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Bomber Pilot
Fri, 29 Mar 2013 16:12 EDT
Crossing the Line
Hear those U.S. aircraft coming,
As they thunder feel the dread,
Bomb-bays open,
Turbines red-lined,
Fuck with US, my friends,

See them flying in formation,
Contrails streaming in the sky,
There's a piss-ant North Korean,
Very soon this jerk may die.

Here's a message to the North,
Hear it loud and hear it well,
If you raise a hand against US,
We will send you STRAIGHT TO HELL!
joseppi scarcelli
Wed, 27 Mar 2013 11:38 EDT
get with it
We got all the drug addicts and pimps you could ever want,they have enough yuppies,technology and housing to really flaunt. What will come first? The mass is in an uproar.Or antiquated missile launches what a and stacking bricks you see, doing karate and pinkertons right on tv.It would be nice to see some unifying action from the hermit kingdom, before they start selling the peasants, laptops and rum.So we'd love to join you on Unification Day, for beef and kimshee from Pick&Pay.You might look a little funny driving a chinese car, one thing you night be missing is a Baliwood star.
Thomas W. Makin, Former Envoy, Nixon Admin. 1972
Thu, 27 Dec 2012 20:22 EST
To: Rosa Manson
I am considering contacting Dr. Henry Kissinger of Kissinger Associates, Inc. Possibly he might welcome both of us. You can find his address on the internet. Dr. Kissinger is well aquainted with these kind of matters, and I am sure that he would be a good advisor.
Thomas W. Makin, Former Envoy, Nixon Admin. 1972
Sun, 16 Dec 2012 16:53 EST
To LTC Everett Moudy
Sir: I study and work with International Relations in proper ways, not wingnut ideas.
Rosa Manson
Sun, 16 Dec 2012 10:57 EST
North Korea
I am looking for funding to go to North Korea in May, in order to make contacts and to attend the 16th Annual Trade Fair in Pyongyang as well as in the hope of talking and doing business as a consultant within the DPRK. I am interested in looking into water sanitation/ hygiene/ medical supplies and logistics within the DPRK.
LTC Everett Moudy
Mon, 10 Dec 2012 12:12 EST
What planet are you own
Kim Il Sung a gentleman, what were you sniffing Makin? This man was responsible for the deaths of thousands on Koreans and treated his own people like animals up until his death. His evil knew no bounds and to speak of him as a gentleman is absolutely ridiculous.
Thomas W. Makin, Former Envoy, Nixon Admin. 1972
Fri, 7 Dec 2012 21:54 EST
To: Mr. Michael Mitchel; A response to your statement.
In 1972, I was an exchange student to Switzerland and an envoy for Former President Richard Nixon. Your posting on this website shows that you have warm concern for the people of all of Korea. I respect you for this. I met with General Kim lL Sung of North Korea when I was in Switzerland. General Kim was a gentleman, Chief of the North Korea Military, and had great responsibilities. As I learned at that time, after the Korean war, his government had the responsibility to finance all costs associated with North Korea operations and therefore his government found it necessary to control all of the money of North Korea in order to support all of the people. This is how communism occurs. There are problems within the whole population that the government must meet under these difficult circumstances. Also, due to the later mining of Uranium and the danger of this, the North Korea Military imposes serious laws for its people to follow in order to control the serious, difficult matter of containing Uranium. In the past many North Korea people apparently have not followed these laws and have been placed in prison because of this. I must agree with all that this is a very sad and unhappy thing, but the laws there must be followed in a respectful way. Obviously, reunification under these circumstances as you suggest is very hard. I personally wish that it was an easier thing. I advise you to continue to be an upstanding person with the good fortune of the people of Korea in your heart. Also, I might add that I forwarded a communication to the North Korea Embassy quite a while ago suggesting that the new space program might consider using a heavy jet plane to launch the satellite rocket. I believe that this approach would help in International Relations. Bless You for your good understanding.
michael mitchel
Wed, 5 Dec 2012 15:28 EST
emigration for the north korean people
i have been trying to find an email address either for the dprk's mission to the un or the ministry of foreign affairs in pyongyang. alas i have not found an email address. i would like to begin a pen pal relationship with someone from north korea. i would also like to ask the government of the dprk and kim jong eun to change the policy for the borders and allow the citizens of the dprk to emigrate. i would also like to ask the government of the dprk to admit to the world that they were the ones who began the hostilities which started the patriotic war. i would also like to ask the dprk to make required concessions in order to gain the recognition of the united states, and to begin serious talks with south kores towards reunification with the government of south korea taking over as the representative government of the whole of the new nation of korea.
Thomas W. Makin, former envoy, Nixon Admin. 1972
Mon, 29 Oct 2012 20:17 EDT
Working with these matters is a fine, personal quest.
Mr. Walsh: You might study North Korean issues on the website of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace concerning both North Korea and Iran. This will help you find solutions to your questions possibly and enhance your studies and abilities. You probably will be a greater influence on these matters if you work on your own.
Kevin Walsh
Mon, 22 Oct 2012 13:26 EDT
Korean cause not well served by Jason Adam Tonis
Jason Adam Tonis is not only the president of the Songun-Juche study group in North America, he was also elected in 2011 as prime minister of the "Manchukuo Temporary Government." He is playing some kind of a double game, and this obviously is not helpful to Korean credibility in North America. I have previously brought up concerns about Tonis to Zo Il Min but nothing has been done. I don't know to whom else to turn, so I am posting here.

--Kevin Walsh
Phoenix, Arizona USA

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