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Wed, 21 Jun 2017 04:29 EDT
Hey In Wolf's

Seems you are on heavy drugs poor homeless ex-KGB. LOL

God bless
Brooke Marte
Tue, 9 Aug 2016 11:41 EDT
hoping for the refund
I'm sorry i have mistakenly sent the visa application to the Embassy of sweden, but it should be to the Royal norwegian embassy, manila. Base from the email we've received from embassy of sweden where we wrongly sent the visa application,can you help me sir\maam to refund the money cause we really need it..we hope so much
Thu, 4 Aug 2016 15:47 EDT
waiting for the refund
hello, it was mistakenly sent the visa application to Royal norwegian embassy in stockholm, is this a scam, why the payment goes to them? even though the application entended to send to Manila. I cant understand, there are a lot of people was a victim of this. Did the norwegian embassy knows about this? I called them, they said they will refund but until now, they dont, is this a monkey business?I can report this to Politiet i Oslo eller i UDI. Dette er urettferdig og det er luring.
peninah kyarimpa
Tue, 2 Aug 2016 09:11 EDT
I have seen a number of people who paid visa fees to a wrong address and they requested for refund. I have not however seen any body acknowledging any receipt of refund or transfer of the funds to the right place. Even the embassy does not respond any where to show that such issues are attended to.

Colleagues we need to appreciate when our issues are attended to.
Nimfa Gordo from philippines
Thu, 7 Jul 2016 02:13 EDT
Hi this is Nimfa Gordo would like to ask for refund regarding my mistake of my payments instead in Royal Norwegian Embassy in Manila i send it to Royal Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm i attched here my receipt for payment referrence number VIS-201606201828-2006344 amounting of 60eur i used master card under name of Leo R.Gordo BDO philippines.Im hoping for your immediate response.Thank you very much

Best Regards
Nimfa Gordo
Nimfa Gordo from philippines
Fri, 24 Jun 2016 11:08 EDT
Good day! i made wrong sent regarding my payment instead in royal norwegian embassy manila the master card i used from leo gordo please return the money thank you....
Linton Welikala
Wed, 22 Jun 2016 13:52 EDT
Visa fee sent to Stockholm office BY MISTAKE (instead of Colombo office)
Visa Application to Sweden of Miss.RAVINA THILINI PERERA -Sri Lankan citizen.
Reference No.USTO-VIS-20106012020-1978201
My niece Ravina applied for visa to Sweden through your embassy in Colombo,Sri Lanka. But by mistake she had forwarded the visa fee of E.60 to your office in Stockholm instead of sending the fee to your Colombo office.Staff in your Colombo office has told Ravina that her application can not be processed untill the visa fee is transferred to their office in Colombo from your office in Stockholm.I shall be very much thankful if you could kindly see to this matter and transfer the fee to your Colombo office.

Ravina even wanted to forward a new application which was refused to accept by the Colombo office.Now she has to wait till this money is received in Colombo office.
Also, I have read comments made by other applicants- and it seems its a very common mistake made by them to send the visa fee by mistake to Stockholm office.It can be due to a complication in the online application form.

Ravina is hoping to visit Sweden by mid August and I kindly request you to attend to this matter early.Thanking you.
Linton Welikala
Ruby Verzosa
Fri, 27 May 2016 06:23 EDT

This is in relation with my payment on Application Portal for Sweden tru Norwegian Embassy Manila online,
I would like to request for REFUND or REIMBURSEMENT due to WRONG POSTING of visa payment.
It happened went to your good office instead for Norwegian Embassy Manila, Stockholm Sweden.

Attached herewith is the copy of UDI Receipt Payment on Application Portal, Passport Copy of my Passenger,
Ms Riby Dalisay and Payment of EUR60 and other information you need to refund the said amount.
This is my sister's creidit card, Gloria R, Abedejos, a Bank of Philippines (BPI) Mastercard.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and hoping for your immediate action.

Sincerely yours,

Ruby Verzosa
Motivation Tours and Travel
Tel nbr: 632-8126051 up to 54
email add:
In Wolf's
Sun, 15 May 2016 10:57 EDT
This is for all "Nordic" countries;
So you gathered together and went to see your puppet-master in person, upon his orders, of course. You were fed, wined and who knows what else. This for the public, while who knows what orders, plans, machinations, fabrications, demonizing and other evil orders you were given to do, in the name of your security, freedom and all that BS America so freely dispenses, but not follows.
Obviously you did not follow the advice given bellow some time ago. Of course, we do not expect you to "follow" such advice, but at least they could trigger some kind of independent thinking and guts, to say no to puppeteer, for following their orders and hegemony plans, your security, freedom, prosperity (you are far better than America and any English speaking country ever was or will be. They are out to reduce all of you to low common denominator they have for their majority) will be worth NOTHING.
The way thing are, Mother Russia is the most peaceful country with enough military power to destroy any and every enemy put together. That includes your puppet-master and all those who are "associated" with them in any way possible, with an idea that they can harm Russia in any way. Russia has never threatened anyone in the last several decades, has liberated Europe with some help from allies and is leading fighter of ISIS and other terror groups, while your masters are in fact enabling them via some members of your group, like Turkey and Saudis.
You security is not threatened by Russia but by the very association with America that is bent on spreading its world hegemony at the point of the gun. This very fact will get your wonderful Nordic region in big trouble, for if america ever causes any harm to Mother Russia, you too will be affected by the determined and absolute response by their military that will totally eradicate ALL the participants in that aggression.
How does this make you safer? What can America do to make you safer? Bring in nukes on your territories, etc etc. Nothing but cooperation and peaceful existence with Russia will make you safe. It is that simple.
The recent Victory parade in Moscow sends 3 messages to the world and western powers:
1. Russia is a peaceful country with superpower status, that was, is and will be for ever.
2. To anyone with any ideas of hurting Russia; think very hard and long, for you are not stronger than us and never will be.Do not make a mistake that will amount to self-destruction.
3.To Great people of Mother Russia; don't worry, live in peace and love. Your country will defend you as never before. No enemy will ever set a foot on sacred Mother Russia soil and live to tell about it.
Russia was never conquered and never will be. Mark the words of Napoleon, just before he embarked to his misadventure to Russia in 1812:"To conquer Russia, first one must be prepared to die". We know what happened to his Grand Army. Also we know what happened to the army whose destruction the Victory Parade was marking.
In her long history Russia was an aggressor very few times, if at all. It was the west that always wanted that vast land with untold riches. That must stop or you will be stopped again, definitely and for the last time.
Why don't you wake up, shake the chains of Americanization and become independent countries to live in peace with everyone.
Any other alternative will lead to catastrophe for all. It has been said many times; if we ever have the #3, it'll be America (and her puppets) that will cause it and trigger it. The #4 will be fought with sticks and stones, as professor Einstein predicted.
Don't let this happen, you are far more cultured that those who are leading you towards this abyss of no return.
You can turn things around, still.
Demonize at
Wed, 3 Feb 2016 10:40 EST
own risk
If Norway were not a vassal state of America, by the virtue of being NATO member, one and all would be shocked at the level of demonizing of Russia your govt and media is involved with.Of course this is under the orders from your and other members'puppet master, that is followed without any questions or doubt. Fine.
But remeber what happened to all 7 countries America et al demonized in the last decade or so? They were all attacked and destroyed for all practical purposes, but none conquered.
Is this also a plan for RUSSIA? Demonize then attack, this seems to be their MO so far.
We say "so far", for one they decide to attack Russia, things will be far, far, far...more different for all of those who dare to do it.
As your govt continues to demonize Russia, you media has gone even further. Shown an imaginary scenario where Russia attacks you and everyone else, in a war AGAINST you.
Fiction? Yes, for Russia WILL NEVER ATTACK ANYONE, period. First they said it many times and they proven it with their behavior in the last 20 decades, at least.
During this time: Who attacked Panama, Granada, Yugoslavia (you had a part in it and when your soldiers saw the real soldiers Serbs in Srebrnica, they filled their pants and ran. Imagine how they would react at the site of Russian soldiers), Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya...and so on? Russia? Of course not. It was your puppet master with some help from members of NATO who acted as fill-ins for coalition, that never was, but American row aggression.
This, in fact the only evil empire we have had since WWII, is bent to control the world and subjugate any and evry independent country that stands in their way. The only problem is, that those attacked so far, were easy targets. None could fight back, the kind of target America loves and has "courage" to attack. What will happen when they stumble in attacking someone WHO CAN AND WILL fight back.
This brings us to your fictional but purpose driven fantasy, you use to brain wash your people and further demonize Russia.
Instead Russia attacking you (you meaning all of you on that side that is just craving wars), you will attack Russia, under orders from the puppet masters from Washington.
They will order you this attack after good dose of demonizing, which may take as long as you predicted Russia will attack you.
Once you are on the move, approaching Mother Russia's sacred borders (you will never make it onto he soil, that is over for ever for any enemy) this is what will happen: Russian military will implement their military doctrine that calls for defense of Motherland by immediate and absolute use of all nuclear weapons, available to them. This on the battlefield still good distance from their borders, as you are moving forward, by land, sea, air or even space and at the same time on all homelands of attacking enemies, wherever they are. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany...and of course the evil empire herself, America.
Just imagine thousands of, so called by the west, Satan* IBMs raining on all these enemies and their people plus who knows what else they have in store for their aggressors/enemies.
End of the world.
But you say, Russians would not be that crazy to commit national suicide by defending herself with nukes, immediately. We who want peace say, are you so crazy to go along American insane policies of world hegemony, attack Russia and commit mass suicide of your country and the world? The way your side behaves, you are far more likely to do the insane and unthinkable by normal human beings, and follow the evil empire to her self destruction.
What is going on in the world right now is this: the uni-polar world of America is over. Never again America and her vassals will be allowed to destroy an independent country with impunity. NATO will not move a step forward and Russia will not move a step back.
Their govt and people had ENOUGH as the world had ENOUGH of America and everyone who follows her in her violent march for world hegemony.
That is over.Period.
As for you, and any other country in Americans grip, think very hard what you are doing and following. The road you have taken leads to only one end. The End for all.
There is still time to stop the doomsday clock from advancing and reaching that midnight when it is over for all.
The only way to do it is, to stop America on her march to the abyss for all. This can be done easily by simply saying NO to them. So far every county that says NO to them is a target or is already ruined by them. That is over. If you say NO to them, the world and Russia has your back. They will never dare to attack any other independent country AGAIN.
The freedom and balance to the world has returned. Join in and help save this only planet we have.

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