feeling helpless
Dear SAJU & any other Colleagues (doctors and nurses),

If you have lost your money and the concerned RA is just not doing anything,like refunding your money,there no need to feel helpless.
As I have mentioned earlier,I am going to prosecute this FRAUD/ILLEGAL RA(Recruiting Agency),under various ACTS/RULES,both
& - CIVIL.
I had mentioned my E-mail ID before.I will mention it again

So,anyone who has any GRIVANCES/COMPLAINTS,please forward the details of your GRIVANCES and complaints,regarding this particular Recruiting Agency,to my E-mailID.
Don't worry,even if you have signed a bond,which says that they are not responsible, for any of your loses.I have discussed this, with many Eminent & Well known Lawyers,both Civil & Criminal.I have already drafted my complaints with my Lawyers,both Civil and Criminal.In a very short time,my Lawyers will send them a show-cause noticenotice and will clarify some questions and ask for a refund .
After this notice,there are 3 situations can arise.They are

1)They will not respond to that notice

2)They will respond to the notice,but refuse to refund my money

3)They will respond to my notice and refund my money.

Only,the third response will be acceptable to me.If their response is- No.1 & no. 2,then same day my Lawyers will file a CRIMINAL & CIVIL Case against them,under various Acts & Rules.So,if anyone wants to join me,you are welcome.send the same to my e-mail
Thu, 18 Feb 2016 11:18 EST
Answer to my Dr.Matt's doubts & questions
Dr.Matt(or any illegal RA guy,who is writing under a pseudonym),
-First of all your name/surname, Matt,is fake.In Karnataka,there are Mutt's and there are western names like Mat.So,next time use a better pseudonym.This reflects your IQ.IMBECILE!!!!!/

-Second I am sure because I have lost my hard earned cash-yes, HARD EARNED MONEY!!!!!!!

BLOODY IDIOT/MORON(of last grade)(whoever you are,-Real Doctor or. some fake RA's guy writing under a pseudonym), I have posted this,with the sole intention of preventing other doctors(who are my colleagues), from getting swindled by these guys and losing their hard earned cash.
If,you feel that this post is fishy & negative,BLOODY IMBECILE and it is an attemt to tarnish some BLOODY RECRUITING AGENCIES name(which is not only a FRAUD,but also,ILLEGAL),I would like to tell you,3 things ,very clearly & without any ambiguity(hope u know the meaning)

1)I have lost large amount of REAL MONEY(not some imaginary money)

2)I am Qualified Professional, who is quite busy and time is very precious to me.I not an UNEMPLOYED,UNEDUCATED,IDIOT, who is doing time pass here,by writing some nonsense posts on this forum

3)Its not one person(myself),who has lost money to these FRAUD/IILLEGAL RA's.Here on this forum,you will find people (total number in double digits),who have lost their hard earned money.So,if you want to believe a FRAUD & ILLEGAL RECRUITING AGENCY,but not so many of you colleagues (doctors & nurses) who have lost mine,you are not only FREE,but also,WELCOME to do it

3)If you feel,this post is fishy & negative of any RECRUITMENT AGENCY(named by you),my advice to you,dear friend, is to apply and send your CV to these people,attend their interview, pay a few lakhs and sign a bond on a stamp paper, absolving them of any wrong doing in the future(ie;like looting your few lakhs).Then you open your mouth.

My advice to you (whoever you are),pay them few lakhs,sign a bond(not to hold them responsible, for not doing anything or looting few lakhs from you),experience their behavior & attitude after paying them huge sum of Money (in some cases up to Rs.16lacs) and then talk.Otherwise,shut your bloody mouth & get lost.

Thu, 18 Feb 2016 10:01 EST
LEGAL REMEDIES (RULES & ACTS),under which you can take l
Dear friends,
Recently,I was defrauded by a Recruitment Company,when I responded to their advertisement, in one of the prestigious,Indian,National,English Daily Newspaper-"The Times of India" ,in their job advertisement section,'Times ascent'.I paid Rs.52,001/-/-,as registration charges,to that Recruitment Company.Also,at that time,when I registered with that company,I had signed a bond (legal contract),stating that I will not hold them responsible for any loss that I may incurred by me,by dealing with that company and I will not take any action(legal), against them for those losses.Also,if I level any allegations against them ( RA ),they have a right to sue me for - US $-250,000/-(INR Rs.1.75 crores,at an exchange rate of US $ 1=INR Rs.70/- approx.)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But later,when they demanded another Rs.15.2 lacs,to go ahead with the process of my recruitment, to work as a doctor,abroad(Qatar),I started digging some facts,about that RA(Recruiting Agency),as Rs.15 lacs,was a huge,huge sum of amount for me and I was planning to take a personal loan of that amount,from a bank,to pay them.Online,I came across "The Emigration Act-1983", which I never knew existed,till that time.This Act has few conditions & rules for the Recruiting Agencies,employing Indian Citizens for overseas employment.As I read the Emigration Act-1983,I realized that this company is not only FRAUD,but also,ILLEGAL.Remember, as I mentioned earlier, I had already given up my right,to hold the RA responsible,for any loss suffered by me,by dealing with that RA.Not only that,I had given RA,the right to sue me,for Rs.1.75 crores,if I alleged anything against them.So,in other words,I was trapped by this RA(which is a FRAUD & ILLEGAL) & didn't have any hope of getting my Rs.51,999/- back from them. Since,that amount is quite big & ,for which I had slogged hard,sacrificing my time with my family,sleep,food,etc,etc.I was depressed, for loosing that money and could not do anything in pite of coming to know that the RA,was not only FRAUD/ILLEGAL,had cheated many doctors,of their hard earned money,like meThen,I started thinking.OMG!(Ohh My God!),I am luck.Imagine if I had gone ahead with that plan of taking a personal loan,of Rs.15 lacs and paying them.I would have ended up with a big loan,which would have taken a major chunk of my psy and many years of hard work to pay it back.I thought,how can people like this RA,can go scot free,after cheating innocent & hardworking doctors like us.Since,I wanted to recover my money,I decided,I will study all Indian Acts and laws,under which I can act on such companies and recover my money.As,I went on reading more and more I came across many ACTS & LAWS,by Government of India,which can be slapped against such companies.

Various ACTS & LAWS,under which FRADULENT & ILLEGAL RA(Recruiting Agencies),can be prosecuted-


2)THE INDIAN CONTRACT ACT-1872(Act No.IX of 1872)



I am sharing these with you(doctors),so that even you can initiate legal against such RA and recover your money from them.Watch out this space,for my next post.


(Disclaimer-Kindly note,above facts are based on my real life experiences and they are not imaginary. If the modus operandi, mentioned above, resembles any Recruiting Agencies modus operandi, its intentional and not coincidental. Thank you)
Thu, 18 Feb 2016 05:36 EST
be careful with all gcc hr companies
i have worked /working direct in med center in saudi in a senior position . all these people open one hr office in gcc countries have a small office there with a khafil sponsor and open branch office and loot as service money etc .
say them we will pay all these money once i recieve appointment letter chamber attested by qatari chamber along with jawassat passport immigration letter from sponsor of a hospital besides ask them to provide MOFA number - which is nothing but a visa number issued by concerned gcc countries with these you go to qartari embassy -have work visa stamped and fly there for job all sweet words poor and honest doctors cheated like these happened many time in saudi till last yr - till nitaqat and online process which i mentioned came into place . so be very careful better visit qatar once and see things . our foreign affairs ministry doing nothing sad .any further information let me know . payment to these type of companies only after joining and working in the medical center promised and after recieving 2 months 2 months of salary from the employer - at qatar or after 3 months probation . fake beware . they dont have big locus standi there
Wed, 17 Feb 2016 09:41 EST
Hello Colleagues,
Now,continuing my exposé, of the FRAUDSTER/ILLEGAL RECRUITMENT COMPANIES, I would like to share some information with you.These are tricks/threats,which many illegal Recruitment Companies have in their bag of tricks,to scare you and/or chase you off.
1)INITIAL PHONE CALLS-Initially, when you send your application & CV,to these FAKE & ILLEGAL RECRUITMENT AGENCIES,their so called Assistant Managers,will call you many times a day,day and night,with lots of sweet talk,literally forcing you, to agree to attend so called interview(note that we are all doctors who are compassionate about others and feel bad for those lafy staff & decide to go to interview,.this would have not been so effective,if they had used male staff.So,their dirty trick starts,from the first call to you),all the while stressing on one aspect -Salary.They have a set of fixed questionnaire, prepared by the main /their no.1 fraudster and do a big show/farce of telephonic interview. However,the FRAUDSTERS behavior changes suddenly, once you pay registration amount of Rs.52,001/--.Now,it will be you,who will be phoning them,day & night,many times a day,without any result.

2)TRIP TO MUMBAI & BACK-If you are very persistent and insist that they have do something, because they have charged you such a hefty amount,next trick from their department of dirty tricks is- they will direct you to MUMBAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT,telling that a Qatari delegation is coming to Mumbai and they want to interview you.So,you will leave your work and everything else,spend more money and time,run to Mumbai Airport. You will wait for the delegation, for many hours.Nothing happens.You will be tired,hungry and angry.You will call RECRUITMENT COMPANY.They will apologize profusely and give you some vague and bullshit reason and tell you that the Qatari delegation was in hurry and they left.You will feel like a big fool and go back(just imagine,how true it sounds when they tell you that a delegation is coming from Qatar,for your interview and they left,without interviewing you).

3)GRIEVANCES AND THEIR GRIVANCES REDRESSAL OFFICER/MECHSNISM-By this time,you will be very angry with RECRUITMENT COMPANY and you will call/e-mail them and register your protest,anger and ask them,what the hell is going on?After this,their Grievance Redressal Official/Mechanism comes into play,to solve your problems and cool you.The only way they redress your GRIEVANCE is-just do nothing.Yes,absolutely nothing and they will stop receiving your phone calls and also,stop responding to your E-mails.Since,you will be far from the city where the recruiting agency is located and don't have more resources (your precious time and money.yes,more money),to waste,you will feel helpless and try to come to terms, with your monetary loss.

4)TAUNTING BY THE RECRUITING COMPANY-By this time you will be quite angry and send a very angry e-mail,asking them what's happening?Also,by this time,you will come to know their true colors,you will question them,about their authenticity and genuinity.You will be shocked at their brazen & shameless response.
They will TAUNT you and tell that they are the only recruitment company Headquartered in country,where you plan to seek employment and recognized by Ministry of Governmet of that country.If you quote,your friends who are working there & question their authenticity, they will make fun of your friends advice and TAUNT you & tell you to take free advice from your friends(means pay more money,if you want our services).In addition to this brazen/shameless behavior, they will TAUNT you further and provoke you to go ahead and pay them,by quoting & telling you to see their upcoming advertisement in some National English Dailies-like "The Times Of India.Who will tell these MORONS/IMBECILES, that giving an advertisement in a newspaper, will not make them genuine/legitimate

5)LEGAL DEPARTMENT OF FRAUDSTTER RECRUITMENT COMPANIES-By this stage,you will be infuriated and send them E-mails, showing your anger and asking questions about that company,,about their authenticity and legality.They will reply to you and tell you that they have forwarded all your questions, to their LEGAL DEPARTMENT and they will reply to you,shortly.You wait and wait,there will be no reply.The truth is- they don't have LEGAL DEPARTMENT (like their GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL OFFICER).They just take some advice from a CRIMINAL LAWYER,who the company and he (LAWYER),think is very good.But who will tell the truth to them,that they are MUTTS who are just MORONS/IMBECILES.I think THE RECRUITMENT COMPANY & its lawyer, needs to be reminded that they are not dealing with unskilled,uneducated Labourers, with low IQ.They are dealing with Qualified Professionals, called DOCTORS,most of them with a very high IQ and some GENIUSES amongst them.

6)BLAME GAME BY THE FRAUDSTER COMPANY-By this time,you will be furious,with the recruitment company and threaten them,that you will take legal action against them and that you will complain to the authorities in India & the Nation,where you plan yo work.They will just try to wash you off and their liability/responsibility, by saying that its you,who have sent them,your C V and that their legal department(so called legal department, which is nothing but some idiot- lawyer) has records of all your communications, from the time you have posted your CV to them.Ask 2 questions to Recruiting agency.They are
a)Who gave the advertisements in newspapers and solicited our CV's?Us or them?If,they had not given those advertisements, we would have never sent our CV to them.So,they just cannot wash their hands off & blame us,for sending our CV,to them
b) Who will tell THE RECRUITMENT COMPANY & their LEGAL DEPARTMENT(idiots of last grade),that we also,have records of all E-mails,sent by them from day one.Not only that,we have more records,about them.Like-SMS sent by them,with their bank account details to pay Rs.52,,001/- and mentioning their address, time & date of interview; bank records of the transection done to pay them money;newspaper advertisements (not one,but many,starting from 2014 to Jan 2016) and recorded telephonic conversations, with their so called Assistant Managers,demanding Rs.15 lacs(2 months salary),half of which has to be paid in advance and rest,later(GOD knows when and I feel,that this occasion will never come!!!!).(Here,I want to mention,something, which shows how brazen,bold & shameless, these peopl,have become.They will calculate your 2months salary,at an exchange rate(hold your breath,you will not believe this) of 1 Qatari Riyal=Rs.22/-,when the official RBI exchange rate was-1 Qatari Riyal =Rs.18.50/-This is not the end of their SHAMELESSNESS, they will tell you,that they will add,another 14%,to your 2months salary,as SERVICE- TAX.Note,this is when they are not giving you a recipient for a single paise,they take from you.There is no limit to what extent they will go to loot your money.Also shows that they don't know a word(probably, must have never heard it,in their life)SHAME!!!!!!!!!)(Here,I would like to give some advice to the FRAUDSTER COMPANIES-they should stop cheating poor Indian Doctors like me.They must go to the GCC Country(where they have their headquarters, according to them) and become a financial advisor and investment banker,to some rich people there,since they are giving such a good exchange rate)

7)THREATS BY THE FRAUDSTER COMPANY-Next is the most important & effective trick,from their Department of Dirty Tricks(Oh yes!they have it and they call it-Legal Department).This is like having DESSERTS,after a good and heavy dinner.When you keep on insisting,next they will rely on and use,what is know as THREAT-yes Direct & Straightforward, THREAT,by quoting their Legal Department. They will tell you(in their own words)- If required,their Legal Department,will initiate legal action agseinst you towards any untoward e-mail or Candidature .By this time,you will be too harassed and tired & sick of these people and you give up the hopes of recovering you money and you will come to terms with your monetary loss and forget it.
However,some people (Like me,who are more shameless and brazen,than those RECRUITMENT COMPANIES,,will not give up,on their money and keep on insisting and pestering them(like a house-fly),for refund.Now,its the GRAND FINALE-the last &the best trick.They will shove in your face,a bond paper(which you had signed,in the beginning, without much thought) signed by you,absolving them of all LIABILITIES/RESPONSIBILITIES, in the future,for your monetary loss or any other problem.But,you must tell the RECRUITING COMPANY,to shove that bond/stamp paper,in their A.....Es,because it doesn't have any legal standing,as it was obtained,by FRADULENT & ILLEGAL methods.Now,if you jog your memory and think retrospectively, you will understand that why they were so insistent and meticulous, in taking so many signature on a Judicial Stamp paper,which gives them a escape route and absolves them of any wrong doing,like looting your money or even better,murdering you.So,all these actions of company were preplanned/premediated and it was decided,ever before you met them,that you will be swindled out of your money.But ,the recruiting company must know that they are wrong.The criminal liability of the Recruiting Company will not be any less (not even 1%),by shoving that bond paper in our face.On the contrary,we will shove it in their A.....E!!!!!!!!Also,I want to give you an exampl(pure imagination.not real).Just imagine that I have a close friend who is very depressed and wants to end his life.He requests me to help him,end his life and prepares a legal document, absolving me of any criminal liability,which might arise in future, for murdering him.I go ahead and carry on his wishes.I want to ask you,whether the law enforcement agencies, will leave me,if I shove that legal document,signed by my friend,in their face? NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!So,there is no question of absolving RECRUITMENT COMPANY,, of its crime even if they shove that bond in our face.Remember what,I told you-i we must shove it back,not in their face,but in their A.....E!!!!!!!
ALL FRDULENT ,& ILLEGAL RECTUITING COMPANIES,please note-, Section-10 of "THE EMIGRATION ACT-1983", is enough to shut your shop and throw all of you,behind bars,for at least 2years.PERIOD!! !!!! Nothing more or nothing less.This will be applicable to the owner and all people who are working / associated with Recruiting Company.I will keep a watch on some criminal companies(against whom the ball called LEGAL PROCESS,is already rolling).
So,dear doctor colleagues, always be alert and on guard.Never let your guard down,because some predators(called Recruiting companies), are waiting in the dark,to pounce on vulnerable preys like us,rip us and eat us(more appropriate will be -our money).
Please watch this space.Next I will post some info,about how to confirm that a Recruiting Company is genuine or fake.

[DISCLAIMER-Kindly be informed, especially RECRUITMENT COMPANIES, that this post on this forum,is posted to educate vulnerable DOCTORS from India,who are planning to go abroad(especially GCC countries) to work.This is to alert and help them,so that they will not be a easy prey,for some predators called RECRUITING COMPANIES and lose lots of money.Also,here RECRUITING COMPANIES/COMPANY,is used as a generic term and does not represent any specific Recruiting Company.If there is any resemblance to a RECRUTING COMPANY,present or past(which has shut down),its purely coincidental and not intentional
-Thank you]
Wed, 17 Feb 2016 07:29 EST
To the admin
Dear sir(Admin),
I am sorry,since you had to face legal threats,because of my comments.My intention was to highlight the facts and alert other doctors-not to fall prey to some unscrupulous elements and loose their money.Sir,legal action,we will pursue and already,pursuing it.
this forum was used to reach a broad base of doctors from India, who are potential victims,for fraud and illegal activities.
Sir,in future, I can guarantee you,that any posts on this forum highlighting fraud/illegal activities of Recrue agencies,will not be leveled against any particular individual/ companies.But,I will be writing on this forum,about FRAUD called recruitment agencies,which is going on in a large scale, in India.Many people in India,have lost their money and properties to fraudulent agencies & ended up with huge debts.I can afford to loose that money,not others,esp.lower middle class who aspire in life,to earn more,to lead a better life , to provide comforts to their family and commit the mistake of paying huge sum of money to these agents.
Thank you.Have a good day,sir!
(Once again,thank you,for hosting this forum,where we -doctors from India,can discuss our problems,confirm certain facts and share our experience, with recruiting agents)
Tue, 16 Feb 2016 19:45 EST
To Dr Sayed regarding deletions
Following legal threats from [redacted]'s attorneys, we have been deleting comments that make concrete allegations of fraud. These are best pursued through the legal system rather than by posting online.
Mon, 15 Feb 2016 04:50 EST
repeated calls for interview
these people are calling me twise in a day, to confirm the date for interview, one of my friend had a very bitter experiance after paying the 50k, no responce from thier side.
still no action on them and exploitig the indians.
dr milan
Thu, 11 Feb 2016 04:21 EST
Thanks dr sayed for the valuable reviews.........I too had gota call from them was thinking about going to pune for interview, but suddenly good sense prevailed and I checkd here and found ur reviews........we are grateful to people like u who are fighting against these shameles bastards...and helping people like us

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