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Philippine flag Embassy of Philippines in London

Address6-8 Suffolk Street
London SW1Y 4HG
United Kingdom
Phonelocal: (020) 7451.1800
international: +44.20.7451.1800
Faxlocal: (020) 7930.9787
international: +44.20.7930.9787
Web site
NotesBeware of emailed job offers for childcare and other similar positions in the UK. These are all frauds.

• Since November 2008, no visas are granted for household workers from outside Europe. Work visas are only granted for highly-skilled positions, most of which require university degrees.

• No legitimate employment agency in the UK requires you to pay them any money. All fees would be paid by the employer.

• No legitimate employment agency in the UK uses a free email address from Yahoo, Gmail, or similar services.

• No legitimate employment agency in the UK uses a telephone number that begins with +4470 (070). These are non-geographic numbers available to anyone in the world.

• No legitimate business requests payment via Western Union.

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Fri, 5 Sep 2014 01:47 EDT
Hi Ma'am Lyndz

same tayo ng employer yan din sinabi nya sa akin pls. e mail me sa
para makapag usap tayo...thank you!
Thu, 4 Sep 2014 20:38 EDT
tama po ba 'to? pls po let me know....tnx
Thank you for contacting THOMAS COOK TRAVEL AGENCY (UK). Our motive aim is to serve you better. your request has been granted. We will like you to know that we have received the payment for your working visa fee and we are already in process for your UK Working visa. Your document will be completed and sent to the giving address which you sent to us. We will inform your Employer to be in our office tomorrow so we can issue him the receipt of your payment. We have also scanned the receipt and you can view it at the attach below. Once again madam, we will do our best to complete your papers. Mr Nicholas Smicer is one of our esteem customer and we are willing to give him the best service. We will update you once your papers are ready.
Thu, 4 Sep 2014 20:30 EDT
tama po ba 'to? employment contarct daw?
(36, Ravensdale, Avenue, North Finchley, N12 9HT, London, England)
TEL: +447024032209 HOME: +447019565512

Our Ref:…………..…. Your Ref:……………… Date: 22/08/2014



With reference to your application and subsequent interview held with you, we have the pleasure in offering you employment as a NANNY/CAREGIVER.

1. The details of your remuneration and entitlement are as follow:

Basic Salary per 25days 2,000

Pocket Fee Every Fridays 500

Transport Allowance = 200

Medical Allowance = 100

Leave (14) working days = 650 Per annum

2. This offer is for a probationary period of TWO YEAR from the date you assume duty but the period may be longer or shorten at the sole discretion of the management.

3. Please, note that you will be expected to subject yourself to the rules and regulation of the institution with its management and will be required to sign a declaration of secrecy and confidentiality before starting work.

4. On attaining permanent status, your salary and allowance shall be raised at absolute discretion of the management.

Job Responsibilities and rules and regulations:
Nanny agrees to perform the following checked duties as requirement of her employment
A. Put the absolute safety of children first before all other responsibilities
B. Tend to children's basic needs such as bathing,dressing,changing diapers,
Brushing teeth, and afternoon naps.
C. Prepare meals for the children during scheduled hours, clean up kitchen and
Dining table when completed.
D. Limit television /video and computer games to 60 minutes per day.
E. Keeping a daily nanny journal with a narrative of the children's meal
Medication, activities and educational progress.
F. Participate and supervise activities with children, which include: games,
Walks play dates, playground outings and reading to children daily.
G. Most always help them in taking their prayer's before going to bed and
Also when waking up in the morning.
H. Keep the children bedrooms and play area clean and organized. Which includes?
Making the beds, vacuuming carpet, cleaning and disinfecting toys etc.
The following are grounds for immediate termination with cause:
A. Allowing the children's safety to be compromised.
B. Inconsistent or non performance of agreed upon job responsibities
C. Dishonestly or lying to family


If a medical emergency arises, the nanny should (list appropriate measures here). (Enclose a letter authorizing your nanny to take your child/children to the doctor or emergency room and seek medical care.)

Nanny must contact the parents immediately.

Father‘s number:

Grandparent’s number:

Personal assistant number:


Use of car to transport child/children: yes/no

Logistics: If yes, specify whose car (the employers) she’ll drive, and who will pay the car insurance. State if employer will pay for mileage driven if nanny drives her car. (Current rate for IRS is $.38/a mile). Also, state that you will provide a car seat to be used each time the child/children are in the car.
Health insurance: Employer agrees to pay (all or put specific pounds amount) of the nanny’s health insurance, provided by (name of insurance company).

Your entitlement for leave and other fringe benefits will be in accordance with rules and regulation of the institution as may be released from time to time.

Your service will be at the absolute discretion of the institution.

If this condition is acceptable by you, please signify your acceptance by signing at the foot of the attached duplicate copy of this letter and return it to us on or before 31, August 2014.

Mr. Nicholas Smicer
For: Nicholas Family.










Thu, 4 Sep 2014 20:25 EDT
totoo po ba to?
Dear Applicant:

Thank you for contacting THOMAS COOK TRAVEL AGENCY (UK) once more. We operate as the only agency with common branding, standards, policies and processes to provide a consistent and reliable service across a unique network of more than one branch all over the continent.

According to your request, regarding the arrangement of your traveling visas and work permit to the United Kingdom. Our motive aim is to serve you better. We will like you to know that we have received your details and it have been saved in our file. Your passport and the other requirements you sent have been accepted in the BRITISH embassy. Your working visa will be ready in 7-15 days, well arrange and send to you VIA FEDEX SHIPPING COMPANY to your door step.

Please make sure that the address is well correct. We will like you to verify your address and get back to us with the real confirmation. This is because of the terms and condition involved, we don’t want any complain or harassment from our clients that is why we are carrying out all the proper arrangement. Our advice for you is to follow our instruction.

We will also like to inform you that we cannot start the processing until we receive the UK WORKING VISA PAYMENT which is 600 POUNDS in full. We will also like you to know that MR NICHOLAS SMICER your employer, has giving us an alert over your flight ticket fee and the balance payment of your working visa telling us that he his willing to support you with 300 pounds. IMPORTANT NOTE: Madam, We are fully ready to help you in processing of your UK working visa and also YOUR REQUEST. We will like you to know that we can't accept that amount of (300 POUNDS) here in UK because the money rate is so low and due to the currency rate we only accept full VISA FEE through DOMIXILARY ACCOUNT. Your employer informed us that he really need your service down here in UK and we are fully ready to start the processing of your documents as soon as you comply with us with the payment. Madam we will like to inform you that the only help we can give you is that you will have to send the money via western union money transfer to our other division in NIGERIA because your employer inform us that you will only send HALF of the Application Fee and he really need your service here in as soon as possible in UK that is why we are giving him an assurance to process your documents as soon as possible as he demanded. So we will give you the Mode of payment you will be using in sending the money to how other division in Nigeria below and we have already inform your employer about that so you dont need to be nervous about anything. So kindly send the payment of (300 POUNDS) to how other division Via Western Union Money Transfer with the details below.
NOTE: You can only book for flight ticket if only your UK working visa is on process.

Our detail of payment is written below here:



Thank you for contacting us once more, our motive aim is to serve you better.


We are very sorry for any delay or problem this might have cause you our esteemed customer's. We are working very hard to build the best.

We hope to hear back from you soon.

For more information please contact us on.

38 High Street, Whit¬-stable, Kent CT5 1BQ
London,(PO Box 11-2626)
Registered number: 1609242

Thu, 4 Sep 2014 04:44 EDT
nicholas smicer bah ay taga london talaga at may dalawang anak..please help me in need po daw sya ng nanny,is it true po?
Mon, 1 Sep 2014 11:18 EDT
The Plate Hotel and Bar London, UK
Greetings of the Day from the Plate Hotel and Bar U.K HR office. With reference to your Application and by the subsequent Electronic Interview which you answered, we are glad to inform you that you have been selected for the post of HOTEL SURVEILLANCE SECURITY OFFICER, for which we are enclosing the Appointment Letter for the same. We have also open an employee file with reference number PL300 in your name.

After going through your CV, we acknowledge the fact, that you will be able to handle the position stated above in our Hotel with salary amount of £5,500 Great British Pounds per month. Please go through our visa processing terms and conditions before signing the appointment letter.


Before you can work and sail to the Caribbean in our Cruise Ship, you must acquire your travel documents required for your work permit from our certified travel agency in United Kingdom (This is because of the previous experience we have encountered, where we processed these documents for some employees who failed to work for us). We are only responsible for your Flight Ticket to London after you have processed your travel documents through Bell Air England Travel Agency.

Attach to this email is your appointment letter. Do scan and send a sign copy of your appointment letter to Mr. Fred Gilber for the procedures of acquiring these sailing documents.

You are to send an application fee of 650 GBP (Which is refundable) for your one week intense training and travel documents to Bell Air England Travel Agency before the processing of your documents will commence.

PHONE NUMBER: +447937454466


You should contact the Agency and instruct them to start processing your documents so that by OCTOBER your sailing documents will be completed and also you meet up with your 1 week training. If you are unable to present your sailing documents 1 Week to your resumption date (19th OF OCTOBER 2014) your appointment offer will be terminated.

3. Benefits
(i) Our company will provide free accommodation and flight ticket to London
(ii) Contract Period: 2 Years contract and it can be extended or terminated only if you wish to.
(iii) Our company Vacation programs: 1 Month Vacation yearly for you to visit your love ones and family back home.
(iv) Weekly allowance of 550 GBP.

Guest Capacity 350
Swimming Pools 4
Lounges 2
Restaurants 2
Pool Bars 1
Elevators 4
Casino, Sauna, Gymnasium, Medical Facilities, Beauty Salon, Laundry Service, 24 Hour Room Service and Dry Cleaning, Business Centre, Shop and Boutique, entertainment State-of-the-art satcom & Cellular communications facilities, Wi-Fi internet access,State-of-the-art audio-visual systems,Gymnasium, 2 x Jacuzzi.

Mr. Jason Isaac
Recruiting officer
The Plate Hotel and Bar
Celebrating 25 Years
penky benaning
Sat, 30 Aug 2014 23:47 EDT
helo gud day to you maam,i'm penky benaning maam sharon refer me to ask you more details about what are the requirements to get working visa..can you please help me..thank you..GODBLESS...please send to this email,,,,my temporary email because my email is blocked..
Sat, 30 Aug 2014 15:56 EDT
Please Clarify this............ Let me Know the Fact of this..... This Letter Comes to my Email on Yesterday
Im so glad to hear from you again, i want you to know that as time goes on we shall go to the high court to get you a working contract and some other documents for you to fill and sign and also you shall be having days offs for weekends so you can go shopping and some other things you wish to do, your vacations shall be determined to you and it shall be shouldered by me, you shall be issued a drivers license once you get here and you shall undergo a little training also when you get here and the expenses shall be taken care by my family,Few More Information about meHome Address- 122 Wellington Station Road, Camden London

I work In a textile Ind. in Liverpool. You can call me on +447086469839

The Processing of Your Visa will only take the Agency 3weeks And its going to be a Working Visa , I really want You here to work for my family

I am a Catholic and a very good Christian...

The Visa Fee is the only payment You will be making , I will be sending You a Free Plane ticket after the visa is ready, the cost of your visa processing is 400pounds ,which you have to make to the recommended agency for the processing of your visa..the visa shall be ready in 21days and also will be sent to your home address..your vacation will be determined by you when you get here. Your contract shall be for two years and also after which you can extend it if you want to...

You shall be provided with free accommodation and feeding ...

once you agree with this then I shall be providing you the interview questions which you have to answer then after that I shall also provide you a working contract and Employment letter from the British High court of London which shall stand as an agreement between yourself and Myself and also I shall be sending you an affidavit letter.

By Rasheed.
Doha Qatar
Sat, 30 Aug 2014 04:57 EDT
James Todd

Congratulations! your application has been favorably granted to work with my lovely family You are entitle to work with my family with the minimum of three (5) years and above: I will be offering you a sum of 750pounds every week and allowance of 100pounds weekly for your up keeping. Working days: Monday-Friday while your off day will be Saturday and Sunday. Vacation is after 6month. You are to contact my travel agency for the processing of your travel documents on:

About my lovely family, My name is James Todd, i work as civil engineering. I'm widow and left with 3childrens, one male and two females ( Andy, Celina & miranda ), we have 1 dog but they are very friendly to strangers. My Religion is Christianity, and i love serving God so much for him to be there for me and my family. Our address: Queenstown Road, Nine Elms, London, London. United Kingdom.

Reasons which could give rise to disciplinary measures are as follows: -Causing a disruptive influence in the home is prohibited. -Job incompetence is not allowed. -Conduct during or outside working hours prejudicial to our interests. -Unreliability in time keeping or attendance. -Failure to comply with our reasonable instructions or procedures. -Theft or other dishonest offenses will be dealt with. - Drunkenness not allowed. -Illegal drug taking prohibited. -Child abuse or neglect highly prohibited.

Benefits from the family - Accommodation covered by the family - Medical/dental insurance retirement schemes - Free food every morning, afternoon and night. - Pleasant and friendly working environment. -Reimbursement of travel expenses -You are allow to take vacation for 1 month to your family or anywhere you feel like every 6 months. - laptop with a WiFi internet connection - Double Decker Bed and private toilet - Land line phone for connecting with your family and friends abroad.

Arrangement about your traveling: All the traveling processing cost is 1,000GBP. but for the family i am ready to shoulder 60% which is 600GBP while you shoulder the remaining 40% which is 400GBP okay?. The traveling documents will be arranged by my family traveling agency for me to monitor your documents and it will be ready withing the period of 5/6 working days. The traveling documents are, working visa, working permit, Tax insurance, Job contract agreement letter and i will book for your flight ticket. You to contact my family travel agency for more details in other for you to know the requirement they are going to need from you for the processing of the travel documents to travel down here to United Kingdom in my home My travel agency name is BEST TRAVEL AGENCY and their direct email address for you to contact them is: Note: I dont accept salary deduction and that was why i am willing to help you with some part of the fees.

If you have any question concerning the job offer you are free to ask me on here or add me on y a h()() messenger on...

If you accept the terms and condition and and willing to work with my family, you are to fill the details below: Applicant name/signature___________________

Thanks James
april estaris
Sat, 30 Aug 2014 00:21 EDT
mercure hotel
i got the same letter from mercure hotel

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